Friday, December 10, 2010

Leather Cops

(Sorry guys this one's pretty late!)

This Black Friday was one hell of an experience to remember!

I was finally able to travel up to a friend's place and the reason I've been so excited to visit his home was due to the fact that he had built his own dungeon complete with chain spiderweb, two cages and an assortment of other fun playthings!  Most of which he had built from scratch himself!

The night started off beautifully, geared up in my leather uniform, gun belt and engineer boots he led me down into his dungeon and tied me to a post.  Hands locked in a set of iron handcuffs much like these which were surprisingly comfortable, he blindfolded me and stuffed a hollow rubber ball gag in my mouth.  I normally don't enjoy phallic or ball gags mainly because of discomfort and the odd sensation it gives me during use, but this one would bend and compress when I bit or moved my mouth.  Completely at his mercy, he proceeded to dim the lights and turn on some nice dungeon music then worked my body over for a good while.

Afterwards he took off my blindfold and I mistook his pants for leather and complimented them.  He stated he wasn't wearing any yet and asked me if I'd like him to be in his leather.  I eagerly answered yes and the next thing I know I'm ordered to get inside a tall narrow cage with not even enough space to turn around.  The doors shut and lock and the room is plunged into darkness.  I eagerly wait for my Sir to return, like a dog waiting for his master, I find myself groaning in my mind for him to reappear.  Soon the lights come back up and I see my Sir dressed in a black leather cop uniform complete with gun belt, boots, aviators and a muir cap.

He orders me out of the cage and down on my knees, he takes a seat and orders me to worship his boots after working me up even more, he has me in the palm of his hand, my body and being ache to serve him and I am only too happy to put my tongue to his boot.  At this point in the farthest reaches of my mind, where my sense of person is safely tucked away I am looking at myself.  I see me working to please my Sir, and wanting it with every part of my being.  It is a remarkable feeling, something I have never experienced with such urgency and fervor before. My submissive mindset is screaming "Please him! Make him happy! Do not fail your Sir!" the entire time my face was at his feet.

My subspace must interfere with my ability to clearly remember the evening, more haze, my face is in his leather pants, then back at his boots, haze again and then I distinctly remember him holding my face with one gloved hand and with the other he takes a black handgun from his holster (later I see that it was an obvious fake but at the time it looked very real to my submissive mindset) and rubs it against my face saying "Good, I'm glad to hear that.  Wouldn't want any accidents now would we boy?" for added effect, I remember my body stiffened in loyal fear and I said "No, Sir!"

Later he orders me to strip down to my socks and jockstrap as he counts, I frantically obey, just meeting the deadline by half a second, panting in fear.  "Ohhhh that was close boy, you wouldn't want to find out what happens to boys that don't make their numbers..." he says, adding to my subspace anxiety.  I'm ordered into a cage with a comfortable pillow and floor padding where he collars me and binds me to the bars as the evening comes to a conclusion and my Sir enjoys himself much to my delight.

Looking back at the experience I would not hesitate to do it all over again, changing nothing.  I found that I really do enjoy subspace and that evening for the very first time I had no inhibitions to giving my entire sense of being over to someone else in a scene.  My experience with my other Sir, was close to this one, very enjoyable, however I did not reach the "Ultimate Servitude" feeling as I did with my Sir for this evening.  I am certain is it mainly because my previous Sir was more gentle and sensual, this scene touched feelings of anxiety and fearful loyalty.  Both of which I surprisingly enjoyed!

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