Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Gain and Loss.

For a little while I have been training a boy.

We had a wonderful meet earlier this week, the moment he came inside my apartment we started kissing, and he has a nice set of soft lips that just accept you into the kiss.  I wanted him so bad.

I wanted to get him good and riled up, as we went even further clothes were ripped off, and bodies embraced on my bed for a while, kissing and necking.  He even went so far as to go down on me, fucking god it felt amazing, his first dick and it was mine! Oh and he's a natural!

I got him on his feet and I shoved him up against the wall.  The Dark Fox crawled out of his den and took control, growling and snarling, his maw drooling for this young man's flesh, fangs digging into his shoulder.  I ordered him on the bathroom floor and went to my fridge and grabbed the syrups, I'd be damned if I was going to let him leave without having some messy fun!

Drizzling the maple first, a line down his middle, and my tongue followed it up ending in his mouth with a sweet kiss.  The chocolate followed in a zig-zag down his sexy, slim, hairless chest.  I lapped it up greedily, spilling it in his mouth.  I grabbed the shaving cream and smeared it everywhere, his body was my canvas to paint on, and it held a messy, sticky work of sexy, hot art after I was done!  Then the finale, I gave him the tightest hug I could on the floor!  Oh hot damn, that felt so wonderful!  The syrup remnants, the shaving cream, such a smooth and slippery embrace.  My body sliding against his, and our lips meeting in sugary sweet kisses.  The heat was on full blast, we were so ready.  He begged me to explode on him, he wanted my seed on his chest, and I was only too happy to oblige.  The Dark Fox growling, the boy begging, I looked in the mirror, covered in mess.  It was an outstanding explosion.

We shared a nice warm shower together, his beautiful wet body against mine, his cute face smiling at me.  It was so hard to shut the water off.  After the shower, we hung out together for a while, and then he headed home for the night.

However...some things must come to an end...

Yesterday I received a call from my boy and he explained that he just wasn't feeling it.  That physically it felt good for him, but sexually he felt uncomfortable, that he did not believe he was gay.  We talked a little more, and then hung up.

I felt lightly sad at first, but I knew that this is natural, he is only 18, still a young man developing into himself.  Exploring ventures, experimenting sexually.  However, as the evening progressed, I felt worse and worse.  I was depressed, disappointed, and even heartbroken.  I called my friends and spoke with them about it, Sir Michael and Sir Coy both helped me out and gave me support.  Sir Coy joked that I was so damn good that I ended up turning him straight.  When I got home that night I did end up crying a little, I lost a play partner, a pupil...we said that we'd stay friends, but the future tends to be uncertain.

I'm going to really miss playing with him.

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