Friday, January 4, 2013

Playing With a Rubber Puppy!

On the afternoon of September 4th, 2012, I had Puppy TK, one of the contributors to a "Fetish of the Month" article, over as a guest.  Things started out very nicely with him changing into his body suit, rubber harness, and rubber Doberman pup hood.  We began with a cuddle, something I heartily enjoyed doing with him ever since I met him at Pistons during one of their wonderful "Skin Tight" rubber themed fetish nights. 

The smell of his rubber gear was intoxicating, his woofing, wriggling, whining, and squirming was just so adorable, it made me hold him closer to me and tighter.  The heat in the room rose, we moved on to light kissing, and eventually his gear came off his body, piece by piece, until he wore nothing but his harness and his puppy hood.  More cuddling, skin on skin, more whimpering and whining, and I brought out my flavored condoms.  He chose his flavor, I unwrapped it, and I fed the rubber puppy a sweet, sticky, strawberry flavored bone!  Oh he is a very good puppy! Woof!

After a very enjoyable bone-worshipping session we moved on to getting more intimate with each other.  I lubed up my bone, and slicked up his eager tailhole, then slid slowly inside and settled in, letting his body get used to my raging hard on stuffed deep within his nice warm hole.  I slid myself in and out, gently screwing him, listening to his soft whimpers, moans, and grunts only made it hotter!  I grabbed onto the center ring of his harness, and fucked him harder, his ass so warm, so soft, so welcoming to my hard member!  Such a sweet, kinky little rubber puppy! All mine to ravage! His tailhole mine to thrust and ram!  Things got more intense and the pressure built up to it's highest point! I shot my hot load and howled like a beast!

Things cooled down, and I hugged him close, still inside of him.  Letting things settle, panting, feeling his sweaty body against mine.  I cleaned myself up, letting him rest on the bed, before returning and spooning him.  It was so relaxing, having a hot, sexy rubber puppy pawing off in my arms.  The scent of rubber, the afterglow of a great fuck.  I slowly dozed off by accident, and when I had come to, he had shot his load!  I felt terrible, how rude of me to fall asleep before he climaxed!  I was thankful for his forgiveness and good sportsmanship about the situation.  From the bed we made our way to the shower, taking Puppy TK and returning him to human form, we shared the warm waters, washing the sweat and spunk from our bodies.

Puppy TK then took his leave soon after getting dressed, I look forward to playing with him again very soon, as well as his partner, Puppeh who was generous to let me borrow his mate for an evening!

Puppeh, thank you for letting me play with your rubber pup!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

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  1. Awwrf....*lowers ears very shyly n blushes under warmly*

    I had no clue you'd be posting about it, but that's okay...I had such an amazing time with you and look forward to future visits! Many good times until then! *LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKS n hugs against*