Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Grand Kink and Fetish Ball Weekend

Last weekend was a flurry of events! Including my own!


The Grand Kink and Fetish Ball was an incredible success!  I want to thank everyone who contributed!

Luis Skobar of Skobar Photography
The Crypt in Long Beach
Mineshaft Bar
and Pistons Bar for hosting my event!

Also my friends who contributed:

Paloma and Dino
Alex Kitay and Michael Perna
Robert and Koby of Pistons
and everyone who came out to the event!

Kevin picked me up and we arrived to set things up.  Luis Skobar had gifted me with two wonderful banners, a large and medium one with my image and title to use at my events.  By 8:10pm everyone was ready, I had promised myself that I would start the event at 8:00pm sharp because I had grown tired of the whole "Gay-Standard Time" nonsense, but it didn't really seem to work.

With Alex and Paloma on raffle tickets, Michael and Franco on Jello shots, my buddy Kevin at the door, and Dino helping me with being my boy auctioneer, I was well set and ready to fundraise.  The evening was very enjoyable, I barely felt anxiety as I started each segment this time, not like my last event where I needed a shot to just calm the fuck down! Hahaha!

It was wonderful to see so many of my friends and acquaintances coming in and seeing them in gear.  When it came time for the boy auction I had run into a minor problem previously in the week, the man I had lined up for my prize package couldn't make it.  It didn't make a huge impact, as I had intended to draw upon the audience for participation and see how that worked.  The entire idea had been an experiment for me, and later I heard from Dino that it wasn't the first time someone had done a boy auction (Damn! I wanted to be original!).  I drew two boys from the crowd, one of whom was my good friend Patrick who was sold to Michael for a very generous amount!  Now Dino was a great auctioneer, and it was his booming voice that really made me happy I chose him to help me auction, and made me hope that I can reach his level of presence on stage.  Compared to him, I might as well be whispering into the mic!  When do I get to that point?

When Dizzy arrived I enjoyed a wonderfully long hug in his arms.  I really love this man so much, and being with him gives me such great joy.  Him being at my event really sent my heart soaring!

Several times through the night I checked on my friend Coy who had met with Sir Michael (who was gracious to bring Dizzy with him from San Diego!) and they hit it off very well.  So well, Sir Michael had Coy in cuffs and hood and chained to a bench the second time I checked in.  It was wonderful seeing Coy have such a great time, as I know he really needed it.

The boy auction completed, the prizes raffled off, I had one more feature I wanted to play with.  An idea suggested to me by a friend of mine, Matthew, he said that I could have a time where people could come up to the mic and tell the audience about their fetishes and kinks.  I named it Kinky Show and Tell.

We heard some nice ones, several men from the audience came up and confessed some intriguing kinks and desires.  Someone said that they actually prefer loose boy butts to tight ones, and someone else said that he was really into guys belching and rolling their stomachs, I even got a couple on stage and they told us what they liked to do to each other.  After the last one had braved the microphone, Alex demanded I do one, and after faking shy a little bit, I confessed my quicksand fetish.  I said how much I enjoyed the idea of sinking in mud, and getting filthy with another guy.

No one in the bar had ever heard of it before.  I got some fun reactions, like "Really? Quicksand? ...huh." and "I thought I had heard and done everything, and then you get on stage and blow my mind!"

Well, I did say it was one of my more "exotic" fetishes.

The night ended quite well, and I went home with Sir Michael and Dizzy after saying farewell to my friends who spilled out onto the street as we were booted out of the bar at 2:00am.  Dizzy joined me in my bed, with Sir Michael in my sleeping bag on the floor.

What a wonderful night!  Thank you so very much everyone!


After a nice breakfast at Two Umbrellas, Sir Michael left to meet with Sir John for the day, leaving me and Dizzy to enjoy ourselves together.  The day went by smoothly, we had planned on attending a critter play party that evening, but discovered we had no ride to or from the event, and decided to stay home.  At dinner and as I sipped from the rum bottle (first time taking it straight, pretty spicy stuff!) Dino called and invited us to an event that the Imperial Court was holding at Ripples bar.  He said it was a casino night, and it sounded fun.  He also said that right after we would go to the Eagle in LA, and it was sealed. We dressed in our leather and met him at the Crypt.

The event was very entertaining, and even though I'm still new to card games and games of chance, I still had fun.  There was a raffle with a HUGE lube basket that Dizzy and I pooled all of our tickets towards, but alas it was not to be.  We also saw Fabrique, who helped sell tickets at my very first event Leather Men and Dogs, who is currently running for Empress XLI of Long Beach.  She and two other candidates put on some amusing lip sync shows, including Michael Pennington who is running for Emporer XLI of Long Beach who did a hilarious bit of a stripping priest who revealed he was wearing lingerie under his robe.

At the end of casino night, I met two of Dino's boys from Las Vegas.  These two were like Thing 1 and 2 from the Cat in the Hat they were so bad!  They kept pulling and pushing on Paloma, making jokes on how they were going to bump him off, at one point the way they were joking made me half worried when they were dragging him towards the beach claiming to show him the grunions.

The backsass and attitude didn't stop there, not by a long shot.  They hurled sassy insults and slams at Dino as we drove back to his apartment, calling him and just saying the worst crap over the phone.  If these boys did this crap to some of my Sir friends, their smart asses would be beaten red and raw and they'd be chained up from the rafters as an example to other boys!  But that's all why I enjoyed them so much!

When we got to Dino and Paloma's apartment the shenanigans continued, one of the boys ran up to a little wooden box on the floor and opened it, saying "Ohhh! You even got a box for Mama's ashes!" and when Paloma brought in the laundry as everyone else was outside having a smoke, one popped his head in and said "Dino wants to know if you're going down to the river to beat the rocks?"

I fucking lost it.

I hadn't busted up laughing that hard in what felt like years!  I was cackling my ass off all the way down to the car, out of the complex, and I finally calmed down when we were on the streets heading up to the Eagle. (I literally just spent the last ten minutes rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off as I recalled the event! Such flagrant humorous disrespect and backsass would have earned them both a violent beating anywhere else, and I love that kind of mischief.) Dino asked if I was baked, I was laughing so hard.

Dino had also informed me that I was now a member of Family Garcia Ole.  I like that name.  It sounds wild and spicy, and I'm not only honored to be welcomed into their family, I'm thrilled to have such a fun name to be a part of!

When we landed at the Eagle, the bar was absolutely packed to the brim, as would be expected as the Mr. Eagle 2012 contest was in full swing.  Dizzy and I hopped in line as Dino drove off to find parking.  Not two seconds later, the bouncer, an intimidating man with some very fascinating facial piercings came up to us, said "You, you, and you, come with me."  He had pointed at Dizzy, myself, and another man dressed in leather, and lead us all to the front of the line where we were put in a tiny line of men dressed in leather.  We got inside in five minutes!  Dizzy went ahead of me in line, and paid for my cover, and we then found out that my fee was waived because I was a titleholder!  Woah, nice! I was told that my medallion would get me into some cool places and give me nice benefits, I just didn't really think it was true, nor did I want to risk looking like a holier-than-thou asshole by asking.

The bar was absolutely stuffed with men in leather!  I love that sight!  I saw many friends and got to reconnect with a few whom I hadn't seen in a while. I was able to introduce Dizzy to Mike Gerle, whom I have been talking to concerning a little domination play, plus the man is very nice and enjoyable to be around (not to mention hot as hell).

I didn't get to see the contest whatsoever, it was so packed, and I didn't want to risk drowning in the crowd by moving into the main bar.  Congratulations Andre on winning Mr. Eagle 2012 and Dan on 1st Runner Up! I did pull Dizzy in to see the "initiation" that the Band of Brothers does after every contest. Of course in that bar you can't hear yourself whisper so we don't know what was said, but we did enjoy the spectacle of the ceremony.

We left afterward, and the last thing I remember after climbing into the back seat was resting my head on Dizzy's lap.  The next thing I knew, Dino was asking me if I was hungry and we pulled into a Denny's to grab a quick 2:00am breakfast.  I love eating late, and I love going out in public with other friends in full leather.  I'm not going to deny it, I love to freak out the "normies".  Heheheh.

After the meal, we were dropped off and Dizzy and I fell asleep in each others arms, one of my favorite places to be in this world.


Waking up in my lover's arms (oh god I love saying that, and I don't give a shit if it makes me look like a part of mushy couple), I thought it was a great time to introduce Dizzy to Wet and Messy Play!  I had bought some cake mix at Smart and Final when I was prepping to make Jello shots, and after calling my gunge buddy who poured J-Lube all over me one magical night in a bathtub, I grabbed one box of Betty Crocker yellow cake mix, and added one cup of hot water, blended it in a large bowl until creamy, and pulled Dizzy into the shower with me.

The hot water had made the batter very warm, and the perfect temperature as I took a handful and slopped it on his chest, rubbing it in.  He returned the favor, and soon we were smothering each other in the sweet, delicious mess.  The batter was thick and didn't run, but it was so creamy it felt wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed licking it off of his hot, sexy body, and feeling it squish between us as we hugged tightly.  The feeling of it on our hard members was also a thrill, leading to what we called "frosting each other", hahaha.

Cake batter made for easy clean up, as water dissolves everything, and doesn't clog the drain.  Cleanup doesn't take very long at all either, plus the sweetness makes it very desirable as a play substance.

We spent the rest of the day lazily enjoying each other, until the time came where I had to watch my lover and Sir Michael drive off and out of sight.  The day returning to quiet, and my apartment silent once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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