Thursday, February 11, 2016

Just a Walk in the Park

November 2nd, 2015

This evening during my stay up in Canada, Cockpit and I geared up for a Puppy Trivia event at a local bar named Junction on Davie St. hosted by one of Cockpit's pup buddies, Pup Figaro.  I know we turned some heads, as I got the feeling that leather and especially puppy gear isn't all that common up north in public.  Of course if you have been reading my blog for a while, or have met me in person you'd know that always gets me more excited to shake a cage or two, along with a polite smile.

Our night went very enjoyably, our waiter Shayne was quite adorable, flirtatious, and not at all afraid of us in full gear, if anything it was refreshing and attractive for him.  Another person we met that night was a man who sat nearby, "D", he kept asking nervous questions about my leather and I could immediately tell he wasn't used to it but very interested in learning, which always makes me even more happy to talk about it.  It's always the nervous and fidgety guys that I like to talk to because I'm all too familiar to that awful gripping intimidation that if you don't conquer you simply lie in bed with a head full of regrets.

After trivia was over, Cockpit headed for home and insisted that I stay behind and have fun.  I kept talking with "D" and it seems like his ex girlfriend flipped a switch somewhere when she was forcing him to sleep with other men as a part of their Dom/sub kink relationship.  Eventually "D" asked "You wanna fuck me, don't you?" I pondered the question, and felt adventurous, agreeing.  That's how we ended up leaving the bar, and walking and talking all the way down to a nearby park.  We found a nice spot hidden away and started things off with a relaxing embrace, he was wound up pretty tight, and I was feeling excitement from the whole situation myself. 

We caressed each other in the cold late night air, groping, feeling around, massaging bulges.  Then he revealed his manhood to me. DAMN was it huge!  Big and meaty!  Woof!  I was impressed!  He slowly jerked off as I gripped him from behind.  I hissed and snarled things into his ear, my arm tight around his neck in a choke hold, affirming my position as who he was serving that night, my other free gloved hand groping and squeezing his ass.  He couldn't hold out any longer!  He shot his load with a loud moan, spraying all over the grass! 

I held him tightly in his afterglow, his body weakened and vulnerable, a wicked grin on my face in the darkness as I praised him.  My mind swimming with excitement at my first little adventure outdoors!  I just helped a man shoot his load in the woods!  How fun!  Definitely a new entry on the fetish list for me.  After he regained his mind and ability to walk, we headed up back towards the bar.  We talked about plans to meet up again, plans to fuck him in a local bath house and make him into a public bitch.  The ideas made me feel alive, of course my first experience in a bath house wasn't at all enjoyable, however I felt that if I had a man to bring with me I would feel much different about it.

About halfway up the hill, we parted ways and said goodnight in front of a 24 hour McDonald's, he promised to contact me soon.  I headed inside and (in full leather gear) ordered a small meal to sop up the booze from earlier, and who should I bump into but none other than Shayne from the bar!  I really love happy coincidences such as this, especially when it involves a beautiful man I have a slight insta-crush on.  He begins the chance meeting by sassing me playfully "So, this is how you feed yourself?"  I returned his fun sarcasm volley with one of my own, and as we talk it's quite obvious we have a mutual attraction.  We grab our food and head out together, sadly we were going in different directions.

I chose to take the chance, and pulled him into a deep kiss, which he accepts happily.  I savor the short moment, making out with a man on the midnight streets of Vancouver.  When we part he gave me his shift for the next evening before saying goodnight.  I then walked back home to Cockpit's apartment, stuffing my face and grinning.  Damn it's good to be a leather fox!

Disappointingly, but as I suspected and expected from a guy I made exciting plans with, I never did see or hear from "D" ever again for the remainder and after my stay up in Canada.  However, Shayne did prove to be a man of his word.  That's for my next post, so for now...

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Canadian Daddy Bear

October 17th, 2015

My dearest puppy and best friend Cockpit had planned and paid for a trip for me to visit him in Canada for the month of October.  I was very excited for the trip ever since he needed to relocate to the North due to my country's utterly disgraceful treatment of a person of his caliber.

This is actually my first venture into a different country altogether, and the vacation was one which was deeply needed.  I met a good handful of fun and interesting people while staying in Casa De Canine, one of whom was my "Canada Daddy".

I've been talking to him for a few years now online, we met on one of many of the fetish websites out there and talked many times of how it would be so wonderful to meet in person (as many conversations between men in foreign countries and on different continents tend to go).  He's a tall, big, daddy bear.  Gentle, sweet, fun, and considerate, many of the best traits I like in my men.

We started our first visit together at a local ramen shop where I introduced him to takoyaki, after lunch we bussed to the bear cave and he poured me a nice and strong vodka cranberry (for all you fans of a strong drink, in Canada you have to take your pregaming seriously as the government regulates the booze like a crabby, strict, ruler-slapping nun).  While daddy bear was in the kitchen, I was in his bedroom stripping to my leather jock and harness.  We got very well acquainted on the couch, making out as we always wanted to do before going straight to the bedroom.  More deep kissing, passionate lovemaking, and full body cuddling in the dim light of the rainy evening.

I told him I wanted him to crush me under his wonderfully sexy bear body and he was only too happy to oblige.  It felt fantastic to have his wight on top of me! A huge, warm bear blanket flattening me into the mattress!  It's the same excitement I get when a strong man wraps his arms around me and crushes me in a bear hug! 

Horny and pent up after weeks of frustration, when it came time to jerk off after lots of deep kissing, moaning, gruffing and growling, he had me shoot my load right into his maw!  Fuck yes! It was incredible!  I fell to the bed completely exhausted, and he took me into his big bear arms, holding me close.  We dozed a little before heading into the shower for my favorite after-sex activity, then headed to dinner afterward. 

Stuffed and quite happy, we walked back to his place where he gave me fare to get back to my pup and we said our goodbye-for-nows. 

He's a lovely man, and a beautiful bear.  I can't wait to see him again, as well as introduce him to Cockpit!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rescued by a Wrestling Cowbear

September 11th, 2015

This evening I made plans to get together with Mike, who arrived to pick me up during a family trip to my grandmother's while we attended to business up there.  I needed a change of location, as well as some intimate attention, quite badly and the men in the area although few and very far between were just as flaky as the guys back in Long Beach.  Such a pain in the ass.

We headed out and picked up dinner, as well as some dessert before heading out to his friend's place in Monterey.  On the drive over we spotted some deer, and Mike was kind to go back and give me a better look.  After living in the Urban Jungle of Long Beach, then moving to the Suburban Wasteland of Laguna Niguel, seeing actual wildlife was quite exhilarating as well as romantic.

Once comfortably inside the house, which was quite small and cozy, we put down the groceries and had a much-needed and intense make out session.  He is half a foot taller than I am, as well as solid and wide.  A great, strong, cuddly bear!  He may be submissive but once in a while he grips me and takes control, which is as fun as it is sexy!  He excused himself and I set up dinner and dessert on the table.  He poured us tequila and we had some very good laughs over our meal together.

When the meal was finished I undressed him, taking off his shirt, revealing his black and yellow singlet.  I went to my knees and pulled off his sexy black cowboy boots, taking in the warm scent of their interiors! Fuck yeah!  I loved this position, looking up at him, his solid bear gut almost eclipsing his handsome rugged face making him seem to tower over me!  I then took off his shorts and excitedly mashed my face into his spandex-sealed crotch, gnawing at his thick, solid cock! Fuck yes!

We moved to the bedroom, passionately making out.  I pushed him onto the bed, and then gave him a full body massage.  My head swimming in my booze-induced buzz released any shreds of inhibition, and my heart opened, I wished to give him an amazing physical experience so I put my whole being into his massage.  I visualized myself forcing out his stress and filling him with my loving lustful energy.  I gradually slipped his singlet off and fox-licked him up and down, gnawing, biting, and worshiping his body.  My libido out of control.

I slipped away, and changed into my full body zentai suit, becoming a blue shadow, sliding back into bed, I wrapped myself around his beautiful form, cuddling him closely.  He took the lead now, and gave me a wonderful massage, he squeezed me and crushed me in his bear-strong arms, forcing the wind from my lungs just the way I love it.  It isn't a bear-hug until my breath is stolen!

My memory blurs, and I suspect I dozed off, I awoke to find him asleep next to me.  My mind is too awake at this point, so I snuck into the next room to write a little bit to wind down, before stripping naked and returning to bed, quite grateful for my big wrestler cowbear who rescued me from a place of stressful misery.

My gratitude, dear Mike.  You're such a beautiful man.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Suburban Piggy Bank

August 7th, 2015

This evening my piggy slave, Bart picked me up for a retry of our plans the previous week, which were interrupted by an unfortunate turn of events thanks to a very ignorant and stupid bigot.

Our night started at dinner out, a small meal of an appetizer and a cocktail, a treat from my little piggy, followed by a little trip to the market for him to pick up a bottle of Moscato and Riesling, as well as a nice little cookie arrangement.  Once at his apartment, when we got out of the car I waited for the garage door to shut before ordering my piggy to set down my groceries, kneel down on his knees.  I told him to tell me just how he felt about serving and obeying my orders.  When he admitted that he was just in love with our whole arrangement, I thanked him and pulled open my fly, ordering him to suck my cock.  FUCK was that hot!

Once inside, we relaxed with wine, sweets, and conversation, starting everything with him licking my boots of course.  A few glasses later we headed upstairs for the real fun.  He stripped down, I leathered up in my gloves, jock, harness, and of course boots, and he resumed worship of my body and leather.  I then flogged him a bit with a small, slappy flogger that he provided.  He enjoyed it immensely and it made me hunger for a real flogger, a heavy one, a flogger with real might behind each throw of the falls. 

Following his flogging he took out a wad of $1's and proceeded to stuff them in my boots, jock, and harness, all the while praising me and telling me how much he loved me.  I felt like a goddamned go-go boy, seeing all the bills sticking out of my gear, it was such a turn on that I was flooding my jock with precum!  When he gave me the last bill, I took it and put it in his mouth, then took it from him with my teeth before kissing him deeply.  I knew he loved that just as much as I did.  I then stood over the bed and had him kneel on the floor next to me and watch as I plucked each bill from my body and counted it, sometimes dragging the bill across his face before placing it on the bed.  I ordered him to stack it for me before I put it away.

As a reward for his generous tribute, I had him lay on the bed face down, spread eagle, and I spanked him with his acrylic paddle for every dollar I received.  We kept going after the grand total until we reached 60 swats, because he's such a good little piggy bank slave!  I decided we should bring the evening to a close and ordered him to massage me for a wonderful while before we got ready for bed.  I tied up my piggy's hands, legs, and feet before wrapping my arms around him and drifting off to sleep.  It's almost like hugging your favorite toy.

In the morning my piggy was so happy to have spent the whole night in his Master's arms and ropes!  We showered and he bathed me very well, like a good slave should, so when it was his turn to soap up, I slicked up a finger and slid it into his ass gently.  I pulled him close and said into his ear that we would work on getting his tight little piggy hole ready to take his Master's cock, as well as drinking my piss.  He was delighted to hear it!

Afterwards we packed up, he served me coffee, and we left.  Once we arrived at my home, I kissed my loyal little piggy slave goodbye, until the next time he would serve me.

He's a very good little pig servant.  Who would have thought I'd find someone like this behind the Orange Curtain?

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Evening with My Pig Slave

July 10th, 2015

This evening my new piggy slave, Bart, picked me up after a week's worth of delightful texts from him, all messages of him groveling and worshiping me.  We were both very excited to hang out once again.  I directed my eager little piggy to drive us to BJ's for dinner and once there we had another evening of great and enjoyable conversation, many topics covered how I'd love to dominate him.  Like leashing him in a bar, tying him up in the wilderness, and ways he could best serve me.

After our dessert and cocktails, which he eagerly paid for and I happily accepted we headed back to his place where I was able to meet his very sexy roommate who we shared a glass of wine and some laughs with.  He knew about Bart, and was amused at the fun we were having.  My slave pig and I headed upstairs and once the door was shut, he got right to work, taking my boots off he then worshiped and massaged my feet, licking and kissing like a good boy.

When I was satisfied, I took off my clothes and had him massage my body, I almost always doze off during a particularly good rubbing, and the fact that I had a few drinks in me simply amplified the effect, as Bart is a wonderful masseuse for an amateur. A fantastic cocksucker as well! This pig has a tongue that can make some of the best moves on my dick!

Since we were both fading fast I decided to call it a night and grabbed the ropes in my bag.  I fulfilled his little slave fantasy of becoming my little trussed up pig prisoner, I bound his hands and ankles and turned off the light.  Holding him close to my naked body, I whispered in his ear,

"I own you now.  You are MY slave forever.  There is no escape.  You will serve ME always."

I felt a shiver in my arms and I smiled when he replied, "Yes, Master!"

In the morning I released my pig, who promptly gave me an amazing morning blowjob which I had forgotten that I had instructed him to do so, and he does fantastic work.  From there we showered and Bart bathed me in true slave fashion, lathering up my body, shampooing and rinsing my hair for me, then toweling me dry.  He was so happy to do so.  Downstairs we shared a cup of coffee and more laughs with his handsome roommate before heading back to my place.

As I got out of the car, I took a moment to kiss my happy piggy slave goodbye, and reminded him that his Master loves him.

He's one of the best slaves I've had the pleasure of owning.  I can't wait to torture him as a reward for his services.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Wolf's Blade

June 6th, 2015

Tonight my buddy Mezwolf took me up to Pistons so we could meet up with our dates for the night.  I was incredibly excited to meet with the ever so dashing and handsome Daddy Dave!  Oh man, I've wanted to be his little boy toy ever since I first met him at a leather event I threw a few years ago, during my first year as a titleholder. 

Mez, his date, Daddy Kelly who happened to be bar tending that evening, and myself all hung around the front a bit shooting the shit before Kelly and his plaything for the evening headed out back to the patio.  I wasn't by myself for too long before a tall, clean shaven, and incredibly handsome leather Sir walked in with a shorter man following him closely.  I nodded and smiled wondering who this guy could be, then he smiled knowingly back at me my brain nearly overloaded.

This...THIS was Daddy Dave?!  This tall, beautiful, beefed up muscle leather Sir in tall boots, black pants, leather vest, wristband, Daddy cap...this Adonis was Daddy Dave!  I fell head over boots in boy love all over again! He introduced me to his friend, slave Jonathan, and then had me kneel.

He said "I think I remember promising you something." he then buckled his leather collar on my neck.  I was so happy I was shivering with excitement! He clicked the leash on the collar and shoved the leather handle in my mouth, ordered me to fetch his beer, then walked off to the patio.  I was grinning so wide as I held the leash firmly in my teeth, but careful not to slobber on it. 

Once back at his table, we all had great conversation together, talking, laughing, joking, and really getting to know each other.  At once point Mez dragged his date over to us, who was now dressed in a singlet and had us write things on his bare skin.  Fun stuff!

Daddy Dave then pulled me towards him, and pushed me down to his boots where I eagerly worshipped them as heartfelt and earnestly as possible!  I was so grateful to serve such a beautiful, powerful, and worthy man!  I wanted it to show as much as possible!  I wanted him to have no doubt that I wanted to be his boy toy!  Daddy Dave proceeded to shove my face into his crotch, feeling the power behind his hands, my mouth just a layer of denim away from his manhood, it made my cock throb!  I worshipped his groin like a good boy should!  With reckless abandon!

He pulled me up on my knees then pulled on a pair of leather gloves.  "I think you're going to like this." he said with a smile. "Oh YES Daddy! Thank you Daddy!" came my eager reply!  He slapped my face a few times, I endured it and thanked him, then he smothered me in his leather palms.  It was such bliss!  He aggressively turned me and bent me over my barstool, I knew what was coming and I truly disliked it, but for him I'd let Daddy Dave swat my ass to his heart's content.  They came gently and firmly, I could feel all the eyes of the bar upon me, and I relished in it!

More beer poured, more talk and laughs, more moments of domination until Daddy Dave asked me "Boy, does your mother ever see you shirtless?"  I answered that she does not, he shoved the leash in my mouth and took something out of his pocket.  Something made a snapping sound and I felt a sharp point begin to rake itself across my bare skin.  It was finally happening, he was running the blade of his pocketknife on me.

I was scared into a pleasure terror.  My thoughts turned to the last time I had seen him, a long time ago at the Faultline bar during a beer bust parking lot party.  He sat upon a stool in the middle of the parking lot, running the blade of a hunting knife along the skin of a shivering twink in the embrace of his arms.  It was like seeing a terrified rabbit in the drooling jaws of a wolf.  I had ached to be in that boy's place for ages, and now I finally was!  I was the shivering fox in the wolf's powerful maw, his teeth at my neck.  I stood as still as possible, barely daring to breathe, my eyes welling up with tears of joy as I stared upwards into the red light above.  I was his boy toy at long last, it felt so beautiful.

I was drunk and flying, sunk deeply in adoration, infatuation, and submission to Daddy Dave.  By the end of the night he had me on my knees and I had to work up the courage to ask him if I was to be his kidnapping hostage, or if I was to return home with Mez.  "I'm sorry boy, not tonight, but one evening soon I'll take you home, beat you, piss on you, and fuck you."

My eyes widened, "You'd fuck me, Sir?!" I prayed he wasn't playing a cruel joke.

"Yeah! I'll fuck you!" he said, smiling confidently.  My heart nearly burst as I thanked him, eyes welling up once more.  It was as if multiple fantasies of my deep dreams were coming true one after another!  He pulled me up into his arms, looked me deep in the eyes, and kissed me.

I could have died right there in that incredible moment.

He released me from his collar and bid me goodnight.  I said goodnight to Daddy Dave and slave Jonathan, giving them both my contact and blog cards, promising them a great read of the evening's events from my perspective.  We bid farewell to Kelly and Mez's date.  Once home, I collapsed into bed, smiling and wondering when I would become Daddy Dave's little bitch boy toy once more.

Kidnap me, Daddy Dave...lock me in your dungeon, leash me with heavy chain, run your polished blade across my skin, I'll be your happy little pet fox!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My First Piggy Bank

June 5th, 2015

I have been talking to this man, Bart, at length on Recon about being my pig slave.  After many conversations, we finally met outside my house this evening.  He was intrigued by the realm of financial domination and was finally ready to give it the old college try. 

I had told him a fun, basic, and low-risk way to start out was to take me out for dinner, drinks, then service at his place.  He arrived on time (ALWAYS a good sign), ready to serve me properly, and away we went!

We had a lovely dinner of Thai food at a local place I had my eye on for a brief period, and was pleasantly delighted with it.  As I added the restaurant to my list of places to return to, he obediently picked up the check like a good little piggy.  Next we headed out to Chili's after a bit of difficulty finding a bar in Orange County (seriously, where the fuck are all these minivan soccer moms getting their booze?), and I was finally able to indulge in one of my favorite cocktails, a Long Island Iced Tea.  Again, Bart showed his eagerness to be a good boy by picking up the tab once more.

During dinner and drinks we had great conversation, lots of laughs, and shared arousal each time he pulled out his wallet.  The sight of him taking the submissive role with his head bowed, shoulders bunched as he opened his wallet, and when he held up the money he used to pay the bill with, he added "This is because you are better than me, Sir." Fuck, that was hot.

Once we arrived back at his home I ordered him naked, and collared him with the collar he provided, then he knelt and licked my boots.  He then served as an excellent boot rest as I answered a pile of messages off my phone.  Once that was completed and my mind a bit more at ease I had him eagerly beg to become my cash piggy as well have him tell me what all he found attractive about me, along with repeating the slave mantra which I wrote for him earlier on.  He relished every moment, and it was so wonderful to see him so happy.

He requested the privilege to tribute me, and I was happy to grant it.  He took out a small stack of singles, and stuffed them into my boots and pants pockets as he worshipped and fawned over my body.  I ordered him to place the final tribute in his mouth.  Once he obeyed, I took his chin in my leather gloved hand and looked deeply into his eyes.  I told him how pleased I was with him as well as his wonderful service under me, I then took the final tribute from his mouth with my teeth, pocketed it, and kissed him deeply.  Later on he would tell me he nearly creamed himself right then and there.

Sadly I received a message that interrupted our evening together, and I had to leave for home right away.  When we arrived at my house, my piggy told me how much he loved our evening together.  I was more than pleased to hear it, as now we both found who we were looking for.  I finally had some real time cash play, fulfilled a cash play fantasy of mine, as well as gained a happy little piggy to mold into a slave as I see fit, and he finally found a man he was only too thrilled to serve under!

He's not going anywhere.  This one's real, and I'm not letting him get away, and he's made it clear he doesn't want to go anywhere.

Just a reminder, this is a mutually agreed upon sexual interest with boundaries placed with care and consideration. This is a bonding fetish, something you seed the soil, nurture with trust, and grow with time spent close together.  

This is something we both get aroused by, when he takes out his money and stuffs it into my boots, I get SUCH a rager.  I feel like a goddamn go-go boy!  When he pulls out his credit card to pay for the dinner we both just shared, it makes my dick drip.  I love getting into his head, my fingers on his skull like invasive tree roots, sucking up and drinking away his willpower which he gives to me willingly.

So to the boys out there who want to try submission with this, go slow, go light, see if you like it.  Small steps first, and it's always YOUR money and YOU decide who you want to give it to, and how much is okay.  You always can say no, but don't go stringing someone along, making them think you do.  That's the fastest way to get the ire and loathing of many Cash Play tops in spades.  It's okay to fantasize about it and not do it, but be clear about your intentions first.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

A Night in My Cub's Cave

June 1st, 2015

My loyal, wonderful bear boy toy, James arrived this afternoon to pick me up for our evening together.  We drove off to his little apartment on his college campus, my hand resting comfortably on his thigh.  Once there, I put my things down and made out with my beautiful boy, falling in love again with his handsome, scruffy face, his gentle smile, those beautiful brown eyes, thick dark hair that my hands loved to flow through, that sweet soft voice, and of course his cuddly bearish body!

I donned my bulldog harness and leather jock, and ordered him into his leather jock as well.  We got dressed in our street clothes over our leather and went to dine at the Diamond of Jamboree plaza, snagged a dessert at 85c Bakery, then picked up some Jagermeister and Red Bull at the market before getting back to his place for more fun.

We shot a few Jagerbombs and got pleasantly tipsy together before tearing off our public clothes and having deep, passionate, and amazing lovemaking.  I get so much joy out of making love to my men whilst drunk, no inhibitions, no questions, no hesitations, just full-on unrelenting passion and ecstasy!  I thrust inside of his wonderful boyhole, felt the temperature rise, and hit my climax full force, filling him with my incredible orgasm!  Panting, I fell onto my back and told him to milk his manhood over me. I watched him as he moaned and shuddered, shooting his load on my chest and painting it white.

Our afterglow brought us together in an embrace, panting and sweaty, lips together.  Fading out from the bedroom and into the bathroom, I had him wrapped in my arms, the warm waters washing away our weariness and cleansing us as we kissed deeply.  I took the time as I caressed him to really take him all in, as well as all the reasons I had for loving him as my boy cub.  From shower to bed, I held him closely, drifting off to sleep with a satisfied smile on my lips.

In the morning I awoke in a very pleasant mood, smiling as we continued to cuddle close before heading back to the shower.  Getting mischievous I reached over and stroked his cock, lubed with soap, he gasped and moaned in response, smiling.

"Oh, Daddy...I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." he moaned to me, my wicked grin growing.

"Shoot it! Why do you think I'm stroking you, my lovely boy?"

He can't resist it, nor can he resist me, and he shot forth a beautiful load into my hands.  I'm quite pleased with him.

A while later, as we are dressing for the day ahead, there is talk of my staying with him for a few days at a time in the near future.  I cannot wait to have a Master's Vacation with my beautiful bear cub!  I'm sure this will be quite an interesting weekend to write about.  We're going to need more booze!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Boy in the Bag

May 30th, 2015

My buddy Sam took me to meet his new Sir, Kent, this afternoon up in Anaheim.  When we arrived, I was able to meet their new Boxer, Bullet, as well as find Sir Kent and his guest, Ed, in the side yard finishing up something that appeared to be an interesting kink session of some kind.

Sir Kent is a tall, burly, and very handsome man of few words, with sandy blonde hair and a deep masculine voice.  A very seductive combination of qualities in my books.

After the initial meet and greet, as well as a lunch delivery, we went for a swim in his backyard pool.  Sir Kent came up behind me as I was applying sunscreen, he aggressively yanked down my pants, wrapped a strong arm around me, and growled in my ear "I want you naked, boy."

"Y-yes S-Sir!!" I replied, feeling the blood rush from one brain to the other.  After our very enjoyable time in the pool, Sam fell asleep in the couch while Sir Kent and Ed went into the garage to do something.  A short while later, he summoned me to the garage.  I obediently followed him, excited and a bit nervous of what was in store for me.

When I entered, I found them throwing a rope over one of the crossbeams in the middle of the ceiling, as well as setting up a huge canvas mailbag on top of a large box platform underneath it.  The first thought that struck me was that noose play was close at hand, but that was swiftly dispelled when the two men with wicked grins ordered me to get in the bag.  The mailbag was huge, and I fit inside of it quite easily.  I sat down as the bag was pulled upward around me then threaded with the rope, sealing me inside of it.  I was then lifted upward into the air, the box was removed, and I hung there suspended from the beam.

It felt very comforting, regardless of the slight dizziness I suffered from the bag's gentle spinning, of course the boys teased me and spun me back and forth a little more.  I warned them that, as much as I love to be at the mercy of sexy gentlemen such as them, I didn't think that they'd enjoy a bag of vomit.

At one point Sir Kent said he had a gift for me, and tossed something inside of the bag's opening high above where I sat.  Something soft landed on my face, I took it off and inspected it.  A shirt...a sweaty shirt...HIS sweaty shirt!  I shoved my face into it and sniffed as hard as I could! FUCK! His scent is AWESOME!  I felt even more relaxed, sniffing my present and shifting position in the bag every so often, Sir Kent gently poking, prodding me, spanking me too, all very welcome attention from this hunk!  Feeling his strong hands and arms on me, even for a quick moment, made me feel very safe.  This tall, burly, stern-looking, deep-voiced, and warm-hearted man, everything was a turn on!

After they let me down (which was an amusing struggle to say the least) Sir Kent had me follow him to his bedroom where we joined Sam on Sir Kent's bed.  We had a very warm and beautiful group cuddle...that is until Sir Kent began to play with my dick.  Before too long my cock was shoved deep inside the tube of a soft, lubricated masturbation toy, and my face was thrust into Sir Kent's hairy, sweaty armpit.

Now I'm really not a fan of armpits, in fact any kind of strong smell is an instant soft-on. It fucks up my headspace and ruins the mood for me when guys assume I'm into it.  I resisted at first, but I forced myself to serve and obey, and I took my first lick of a man's armpit.  His grunts of approval and bestial snarls of "good boy" made me sink ever deeper into submission and gave rise to a powerful eagerness to serve and please this burly brute! 

He then released his cock from his pants, and I was greeted to a beautiful sight of a gargantuan manhood and huge balls!  I wanted to suck his cock so bad, my lips almost parted as he slapped his massive member against my face, as if I was already his personal bitch!  I silently screamed curses in my head for not bringing a condom as that throbbing cock was pressed hard against my face, and gratefully served his balls as dutifully and gently as I could, hoping he would be satisfied with this temporary substitution.

Eventually he blew his manly load and I was grateful for my face to be painted with his warm, sticky cream!  Thank you Sir!  I was allowed to climax myself, my raging hard on pumping my load out onto my chest, mixing my cum with his!  I was left paralyzed in my afterglow, laying next to this beautiful man!

After cleaning up and getting dressed, Sam and I took our leave, smiling all the way back down to Laguna.  Fuck! Sam is one lucky boy to have a Sir like Kent!

Ooh...I wonder what Sir Kent can do with rope.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pig Daddy by the Beach

May 16th, 2015

This evening I met Dave, an older gentleman, from our chats on Recon, and I wore my bulldog harness as he requested of me.  After picking me up he took me to dessert at a little cafe in Dana Point, it was here that he told me some amazing, if almost unbelievable tales of his life.

Once at his home I was greeted by his husband and their dog, and we made our way to the lower floor to his guest/playroom where he ushered me into his shower and we both prepped together.  Not truly an activity I am used to doing with someone else, so it took some time for me to get used to it, as well as my own issues with it.  Near the end I felt sick to my stomach, as the water was too warm and I was accepting too much at a time, so we dried off, he laid me down on the bed and rubbed my feet.

As I felt better, he turned me on my stomach and hogtied me with leather restraints, and then tested a few buttplugs on my hole, but I wasn't able to take many of them and my ass was quite sore from the time in the shower.  I hadn't done much anal play in a while, so my hole is sensitive and tight.  He then brought out a unique dildo, it was light cream-colored, and looked like a long tongue of some kind of fantasy creature that started thin at the tip and widened considerably as it reached the base.  He told me that it was modeled after an Orca's penis, and I was even more intrigued.  I've seen some fun dildos before on the shelves of such great stores like Mr. S Leather in San Francisco or Rough Trade Gear in Los Angeles, things like traffic pylons, forearms with fingers extended and grouped together, even a prick-less cactus and an "alien" cock; as well as ones modeled after creatures like dragons, werewolves, and even tentacles from stores like Bad Dragon and Primal Hardwere, but this was the first time I had seen one in person...and I wanted to try it.  Like, I really wanted to try it.

(Before going forward, I should mention that I in no way, shape, or form condone, like, enjoy, or encourage the act or fantasy of bestiality.  I condemn it, I loath it.  This is different, as it pertains to the fantasy of anthropomorphism, or in a more simplified definition an animal that is more human-like in nature, talking, walking, civilized, wearing clothes, but is still an animal, and most importantly can give consent.  Here's some examples of what I'm talking about.

I asked if I could give the beast a try, and he was only too happy to let me at it.  I lowered myself down on the tip and it felt absolutely amazing.  The shape and curve were incredible, and I slipped very quickly into my submissive mode.  I wanted all of it inside me, I felt so greedy, my ass was starving for it, and I wanted to take it all up my hole for Daddy!  After I couldn't take any more inside me and I reached my physical limit, he put me in his sling and played with my hole more.  As I lay there in the comfortable leather cradle it felt so natural to me, as if this sling was my rightful place in the sexual world, I felt like I was meant to be there and I wanted to for hours!

Afterward we returned to the bed and he blindfolded me and toyed around with my body a bit before we talked about visiting some resorts in Palm Springs together someday.  Daddy Dave then told me about his good and amusingly eccentric friend Patrick, who dressed like a satyr, complete with custom made hoof-boots that have flames painted on them, as well as horns and such.  I'm looking forward to meeting this guy, just one look at his picture and I was convinced I'd enjoy his company.

Daddy Dave then put himself in the sling and instructed me to fist him, as it was now Daddy's turn for fun.  I followed orders and slicked up a glove then eased my hand into him finger by finger until I was punch-fucking him, making Daddy moan and grunt for more.  I then abandoned the glove, slid on a condom, and fucked him like a beast!  Primal fucking! The kind of fuck I love to have, letting loose, unchaining the animal within, snarling and pounding!  Much to my disappointment my body refused to give me release, damn it all.

We then cleaned up, and Daddy Dave drove me home, making our plans to meet again soon.  He's a piggy one.

Play Safe Dear Reader.