Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wearing My Dessert

April 25th, 2014

Tonight a fellow fan of messy fun, Doug, and I met up after getting to know each other a while back over drinks.  We talked about gunge and I turned him onto the idea of quicksand and mud.  He came over and brought up two large cans of pudding, a jug of molasses, a jar of marshmallow fluff, a can of condensed milk, and a large bag of cake mix.  All purchased at a bulk store.

We spent some sweet, tender, cuddle time and pillow talk, before stripping down and getting our mess ready.  We mixed a good batch of the cake mix together with warm water, opened the can of chocolate pudding, and grabbed the jar of marshmallow fluff. Once in the bathroom, Doug opened the jar of fluff and slid it on my hard manhood.  I was actually caught be surprise, but once he got it on, fuck did it feel incredible!  A gooey, sticky thickness, sucking in my cock and it all smelled wonderful!  After a few turns and more thrusting with the jar, he removed it and revealed a very white, and very sticky version of my dick.  Then he gave me the pleasure of sucking the marshmallow right off of it.  Damn this man has a mouth full of skill!

After he took his time cleaning my cock off, we opened up the shower and Doug took the bowl of cake batter, held it over my head, and after I closed my eyes, gently tipped the gloppy, chocolaty contents all over me.  I was blinded by the flowing blob of chocolate, and it made me shiver in delight as I bathed in the sweetness. It covered me like a thick, delectable slime.  Then what came next was the most beautiful.  Doug poured the entire can of pudding all over me.  It was like cool, creamy chocolate silk.  As the dessert cascaded down my body, I wondered if real mud, the creamy clay that my quicksand fantasy centered around felt this amazing!

Doug then started to jerk me off, working my manhood, his hands felt so good using the batter and pudding and the marshmallow fluff as lubricant, my stiff, throbbing manhood couldn't resist the climax and I came with a sensual moan!  It felt so good, everything tasted so incredible, and he wasn't done!

He smothered me in chocolate again, and again, scraping it off the shower floor into the bowl for another pour, and another pour!  Hugging close and covering each other in chocolaty sexiness.  Fuck it all felt so tender, so sensual and delicious!  Eventually we started to clean up once the chilly dessert made me shiver from the cold.  Getting dirty was a great time, and getting clean was just as enjoyable! Our warm shower together was filled with smiles and laughs.  Once I could see again, I was shocked at just how messy the stall was!  I let out a laugh once I saw my chocolate body print on the wall.  That stuff was everywhere, and the shower was quite long, and I enjoyed every moment.

Doug is a very gentle man, and he took great care of me that evening.  I enjoyed how he took charge of the situation, a veteran in wet-n-messy play showing a newbie the best parts, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can get good and sloppy with him!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blue Biker, Red Flag

March 30th, 2014

I met the handsome Clyde at the coffee shop today, the moment this sturdy man sat down next to me in full blue riding armor I felt very comfortable with him.  It reminds me of all the times people have told me that I inspired trust in them but they couldn't explain it, I think I know what they feel now.

We talked a little bit and then walked down to my apartment so he could drop off his bag.  We ate at one of my favorite Thai places so we could get better acquainted, he has a Master back in Europe, and is in an open-collar relationship, and he is incredibly kinky.  Back at my place we kissed up a storm and got to talking about play possibilities.  Fisting came up in conversation, he enjoys being a top and I always wanted to give it a shot.  Before long the towel was thrown on the bed, I stripped, he donned a rubber glove and lubed it up.  It felt wonderful to have him finger me, even through the sting of the lubricant (for the best experience, I hear "Boy Butter" brand personal lubricant with numbing agent is ideal for fisting, see what works best for you), the more he had his hand inside me the more I really wanted to explode. 

He told me he was able to get a total of four fingers inside of my hole before I couldn't take any more, I was surprised by myself.  I am excited for the next time I get to flag red on the right, it feels incredible, and is something to definitely try at least once, even if you're scared of it.  Once I was cleaned up it was his turn. 

I stripped down this handsome biker and then wound around him with pallet wrap, sealing his body under layers of plastic, immobilizing him and making him more and more helpless.  I then gently helped him over to my bed and laid him down.  I took my time, cuddled him close, kissed him deeply, then by chance found out his was quite ticklish.  I also found out that regardless of my tight wrapping of his body, if I tickled him enough he could move very well!  I then cut a small portion of his plastic prison and released only his manhood, stroking him.  I wanted him to shoot his hot load, immobilized and unable to fight it. He loved every moment and proved it by climaxing so hard he shot the pillow next to his head! 

Calming down and enjoying the afterglow, I cut him out of his wrappings, and we shared an enjoyable rinse in the shower before he geared back up in his sexy riding armor and took his leave.

I'm looking forward to our next encounter!

Play Safe dear reader!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cowboy Night

March 29th, 2014

Tonight I had the pleasure of having Max over again.  We planned to spend the night at Pistons for their cowboy event "Rukus" in the appropriate gear.  The boy arrived and definitely looked the part of a saloon bartender, button up shirt, leather vest, denim jeans, and cowboy boots.  He grew out his mustache, and it only just added to his sexy overall look.  I grabbed him the moment he was in the gate, locked the door behind him, pulled him in and gave him a nice, deep, deliberate kiss, along with a firm grope to his balls.  This boy makes the best noises, which turns me on like nothing else and gets my dominant energy flowing faster and harder.  I'm getting excited just writing about him.

I lent him one of my cowboy hats, and went out with my leather jacket, denim jeans, black boots, and firm straw black cowboy hat.  We headed to dinner first, then hit the bar, I gave him the Pistons tour, pool tables, bootblack bike, stage, then pushed him up against the stage and made out with his sweet lips. Getting a few gasps and moans out of him beforehand, I then tied his hands behind his back, pulled him over to a bench, put him down between my boots as I researched possible drink options on my phone.  Once I made up my mind (as I can never remember what drinks I like), I dragged him to the bar still bound and ordered a Tequila-Sprite, made some nice small talk with another patron, then dragged him back to the patio and continued molesting his willing body between sips of my cocktail.

On our way out, on our way to the car I waited until we were next to a big length of blank wall, I swiped the hat off his head, shoved him up against the building, and made out with him as fiercely as I possibly could.  It was one of the things I always wanted to happen to me, so I knew just how hot it was going to be for this sexy boy.  Once back in the car and about 45 painful minutes hunting for parking back in Long Beach, I get him home and strip him to his jockstrap and tie him to my chair, blindfold, and gag him.  I then proceeded to nip, bite, lick, and molest him further.

Once that little fun was over, I released him, then rebound him to my bed, letting the dark fox play with him as much as possible.  I lubed him up and edged him as far as I could, he was so ready to blow, and then I milked it out of him, oh the moans he let out were so beautiful.  In the afterglow I gently wiped him down with a warm wet towel, released him from my restraints, and held his sexy naked body close to mine.  Such a sweet little boy, I can't wait to ravage him again!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Sling Fun

February 26th, 2014

Today the Little Brown One picked me up and we had a very enjoyable meal together which he generously treated me to.  Then, once back at my place, I stripped him down to his assless jockstrap which frames him so very tastefully, and directed him about how to clean my room.

He went right to work, and did a fantastic job. My new room is now clean, calm, and organized.  I love what he did in my closet as now all my boots are very neatly arranged and ready for use.  Unfortunately we ran out of time before he could make it to the living room or kitchen, but it's like a good theme park, you can't do everything in a day, and it keeps you coming back.

From there we headed over to his house and fooled around, he had his sling set up but first he put me on the bed and massaged me.  Fuck I love it when boys rub my feet, it's one of the best feelings next to a full body massage.  Then, relaxed and oiled, I was led to the sling where he hooded me and pleased me, licking my hole, sucking my manhood, riding me in the sling, and edging me.

Once my arms started to tingle he let me out of the sling, and still hooded, I made love to him on the bed.  I entered him slowly, gently, and easy at first.  Rolling myself into him a little harder, firmer, and faster until I found myself slamming my cock hard into his hole! Deep! Thrusting passionately until I started howling as I came!

I love this chore boy!  I wish I could have him more often!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Fursuit Attraction

February 9th, 2014

Tonight was very interesting. My buddy Mez came over with a friend of his who owned and wore a fursuit.  We were going to the Sunday furry karaoke party later that night at the Silver Fox and his friend brought his fursuit up with him.  His buddy went into my room and changed into the suit, and then called us in.

I was greeted to a welcoming sight of a large German Shepherd with open arms on my bed waiting for me.  I wasted no time in climbing on the bed and melting into his soft furry arms.  The feeling of them holding me was so comforting, I felt safe, like a giant security blanket or a teddy bear that could hug back.  I remembered times when I was a little kid, crying and feeling insecure, wishing that my stuffed animals could comfort me, well this was like all of those wishes coming true at once.

I felt my stress melt away as I hugged him close, the big furry paws rubbing my back, gentle and sweet.  The masculinity of the snarling face, coupled with his sweet and friendly personality, and flirtatious nature was a welcomed and cherished new turn on.  As I hugged this big furry German Shepherd I wanted him to dominate me sensually, I wanted him to tie me up and hold me.  I wanted to fall asleep in his warm arms.  I even wanted him to make love to me, gently, sweetly.  I am legitimately turned on by a fursuit, and even though I was unsure of how I felt about it before, I knew that right now the moments I spent in his cuddly embrace, I loved ever second of it and have no shame of wanting more.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Quick Little Visit

January 28th, 2014

This afternoon The Little Brown One proposed to stop over for an hour of fun.  Now, usually I never do this, as "quickies" tend to leave me feeling cheap and used, as the men who propose them don't stay to bask in the afterglow and simply jump back in their pants and head for the door, and I'm just a means to an end.  However when it's with a trusted friend, and loyal boy, offering his body to me for a round of fun, it's different on a personal and emotional level.

I was extremely horny, I put on my chaps, harness, cowboy boots all under a shirt and sweatpants in order to meet him at the gate.  Once inside my apartment I blindfolded him, donned my muir cap after removing my shirt and sweats, and then took his blindfold off and made him service his Sir's balls.  If it was going to be a quick visit, I wanted him to love it all.

I pulled him up and stripped him, then shoved him on the bed, tied him down spread eagle after more kissing and nipping at his body before lubing up his hole, sliding on a rubber, and entering him.  Finally I was fucking in my chaps, I don't know why it took me so long, but it didn't matter, all that mattered at this moment was that I was inside my happy little chore boy, who was so eager to ride his Sir's cock.

I had been so horny all day, waiting and stroking all day long, that once I thrust into him I felt my climax just three slams away.  I did my very best to prolong it, but when the beast within orders you to cum, you ask how hard.  I snarled in his ear, "Look what you did boy! You made me so horny I'm cumming already!" as I erupted in his hole, but I kept thrusting, I wasn't going to just let that be the end of it, fuck no, I had my loyal chore boy here to slam a bit! I was going to enjoy myself!

When I did end the fun, we cleaned up quickly and he headed out on his way.  I'm so happy to have a man willing to be my little fuckoy AND man servant to clean my home.  What a good Little Brown One he is.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Hard Pound Before Dinner

January 27th, 2014

This afternoon I spent with Sir John, finally! After many weeks I got to see him again.  He arrived with a small gear bag and I greeted him in my bulldog harness and a red jockstrap under my clothes, as I know he loves boys in jocks.  We entered my apartment and kissed our hellos, good and deep. He placed his collar around my neck and started things off with tying my hands behind me and securing the rope around my chest.  More gentle kissing, and I was blindfolded, led to the bed, pushed on top of it, and molested to my delight.

He kissed me, teased my hole with his manhood, and made me thankful to be his boy toy.  He lubed up my hole with boy butter and slid a condom on his long, sexy member.  He slid inside of me and it felt incredible, I missed the ease of which he would enter me, and his length.  He fucked me gently at first, warming up my hole and then he gagged me with a knotted hanky.  That's when he turned up his heat, he ravaged me, went deep inside of me, pounding it with no hesitation, making it burn, I screamed into the gag, loving it, hating it, begging for it all at the same time.  He eventually ceased his punishing slams to give my hole much needed mercy.

He flipped me on my back after releasing my hands, taking away the gag, and giving my sight back.  He slid a condom on my own cock and lubed me up, as well as his own hole.  It was my turn now!  He sat on me easily, and it felt so great to be fucking him.  I love to be inside him, I had him lay on his back so I could see his face as I fucked him, it's much more enjoyable that way.  Especially when I lean down and kiss the man who ravages my hole so well as I pound his with my own manhood.  I lay on top of him, holding him tightly as I thrust inside, listening to our grunts, I exploded in ecstasy as I climaxed.

After the afterglow, we cleaned up, put the bedroom back in order, and went out for a wonderful supper together.  I miss the feeling of his collar already.  It feels natural to me.

Thank you Sir, love you!

Play Safe Dear Reader.