Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Dark Fox and the Teddy Bear

October 30th, 2014

This afternoon my boy James came to serve me again and I deeply kissed him hello.  I wasn't quite finished with the game I was in the middle of, so I stripped him down, placed him in a leather jockstrap, collared him, put him in my neoprene hood, bound his hands and feet, then lay him at the foot of the bed, his head resting on a pillow and used him as a footrest until I was finished with the game.

From there I proposed some chores to be completed while I was busy with my own tasks.  I had some sweeping to do, and figured he could help me with some others around the apartment.  When I came back upstairs from my own chore, I was very pleased with what he had done.  Dishes cleaned, carpet vacuumed, and the laundry completed as well.  I was very happy with the boy, and since we were both sweaty it was a good time to get nice and intimate in the shower.

As we rinsed off, the subject of his throatfucking interest came up He really enjoyed the last tonsil pounding I gave him during his previous visit, so I pushed him down to my cock and slammed my manhood into his throat.  Listening to him happily gag on my cock made me really horny, I never thought I'd be into making a man choke on my dick, but there we were!

Once I was satisfied, we finished up, got dressed and made our way out to dinner, dessert, and a quick errand for the night before heading back to my apartment.  Back on the bed, collar around his neck once more, we cuddled and he worshipped my cock like a good boy toy as we thought of our next move, which took us to the Falcon bar nearby for a drink together.  I geared up in full leather and kept my collar on his neck, my teddy bear treated me to a Long Island iced tea and we stood in the corner of the bar together.  I deeply kissed him, my full attention on my boy, kissing him between sips of my cocktail.  I became more and more aggressive, exerting my dominant energy in this public place seemed to exacerbate it,

The cage door to the Dark Fox's lair unlatched, and he sauntered out and took control.  I dominated James with my leather gloves, tightly sealing his mouth with the leather, forcing him into submission, making his heart race and cock throb.  Once the drinks were finished we headed out and back up to my place, I stripped him back down to his leather jock, shoved him on the bed, and with Dark Fox at the helm, we tortured his nipples.  With Dark Fox given free reign, my boy's tortured gasps and grunts of pain turned me on!  He loves it when I get tough and aggressive.

When I felt he had enough, I calmed down, and felt tears pushing forth to well up in my eyes,  I felt this love for this boy , the pride in his progress.  I kissed and soothed his nipples before retrieving some supplies necessary for our next scene.  Soon his bare sweet ass was in the air, hole lubed, my rubber-clad cock dripping with lube and throbbing for my boy.  I entered him and it began.  This was not lovemaking in any sense, this was hardcore, ass-ramming, selfish, aggressive as hell FUCKING. I slammed my dick hard and deep into his hungry boyhole, I slapped his ass, I spat on his back, I barked at him that I wanted to know who was his daddy, and who was my little bitch!  When the energy came to a peak, I let loose with a howl as my cum flooded into him!  He took it all like a true man! A very good boy!

Once I regained enough energy to move, I cleaned my boy up as well as myself, held him closely in the darkness as we both fell asleep in each other's arms.  In the morning, after a pleasant shower, I served James his breakfast, oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar, in a dog bowl on the floor.  I watched him eat it all like a good boy should, and delighted in the fact that he enjoyed it as much as I did watching him.

He let me know just how much he enjoyed me when I was tough and aggressive with him.  A short time later, as I watched his car drive off into the cold of the early morning darkness, his words stayed with me...

"I love it when you're rough with me, Daddy."

Play Safe Dear Reader

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Releases

October 26th, 2014

This morning my teddy bear boy James met me at my apartment after my shift at work, which was quite awful due to the cage Marc had locked me in the night prior.  The whole morning was a long misery of pinching and aching.  Halfway through work I called Marc and told him I couldn't be locked anymore and I needed out immediately after I was finished with my shift.  Thankfully he arrived just a few minutes after I came home and found James waiting for me.

Once released, the pain vanished instantly and my mood rose several levels. I will not be locked in chastity again, that was terrible.  Once free and saying goodbye to Marc, James and I headed out for an enjoyable lunch and dessert.  When we returned to my bedroom I collared him, and cuddled his warm, beautiful body, so happy to be with such a sexy boy!  He was pleased to be serving Daddy again!  I also placed him in a leather jockstrap, jumped into my own, as well as my studded harness.  I had some fun plans for my boy and told him to load up on water all day with me.

I fetched my neoprene cocksucker's hood and pulled it over his face, tied him up, and gently placed him underneath my desk, his head comfortably resting on some pillows and used him as my warm footrest as I worked on my computer and answered emails. A handsome, bound, helpless boy at my feet as well as some productivity, what a great time!  After I had gotten a good amount written in my diary I took him out from under the desk and brought him to the bed, cracked open some apple ales in the fridge to speed along my surprise.

He soon needed to pee, and it was playtime.  I took off his hood, collar, and restraints, stripped the both of us, and pulled him into the shower.  I knelt down and put his cock in my mouth, smiling I nodded and let him know to just let go.  He filled my mouth four times with his wonderful piss before I just couldn't drink anymore.  I bathed in the rest of his flow, and he loved it as much as I did.  When his stream came to an end, I stood and told him it was my turn.  James knelt like the good boy he is and I gave him my own flow of piss, he obediently drank every drop of it before I had him rise to his feet and made out with him.  He was not only my dear teddy bear boy, but also my piss piggy too.

He knelt down once more and I proceeded to throat fuck him, he told me how much he loved it when I got rough and nasty with him.  He gagged hard, and I kept going, much to his delight and enjoyment.  This pig gets nasty with daddy. We cleaned off once he had enough and returned to bed.

I cuddled my boy a bit before turning down the lights and put on some soft music.  It was time Daddy showed his boy some loving.  I collared him again and laid him down, slid a condom on his dick, and sucked him earnestly.  I worked that cock nice and slow, intentionally, intimately, slurping, sucking, and swallowing his manhood as he moaned and slid into bliss.  He said he was going to cum, I smiled and told him to blow his load for Daddy.  A few passionate minutes more and he gripped the sheets, let out a heartfelt gasp of pleasure, and I felt his cock undulate as he pumped his load of cum into the condom in my mouth.  I cuddled my dear exhausted boy in his afterglow, slid the condom off his cock, and turned him on his stomach.  It was Daddy's turn.

I slid a lubed finger up his tight hole and loosened him up a bit before sliding on my own rubber, lubed it up generously, and entered my eager boy.  His tight ass was perfect, he moaned in ecstasy about how much he loved to serve his Daddy, how much he loved my dick up his ass.  I became hornier and hungrier the more he moaned and the dirtier our talk became.  I made beautiful loving thrusts into his hungry, eager boyhole.  I was getting closer, I turned him on his back so I could look him in the eyes as we continued our lovemaking, and then it all came to a climax!  I blew my load! A hot, grand, tingling load of my cum deep inside of him.

I deeply kissed my beautiful boy and reminded him that his Daddy loved him very much.  We held each other in the afterglow and afterward took a nice relaxing candlelit shower together.  We went to dinner, enjoyed a drink, and then returned home and fell asleep in each other's arms.

He's such a wonderful boytoy.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Contained for the First Time

October 25th, 2014

Tonight Marc Bellenger picked me up for the evening.  He instructed me to gear up in my football gear, as well as to pack some leather.  We headed over to his place and once inside he let me know he had a surprise for me.  I was instructed to close my eyes and drop my pants, I followed his orders and I felt him sliding something on my manhood.  I figured it was a cockring because guys in the past have asked me if I wore one and when I admitted I didn't (mainly because my groin is sensitive hence why I'm not a fan of CBT) they would all urge me to get one.

He then placed something else on my dick, some arranging, painful pulling, then he was finished.  He told me to look at my cock and when I opened my eyes I was stunned.  My dick was locked inside a metal chastity cage!  I was a bit afraid and otherwise unable to really react.  I was his now, my dick belonged to the keyholder.  I never felt so helpless before.  Most times I always had an out, a way to say "No, I'm not doing that." This time I had no choice.  It scared me a bit.  I didn't like the idea of being out of control in this way too much, but it was with someone I knew and trusted.

He then had me polish his boots, then his leather.  We had some fun conversation while I served his leather, at one point touching on the topic of Old Guard, then how it didn't exist and the mythos were created by the survivors of the AIDS crisis, and who were also the excluded or abstainers from the leather realm.  I started to empathize with Marc on how hard living in that time must have been and started to break into tears, apologizing if I was ever disrespectful.  He smiled and reassured me I was okay.  After a long polish session we headed out to the 11th Annual Leather Halloween Party at this gorgeous manor of a house.

I felt a bit unique being in full football uniform at a leather party, and as we schmoozed and mingled I received so many compliments on the gear as well as playful pounding on my shoulder pads.  Midway into the party Marc summoned me to him in the back yard and ordered me on my knees.  He asked if I was thirsty and I was a bit surprised.  Here?  Now?  Well, yeah we were at a leather kink party, so why not?  I took his dick tip into my mouth and he began his flow.  He filled my mouth with the most bitter piss I have ever had,  I could only take three mouthfuls before I couldn't take the taste anymore.  He had coffee that day and the taste was obvious, I thanked him for the experience and immediately grabbed a soda to rinse the awful taste out of my mouth.

After I finished it, Marc led me to a darkened corner of the yard behind some camouflage netting where a sling awaited.  I took my place in the leather hammock, raised my legs onto the chains and Marc chomped down firmly on his cigar as he grabbed the chains near my feet and slammed his hips against my vulnerable ass, growling like a monster!  I lay in that sling, in the darkness as this fully clad leatherman, glaring me down behind his sunglasses opened his fly and dry humped my padded ass.  Such forceful slams, masculine grunts and snarls, and my moans of pleasure joining them in a melody of sexual energy rising until Marc released his load on me, leaving a welcome cumstain on my new gear.

He took a moment to regain himself before taking me out of the sling, and we rejoined the party, mingling the remainder of the night away.  At one point I took a seat next to the firepit and gazed out at the guests.  The sight of leather Daddies with their collared boys, as well as leathermen boyfriends kissing in the night made my heart turn a sad shade of green.  It was thankfully interrupted by my friend Dennis and his buddy Todd sitting next to me.  I hit it off very well with Todd and we were soon cuddling nice and close.  I dozed off, quite comfortable with Todd in my arms, but once I woke up I found Todd long gone, like a cruel ending to a pleasant dream.

Marc and I soon took our leave, saying our goodbyes before he drove me all the way home.  We arrived at my place, but I was still locked in his metal chastity cage.  He said he might release me soon.  I became nervous, I had a boy of my own coming to see me in the morning after my work shift, and I had promised him lovemaking.  It felt so odd and very uncomfortable having the rights to my cock stolen from me by a man.  He drove off after teasing me that he may or may not release me after a while.

I had to sleep very carefully that night, as my balls had become quite sensitive.

I really need to question my doms more...

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Into the Bear's Cave

October 16th, 2014

This evening my friend Peter took me out for dinner, it had been a long while since we last saw each other and it was wonderful to catch up over supper.  The meal he treated me to was one of intimacy and it felt more like a romantic date the longer we spent time at the table.  I had experienced my very first real hangover that morning, so in my weakened state his gentle nature and romantic care was a very welcome gift.

We decided over dinner that I would be going home with him, and we headed back to my apartment to grab an overnight bag.  Once we arrived at his beautiful home, he kissed me gently and deeply before he stripped me down to my jock, leaving only my baseball cap.  He took off his clothes and revealed the big, burly bear under his professional suit.  He took me in his broad embrace and guided me deeper into his man cave, to a glorious, gigantic bed.

I found myself blindfolded and molested, my body his eager plaything.  He collared me, and passionately sucked my manhood which pushed me ever further into ecstasy until I peaked and could hold it in no longer.  I burst, and shot down his throat, several loads that had been in waiting for a long time, it was so overwhelming and I loved every moment of it!  I was completely exhausted, my entire being was helpless and vulnerable, I could barely move let alone stay conscious.  He took gentle care of me, and we fell asleep together.

In the morning the gentlebear continued his sweet care of me.  He happily brewed us a morning cup of coffee before we shared a wonderfully intimate, dimly lit shower together.  He then drove me home after a light breakfast together.

I really enjoy the romantic side of this piggish bear.  He's a real catch and a gentleman with a great kink streak!

Play Safe Dear Reader

The Coach from New York

October 15th, 2014

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of greeting a very handsome man named Justin.  When my slave scheduled for the evening respectfully informed me in person that he wouldn't be able to serve that evening, wearing the clothes I had instructed him to be in no less, I dismissed the slave to rest and found Justin online the same hour in an incredible stroke of luck.

He was visiting from New York and seemed like a very nice guy.  We went to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner and I got to know the 6'1", handsome, clean cut, soft voiced gentleman.  I couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful face, he was incredibly coach-like in a gentle fatherly way.  While we were eating he asked me if I was 6'2" and when I answered that I was not, he told me that I carried myself if I was.  It was one of the most beautiful compliments I had ever received.

Once we stopped at my place to drop off the leftovers before heading to the bar, he took the chance to pull me in and aggressively kiss me, I fell for him even more deeply!  I invited him in to the bedroom to try on some leather and immediately felt weaker for him when he donned my leather jacket.  He became even sexier, and even more amazing.

We cuddled on the bed, clothes came off, I gave him a massage, and then he ordered me to grab a condom.  I happily fetched one and gave him the most intimate and wonderful oral service I could.  I wanted him, I wanted to please this man so much.  By the way he smiled, I believe I did.

Eventually we made it to the bar and shared a cocktail and more stimulating conversation before he had to head back for the night.  Unfortunately his hotel was in the direct opposite direction as my home, and he surprised me with just how incredibly gentlemanly he could be by paying for my cab ride back.

He told me he would return in November, and I couldn't be more excited to see and serve him again.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daddy Has a Surprise for His boy toy

October 12th, 2014

Sir Jon picked me up this afternoon for a good, overnight ravaging!

We caught up in the car on the way over, and once we arrived at his home we enjoyed an intimate kiss in his dark basement dungeon before he stripped me to my jockstrap.  Led upstairs, he then tied me to the bed where I belonged and dry humped my helpless body before sliding on a condom, and lubing up my hole.

He slid his meaty cock inside of me and took his rightful place as my Daddy.  He pounded me mercilessly, firm and strong, but holding back before he would cum, he was saving that for later.  He mentioned a bag that might be a bit of fun for me, and always the curious type I said yes.  I was led downstairs and he stood me up against the cold bars of his standing cage while he busied himself with the preparation.  Blindfolded and tied up against the icy bars, I could only wonder what he had in store for me, the rustling of sheets and plastic, then a whiff of rubber in the air, my curiosity was going wild.

I was finally untied and led into the downstairs bathroom and bent over a fuckbench, he then inserted a small tube inside of my hole and I was greeted to the feeling of cool water flowing up my ass.  It felt good, relaxing even, I was pleasantly surprised at the feeling of it trickling deep inside of my gut.  I felt cool, refreshed, clean.  He told me to keep it inside of me, and he filled me once more, it all felt so great being filled up by Daddy.

We then finished up that play, and he took me upstairs to cuddle once I was clean.  I enjoy holding onto him, he makes me feel amazing, safe, loved, even in the throes of being ravaged and ripped apart, I feel safe and cared for.  My wrists were once more restrained, and my body was spread eagle, helpless and happy.  He took pleasure in tearing me apart then and there, I thankfully took his powerful thrusts and poundings until my hole couldn't receive any more of his generous abuse, and I regretfully begged for his mercy. He pulled out, but continued humping me, he kissed me deeply as he climaxed! Blowing his hot load all over me, just how I love it!  Thank you Daddy Jon!

We then cleaned up, and returned to the bedroom.  We had talked about superhero costumes and such before, and he let me try on a Green Lantern suit.  It fit very well and made me feel amazing! I loved how I looked, he commented that I could pass as an evil twin of Hal Jordan.  We went out for dinner, then returned and suited up as Green Lantern together, and cuddled on the bed, kissing deeply.  I could definitely get into superhero kink play!  I know that I loved it when he dressed as Spiderman!

We then stripped nude, put the costumes away and I fell asleep in his embrace.  In the morning I was treated to a damn good fucking, then led downstairs for Daddy to put me in leather mitts, a collar, ankle restraints, and then chained up inside his cage, my favorite place next to being in Daddy's bed!

He then let me nap a bit while he busied himself with his own things.  I fell asleep comfortably within the safe confines of the metal bars and soft bedding, the leather encasing me, and the collar around my neck, the heavy chain keeping me right where Daddy Jon wanted me.  A while later he returned, gently woke me, led me upstairs and we had some quality time before I had to pack up and take my leave.

I love you Daddy Jon. Thank you for yet another wonderful time.  I love being your boy toy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Return to Muscle Worship

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Tonight, Joseph picked me up for dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together with a bit of deeper conversation along the way.  We then returned to my apartment, planning to head out to Pistons afterward for their uniform night but once he took off his shirt, my mind went immediately elsewhere.

His pants fell to the floor and so did all memory of whatever I was planning that night, as all urges pushed me into admiring his beautiful physique.  I had him lay on my bed, and I happily rubbed and massaged his feet, working out his knots and some very beautiful groans and grunts of relief from his lips.   I lotioned his tired feet to finish up his massage, and then grabbed a flavored condom from the other room to continue his relaxation session.

I wanted to make him extremely comfortable, I slid the rubber on his beautiful, throbbing manhood as he lay, eyes closed, soft breath, his vulnerable muscled body calling my name like an insatiable craving.  I sucked down his dick gently and most intent on making him happy.  He moaned, and let me know how it felt.  I went down on him for a very nice, long time, giving him my best love that I could.  After a while of making sweet love to his cock, he whispered he was so incredibly horny.  I was already there!

I slid off his condom, and replaced it with a new one, he gently lubed us both up and he turned me on my back, he wanted to look into my eyes when he made love to my hole.  He is so easy to fall in love with!  He is so beautiful and sweet, and he felt incredible inside of me, thrusting his manhood deeply and passionately.

Soon he was ready, being so horny for so long, I told him I wanted him to blow his load inside of me and I wanted him to look me in the eye when he filled his condom.  He moaned, louder, gasped, and he shot his load in me!  I pulled him deeper!  Yes! Fill me with your masculinity!  It felt so damn good!

I held him close, and kissed him as we melted into our afterglow.  We ended the night in each others arms, and I was gifted with the privilage of falling asleep with my muscle man.  Thankfully he isn't a dream!

Play Safe Dear Reader!