Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Leather Men and Dogs 2!

This past weekend I held my second event as California Leather boy 2012 at the Mineshaft Bar, the sequel to my first event and at the same location!  Robbie, the manager, enjoyed Leather Men and Dogs so much that he insisted we do it again!

This weekend I was also visited by the fun, lovable, and very sexy puppy, Dizzy!  He stayed with me over the course of Friday night to Sunday night and we got into plenty of trouble together.  His first night we didn't even make it inside my front door before we started kissing.  That was a surefire sign the weekend was going to be extremely enjoyable.  I met Dizzy while I was down in San Diego for Gay Pride this year, I had only two meets with him, the first was during the parade.  I saw him on the corner of the street and thought he was so adorable and went over to say hi for a second before moving on.  Then I was lucky to see him again at the festival and exchange information.  Now he was on my floor, naked as he drove the Dark Fox right out of his den and I was biting his flesh, making him whimper.  I was a drooling, snarling animal.  The first night went on to include a lube gunge scene in the shower and the feeling like I had discovered a best friend lost from childhood whom I had never met before.

Now, before we begin going into my event, allow me to thank those who contributed and helped make the night possible and an incredible success!

- Skobar Photography for the photo that made my poster!
- Mineshaft Bar and Robbie for hosting my event!
- DJ Dru Wave for providing the excellent music!
- The Crypt on Broadway for donating prize bags!
- Chewy Morin for boot blacking!
- Dino for assistance with MC!
- Vertis for selling raffle tickets!
- Puppy Cockpit for helping with the semi-silent raffle!
- Richard for watching the door!

Thank you so much!

The night began as Dizzy and I were walking down Broadway, he in his sexy tall strapped boots, camo shorts, studded belt, fuzzy tail, and a sexy black shirt.  I wore my engineers, leather pants, blue fox tail, Title Vest which Slutbottom Chris had so generously put together for me, my medal, a pair of fingerless leather gloves that Dizzy loaned to me for the evening, my new shirt "Cancel my subscription, I've had enough of your issues." which shall henceforth be called my "smartass shirt", along with the Muir Cap that Puppy Cockpit had gifted to me during our Folsom Weekend.  I felt powerful!  Walking into the Mineshaft...it was fairly empty.  I honestly felt a little shock, before remembering that it was only 8:00pm, I had wanted to get there an hour early to make sure everything was in place, and nightlife doesn't start that early.  Seeing that things were in place, and that I felt fairly tired (being up til 3:00am the night prior doing dirty things with my puppy guest of course) so I decided to take Dizzy for a walk down to Rite Aide to grab an energy booster.  Leashed and collared, I led Dizzy down Broadway, past the Paradise Piano Bar, and right inside Rite Aide where I waited in line, Dizzy at my side still collared and leashed and pupping out a bit, until we met with the cashier to grab my energy booster.  She was all smiles, and a little bashful, but very nice.  As we walked back into the night, the biggest smile grew upon my lips.

I just did that.  Nice.

Earlier that night I had received a text from Robbie asking if I could MC at the last minute.  I felt that I had never really MC'd before, but who else was going to do it!? I said yes, and grew slightly nervous.  Walking back inside I looked at the stage and felt anxiety creep itself into my chest.  What was I going to say...but wait, I had already written down everything I wanted to say, so what's the big deal?  Why was it starting to be a big deal?  Time passed, and I sat with Dizzy, waiting for people to arrive.  8:30 came, then 9:00, then 9:30, I was growing anxious.  I had made the Internet my bitch with advertising the event.  Gearfetish, Recon, Fetlife, no kinky social website was safe from my poster.  It wasn't until 10:00pm that people started to filter in, (damn you Gay Standard Time...freaking me out like that) it was then I noticed we hadn't assigned anyone to the raffle table.  I stood there and tried to think of a solution.  I could do it, but how do I go about it? Why were my thoughts locking up?  My mind went blank, right when I needed it most.

I quickly went to Dino and asked if he could assist me with starting things up, once the ball was rolling I could jump in after him, but I just needed things to begin. The energy was standing still and I just couldn't move forward for some reason, most likely due to the sudden situation.  Dino agreed before I could even finish my sentence, I then went to Vertis and asked if he could sell raffle tickets and thankfully Cockpit joined in to work the raffle table as he did last time.  You guys really saved my ass, and I really am thankful you were there for me.  I am blessed. 

Once Dino got on the mic and started the event, things began to flow, and I could begin to read the energy, my thoughts thawed and things began to fall into place, my mind ran to catch up and before I knew it I felt more and more in control.  The event went off beautifully, I thanked everyone who made the event possible, then later I made a small speech which I had planned for Folsom in the instance that we needed to make one, but it wasn't necessary, so I kept it for this night.  The night was so much fun, pups and handlers came out including my good friend Gaelan and his puppy Kiba who I met at my first event and quickly became friends.  A handful of titleholders were in attendance, Chewy Morin (Mr. Ashram West Leather 2010), Ian Bin (Mr. Long Beach Leather 2011), Evan (Mr. Pistons 2011), Neal (Mr. CSW Leather 2012), Alex Kitay (Mr. Long Beach Leather 2010), Dino Garcia (Mr. Bullet Leather 2008), and Rob Read (Northeast Leatherboy 2002). 

I took the opportunity afterward to jump in the boot blacking chair and have Chewy work on my engineers.  I watched him transform the small scuffs, tiny marks, and dust of my journey into a fresh black leather shimmer.  I immediately fell in love with my boots all over again! 

During the party, Dino had approached me and gently took off my Muir Cap and said that as I was a Leather boy titleholder that it may not be appropriate for me to wear the hat.  I smiled back at him and gently took the hat back and placed it on my head once more.  I said that not only have I seen pictures of traditional Old Guard boys wearing these hats in submission, that I also wore the hat respectfully; that I also knew how to wear it by never touching the brim, tucking the hat gently under one arm when not on my head, donning and removing it by the sides with both hands.  I continued and said that I did not care if people had a problem with it, I knew that I wasn't taking the hat lightly and if they got upset then that was their problem and no concern of mine.  He was thrilled with my answer, shaking me and saying "YES!"  Furthermore, I believe I am worthy of wearing the Muir Cap.  For a short period I did mentor a boy, and it would have been very disrespectful if I had not worn the hat at my own event, as it was a generous and beautiful gift from my puppy Cockpit, who also feels that I am worthy of wearing it.

During the evening someone took me aside and asked about someone who was shirtless, collared, and leashed and inquired about if they were being exploited.  I told them that it was a form of submission and humiliation, and assured them that if the sub didn't enjoy it, he wouldn't have had that huge smile on his face as he looked into the eyes of his dom.  They seemed to relax a little, and I knew they wouldn't immediately understand, but I felt as if I cleared up a good portion of their confusion.

The night began to wane, it was past midnight and the party was losing energy bit by bit.  People slowly filtering out, but the music was still just as loud.  My new friend Casey whom I had met at a neighbor's courtyard party arrived.  Unfortunately the person he was coming with didn't show, and he came alone.  I had helped him that afternoon with deciding between a harness or a collar for the evening, he really wanted to gear up for my event and I was very touched.  We had decided on a collar and chain leash for him.  He looked very sexy, and I made sure he was aware of it. 

Casey handed me his leather collar, and I unofficially collared a boy (albeit temporarily) that night.  It felt good to wrap the collar around his neck, and to slide the leather into place.  He then joined me on the bench at the side of the bar and we relaxed together.  Dizzy, Casey, and myself, my hands on their knees.  It felt as if I were on a throne, surveying the handiwork which my friends and I helped put together, my hands resting on two very sexy, handsome men on either side of me.  Soon some people entered the bar, and I immediately recognized them!  It was getting late and I had began to think they would not have been able to make it, but there they were!

My coworkers David, Chace, and Abby came in and saw me in my full gear, loosened up, and with a powerful energy flowing in my body.  I felt I was showing them my darker, more powerful side, and that I wasn't just the nice little gamer boy next door, that I could be a man of the night and shadows.  Chace kept looking at me, shaking his head and smiling in disbelief, and he said that I looked amazing.  Which only hurled my mood even higher into the night sky.

After the lights came on and we were shooed out the door, Dizzy and I walked Casey home, their leashes in my hands.  Walking in the night, leather boots clomping on the sidewalk, a tight grip on leashes clipped to collars around the necks of two handsome men on either side of me.  What man wouldn't feel powerful and tall, as well as blessed to have such an honor bestowed upon him?

Thank you my dear friends. 

Play Safe.