Monday, October 7, 2019

Chore boy Projects

Monday, June 3rd, 2019

This morning slave Bron came over and drove me around town to pick up groceries, he then treated me to an enjoyable lunch at a Mexican restaurant, once home and comfortable I opened the wine he brought and relaxed as he was put to work on a big project I had saved for him: organizing our pantry.  The damn project plagued the household for months, and it only took him an afternoon.

During his task he took a break to kneel and drink my piss like a very good boy, he’s still getting used to it but it’s a great bit of progress.  When the pantry was tidied, I rewarded him with having him suck my cock, working my manhood a great while like the good cocksucker he is, finishing it off by shooting a nice healthy load down his throat.

He cleaned up and then prepared dinner for the house, finally meeting my roommate (whom for years I tried convincing that chore slaves and chore boys actually did exist), and he spent the rest of his visit chatting until it was time for him to head home.  The roommate agrees I have to keep this one.

Now to just draw up a contract.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Return of the Mud Loving Cowboy

Friday, May 31st 2019

I drove up to Seattle this afternoon to meet Rick, the sexy cowboy I met when I lived back in California, who I introduced to gunge and grew infatuated with.  Well my arrival in Seattle was...less than smooth and long segway short I refuse to drive within that city ever again, and Rick showed definitive gentlemanly behavior in helping me out.

We hit up Doghouse Leathers in their new location since they had recently moved, it’s quite larger than their previous location. We browsed, and he groped and kissed me as we looked around, I fell deeper in lust and submission for him.  He picked up a bottle of J-Lube powder and we headed off to a local grocer to grab some salt. 

(The way J-Lube powder works is that you mix varying amounts of powder and water for the type of slime lubricant you want, and salt is the best to use in order to clean it up afterwards, as it is a very difficult substance to remove from your body as well as any tub or shower.)

Once back at the hotel he paid for my parking, headed up to the room, and we relaxed with some wine he had ready.  We made out a great deal and slowly stripped naked, I took out my leather collar and presented it to him, when he buckled it on my neck I fell ever deeper into subspace. It has been ages since I met a man with the right type of Dominant energy and I wanted to serve him as much as possible.  I was so enamored with his attitude, his smile, his positive energy, his beautiful body.

More kissing, he slowly led me backward and thrust me onto the bed, I was naked and vulnerable, he stepped back and slid off his underwear to reveal his long, meaty, and intimidating cock, and all I desired was pleasing it!  He pounced on top of me, kissing me, I wanted to be his, to have him call me a good fox boy!  He uncollared me so we could get into the shower together.

Once inside the bathroom he took a few shallow handfuls of powder and dusted my body, I did the same to his, then using handfuls of water he activated the slime on both of us.  It felt divine.  I slicked up his chest, his back, moved down and caressed his beautiful cock, massaged it with mine together. Rubbing, slicking, kissing, groping, such ecstasy, making him moan he was close!  I milked his load right out of him with love and care, and we kept going.

When we decided we were ready for other fun and to take a rest (and the shower was starting to flood due to a slow drain), we salted and scrubbed down. Crawling into bed we enjoyed a nice warm cuddle before going out for a lovely dinner of ramen and sake, followed by a trip to the Cuff bar.  We grabbed a few drinks and lustfully watched the line dancing cowboys who had the dance floor that evening. As luck would have it, one casual flirt of mine to a handsome western daddy led to meeting some past and current leather titleholders who were staying in the area.  We had a blast chatting up titleholder shop talk.

On their way back to their place they led us to the Diesel bar before parting ways with us, Rick and I took a lap around the place, it was absolutely filled with hunky and hefty burly bears which were a woof and a half, but the bar was much too warm to be comfortable so we wandered the streets of Seattle. Rick showed me the iconic Marketplace and some little shops, now quiet and empty in the night.  We finally hiked back to our hotel room, showered, and crawled into bed. 

I took the opportunity to worship his massive manhood, taking as much as I could into my greedy maw and bringing him to moan and roll his eyes back into his head. When he couldn’t take any more of my service we called it a night and I was one happy fox wrapped around a beefcake cowboy.

In the morning I cuddled him good and close, I just couldn’t get my fill of him, it’s so rare to find such a mixture like him and I was going to get as much of him as possible.  He smiled and asked me to show him what bondage was like, I was more than thrilled to do so!  After rendering him helpless with his wrists and ankles tied, I worshipped his beautiful body, massaged his feet, fox-nipped his lovely ass, and tongue-tickled his neck.  Once he had enough of my sensual torture, and after I got in a few more nips and licks to push the limit, I released him and we lay talking.

He confessed to me that this was the end of his kink journey and he wanted to end it with the man who he started it with. He was settling down with someone and he wished to be monogamous.

We talked a little while longer.

We dressed and I packed up to leave.

I got one last kiss in when we rode the elevator down and he saw me off.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Collaring an Eager Slave

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Slave Bron arrived bright and early this morning and we went off for breakfast while we waited for the house to empty. The meal was just as enjoyable as his conversation, I really do appreciate submissives I can connect with on more levels than purely sexual.  From there, the slave drove me to a hardware store so we could pick out an appropriate length of chain and a favorable padlock to make his collar.  He certainly wanted this and was quite certain, as when we returned to the house I had him kneel, and locked his collar on, making it official that he was mine.

We wasted no time in heading to my room where he worshipped my body and my manhood like a good slave should for his Master, got me good and horned up, I happily climaxed in his mouth, and he slurped down my cum like the cumhungry slave he so eagerly loves to be.

We relaxed a while before I had him serve me by doing my roommate’s laundry and making their bed, clearing up the living room table area, putting a few things away, and then driving me out to gather some supplies for an upcoming trip of mine to Canada.

Once we returned, it was time for my new collared slave to head home, I kissed him goodbye and he drove collar still locked on his neck.

This one is definitely real. I almost have a hard time believing it myself.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Monday, September 9, 2019

Taking Chance Encounters

Sunday, May 12th, 2019

I went up to Seattle for another visit to the RCJ with the guys, as we left the train I noticed a really handsome hunk of a guy in a camouflage print jacket walking parallel to us as we headed to the club.  I was curious if he was also going, but when he turned down a different street I was very disappointed.

We arrived just before the event was ready, so we signed in and settled in to wait, the front door opened and who should show up but camo jacket! Bingo! After heading downstairs and dressing down, I claimed a chair at the back and hung around to get situated. Camo jacket comes out and he’s an athletic hunk of a man! Smooth, muscled, toned, gorgeous, I had to play with him.  After giving him some time to get comfortable I gather my will and figure out my greeting before approaching him. 

As I approach I ask if he’d like a stroking partner, and he says yes. One joyous internal scream later, I sit down next to him, gently grasp his thick manhood, and give him a loving soft stroke.  I caress his chest, up his veined muscled arm as I please him, appreciating his beautiful body.  He gives me a lovely jerk as well, building my heat and pressure from deep inside my cock and lust.

However, as much as I’m loving him and his man meat, I feel no reciprocative energy. Is he not into me, is he straight and here for a jerk off nothing more, was he just being polite? As I’m pondering this, another handsome man comes up, gently fondles his balls and I politely transfer camo jacket’s cock to the new guy.  I don’t want to be a cock hog, I lean in and tell him it was a pleasure to play with him, he thanks me and I wander off, thankful I got to play with him.

It wasn’t long before I noticed a HUGE TANK of a MAN walk in. This guy is RIPPED. Ebony muscle, boots on, handsome as all hell!  I simply had to talk to him!  After picking my jaw up off the floor and wiping up the drool puddle, I allowed him to get comfortable on a lounger before I approached. Resisting the overwhelming urge to fall to my knees and beg to lick his boots, I asked if he wanted a stroke partner.  He politely smiled and accepts, shifting his beautifully massive body and allows me to lay next to him.

The moment I’m in position, he lays the tree trunk of his right leg on top of my left.  I quickly accept that I didn’t need that leg anyway and medical science has made leaps and bounds in prosthetics, and compliment his boots. He thanks me and says he wanted to bring his police cap but he thought it would be a tad too much. At this point I did my best not to shoot my load right then and there. I told him he would rock one and hope to have the distinct privilege of seeing him in one as well as a full uniform. He’s an absolute dream. We get to talking, he’s into leather, he’s incredibly sweet, and we have a little bit in common.

My leg is falling asleep under his, I accept the situation of losing it in these circumstances, I ask if he wanted to stay in touch and he accepts. I ask if he wanted me to stroke him and he politely declines saying he wants to explore a bit more before blowing his load. He gets up off the lounger and wanders off after I bid him a happy jerking.

I’m left to myself on a high of successfully playing with two very sexy gents in a row thanks to my initiative when another handsome guy approaches me, he’s in a jock, we make eye contact and it’s easy for me at this point with my self confidence at an all time high. He sits next to me and we stroke each other. He’s affectionate, great energy, he wants to make me cum and I’m more than happy to shoot my load at this point!

Fuck, that climax felt amazing! I thank him and offer to reciprocate but he’s more than happy to just edge himself.  He assists with my clean up and says goodbye, and I go ahead and wipe down in the bathroom, freshen up, dress, and jot down my info for the sexy giant from before.  I successfully pass him my card and tell him to text me anytime. He says he’ll call soon and I feel like a horny teen all over again.  I hope to get crushed and manhandled in all manner of ways under his boots!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Wrapping up My Choreboy

Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

This morning slave Bron came over again, and I had him come down for a nice cuddle to start off with followed by a body and cock worship.  Collaring him soon after, I then directed him to fold the laundry that had been piling up in the bathroom, then black my boots in preparation for a wedding I was attending. 

I rewarded his services by wrapping him up tight in pallet wrap and using him as a footrest as I burned an entry in my diary. He hadn’t been in plastic wrap before and really enjoyed being immobilized under my control and my feet.  Once I was all nice and caught up again, I cut him out of the plastic and had him make my roommates’ bed as well as neatly arranged his laundry on their side of the bed.  From there slave and I went off on a bit of a field trip to a Boot Barn so I could figure out how best to take care of my red and yellow pairs of exotic-skinned cowboy boots.

Turns out I made quite the find at that thrift store back in Long Beach and I have two very nice pairs of boots to take some serious care of! We returned home, I had a small lunch, and we sat on the couch and chat for a good hour before I pulled him back downstairs to the Fox Den where he worshipped my manhood with his skilled mouth.  He sucked me to climax and I blew a hefty load down his throat, and he took it like a good eager slave should.

After a nice little rest, he had to take his leave and I bed him a safe trip home.

He’s incredibly obedient, eager to serve, and really wants to be my property within reason. I am looking forward to seeing how this dynamic evolves!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Skilled Slave

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Slave Bron and I had been talking for a long time online before it was possible for him to pay me a visit, when he finally made plans they fell through at first but we were able to salvage them at the last second, giving us a few hours to meet.

I ordered him to arrive dressed in his leather, kneeling at my doorstep with a 6-pack of cider for me, and he obeyed to the letter. I, dressed in my own leather of course, was greeted to the sight of an older and experienced submissive kneeling, head down, hands behind his back on my front stoop.  I praised him for following directions and invited him inside. I directed him to put the cider on the table, open one for me, then get back on his knees. He did so and was incredibly obedient with firm “yes Sir”s, to be honest it was a tad intimidating, I’d never met such a deep submissive mentality before, like an inexperienced rider handling a skilled stallion, there was a lot of potential to rein that I had not yet seen or controlled before.

Directing him in front of me while I sat on the couch on his knees, I went over a list I had written up with desires I had of a slave as well as questions about him as I caressed his head in my lap. With firm confirmations he agreed to every wish I had on my list which pleasantly surprised me, as many a submissive I’ve played with are either new or have a maze of limits to navigate through.  He indulged me in his curiosities, which included mummification, something I had been subconsciously hungry to perform again.

I ordered him to fetch me another cider and then to pleasure my manhood, which he did in compliant fervor! Satisfied after a short sampling of his oral skills, I had him strip to his jock and perform some domestic chores such as dealing with the dishwasher and the laundry, and he complied very well once again. Another cider and it was time to see how much he enjoyed flagging yellow.  Albeit he was admittedly out of practice for a number of years since he last served a dominant, he did very well!  Definitely looking to make him my urinal, I miss watersports!  Horny as hell, and a bit tipsy, I got him downstairs into my Fox Den where I had him suck my cock to work me up, I stroked myself to peak and then thrust myself into his eager mouth where I blew my 5-day’s worth of a load down his throat! He took every drop of my climax and it was absofuckinglutely incredible! YES!

Unfortunately I could not keep him overnight, as boundaries are boundaries and must be respected, but he left with a smile on his face and he eagerly wants to serve again soon!  He even went as far as to say he desired a contract with me and everything!

Holy shit, I better chain this one to the wall, quick!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

New Leatherboy Initiate

Friday, March 8th 2019

I texted Jordan, a handsome young man I met off an app, this evening and we talked about our days, I invited him to hang with me this weekend and unfortunately he was a tad busy, however he was free at the moment.  Now I had already offered my night to someone else that I had not met before, however this individual had not responded in two hours or texted me at all that entire day (signs I have found that 90% of the time lead to a flake), so I decided if that guy wasn’t going to treat my time respectfully, he wasn’t worth the wait and eventual disappointment.

I told Jordan to meet me at a local place to get to know each other and we could go from there, he showed up right when he said he would and we enjoyed a short conversation before he followed me back home.  Much cuter in person, I was eager to make him smile.

I took him down to the Fox Den, we played a few rounds of a game before he said he was interested in playing some other games.  I got my rope and bandannas out, and on a whim I grabbed another leather jacket in my closet and threw it on him.  Wow.  Yes, he wears it very well, definitely want him in gear next time!

Blindfolded him, gagged him, tied his wrists and ankles, lay him down on my lap and let him take it all in.  He really enjoyed the sensation of helplessness, I pulled on my leather cop gloves and clamped my palms over that sweet mouth of his he moaned beautifully and sank deeper into subspace, I throbbed and rose higher into Domspace.  After a while he was eager to serve, I grabbed the kneeling mat, ungagged him, pulled off his blindfold, and he showed me how nice his cocksucking skills were. 

We soon moved into my bedroom and stripped him nude, recalling how good he looked in leather I put him in one of my favorite harnesses, the one with the two lines of square pyramid studs, and it fit him beautifully.  Re-tying his hands behind him, I edged him on my bed and we talked gear, kinks, and possibly exploring gunge together.  When he began begging to shoot I granted his wish and worked his dick until he busted a very generous load all over his chest! Very nice! We basked in his afterglow before I followed suit and shot my own load as I enjoyed kissing the boy deeply while stroking my manhood.

We cleaned up, untied, got dressed, and I saw him off with an open offer of overnight stays in the future.

A lovely young man, definitely needs to be on my leash at a bar, he looks fantastic in a collar!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Cock Starved Leather Boy

Monday, March 4th 2019

This morning Matt came up to hang out and submit.  We went for a nice long hike in the nearby park, stopping several times to make out, he was very eager to hold my hand the entire time.

After a good trek through the woods we headed out for lunch, which he generously treated me to, afterwards we swung by my personal favorite liquor store downtown and picked up some choice booze, a 6-pack of ciders and a bottle of mead, if you’ve been following closely you’ll note I love the sweet stuff.

Once back at the house I tied him up and made him into a boot rest as I burned in an entry to my diary.  He’s a very good boy, not one peep out of him.  He’s such a sexy boy toy, so pure and innocent, it makes me want to corrupt him in the worst way.  At times I want to see how far I can push his thin, pale, toned twunky body, the darkest whispers in my ear suggest to make him cry in passionate suffering, to tear him to cum-soaked pieces, all while he begs for more.

Such dark, dirty thoughts…

I released him once the diary entry was finished and we had a pair of ciders (the mead went to the shelf as the wine key was lost to the void housed somewhere in the kitchen), halfway through our drinks he told me he really wanted to suck my dick.  Like I’d deny such a request, the boy is very service-oriented.  I let him enjoy my manhood and I relished in his eagerness for a while, then pulled him off long enough to order him to strip naked and move into my bedroom, where I changed into my leather, gauntlet gloves and cuddled him a while.  Soon he was asking for my cock again, this boy loves the man meat!

Not soon after he begins his services once more I ask him if he wants to swallow my load, and his eyes sparkled as he eagerly agreed.  As I stroked myself to my peak, I watched him hungrily looking down on my dick waiting for his chance, without a word I grabbed the back of his head and shoved him down on my cock a mere moment before my orgasm launched my load into his throat!  He swallows gratefully and I keep his warm maw on my dick for a bit as I catch my breath.  We cuddled in the afterglow a short time, clean up, and move back to my Fox Den to hang out before he needed to head out.

Sweet boy, definitely need to get him into some more leather.  He’d make a great greaser slut.  He still likes the idea of being on my leash at the bar.  Should make that happen very soon while I have days off.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Return to RCJ

Sunday, March 3rd 2019

This morning my friends picked me up and we headed for a pleasant breakfast before driving up to the light rail to head into the city for another Rain City Jacks meet this afternoon.  We checked in, stripped down, and headed into the play space.

I was feeling much more relaxed and casual than my first visit, and the crowd of men in attendance was noticeably higher than last time.  A good number of them were very attractive, and I decided to take a passive role and sat down on the table in front of the porn screen to let guys come to me.  An older gentleman with a nice chest eventually sat down next to me, I tried to catch his eye several times but he didn’t seem too interested.  I did catch him looking away each time I caught him looking at me or my dick, which made it a tad confusing.  I’m never in the mood for games of “Look the Other Way” or “Hard to Get” as they waste my time and annoy me, so I ignored him and turned my gaze to the room.

Scanning the faces and bodies, I eventually spotted the hot bear that was playing with my friends during our last visit, I thought he was really handsome so I made up my mind to be a tad more assertive.  I made firm eye contact with him, smiling and nodding when we met gazes, and to my delight he returned the grin and approached.  He’s really tall, has a great furry chest, and a winning smile.  We stroked each other and he naturally reached around behind me and pulled me close into his broad, warm chest. I could have just melted into him, he felt so good!  So masculine and gentle, a lovely kisser as well!  I wanted to do so much more than just jerk meat with him and I told him as such!  It’s so hard to find gentle giants like him, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t also crushing on him a good bit! 

We stroked a good while before moving over to the couch with one of my buddies already laying on it, which turned into a 3-way stroke, and I was in heaven.  I wanted to cum so bad, but my big bear wasn’t quite ready to burst yet and the air was quite warm.  I excused myself for some water and my handsome man wandered off into the crowd again.  I’m furious with myself for not getting his number!  After a refresher I went and sat down next to someone I thought was cute and cooled off a bit.  As time passed I noticed a sudden chill in the air, the majority of the guys had all cum and gone, taking their collective body heat with them. 

I wandered over to a small group of guys who had just begun surrounding a hottie on the massage table, all jerking, his hands on two dicks of his audience.  I got close, but the energy didn’t feel right for some reason, and I went over to an empty lounger against the wall.  The crowd had dissolved to several duos and trios at the far end, no gazes in my direction.  I stroked and my emotions started to match the cooler air.  Soon one of my friends whom I came up with approached and offered to finish me off, and I was very glad he did.  He got me very close and then I took over, pushing myself over the peak and busting quite the nice load!  I felt so much better.

We cleaned up, washed up, dressed and talked with one of the volunteers about the music (good dungeon music is hard to come by!) and he was generous enough to offer to email me his playlist. 

Spent the rest of the day with the guys and had a lovely evening.  These two are top quality people, really.  Very thankful I know them.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Beginner Leather Boy

Monday, February 25th, 2019

I met Matt on an app and we talked a while before arranging a meet this evening, a tad quicker than my usual online guys.  I drove downtown and was heading towards the restaurant we were to have dinner at when a bus came to its stop as I stopped and checked my phone, by pure coincidence Matt hopped off and said hello.  It was the best timing I have every experienced so far.

We had a lovely dinner, which Matt generously offered to treat me to, afterwards we headed down to the capitol's lake and he asked if we could hold hands, he’s a very eager boy, we talked of mutual and personal kinks as I guided him over to a darker area and GOM’d him with one hand and groped his bulge with the other, he was quite pleased with that.

I drove him back to my place, led him into the Fox Den and tied him up along with a blindfold, I went and changed into more leather gear and grabbed more rope.  I took off his blindfold and his eyes lit up, I collared and leashed him and brought him in for leather cuddles which he thoroughly enjoyed.  He asked if he could suck my cock and I was only too happy to oblige.  This kid could have gone all night if I let him, he needs a tad bit of practice on his technique to which I suggested weekly cocksucking lessons and he eagerly agreed. More cuddling and kink talk before I took him over to the pillar in my Fox Den to tie him up. 

I told him to lose the shirt and he revealed the most gorgeous twunk body I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person.  I grabbed his wrists and licked his torso up and down while I had the chance, making him shiver.  I went and grabbed an extra leather jacket and threw it on him, stepping back I admired what he became, he was born to wear leather!  I want to turn him into a goddamn greaser, and the best part is that he wanted that to begin with!

I tied him to the pillar, figuring rope lengths and he was a beautiful test subject.  Once bound I slowly unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down to his ankles along with his underwear, revealing his eager youthful manhood.  I stroked his member and kissed him for a good while before he sheepishly admitted the ropes were beginning to get uncomfortable. (In my excitement I may have tied them a tad tight, but this is why communication is important in a scene with bondage.)

I released him and pulled him back over to the couch where he begged to suck my cock again, and how could I refuse such a good boy’s generous request?  A very long and pleasant cocksucking later and it was time to get him home.  I dropped him off in front of his house and kissed him goodnight.

Cute kid, definitely gonna work him into leather.  Let’s see how he likes the leather bar in Seattle...on my leash.

Play Safe Dear Reader