Saturday, February 18, 2012

Puppy Love!

This past weekend was incredible, I threw my very first charity event called Puppy Love and the beneficiary was the ForeverHome Pet Rescue.

ForeverHome Pet Rescue's goal is to provide care and compassion for homeless and abused animals of the Los Angeles area, while working to place them in loving, adoptive homes.  FHPR is a private, not-for-profit organization that operates solely on private donations and volunteer efforts.

You can learn more about ForeverHome by visiting their website at and by emailing them at

Sponsors of the event include:

Pistons Bar
Twenty Four Seven Pet Sitting and Walking
Skobar Photography

Thank you to all of my volunteers! I really appreciate everyone who helped out!  An event is never a one-person job, it takes a lot of effort and assistance from friends and well-wishers to produce something like this and I'd like to thank them here now:

Slutbottom Chris

Thank you all so very much!

Now the entire night started at my place, Mark had been very kind as to help Dizzy and I load up his car with all the accouterments and drive us up to Pistons, as well as help man the door and take donations when we were set up.  Brendan helped me with the banner, and the women of ForeverHome gave us flyers and business cards as well as an adoption folder of dogs and cats who were available to be adopted.

When all things were said and done, I had Brendan on raffle tickets, and Dizzy took up the Jello shots.  I let the clock run until there was a bit of a crowd, I had tried to fight the whole "Gay Standard Time" effect at my last event the Grand Kink and Fetish Ball by starting things up directly at 8pm, but it didn't go over as well.  Sometimes you have to accept what is already in place and work with it rather than trying to change it.

Throughout the evening I saw a good handful of pups around, more than I expected, including Slutbottom Chris, who helped out with raffle tickets later that evening, and Boots of the San Diego Puppy Patrol who joined up with Dizzy when Mark needed a break at the front door.  I even caught sight of two amazing rubber puppies in full rubber suits and hoods!  Awesome!  We raffled off prizes donated by Luis Skobar including t-shirts, greeting cards, a very beautiful photo print of a greasy boot boy with bootlaces in his teeth.  Woof.  That was a hard prize to part with.  247 Pet Sitting donated a beautiful basket with dog supplies inside for the silent auction, and Coy had made up a wonderful info board and donation sheet for it as well.  Coy had done a lot with helping me out, he's a magnificent P.A. and I'm proud to call him my puppy.

With everyone being so very generous that night, one person handed Dizzy a $20 and told him to "just pass them out", the winner of the silent auction gave $10 more than the winning $50 bid for the basket, and including everyone who donated at the door, we raised over $600 for the ForeverHome organization!

Thank you so very much!  We greatly appreciate your selflessness and generosity!  Blessings on you all!

Again thanks to everyone who donated, sponsored, volunteered, and showed up!  It was so wonderful to see you all!


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