Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spanking, Muscle and Bondage

Last night I attended Socal Bondage Club and assisted my Master in setting things up for the night.  Of course I arrived fairly early and my Master was able to put me through a few experiences, one fun one being tied up and gagged on the kitchen floor while he did dishes, another "not-as-fun-as-I'd-have-liked-but-still-interesting" experience was him locking me in irons on the bed while he got ready for the club.

At the club we had a gentleman offering free buzz cuts to those willing (and those not so willing, heheh) to get a new look.  The evening started fairly slow until an interesting slender gentleman I had talked to at a previous club meeting arrived and we started to talk.  Soon he was at my feet, servicing boots for the first time, and he did a wonderful job for a beginner.  Then he asked if I was into spanking other men.  You guys know me, if it isn't too extreme I'll give it a shot. 

He stripped down to his socks and was over my lap soon after and I started out slowly, going easy at his request and then working up harder and harder.  Between rounds I was sure to hold him close during his cool down periods and make sure he was okay and he wanted to continue.  I mixed things up, faked him out a few times, built up a nice rhythm and then randomized it.  It was fun, but next time I'll try a paddle or glove, bare-assed spankings can really leave your hand stinging but in spite of that I was very happy to make his night enjoyable.

I wandered the halls, observing the different scenes in play, talked to a few friends of mine, then watched my Master playing with his sub for the night.  A tall, muscled man, hairy body, built like a fucking God.  It soon became obvious I wasn't the only man there transfixed on the scene unfolding, basically if you weren't in a scene yourself last night, you were watching my Master working over this amazing example of masculinity.

At one point in the evening Master beckoned me over and motioned for me to join him, on the table lay this Adonis, gagged, blindfolded and completely helpless.  He instructed me to run my hands over his body and I happily obliged.

It was...beautiful.  Gently running my fingers along his skin, his muscle, his amazing boulder-like abs, his muscled arms, I was fighting the urge to kiss his perfect body.  I wanted to fall asleep on that chest and wake up to his abs, it was so beautiful.  The scene went on like that for a while, we ran our hands over him, more and more intricately, tickling, then smoothly, then rapidly, all while abruptly stopping every so often and having him twist and strain, begging for more with his body language muffled moans.  I wanted to make him feel at ease, safe, I ran my fingers and hands over his face ever so lightly and then slowly removed myself from the scene, leaving my Master to bring him to Euphoria.

The rest of the evening at the club remained pretty slow, however I was happy to see and show around some newbies I invited to the club.  Around midnight people began to leave and I caught a ride with my friend who had given me the Leather Cops experience one wonderful Friday night last year.  Once at his place I was straitjacketed, legs bound up in straps and placed on the floor to struggle as he had his fun with me.  A lovely end to an interesting night if I may say so myself.

Play safe guys!