Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Leather Men and Dogs"

Before I begin, I would like to thank everyone who helped make this evening an amazing success.

- The Mineshaft Bar on Broadway for hosting our event.
- The Crypt on Broadway for donating prizes.
- Skobar Photography for donating prizes and for the enjoyable photo shoot to help with flyers.
- Pup Cockpit for manning the raffle table, and donating a prize box of his own.
- Dino, Mr. Bullet Leather 2008, for all the help and advice.
- Paloma Ole for helping with the raffle tickets and inviting the Imperial Court to help sell tickets.
- Don Mike for being an awesome Emcee.
- DJ Dru Wave for providing the excellent music.
- The staff at Mineshaft for dressing in gear and being supportive.
- Vertis for helping with raffle tickets.
- Chewy for boot blacking.
- Sam, California Leather Sir 2012, for assistance with music.

And every leather man and woman, drag queen, puppy, and attendee at the event, without you there it wouldn't have been a party at all!

The event was an amazing success!  So many people came, and I was pleasantly surprised at the number of puppies who showed up.  I was expecting the two that promised to come, and I counted 5 or 6 who came along!  I also was very pleased to see men from San Diego and Los Angeles, including titleholders who all came out for the night!

Setting up the event wasn't a cakewalk, I had started it to be something like a simple party event.  I set a date and time, and expected to take things one at a time as they presented themselves, as I had never tried to put together an event before.  With each new venture through one door, expecting to only find one door on the other side, I was met with three to four new doors to open, fences to hop, and distances to run.  Jello shots, silent raffle, prizes, flyers, and then finding people to help with each task all made up these new obstacles and challenges to overcome.  Thankfully I have many friends who love and care about me, and whom I deeply appreciate to help me along my way.  Thank you.

The evening of the party, I walked down Broadway in boots, leather pants, a vest over my black shirt, medium blue handkerchief in my right back pocket, (more information on the hanky code can be found here) and swinging from my belt was my big, blue fox tail.  I wanted to attend my event as the real-life Leather Fetish Fox.  Entering the bar, my evening began, excitement and anxiety blurred the night, along with the moderate amount of alcohol that was consumed.

At first things seemed to be according to plan, everything was being set up, people were still arriving, and the bar was already attended by a good amount of people, a base crowd.  Things of course didn't start on time, but I had to learn that no event really ever does, but that it's a minor detail and in the grand scheme of things doesn't matter a whole lot at all.  As we waited for things to set in place, I wanted things to begin immediately, to get over the anxiety I was feeling, but my nervousness was getting in my own way and the words "Okay let's start." had become foreign and confusing.  A soft grip on my shoulders, a reminder to breathe, to have fun.  People who were needed and slated to do certain tasks weren't here yet, but I had to start without them, finding a quick replacement proved easy, and I noted to not be so terrified in the future.

Paloma introduced the evening, as well as Don Mike and the DJ.  Don Mike made an excellent Emcee, with his upbeat fun-loving attitude that softened his crass mouth. That's what I love about him!  He can be so super sweet and innocent, then you put him on stage and he swears like a sailor!  DJ Dru Wave played an excellent set, my dear friend who had just received his pup name, Pup Cockpit, manned (or rather, dogged) the raffle prize table, Sumner of the Mineshaft sold Jello shots in a leather studded collar (oh my god, the many beautiful things I would do to this sexy, sweet, and irresistible young man!), and Vertis and the two empresses of the Imperial Court who came along with Paloma helped sell raffle tickets, while Chewy blacked boots in the corner.

I could finally relax, the event was in motion, there was no stopping us now.  The only thing left to do was to just have fun, talk to people, and just breathe.  I was thrilled when I saw who showed up, titleholders, dear friends, and even my coworkers!  They were shocked and surprised at the whole scene, but they had a wonderful time nonetheless.  Of course, my Alpha Sir arrived, as his birthday is the same as mine, and I just love that fact about us.  He brought two boys of his own who also enjoyed the evening as well as him, which I couldn't be happier with.  I love watching him dominate and enjoy another boy, as it reminds me just how lucky I am to be dominated by him myself. Speaking of boys, I saw one of my own subs and good friends, Marc, there to give me support.  Seeing his handsome, smiling face and feeling his great tight hug added to the wonderful energy of the evening!

SlutBottom Chris, California Puppy 2012 and the handsome Kieron both came along as well, both very handsome and very sweet men in puppy mode, crawling around on the bar floor made the evening that much more enjoyable.

My co-workers arrived a little later in the evening, after I had a little to drink, and was more than relaxed, they loved how crazy the scene was and my tail.  I was actually surprised to see all of them, I wasn't expecting them all off of work at the same time.  The evening really served as a reminder as to how many people are willing to help me when I need it, and who is out there willing to support me.

At the end of the party, SlutBottom Chris came up to me and mentioned that we were heading out, and he was going to take me home himself.  Okay!  I said goodbyes and followed him, or rather was dragged out by him, either way I was enjoying it.  We met up with my friend Vonn and her friend who called himself "Spider".  He was a real cutie, woof!  As SB Chris dragged me away, I heard him call out that he wanted to tie me up sometime.  WOOF!...Damn it! Why didn't I give him my card?!  Ugh!

SB Chris then drove me home, and waited until I turned out my bedroom light to show him I was safely upstairs.  I love my puppy!  He's so wonderful!

I love you all so much, and thank you.

Play Safe.