Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Gain and Loss.

For a little while I have been training a boy.

We had a wonderful meet earlier this week, the moment he came inside my apartment we started kissing, and he has a nice set of soft lips that just accept you into the kiss.  I wanted him so bad.

I wanted to get him good and riled up, as we went even further clothes were ripped off, and bodies embraced on my bed for a while, kissing and necking.  He even went so far as to go down on me, fucking god it felt amazing, his first dick and it was mine! Oh and he's a natural!

I got him on his feet and I shoved him up against the wall.  The Dark Fox crawled out of his den and took control, growling and snarling, his maw drooling for this young man's flesh, fangs digging into his shoulder.  I ordered him on the bathroom floor and went to my fridge and grabbed the syrups, I'd be damned if I was going to let him leave without having some messy fun!

Drizzling the maple first, a line down his middle, and my tongue followed it up ending in his mouth with a sweet kiss.  The chocolate followed in a zig-zag down his sexy, slim, hairless chest.  I lapped it up greedily, spilling it in his mouth.  I grabbed the shaving cream and smeared it everywhere, his body was my canvas to paint on, and it held a messy, sticky work of sexy, hot art after I was done!  Then the finale, I gave him the tightest hug I could on the floor!  Oh hot damn, that felt so wonderful!  The syrup remnants, the shaving cream, such a smooth and slippery embrace.  My body sliding against his, and our lips meeting in sugary sweet kisses.  The heat was on full blast, we were so ready.  He begged me to explode on him, he wanted my seed on his chest, and I was only too happy to oblige.  The Dark Fox growling, the boy begging, I looked in the mirror, covered in mess.  It was an outstanding explosion.

We shared a nice warm shower together, his beautiful wet body against mine, his cute face smiling at me.  It was so hard to shut the water off.  After the shower, we hung out together for a while, and then he headed home for the night.

However...some things must come to an end...

Yesterday I received a call from my boy and he explained that he just wasn't feeling it.  That physically it felt good for him, but sexually he felt uncomfortable, that he did not believe he was gay.  We talked a little more, and then hung up.

I felt lightly sad at first, but I knew that this is natural, he is only 18, still a young man developing into himself.  Exploring ventures, experimenting sexually.  However, as the evening progressed, I felt worse and worse.  I was depressed, disappointed, and even heartbroken.  I called my friends and spoke with them about it, Sir Michael and Sir Coy both helped me out and gave me support.  Sir Coy joked that I was so damn good that I ended up turning him straight.  When I got home that night I did end up crying a little, I lost a play partner, a pupil...we said that we'd stay friends, but the future tends to be uncertain.

I'm going to really miss playing with him.

Another Fetish Weekend!


The weekend all started with So CA Bondage Club, took a friend of mine, A. up to the club for his first time and introduced him to the boys.  I had taken it upon myself to provide new music to the club atmosphere, as music actually plays a vital role in either enhancing or degrading a sexual experience so I was very nervous at first to see if the guys enjoyed it.  Thankfully I was told by Alpha Sir that I had made a good selection later on that night.  When introductions were over, Alpha Sir Patrick taught us how to make a basic rope harness, taking this new skill and my handsome sub for the night, I practiced in the Spider Web Room.  I became frustrated with how it was (or wasn't) turning out, so I abandoned the harness altogether and dominated him.

I've been feeling a beast coming out of me lately, slowly pushing open a door inside and slipping itself out into the night.  The more I twisted his nipples, kissed his neck, the more he gasped, the more he moaned, it all just splashed kerosene on a fire.  A rabid Fox came out of me, he had come out once before, but he was flogged out for only a moment before he vanished back inside my chest.  Now nothing was keeping him back, the Fox came out and bit his neck, licked his face, caressed his dark skin, twisted his nipples even harder.  Grrr! FUCK it was hot! I caught myself in the mirror and saw the Fox staring back at me, eyes of darkness, of intensity, I almost wanted to fight him just to dominate him too, to fuck the shit out of him! Then I realized that was me staring at my own reflection.  I felt like an animal...and I loved it.

The fires died down eventually, and I brought him back down, the Fox relaxed and slipped back inside, but didn't close the door behind him.  Instead he sat at the threshold and peered outside, his eyes glowing in the dim light. I loosed my friend upon the club to explore while I collapsed in one of the leather couches by the Main Room door.

My boy Marc, whom I met at my Mr. Long Beach Leather contest came up to me and gave me a much needed deep kiss and some tender affection.  We were approached by an acquaintance of mine who I had played with once before.  He offered to teach us how to tie knots, I was feeling tired and slightly annoyed (someone had come by the door during my last scene and said something while I was practicing my harness.  It really distracted me and pulled me out of Dom space.  Guys, please do not talk to people in a scene!  It's really rude, no matter what your intent may be.) but I got up and followed them to the Jail Cell room.  I watched for a little while but then left soon after, I was just not into it, and someone had approached me and began to flirt.  I was really not interested and just becoming more annoyed.  I wanted out of my leather, so I excused myself to the bathroom.  Now mind you at this point I had not gotten off for a solid 7 or so days, and each day of this week had been a tease of some kind.  Hot guys jogging shirtless, the sweat on their backs shimmering in the hot sun; forbidden crushes I have who sweetly smile and talk to me, men who I wanted so eagerly to play with and had plans to meet becoming unable to visit, all week long.  So I was pretty pissed being so fucking horny and irritated. 

Relieving myself and then stripping out of my leather down to nothing but my little black Jagermeister thong, I reentered the dungeon, put my clothes away, and wandered the hall.  I entered the Jail Cell and found my boy, along with several other men, tying my acquaintance from earlier down to the bondage table, and then proceeding to lube up his member and jerk him.  I watched for a little while, sitting in the wooden bondage chair, before becoming slightly hungry and realizing that my piss-poor mood was probably due to having low blood sugar.  Leaving the dungeon and slipping into the kitchen, a bottle of water and a granola bar later (both donated by Sir Patrick that night) and I was much better.

Making my way back to the Main Room I was invited over to the couch where Alpha Sir was seated, his partner at his boots, and a new friend, boy D. on one side.  I leaped at the chance!  I hadn't seen him in what felt like ages, resting my head on his lap, curling up next to his leather-clad body, I felt at home.  Voices wafted over my head in conversation, I was too far away in subspace.  So happy to be in Alpha Sir's lap.  I picked up a piece of conversation and my ears perked,

"...bondage night sleep over."

"Oh like a Threshold lock-in."

Oh my god...what an amazing idea...sleeping here?  Overnight?  Spending a night in a sex dungeon, and possibly with my Alpha Sir...oh god, what a thrilling experience that would be!  Soon my friend came up to me and let me know that it was time for him to leave, so after saying my goodbyes we left.  Along the drive home, we stopped by this bizarre restaurant called Boulevard Burgers.  It was as if Mexican and North American cultures collided head on at 80MPH and the resulting crash created a 24 Hour burger restaurant.  After dinner we continued down to Long Beach, and upon arriving home I crashed when my head hit the pillow.


 The morning came early for me, 7:00am, and I had gone to bed perhaps around 2:30am or 3:00am.  Nevertheless I had duties to perform.  I attended the United Fetishists Long Beach meeting, and discussed the business that needed to be discussed.  Then my dear friend Sir Coy, A.K.A. Puppy Cockpit came and picked me up and we headed down to the beach to meet up with his room mate, his wife, and a baby cousin of theirs whom they borrowed for the weekend.  As we were walking towards where they were, Sir Coy. turns to me and says firmly. "Behave."  We approach and I am met with a beautiful sight of a real CHP officer in nothing but blue and white swim trunks, his smooth, sexy abs and chest, masculine sunglasses on his handsome smiling face.  Oh gods why do you tease me so?  I envy the nights his wife enjoys, which I am sure she is thankful for...she better be.

Later that day, after we had left the beach, and after much admiration of this sexy cop on the sand, Sir Coy. and I met up again after I dressed in my gear, and he drove me up to Pistons for Ignition.  On the way he handed me a pair of tiny keys and patted his crotch.  "What are these?"  He looked at me and smiled and told me I held the keys to his chastity.  I had never held that type of power over someone before,  I didn't really feel any different, but it felt fragile in a way, delicate.  I held the only way out of a device that kept him from pleasing himself and other people from pleasing him.

Arriving I found Alpha Sir and spoke with him about the evening, then spoke with Koby and found that I needed to let people know that if they wanted to play, they needed to sign a waiver.  Finding Sir Coy, Evan and his boy Neal, and Kieron I let them know what I had just learned.  Suddenly someone strapped a gag over my mouth and locked it, turning I found it was Sir Coy.  Evan piped up "Oh no, did you sign the waiver?  You have to sign the waiver to play!"  I love these bastards.

I was approached by Alpha Sir and asked to get up on stage where he proceeded to do another harness demonstration like the one last night using me as his (very happy) demo boy.  Gagged and tied, I stood up on stage struggling against the ropes as he helped teach Sir Coy and another audience volunteer.  After the scene was finished, I was released and later told that Koby wanted me under the boot blacking bike.  You got it!  When I went over, another man had already jumped on and Koby was just waiting his turn, so in the mean time Dennis asked if I wanted to get shocked, remembering the introduction to electro play I had with him at Long Beach Pride this year, I agreed and he strapped me to the aluminum St. Andrew's cross and whipped out his violet wand.  (For more information on Violet Wands please check this out.)  He grazed the wand across my bare chest and arms, the sparks shocking me and I roared, the Fox was starting to come out again, do it again!  Make him come out!  Wait...I feel lightheaded.  The scene ended there, as I started to feel dizzy and weak, untied and seated he told me that people have different tolerances to electricity which was slightly disappointing.  Kieron then asked if he could be next, watching him get tied to the cross, his beautiful, sexy body under the soft red light of the bar patio.  Nothing but his thin leather jock strap, his sweet, handsome face scrunching up into an adorable grimace each time he was shocked...I want to do such beautiful things to this handsome man.  Beautiful, sensual, sexy things...I want to make him feel amazing.  If I could make him moan or scream in ecstasy I would feel that I could conquer the world.

Soon a new face wandered by and I said hello, introducing myself I found him to be new to the scene and a perfect person to teach as he did show a spark of curiosity (let's turn that into a raging inferno for you!) so I told him if he wanted to learn more about electro play, to introduce himself to Dennis.  He said that he was interested in bondage, so I took his hand and led him over to where Alpha Sir was seated and introduced them.  If anyone was to learn rope bondage, I know Alpha Sir is a great person to talk to!  Just as I had introduced them, Koby snagged me and threw me under the bike after I had stripped to my thong.  Roped to the bike, I was in the perfect place to watch a pair of hot, sexy harness boots get blacked, and to provide him with something pleasing to look at.  Then Alex Kitay appeared...

Alex is Sir Michael's boy.  Alex and Michael like to play.  Hard.  I heard through another boy that Michael gets off on making his subs cry.  Alex then waved a small flogger in front of me.

"Oh, shit!"

He placed a shot of Jagermeister in my crotch and said I should do my best not to spill it.  He then proceeded to flick and whip my chest until it went pink, god it stung!  Between slapping and stinging my chest, he gave me sips of the shot.  I was buzzed and red by the end of the session, then my boy Marc came to me and mentioned that if he was going to take me home, he'd like to do so and still have time to play with me.  I got dressed and said farewells, and Marc drove me home.

Arriving at my place we kissed and started working things up before I ordered him naked on the floor of my bathroom, I grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup and introduced him to WAMP (Wet And Messy Play).  A line of chocolate drizzled on his chest, and I licked it off.  I can't wait to really get into WAMP, being covered in batter, oil, lube, just immerse me in something messy and give me a man or two!

After our sensual and sticky scene, a good shower, and we were in bed cuddling, his muscled body in my arms.


We woke up at 7:00am, and Marc headed off to see family.  I woke up myself, showered, and got ready for an event at Hot Java down the street.  The Mello Moto Motorcycle Group was said to be meeting before the So-Cal Gay Biker Contest at Pistons, however I went down an hour early so as to check in at Yellow Devil on Broadway.  They were having a 2nd Sunday Birthday Party and I wanted to support Jessica, the lovely and very sweet owner of this great motorcycle gear consignment store.

After a coffee and a chat with the guests, I headed over to Hot Java to meet with the Mello Moto group.  9:00am came and went, one.  9:30 and then bikes started to roll up.  I had forgotten to set my clock for GST, Gay Standard Time.  Better known as "we'll show up when we damn well feel like it." Hahaha.  I was encouraged to grab my riding gear by one rider, which I didn't bring thinking I didn't need it and that no one would be letting a guy they barely knew ride bitch.  However I ran home, nabbed it, and came back anyway.  When the meet came to an end, they decided to ride over to Yellow Devil for the party, and Greg offered me a ride on the back of his bike.  Now Greg is this hot, slim, young biker stud whom I may now have a small little crush on.  So gearing up and straddling his ride, and being able to slip my gloved hands on his waist was a wish come true, even if the ride was short and merely around the corner, it was so worth the two minutes.

Arriving, the party had grown to a line of sexy bikes outside the store, and two food trucks one selling BBQ Pork meals and the other selling shaved ice.  The Mello Moto group hung out for a good few hours before Greg asked when I wanted to head up to Pistons for the contest.  I asked if he was competing and he said he wasn't this year, but he wanted to see if I still wanted a ride up.

Are kidding?  Would I pass up a second ride with you hot stuff!?  Hell no, let's go!

Straddling the bike and slipping my hands back onto his sexy body once more, we sped off north.  God that ride was amazing.  Mellow speed, the hum of the engine resonating in my helmet, my visor steaming up with each breath I let out.  My hands were on an incredibly hot biker boy dressed in full biker gear whom I wanted to do dirty beautiful things with,  my ass sat on a slick and powerful steel stallion, we were riding upward and onward through the city on a beautiful day.  I fucking love my life.

Arriving, he paused and let me off, hugging me goodbye I wished it didn't end.  I wanted to embrace him long and hard, feeling our gear between us, his slim, sexy, irresistible body in my arms, his handsome face mere inches from my own, my lips thirsted for his.  He sped away, and my heart sank slightly.  Come back and kiss me!  Please!

Heading inside I sank into a chair at the bar, my knees ached from being so tense on the ride.  Robert and I struck up conversation waiting for things to start.  I was encouraged to run in the contest, which was just for fun and to raise funds for an AIDS charity.  When the contest did finally start, I overheard Jeff Wacca, one of my favorite emcees, announce that in order to compete you had to ride a motorcycle.  After a moment of thinking, I approached him and asked,

"I'd like to run, and I don't have a bike, but the rules state that I have to RIDE a motorcycle, and I love RIDING bitch."

"Ahh semantics, I like your angle, now go grab a box."

Heading to the front a box was shoved in my hands and I was given a roll of tickets to sell as my votes, I asked my buddy Chris if he would be my ticket boy and he happily obliged.  Before long we were called to the stage and introduced, and I was mentioned to be the So-Cal Gay Biker Bitch contestant, before we were released to the crowd again.

I find that I don't do very well when I'm in a situation where I have to talk people up, encourage them to vote or buy something from me.  I tend to stumble over my words, get anxious, nervous.  I looked at the other contestants and they seemed really comfortable slutting it up for votes, where I was more comfortable being polite and taking the first no.  This confuses me because I feel absolutely fine on a stage in little to no clothing, spilling my heart out to a bunch of people I don't know.

In any case, as the votes were being tallied Mark and Koby grabbed me and began to torture my nipples.  Koby lifted my shirt and said "We have to work on those mosquito bites so they look like that."  He directed my attention to a man standing behind me with nipples the size of my little finger.  Uhh no thanks!  That's fine!  I'm good!  They continued to torture my chest, I called out yellow several times, these guys meant business and I didn't doubt that.  Koby rubbed an ice cube on one as Mark tortured the other before Koby stuffed the cube in my mouth and I was forced to deal with twice the torture.  When the votes were tallied, we were called to the stage and Koby was named So-Cal Gay Leather Biker 2011!  As this was a fun contest there are no titleholder duties, or expectations, and in an act of generosity Koby donated the helmet prize he received back into the contest and it was auctioned off to raise even more money for the charity.  The winning bid was $100 by Meddle, who had also ran in the competition. 

I stayed at the bar until that night, I had a fantastic conversation with a lesbian who invited me to join her, as I was sitting by myself after everyone had left, I'm kicking myself for not remembering her name.  She and I had a really fun talk, and I found it funny how much she enjoyed the hardcore gay porn on the TVs outside.  "Yeah at first I was bothered by all the gay porn, but when they took it down, I missed it!"  It was really good porn, quality stuff.

Garry Bowie then took me home, and on the drive back to my apartment he gave me a short lesson on Gay history.  I found out that the Stonewall Riots wasn't the first time gays and lesbians fought back, it was the third as two other riots in Los Angeles took place prior to Stonewall, but the New York event had more publicity.

And this concludes this past weekend.

Play Safe everyone.  I love you.