Friday, September 23, 2016

Fox in a Red Lit Room

June 18th, 2016

Tonight I was the guest of two friends of mine who hold a somewhat regular fisting party in their garage playspace.  I had been staying the weekend for some much-needed time away from home.  This evening once the party had began, I was able to reconnect with the beautiful Nigel, a handsome gentleman I had met at a fisting party a few years prior.  He asked me if I was planning on playing tonight, and I hadn't considered bottoming yet, but the offer excited me so I happily accepted.

One swift shower later, I was in my leather harness, jockstrap, and boots, ready for fun!  We headed into the playroom, a garage converted into a seedy, red-lit, fisting dungeon with plenty of slings and well-stocked supplies.  Nigel ushers me into a sling, my boots in the stirrups, my palms clenching the cold chains, and experiencing that wonderful sensation of being in what feels like my rightful place.  Nigel is a masterful top, taking very good and gentle care of me, opening my hole, ordering me to relax and let him do the work.  I have no idea what he is doing at any given time but he compliments me on my hole being "so convenient" and praises me for my excellent submission as well as my ability to take it all without poppers.  I'm thrilled that my body would be simple and easy to work with, I am a people-pleaser type of guy.

The feeling of being fisted is so intense and powerful, as well as ridiculously horny and erotic as all hell!  Like being fucked, but in a different way, having someone inside of you just is in a class of its own!  At one point he mentioned that he had a total of six fingers inside of me at once!  It blew my fucking mind! Six!? Here I thought I was nowhere near that kind of ability!

We soon got me down, as my hole had reached its limit for funishment, and we then swapped places.  Nigel jumped into the sling, and I gloved and greased him up!  As he had already played earlier in the evening, his hole was already smooth and loosened up quite a bit, he then requested I "be aggressive" and you know I gladly complied with that request!  At first I romanced and teased his lovely hole with slippery gloved fingers before I went all the way inside!  I was met with little resistance, and more encouragement, and soon I was up to my elbow in this gorgeous man's ass!

It was here that I felt his heart beating, not just the pulse, but the actual, throbbing, pumping, beating organ just mere inches away from my fingertips!  I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I was incredibly deep inside of this wonderful person, it felt so personal, so private, so erotic, so special, and the amounts of ecstasy I was giving him just by being present so deeply inside of him made me feel so incredible being the provider.  Our play continued, my gaze upon in face and in his eyes unbroken until he admitted he could endure no more.  I was simply blown away by the entire experience! What a fantastic kink fisting is!

We cleaned up our station in the playroom, wiped down and sanitized what was necessary, picked up and threw away our garbage, then wiped ourselves down and spent some afterglow time together until we wandered into different directions. 

I spent the remainder of the evening talking, flirting, and collecting numbers for future fun, while Nigel spent a good amount of time in the playroom basking in the red light, his moans of ecstasy joining the others from the adjacent slings.  Before he left, I walked Nigel to his car and we talked about him having me over to his own dungeon for some more intimate fun.  My heart leaped!  I accepted at once, and made sure that there was no misunderstanding of my true desire to see him again!

He is so sweet and so lovely a man, I cannot wait to be so deep inside of his beautiful body once more!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Daddy's Dildo Training

June 16th, 2016

Daddy Dave picked me up this evening and we headed out to dinner, immediately laughing and cracking jokes before we pulled into the street.  I really do enjoy my time with this man.  After our meal we headed back to his place and had a lovely conversation with his husband before heading downstairs into the playroom.

After a nice shower he greeted me with a lovely leather collar, once on my neck I sank into blissful subspace.  Next he presented me with a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-package black rubber tank top.  I was honored he would have me break it in.  I love to wear rubber, and I love how the tightness of the material feels against my naked skin, even if it does have an unforgiving friction against my lightly hairy physique (when I neglect to use proper lubricant when putting it on), but the light scent and sleek look it gives me makes it all worth while.  If only it wasn't so delicate and fragile at the same time, I'm terrified of tearing and ruining such expensive gear.

Next, an Israeli-style gas mask was pulled over my face, I fell deeper into subspace and even as I write this I feel a bit more relaxed.  I was guided over to the wonderful sling, past the bed which displayed his very impressive and equally intimidating dildo collection.  Daddy Dave helped me into the cradling embrace of the hard leather bed of his sling, my wrists were restrained above my head to the chains, my ankles placed into the leather strap stirrups, and I was returned to that wonderful feeling of being in my most natural place.  My place as an obedient, well-behaved submissive boy toy.

Daddy Dave looked down on me and smiled, he praised me and made me feel loved and comfortable.  He lubed up my boyhole and proceeded to use several lovely toys on my ass to widen and stretch me.  At times it was difficult, sometimes painful, but I wanted it.  I really wanted my hole to be stronger, more resilient, more flexible, I truly want to be a fisting bottom one day.  After having my forearm up the asses of several men already, and witnessing their descents into orgasmic ecstasy, I eagerly wanted to join them.  I don't wish that it was easier, as this is the fun of the journey there, however I would prefer to be able to do this more often!

I was then offered some poppers, as Daddy Dave enjoys them and is polite enough to ask me first.

(Warning: Seriously, don't force poppers (Amyl nitrite) on anyone, especially first-timers, even if it -is- part of the scene that they want, it's not perfectly safe and could kill someone if you fuck it up.  It deals with changing blood pressure so be sure to read up on it before doing poppers for the first time.  I may be overly cautious, but I'm also still alive.)

At first I refused, but then my thoughts turned to the fact that he would take care of me should something come up, that we spent enough time together for me to know he definitely had my best interests in mind, and he wouldn't do anything to me that he didn't think I could handle.  I also thought that this could be a fun and interesting new venture.  I looked into his eyes, told him I trusted him, and accepted the offer.

He put the bottle up to the intake valve of my gasmask, and I inhaled deeply through my mouth at his suggestion.  I didn't feel any different at first but then came a strong wave of calmness, my face got very warm and tingly, my body then relaxed a great deal and the entire sensation lasted for quite a while.

Daddy Dave then punished me for not committing to my hole-training with the trailer hitch buttplug and 2-headed dildo he had lent to me a while back.  Given my current living situation makes it challenging to do such things with severe lack of privacy, I didn't argue and accepted my punishment.  He proceeded to stretch my hole in many different, painful, and uncomfortable ways, and I submitted with grit teeth and great chagrin.  I needed to be a good boy so badly, it was just so uncomfortable, but I'd submit to it all over again as my duty as a good boy.  Daddy Dave even used an anal speculum to widen my already aching boyhole and then proceeded to use several anal toys during the session.

After a significant amount of ass-training, he decided I had been taught my lesson.  He unbound me and helped me to the bed, exhausted and happy to be of service, I cuddled close to him with his arm around me and we rested in the quiet calm of my aftercare.

(I have mentioned aftercare before, but it bears repeating.  "Aftercare" is the period of time that a top gives the bottom love and affection, cleans the bottom of any blood, applies medicine, re-hydrates, wraps them in a blanket and their arms, offers emotional reassurance, and more.  It's the time where after an intense kink session you "bring them back to earth".  This is incredibly important, so don't skip it!  It can have terrible consequences.)

Once we were ready, I showered off, and Daddy Dave took me home. 

Thank you so much, Sir!  I really enjoyed our evening!  I'm looking forward to resuming my hole training schedule!

Diary Afterthought: That night I had what I believe to be a delayed and negative reaction to the poppers, I couldn't sleep because I could not stop coughing.  I have asthma, which makes it very difficult to be around men who smoke cigarettes, cigars, weed, and which also makes me sensitive to strong smells like body odor and the like.  I had been wary about poppers for some time, because their smell would put me off when I could smell the odor in a room.  Now I feel that even by oral inhalation, I cannot have poppers. Given this was my first time using them, and I inhaled them orally which is uncommon I'm told, may also be factors, but even still I'm not very interested in continuing using them.

If you also have asthma, please think carefully on if you wish to use poppers.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Teddy Bear Interrupted

June 5th, 2016

This afternoon I was with my friend Vance and we were on day 2 of 3 of our attendance to Califur 2016, a furry convention held in Southern California, he was very excited as he was debuting the appearance of his brand new fursuit and fursona Rory the Fox.  Vance and I had caught up with some of his friends when I spied a slightly shorter man with the group, dressed in an adorable brown bear onesie, wearing a bear maw face mask.  He was texting by himself, standing slightly away from the main group of us. 

  My fox nature in full swing, fueled by the furry energy and my voraciously hungry libido had me hugging him within moments of spotting him.  I saw how he had separated himself, and I didn't want him feeling ignored, I told him how cute I thought he was, and gave him an extra squeeze.  Well, he was quite cuddly, and huggable, and we traded numbers so we could connect later on.  His name was Ignis.

Sunday afternoon rolls around and I texted him when I had my fill of the fursuit dance competition we were attending to see someone compete as Vance's Rory, as well as another fursuiting friend of ours who was quite sexy and talented in the contest.  We made arrangements to meet in his room and what gear he should wear.  I arrived outside of his room, quite excitedly counting the minutes before he finally opened the door.

He was dressed in a red wrestling singlet, and a bear print balaclava.  I love it when guys look anonymous!  We headed to his bed, cuddled and snuggled close before he took off the mask revealing a shaved head, thick-bearded, CUTE young man! Bingo! Scored a woofy one!  He moved into kissing me, nibbling me, stroking me, and driving this fox absolutely nuts until I blow a massive load!  FUCK it felt GREAT!

However the cum is still wet on my chest when suddenly a keycard can be heard in the door lock, one of his roommates is coming in!  I quickly cover myself with the blanket, and keep it from touching my seed-splattered chest.  His roomie is very polite, and greets us, we return the greeting, and I watch him come into the bedroom and plop down on the bed adjacent.  He opens up a convention program book and flips through the pages, as I scream internally.  I'm not embarrassed, it's that I have this thing where I don't want my first impression to be made while I have cum all over my chest.  Finally he leaves, just as oblivious as when he arrived, and as soon as the room door clicks shut, I looked up at my sexy bear and bust up laughing. 

I excuse myself to the bathroom to finally clean myself off, and return to bed to cuddle with him for a while as we discuss our favorite kinks.  His other roommates return from the dance competition, and we join in on their conversations, joking, talking, laughing and whatnot.  Soon I gather my belongings, thank him for the wonderful time, and bid him and his roommates a lovely remainder of their visit to Califur as I make the most graceful exit as I can.

As I walked down the hotel corridor I smiled to myself, feeling great,  I sincerely hope to see him again, as he made me feel incredible, and he is such a beautiful young man, especially with that rugged beard!  WOOF!

Thank you for such a memorable and delightful time, Ignis.  You make for a beautiful Teddy Bear.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Mess Masseur

May 28th, 2016

This evening I met the delightful Dwight off of Mr. X, he was so kind as to offer to make plans to meet after I had confessed that the group of people I was traveling with to Texas was quite unpleasant to be around.  With the wonderful exception of Daddy Robert a few days prior, the entire trip had been miserable so far.  Dwight had offered a night of massage and messy play, and I hastily locked him into my schedule!

He picked me up from my hotel and took me over to a nearby Days Inn where he had booked us a cheap room for the night, and this was simply the start of his generosity!  Once inside our room I set down my stuff and he poured us both drinks to help me loosen up and relax.  He then placed a plastic sheet over the bed and had me strip down so he could oil me up for my rubdown. 

 His hands did absolutely wonderful things to me before slid his touch down to my manhood, and focused on making me moan and grunt.  Then when I was finally able to blow my load, a massive amount of 10 whole days of stress, and other built up pressure, including the lust for some of the local hot Texan man meat, erupted from my cock and drenched me in my own cum.  I have no idea how much I shot, but I do know it was enough to render me unconscious.

When I came to again, I hopped in the shower and we headed out for a nice dinner together at a local Chili's, I donned my jeans, boots, leather vest, and Muir Cap for the evening as a service to my host, as he said he enjoyed me in my gear.

Once we returned he brought out some lovely icing sugar that he had made using Crisco, and he used it to rub down my front as well as my cock, which he did a wonderful job of worshipping and sucking, after he had rendered me a sweet, sticky mes!

After our sugary fun was had, we headed into the shower and I enjoyed lathering up, and washing down with this very generous, and very friendly older gentleman.  We dried off, tore the plastic sheet off the bed, and snuggled up under the covers in each others arms, warm and comfy in spite of the cold rains outside. 

In the morning we cuddled awake, and despite my humongous load the previous evening, Dwight was able to get me off once more for good measure, before we showered off and he drove me back to my hotel with plenty of time left to pack up and be ready for my flight home to California.

Dwight was such a lovely and polite gentleman, and I really hope to run into him again when my travels take me back to Texas.  The man is a master of confectionary, and I bet he could do some fun things with fondant as well!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Texan Cowbear and the Californian Fox

May 24th, 2016

On a little trip down to Texas I finally had the chance to meet a very wonderful man whom I have been talking to on Recon for quite some time by the name of Robert.  He is such a gentleman and he proved just how amazing he could be right off the bat.

My hotel was located in Austin, and Robert happened to be in Houston.  He took it upon himself to drive all the way, a full two hours, to meet me in front of my hotel.  When he did arrive and I eagerly hopped into the front seat, our eyes met and we immediately had a strong connection.  When I saw him in his black cowboy hat, button down shirt, blue jeans, and boots...that giddy, shy, blushing, horny feeling of when you are so pleasantly surprised that the person you've been talking to is actually real, along with my raging hard on from more than a week of no jerking off mixed into quite a viscous thrill.

We turned into the back of the parking lot, had a few greeting words between us, and immediately made out.  He's a very gentle and soft kisser, delicate and careful, a kiss to cherish and have no fear of.  We talked a bit and he had mentioned he wanted me to be in Wrangler jeans if I was to properly visit Texas, and so we headed over to a store by the name of Cavender's Boot Shop to have me try on a pair.

When we walked inside, I was blown away by how huge the store was, and it was ALL cowboy gear.  Jeans, boots, belts, hats, jackets, shirts, dusters, and with one of my top fetishes being for cowboys I nearly blew one in the foyer, especially when the scent of it all hit me.  I couldn't even look any of the store clerk boys in the eye for too long, lest I pass out right then and there.  Robert brought me over to the jeans first and I had a bit of an embarrassing time finding my size and accepting I had a bit of work to do before my leather pants would fit me again.  When I walked out in the right pair, both he and the cute cowboy clerk Marcus agreed that it was perfect.  Robert then said,

"Those look great on you, boy! They're yours if you want 'em!"

I first picked my jaw up off the ground and then answered as any boy should answer a cowboy gentleman "Yes, Sir!"

From there he happily indulged my request to try on boots, smiled at me as I did my utmost not to lick the merchandise, and urged me into one pair after another.  Once satiated and a bit dizzy from the imbalance of blood pumping between my crotch and my brain, he suggested "We can't have you leaving in those jeans without a proper belt, boy!"

I swear if I don't tape my jaw shut, I'm going to end up losing it hanging around this amazing man.  We headed to the belts and once he saw I found a good one he grasped my shoulder and said "It's yours."  Blown away.  Seriously.  I was over the moon.  What an incredible first date, and it was just starting.  He told me there was a condition that came with the gifts, and I nodded obediently as he moved in closely.  He said that if I wanted them, I had to wear them out and the entire time I spent with him.  Imagine my smile.

We walked out soon after and I tossed the clothes I started with that day into the backseat as we headed to downtown to find a bar next.  He showed me Oil Can Harry's on 4th st, and although it shared the name of the bar in Los Angeles, CA, they aren't affiliated.  But this bar is VERY spacious, and my event-throwing instincts kicked in almost immediately, seeing where I could host what and how.  We headed to the bar, and it felt like home already.  Sweet, slender bartender with fun and sass with a sexy bod to match his skills, and the pours were like those of a Californian gay bar, long and generous.

Robert and I drank through three double Cape Cods as we laughed, talked, and shared kink talk.  He made me whimper and drool with such topics of keeping me in ropes, potential of additional pairs of wranglers, making me his personal leather CHP hostage, and (my absolute favorite) how much he loved and wanted to sink me in real, creamy, and deep quicksand!  I was completely over the moon with him! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  Was he real?!  Was he serious?!  He mentioned many times how much he wanted to kidnap me back to Houston.  I nearly said yes, if I hadn't come with family of course.  Damn it all.

After a good number of passionate make outs, and me making damn sure he could drive safely (drink responsibly, kids) we headed to the car and got ready to head back.  Once inside, he grabbed a roll of gorilla tape and bound my legs together above my knees, then my wrists were wrapped up next, then a bandanna gag tied in my mouth and tied my hunter green "boy looking for a Daddy" bandanna into a mask over my gag.  Fuck was I happy as hell!  I struggled and moaned on the way back to my hotel, making sure I did a bit extra just for Daddy! The only reason it hurt me was because my cock was so hard it started to cramp!  Not to mention my damn boxers were literally just soaked in precum.

When we pulled into the back lot, he released me from my bindings, and we had an intimate talk about how he genuinely wanted to not only see me again, but keep me, to take care of me.  I made sure that he was well aware that I am a poly type of lover, that monogamy wasn't in my heart's design, so there wouldn't be any unwanted surprises later on.  I wanted to be his too, to be kept and taken care of has only been one of my biggest fantasies for ages, younger only to my quicksand dreams.  I said that we should definitely take things one hot, steamy, sensual and horny visit at a time, that the future is unpredictable and I would absolutely despise myself if I made a promise I couldn't keep and ended up hurting him, but that he is definitely a Daddy who could tie me up, collar and leash me any day of the week!

Our lips met, more passion given and received for what felt like beautiful hours, when we parted he handed me the light blue bandanna he used to gag me as a final gift of that day, and we bid our farewells.  As I watched him drive off the lot I sighed and smiled to myself.  A man like Robert is quite rare, and is a person to be deeply cherished.  I'm definitely going to enjoy seeing what he does when we meet again...and I'm bound, gagged, and helpless on my way to Houston.

That reminds me...I need to figure out where I put my mud gear since I moved out of Long Beach.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Corrupting the Youth

March 3rd, 2016

This afternoon I had the lovely Aaron over for a play session.  Once I had him inside, I had him gear up in his gimp gear: a bold red leather hood with black straps, his gimp hood gag, my collar, and a jockstrap.  I had him get to work serving me by having him suck my cock.  Damn, the boy is a natural! 

I did have to punish him as he confessed to jerking off and blowing a load to porn last night, so I plugged his boyhole and made him do an entire sinkfull of dishes.  I distracted him a little bit by coming up from behind and growling dirty things in his ear as I groped his ass, but then I went to my room and leathered up myself.

Once he finished his chore I pulled him into my room by his leash, tied him up nice and tight with my favorite nylon fiber ropes, and rendered him deliciously helpless on my bed.  I toyed with his cock, kissed him deeply, wound him up more and more until I flipped him on his stomach to lube up his boyhole.

I fingered his eager ass and slicked it generously, as I love an ass with plenty of lube in it.  I slid on my condom and took my time gingerly screwing him.  His hole was divine, tight and hungry, never been fucked, and starving for its first cock.  It was an honor and a pleasure to break the boy in, I savored this fuck and drank in ever moan I thrusted out of him.  The boy couldn't take much, but he took enough, and I showed mercy before I could cum.  I cleaned him up and we enjoyed a cuddle before getting dressed and heading out for dinner.

We had a lovely meal and grabbed dessert on the way back to my place.  Once inside I wasted no time collaring him before diving into our sweets.  Once done, I tied up and gagged my handsome boy toy before blindfolding him and laying him comfortably on the couch.  I poured myself a drink, and then enjoyed his lovely bound company while I worked upon my laptop in the chair beside him.  I'd glance up every so often and watch him squirm happily in place, smile, and go back to work.

We retired to bed soon afterward, and I enjoyed him wrapped up warm and safe in my arms.

I love innocent virgin boy toys, they have that slight social awkwardness that just fans the fire of my predatory dominance.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Sloppy Intro to Messy Play

February 27th, 2016

This morning I was picked up by a very energetic young man whom I had been talking to on Recon for a short while, and when I say "energetic" what I really mean to express is that someone somewhere was bored in the genetics lab and thought it'd be funny to infuse caffeine with a strand of human DNA.  All joking aside, the boy is very, very sweet, and entirely lovable, I just need an energy drink or seven to be able to keep up with him!

We went for the usual first-meet-coffee-talk, and then came back to my place for some very nice naked cuddling.  He was actually stripped and ready before I even got my boots off!  We hugged and held close, talking about our favorite kinks, fetishes, and fantasies, and he said that he was interested in trying out gunge play after he saw it on my profile and looked it up.

What a wonderful coincidence!  I had two huge restaurant-grade size cans of vanilla pudding and sweetened condensed milk that I had acquired from a fellow gunger a while back that were simply sitting in the pantry getting dusty.  I made a quick check to see if they were still good for use (never use old food, lord knows what kind of nasty in them that you can't see) and we were good to gunge!

I opened up the cans carefully and made sure everything tasted presentable, then we headed into the bathroom for the boy's first mess!  Thankfully I now have a shower with a removable hand-held head, so we warmed up the porcelain tile with scalding hot water before I had the boy lay down his beautiful naked self on the shower floor.

After I held the open can of sweetened condensed milk over him and told him to close his eyes, I took a moment to savor his excited anticipation before I tipped the can forward and layered him in the sweet, thick mess!  Oh how I love that first gasp boys make when they get first contact!  The resulting moan, shiver, and then acceptance of the goop all over their bodies.  He enjoyed every moment of it, slathering it on like sunscreen, even going as far as to shampoo with it!  He said it was everything he had hoped for, and more!

I began to smell an odd scent in the air, it was that smell that was a bit "off", and I hastened to rinse off the boy, thankfully he had already had a good while in the mess so nothing was wasted.  I figured it may as well have been the natural smell of the sweetened condensed milk itself, but it wasn't something to risk getting sick over (plus that just ruins first impressions on kink).

After he was washed off, the boy happily said that he wanted to gunge me back! Hey! Sure thing, my eager little gunge guy!  We swapped spots and I sat on the warm tile and shut my eyes as the last thing I saw was him raising the can of pudding over me.  Moments passed, and I knew he was dragging it on for a little bit before the first cold splatter hit me! Brr! Damn that's chilly! Fuck! But it felt so fucking good, slopping all over my naked body!

Once the can was completely emptied over me, we really got into it.  Kissing, licking, sucking, stroking, and caressing, the sloppy sweet mess all over us both, it was dreamworthy.  This is why I love mess play so much.

A nice, long and thorough hot shower later, I geared up into my leather, he slipped into his singlet, and I collared him.  He instantaneously became much more submissive , it was like night and day with the change in his behavior, his bouncing energy frosted over into calm compliance.  I leashed him and have him lick my boots like a good little boy toy, and took in the sight like a slow drink of brandy.

I love a boy licking my boots, the feel of his tongue through the bootleather, the eager submission, the desire to please me, and their love of the act.  I get pleasure from their pleasure, and so a beautiful cycle of mutual satisfaction starts to swirl between us.

Our visit ended with that, he slipped back into his street clothes and we bid our farewells.  The boy is a real sweetheart, and he has tons of energy to put to so much good use.  He recently contacted me about a new purchase...he tells me he just bought a new puppy tail.  He loves it.

Yeah.  He's a total pup, that was inevitable.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Date with a Canadian Gentleman

November 5th, 2015

True to his word, as I stated in the previous post, the sexy Shayne met me for date night this evening.  We met up at a local Starbucks and he treated me to coffee.  We headed over to a local market to pick up some snacks for the evening and he surprised me with a candy called a "Kinder Egg" (also known as a "Kinder Surprise", which is a small chocolate egg shell around a plastic container holding some dinky little plastic toy.  It's no wonder it's such a hit abroad and why it can't be sold in the USA, because American parents are just too stupid to be trusted to give their kids something they can choke on (and don't argue with me, we live in a country where shirts are made with labels that read "DO NOT IRON WHILE WEARING").

So from the market with some juices, and bags of Ketchup and Maple Bacon-flavored chips (trust me, the ketchup flavor is awesome) we headed up to his apartment where we snuggled up on his bed to watch TV.  Making out commenced quite soon after and he is quite the gentleman.  He was soft, smooth, sensual, he made me feel loved and wanted, it was beautifully romantic.  After the beautiful interlude, we turned off the lights and settled in to a movie, cuddling close.

After the film, we wasted no time in returning to more lovemaking.  He made ever-so-sweet love to me, he went down on my throbbing member in an amazing display of sensual, sweet, unforgettably meaningful passion.  When I blew my load, it was one that I will not forget.  As I recall the experience, I can feel tears of joy want to well up in my eyes.  It wasn't just a hookup, it was lovemaking.  We basked in our afterglow together, he made me feel loved, he made me feel wanted, and I wanted him, and I loved him.  That magnetic pull between two men, we may barely know each other, but you simply desire them and don't bother to question it.

We cleaned ourselves up and made plans for a late dinner, we got dressed and he loaned me one of his many animal hats, which he collects for fun and even wears at work.  I was only too happy to don one!  It was quite late, and I discovered that Vancouver tends to act like Orange County in the respect that everything closes at 8pm.  Luckily we found a Korean BBQ restaurant that was still open for another hour, and we quickly ducked inside and had a seat.  We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, then snagged a dessert from a local convenience store before heading back to his apartment and falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning he made sweet love to me, making me feel desired, cherished, and appreciated.  Afterwards, he walked me all the way home to Cockpit's apartment building like the real gentleman he is and we bid our farewells.  I looked longingly after him as he departed, thinking about how this gorgeous man was such a tulip among the daisies, and how fortunate I was to meet him and even more so be gifted an evening with the man.  Of course such a beautiful romantic would live in a foreign country.

I hope to see him the next time I head up North...I should text him tonight.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just a Walk in the Park

November 2nd, 2015

This evening during my stay up in Canada, Cockpit and I geared up for a Puppy Trivia event at a local bar named Junction on Davie St. hosted by one of Cockpit's pup buddies, Pup Figaro.  I know we turned some heads, as I got the feeling that leather and especially puppy gear isn't all that common up north in public.  Of course if you have been reading my blog for a while, or have met me in person you'd know that always gets me more excited to shake a cage or two, along with a polite smile.

Our night went very enjoyably, our waiter Shayne was quite adorable, flirtatious, and not at all afraid of us in full gear, if anything it was refreshing and attractive for him.  Another person we met that night was a man who sat nearby, "D", he kept asking nervous questions about my leather and I could immediately tell he wasn't used to it but very interested in learning, which always makes me even more happy to talk about it.  It's always the nervous and fidgety guys that I like to talk to because I'm all too familiar to that awful gripping intimidation that if you don't conquer you simply lie in bed with a head full of regrets.

After trivia was over, Cockpit headed for home and insisted that I stay behind and have fun.  I kept talking with "D" and it seems like his ex girlfriend flipped a switch somewhere when she was forcing him to sleep with other men as a part of their Dom/sub kink relationship.  Eventually "D" asked "You wanna fuck me, don't you?" I pondered the question, and felt adventurous, agreeing.  That's how we ended up leaving the bar, and walking and talking all the way down to a nearby park.  We found a nice spot hidden away and started things off with a relaxing embrace, he was wound up pretty tight, and I was feeling excitement from the whole situation myself. 

We caressed each other in the cold late night air, groping, feeling around, massaging bulges.  Then he revealed his manhood to me. DAMN was it huge!  Big and meaty!  Woof!  I was impressed!  He slowly jerked off as I gripped him from behind.  I hissed and snarled things into his ear, my arm tight around his neck in a choke hold, affirming my position as who he was serving that night, my other free gloved hand groping and squeezing his ass.  He couldn't hold out any longer!  He shot his load with a loud moan, spraying all over the grass! 

I held him tightly in his afterglow, his body weakened and vulnerable, a wicked grin on my face in the darkness as I praised him.  My mind swimming with excitement at my first little adventure outdoors!  I just helped a man shoot his load in the woods!  How fun!  Definitely a new entry on the fetish list for me.  After he regained his mind and ability to walk, we headed up back towards the bar.  We talked about plans to meet up again, plans to fuck him in a local bath house and make him into a public bitch.  The ideas made me feel alive, of course my first experience in a bath house wasn't at all enjoyable, however I felt that if I had a man to bring with me I would feel much different about it.

About halfway up the hill, we parted ways and said goodnight in front of a 24 hour McDonald's, he promised to contact me soon.  I headed inside and (in full leather gear) ordered a small meal to sop up the booze from earlier, and who should I bump into but none other than Shayne from the bar!  I really love happy coincidences such as this, especially when it involves a beautiful man I have a slight insta-crush on.  He begins the chance meeting by sassing me playfully "So, this is how you feed yourself?"  I returned his fun sarcasm volley with one of my own, and as we talk it's quite obvious we have a mutual attraction.  We grab our food and head out together, sadly we were going in different directions.

I chose to take the chance, and pulled him into a deep kiss, which he accepts happily.  I savor the short moment, making out with a man on the midnight streets of Vancouver.  When we part he gave me his shift for the next evening before saying goodnight.  I then walked back home to Cockpit's apartment, stuffing my face and grinning.  Damn it's good to be a leather fox!

Disappointingly, but as I suspected and expected from a guy I made exciting plans with, I never did see or hear from "D" ever again for the remainder and after my stay up in Canada.  However, Shayne did prove to be a man of his word.  That's for my next post, so for now...

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Canadian Daddy Bear

October 17th, 2015

My dearest puppy and best friend Cockpit had planned and paid for a trip for me to visit him in Canada for the month of October.  I was very excited for the trip ever since he needed to relocate to the North due to my country's utterly disgraceful treatment of a person of his caliber.

This is actually my first venture into a different country altogether, and the vacation was one which was deeply needed.  I met a good handful of fun and interesting people while staying in Casa De Canine, one of whom was my "Canada Daddy".

I've been talking to him for a few years now online, we met on one of many of the fetish websites out there and talked many times of how it would be so wonderful to meet in person (as many conversations between men in foreign countries and on different continents tend to go).  He's a tall, big, daddy bear.  Gentle, sweet, fun, and considerate, many of the best traits I like in my men.

We started our first visit together at a local ramen shop where I introduced him to takoyaki, after lunch we bussed to the bear cave and he poured me a nice and strong vodka cranberry (for all you fans of a strong drink, in Canada you have to take your pregaming seriously as the government regulates the booze like a crabby, strict, ruler-slapping nun).  While daddy bear was in the kitchen, I was in his bedroom stripping to my leather jock and harness.  We got very well acquainted on the couch, making out as we always wanted to do before going straight to the bedroom.  More deep kissing, passionate lovemaking, and full body cuddling in the dim light of the rainy evening.

I told him I wanted him to crush me under his wonderfully sexy bear body and he was only too happy to oblige.  It felt fantastic to have his wight on top of me! A huge, warm bear blanket flattening me into the mattress!  It's the same excitement I get when a strong man wraps his arms around me and crushes me in a bear hug! 

Horny and pent up after weeks of frustration, when it came time to jerk off after lots of deep kissing, moaning, gruffing and growling, he had me shoot my load right into his maw!  Fuck yes! It was incredible!  I fell to the bed completely exhausted, and he took me into his big bear arms, holding me close.  We dozed a little before heading into the shower for my favorite after-sex activity, then headed to dinner afterward. 

Stuffed and quite happy, we walked back to his place where he gave me fare to get back to my pup and we said our goodbye-for-nows. 

He's a lovely man, and a beautiful bear.  I can't wait to see him again, as well as introduce him to Cockpit!

Play Safe Dear Reader.