Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fierce Intensity

Last week I was graced with a visit from my Alpha Sir,  we met up at the Mineshaft and spent some time together, meeting a new face, and introducing me to the bartender.  Afterward we went over to the Paradise Piano Bar for a wonderful dinner.  Saying our farewells, Alpha Sir and I went back to my place and that's when my new experience began.

Stripped and naked, he gagged me in a bishop's head harness and bound me in a rope harness, but this time was much different.  He tied it very tightly, and bound my dick and balls.  This was something I had never experienced so intensely before, and so soon.  It hurt, very, very badly.  I begged through the gag as intelligibly as I could for him to release some of the pressure. 

He did not. 

It burned!  It rubbed me mercilessly with harsh fibers encircled around my helpless genitals, suffocating them of relief!  I begged, I howled in horrible suffering!  I couldn't stand up straight!  It hurt!  Alpha Sir finally held me from behind, and turned me to look in the mirror.  I saw myself, bound and helpless, and suffering horrible pain. 

"Breathe boy."

Oh god how I tried to breathe, every exhale was shuddered, I wept with frustration, I couldn't take it any more! 

"Don't you trust me boy?"

I trust you with my very life, Sir.

"Look at yourself boy."

I looked again, and I saw myself standing with my Alpha Sir, I shouldn't be complaining, I should be standing tall, against the pain and suffering.  Bearing it like a man.  Making my Alpha Sir proud of me, impressed with me.  Oh god did it hurt.  Eventually I started to take deep and flowing breaths.  Then he took me by my doorway, worked with the rope out of my vision and pulled.  I lifted a bit, he was tying me into a predicament position!  Oh shit, no.  Oh god!  My balls already ached, I had been screaming into the gag, and now I was forced to stand on the tips of my feet.  Completely at his mercy, he tortured me.  Biting and twisting my nipples, the pain was awful!  So much pain!  My balls ached and howled in agony, my nipples being tortured mercilessly, it was like a bondage hell. 

He was showing me the Sadist.  I have never met the Sadist before.  I have met the Tiger, the Tender, and now I have been introduced to the Sadist.  I am scared of the Sadist, a small place in my fear, which I must be true to, I would still kneel before him willingly.  He will not hurt me.

As much as I was so thankful for being released, and as much as I wouldn't want to be tortured like that again...I know it is helping me grow, helping me become stronger, and I know that Alpha Sir gets off on it.  I offer my body to him to play with, because I trust him, and I love him as my Alpha Sir.  I do get off on it all, agony is hell, but it leads to a release...a new venture I must take in order to shove my horizons ever further.

Play Safe, respect your limits, and play with intensity with someone you trust deeply.

Thank you, Sir.

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