Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Enslaved Introductions

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

I met the incredibly adorable "T" online after receiving permission and blessing to meet him from his Master at a coffee shop this morning. I immediately fell in love with how cute he was on first sight, he’s very tidy and well kept, as well as timid and soft spoken. It pulled my dominant energy out quite easily.

We grabbed drinks, headed over to a local department store as I offered to help him on his shopping errand, it’s much more fun than sitting in the same place trying to come up with useless small talk to get to know someone as the environment is changing there’s plenty to talk about.  The errand finished, I had him drive us over to one of my favorite parks for a more private walk and talk.  Discovered that he’s quite the fresh new boy in the gay world with little experience with physical love from another man.  At this point I had to put another mental seal on Dark Fox’s cage as he started to rattle his bars, drooling hungrily. I couldn’t risk scaring the poor boy off, he needed to be initiated gently, and I didn’t want this one to get the wrong idea and turn into yet another “cum, go, and vanish” situation like so many of the men before him.  I instructed him that when he was ready to be more personal with me, to place his hand on my leg to give me the signal.

Words can get caught in the throat, this was much clearer.

After our journey through the woods, we grabbed a meal and once finished we got back into his car and that’s where the boy gave me the signal.  He looked at me with those beautiful nervous eyes and gently put his hesitant hand on my leg.  It was go time.

I reached back and rubbed the back of his head and watched him slowly melt as his brain turned off and he sank into submission under my touch, this was going to be fun.  I ordered him to drive us to another park and once there to follow me into the woods.  I pushed him up against a tree, my knee just under his balls, and kissed him forcefully, he nearly passed out in my grasp. I pushed my knee further between his legs to keep the boy standing, he WANTED this.  He called me “Sir” repeatedly, told me he trusted me, and I dragged him back to the car and took him home.

Once inside, I had him remove my boots, and then pulled him upstairs where I lay on my bed and ordered him to strip to his underwear for me, he revealed a beautiful body just ripe for the ravaging, as well as a bulge and a fresh precum stain soaked into the fabric.  I beckoned him into my arms where I held his shaking body.  I cuddled the boy, kissed him, I pinned him down to lick, nip, and bite him, all milking moans and gasps from his chest.  It was as if no one had ever played with, let alone touched the poor boy ever before in his life! 

He breathily confessed he wanted to be controlled, used, enslaved, fucked raw and have his boy hole filled with another man’s seed!  I had to throw myself on the Dark Fox’s cage to keep my beast from tearing open the cell door and ripping this poor boy to cum-soaked pieces! My beast roared from inside his prison, the door slippery with drool where he had been chewing the bars!

I cooled us down, held the boy close and we rested for a time, talking more, and he kept begging for my dick.  I slid backward on my word that he would have to earn it for next time, as Dark Fox had worn down my stamina, and allowed him to suck my dick.  The boy is still inexperienced, but his heart is in the right place, with practice he will be quite the man pleaser.  He tried so very hard to make me erupt, so eager for my cum, but I denied him and told him he will earn it in time and I wished not to fall any further back on my word. This would also ensure us a repeat visit, as I desired him to return many times in the future.

Watching him get dressed again was like watching a puppy who was just refused his bone, absolutely heartbreaking, he desired it so genuinely and deeply, however this is the coldness of discipline.  He is without a doubt worth the wait.

The next time he arrives at my door I’ll be full leather. Muahaha!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Foot Wolf

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

This morning I made the error of attempting to organize my borderline hoarding disorder collection of porn videos on my external hard drive (in my defense, having esoteric kink and fetish interests such as men sinking in quicksand, tentacle bondage, and leather scenes where they actually keep the damn gear on tends to make it difficult to find good material, so when given the chance I download as much free media as possible) which led to me being absolutely insatiable and starved for some masculine attention.

Thankfully a local man living in the almost immediate neighborhood by the name of Wolf was online on one of my gay hookup apps and we made plans to meet this afternoon.  Needless to say as delighted as I was to connect with him, I was driven to distraction and completely unable to get any important or even frivolous work done.  Finally 4pm rolled around and I was invited over to his place.

A short walk cutting through the neighborhood next door, I couldn’t be more thrilled than if my new neighbors who moved in next door were body-building twunks with a financial enslavement fetish.  He greets me at the door and I’m met with a very handsome, slender, thick-bearded young man standing at least half a head taller than myself.  He introduces me to their beautiful dogs before we head inside and flop on the couch to watch some sci-fi show on TV.  At this point I’m horny at full force so I skip the needless feeling-out, grab Wolf by the chest from behind and pull him into a sensual cuddle.  Playing innocent is a waste of my time.  A short time later he confesses to having a foot fetish and in the same breath asks if he could play with my feet.

My ears perk, grin widens, and my boots off in record time. I adore foot fetishists, they give the best attention and care to your feet, and I absolutely love having my feet massaged and admired on.  Wolf was eager but also shy, he was politely gentle with my feet and after a bit he took my socks off and surprisingly stuck my foot in his mouth! Oh did that feel fucking great! His tongue moved methodically around each of my toes as he worshipped my foot, mashing his face into my sole, wiping the ball of my foot on his forehead, and even nipping the bottom of my heel, forcing a laugh out of me! 

I didn’t want him to stop! It was way too enjoyable! However my increasing libido and a hint of anxiety in the air (which was for once not my own) gave me clue to move our scene.  Once in his room clothes were discarded and I was able to see his beautiful naked form.  His slender, toned, smooth body was exactly what I wanted to sink my teeth into, deep kissing, stroking of throbbing members, more foot worship, he still felt shy and reserved that I was just seeing the surface of what lay beneath.  He went for my armpit and drew back, I mentally cursed, raunch pigs hate deodorant with a passion, but all things considered I only found out the moment he shoved his face there. 

He barely mentioned his kinks at all, most likely being cautious over having a new playmate so conveniently close? Regardless, I promised never to wear it when planning to meet him in the future.  An easy task, I barely have need for it or use it as it is.  He retrieved a large, plastic, nearly empty container of coconut oil from his bedside and slathered some on his beautiful, long, throbbing manhood before offering me some.  I happily took some, interested in trying an all-natural lubricant.  I’ve had olive oil before and that was an interesting delight.  I must say, it felt very comfortable and smelled just as enjoyable.

I told him I wanted him to paint me with his cum, he straddled over me and stroked himself, as he did so I took the time to admire the man looming over me, his gorgeous body, his handsome young face, his soft smooth skin.  He neared release, and I focused on his face as he climaxed and sprayed my chest with his warm essence.  He has no idea just how hot he truly is. I followed suit soon after which was truly easy with him as a view. 

Post climax I didn’t delay, I had a feeling I was working with a time limit and sure enough the word “roommates” came up.  Social awkwardness is a hell I’m too familiar with and despite nothing shameful transpiring during my visit, I wasn’t about to argue.  I swiftly cleaned up, clothed, and politely took my leave as well as informed him that he was more than welcome over at my place for a longer visit if he so desired.

I simply neglected to mention he’s not allowed to wear a shirt in my house.  WOOF.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Aussie Boy Toy Overnight

December 17th, 2017

My beautiful Australian boy toy Stephen came out to spend the day during his holiday trip to the states.  He arrived this afternoon and I greeted him in the front courtyard with a deep kiss hello.  I eagerly got him inside and his stuff upstairs before kissing him again and properly this time.  Long, passionate, ernest, and horned up as fuck.

After catching up a bit, I put him in my leather jock, studded harness, and buckled my leather collar on his neck to make him look the part of my personal boy toy. Man oh man did that make me happy!  He gave me a wonderful massage with rubbing oil, feeling him work my body and break up the stress really pleased me. Then we took a sensual shower afterwards, and once dried off and re-geared I put him to work serving my roommate who took a quick liking to him.

My Aussie boy toy took turns sucking our dicks, which he truly is a pro at, he even practices at home on his favorite dildos! Now how can you not commend and admire such submissive energy and effort?  I took a moment to eat the cannabis edible he generously brought for me while he and my roommate smoked a bit of weed, (I’m not one for inhalants, sensitive lungs and all, which is why I’m not a fan of poppers, cigars, or cigarettes either).

I went upstairs, changed into my leather, grabbed the lube and a towel and returned downstairs to bend my handsome boy toy over the armrest of the couch and fucked his sweet tight ass raw as he sucked my roommate’s dick! FUCK! His ass was wonderful! I snarled as I thrust and plowed into him!  I howled as I shot my hot load deep into his eager submissive hole, painting my name on his insides with my essence! Marking him as my property!  I love him, he’s mine!

Spent, we took a break and I sent him upstairs to prep his hypnosis files on his phone as I made some okonomiyaki for dinner.  We ate as we watched some stupid PSA’s from the 1950’s and laughed at history. I went upstairs for a quick shower to prep myself for more of my eager and beautiful slave’s attention. 

Laid back in my bed, I had my handsome boy toy plug in his headphones and listen to his cocksucking hypnosis tracks while he went down on my manhood.  I was genuinely surprised at how deeply he absolutely loses himself in it, his eyes went empty as if his very soul was in chains and imprisoned, it was otherworldly.  If it was anyone else in charge I would have been a tad worried, but having that kind of ownership over a man’s mind, a man who wants nothing more than to submit and to be owned by me and myself alone, who trusts and wants me as much as I want him, and all of these feelings are before he loses himself in the marijuana clouds and the digital commands to obey roaring in his ears.  I can say with heartfelt conviction it is a feeling of grand pride and thrill to be given that type of power over another human being.  It stirs a deep and primal satisfaction.

I finally shot my load deep down his throat, marking him twice as my own, I truly want to keep him.  I turned him onto his back and laid him onto my chest, and held him close as we stroked his dick at my command, his moans were sweet music to me as he let loose a fantastic climax.

We cuddled close for a bit, I took in his details as we lay together, his scent, his skin, his hair, his voice, his touch. Appreciating and loving every side of him.

Headed downstairs a little bit later on for another meal, a tad more mindless television, then up once more to bed, wrapping myself around his naked form under my blankets, we fell asleep quite happy.

The next morning I woke up and did my exercise routine, returned to bed to resume cuddling my precious slave, who soon took my manhood in his mouth and pleased me once again, jerking yet another load out of me.  He then prepared to leave, and after he was all set and packed, I gave him a long and loving kiss goodbye.  I watched him drive off, sadly looking onward as he vanished around the corner.  It would most likely be another year or so until I’d see him again, he was so generous to give me a piece of his time here.  He’s gotten quite a bit more kinky since our last encounter, as well as a great deal more handsome and attractive.  For someone who loves to be mindless, he’s incredibly smart, intelligent, and quick witted.  I truly do love him from deep within my heart.

Thinking on it now, to own him like property, to sign a series of forms acknowledging that I was indeed in charge of him like one would be over a dog, to have say over his life. To tell him what I desired him to be, desired him to do, what his purpose was in this world...what power that would be.  I would wield it carefully, use a long leash, tugging gently at it to bring him to my boots, allowing him freedoms as if he were free, but just enough boundary to keep his submissive yearnings satisfied, and my hunger for his servitude satiated.  His well being first, my satisfaction second.

I bet it would be quite a wonderful experience overall for everyone involved, as I would have it no other way.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

An Intriguing Bondage Guest

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Dave came over this evening and I hugged and held the handsome man close, welcoming him back.  I took him into the living room where I stripped him of his shirt, buckled my collar on his neck, retrieved his heavy steel manacles from his toy bag which he had brought over and locked them on his wrists.  I then roped up his legs and held him close on the couch as we watched TV.  He felt so wonderful, all bound up in my arms like a real slave.  Every so often the manacle chains would clank and make my dick stiffen and throb in my jeans against his back.

After an enjoyable cuddle with my prisoner I released his legs from my ropes, led him upstairs, stripped him, and drew a shower for the both of us, released him from his shackles and joined him under the hot water.  As we bathed, I realized and learned more about him.  Dave identifies as asexual with sexual kinks, and he would be the first asexual person whom I have played with. Being a gay man myself who has only played with other men who identify as gay (and at times gay-curious), I have very little if no experience with this kind of situation.  I wanted to be as accommodating and polite as possible, and at the same time provide an enjoyable experience for my guest.

My kink style is one where sensuality, physical contact, and kissing are a majority, it’s a new and unique territory to play with someone who wants male company kink-wise but is not as comfortable with certain areas coming in contact with one another.  An example would be him telling me he enjoys being held by me, like we were on the couch earlier, but does not want me touching his manhood or shying away slightly when my hands would gently touch his ass.  (I want to make it clear that by no means am I frustrated, but rather fascinated in learning how to be a good gay host to an asexual male guest. If anything I get frustrated with myself for not having enough foresight into a situation I am ignorant of.)

Drying off after our enjoyable shower, I led him into my room and introduced him to my pallet wrap for his very first mummification session.  I felt like a spider wrapping my prey as I wove the plastic wrap around his beautiful naked body, and I felt my mouth water at the sight of his plump manhood trapped under the clear layers encircling his body.  I carefully laid him down on the bed and surveyed my handiwork with a sense of horny accomplishment, he was a beautiful catch!

I hooded him, collared him, and stroked his helpless form while asking him various questions and making conversation upon the topic of enslavement.  He, like many tend to do, had unintentionally mixed the terms “slave” and “boy”, so I explained the differences: 

-A “slave” does not have any say in what happens to them, other than basic safety precautions and realistic life needs and responsibilities, they give up having any control whatsoever.

-Whereas a “boy” is given opportunities for input, and has more nay-saying power as well as suggestions in scenes. 

He made it clear he’d be much happier as a bondage boy toy of mine, and I was pleased with the news.  He was a lot of fun to render helpless.

I cuddled him close as we lay there, enjoying the feeling and sound of the shiny plastic green “web” that bound him good and tight, the look of the hood on his head giving him a sexy anonymous identity, the thick collar buckled on his neck as a symbol of his submission under my power, it was quite a horny sight.  When it came time to release him, I took the pair of safety scissors from my play bag and slowly cut him out, we went to bed soon after, holding him in my arms, I fell asleep smiling.

The next day we woke up and I drew a bath for us.  I held him from behind in the warm waters and, despite the tub being a tad narrow for the both of us, it was quite soothing.  I was delighted when he told me how much he enjoyed the body contact, and I felt us bonding further.  We got out, dried off, I bound up his hands and legs with ropes, collared him, leashed him, and wrapped myself tight around him laying in my bed.  I told him he was so beautiful, I wanted to keep him as a bondage boy toy and further our budding relationship as Dominant and submissive play partners, that I also had fun and exciting ideas for him in the future.  We cuddled longer, I molested his delicious body as he moaned softly, and eventually I released him one last time.

We gathered up his belongings and I saw him off as he left, horny as hell for this new boy toy of mine!  I plan on doing many more wonderful things to him.  I hope he’s just as excited!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Puppyful Weekend

Friday, September 15th, 2017

I woke up today at 3:30am to get ready for the shuttle that my dear pup Cockpit had scheduled for a 5:00am pickup, I was more than excited for this weekend.  Cockpit had arranged for me to visit during a puppy contest held in a local bar close in his neighborhood.  After I packed, was picked up, driven off, gone through security, and relaxed in the airline lounge and reminisced over the times I spent in them with my best friend, I boarded a short and comfortable flight to Canada.  I met up with Cockpit and Jeremy in the lobby, and like every time I see him, hugged him tight and kissed him.  He gets shy that I’m so brazen about it, but I hardly give a flying fuck about what others think of me expressing my love for someone who has given me so much in the means of friendship, emotional support, and many other aspects of positive experiences.

We headed over to a different baggage carousel where we picked up Xavier, a slender sweetheart of a puppy.  Once together, we drove off to our AirBnB, located in a terribly trashy building that looked like something out of a crime drama where one would expect the police to perform multiple drug raids and murder investigations in the same week.

Our room was an apartment set up and rented out to multiple porn studios, and I’m not exaggerating, it truly was.  One bedroom was pink and black, the room opposite, separated by a pair of sliding doors, was red, white, and black complete with BDSM furniture, a cage, and multiple toys neatly arranged on a shelf.  The entire apartment was saturated with sexual energy and I loved it, even if it was all heterosexual in type.

I took my chance and tackled Cockpit to the bed and made a promise that I’d finally swallow his sweet load this time, pointing out that I never got the chance the last few times I saw him.  I tore off his pants then and there, and made a valiant effort to suck it out of him, but alas today I was not victorious. However the experience was enjoyable as always.

Later that evening after a day of activity we changed for a night of leash time.  Cockpit got into his gear, myself in my leather, and we headed to the local bar Pump Jacks.  Once comfortably in the bar, he motioned for me to get a drink for myself and a water bottle for him, upon returning I found him being adorable with several other pups around my barstool.  They all had their pup hooded heads on the seat intently watching a squeaky toy.  They took turns pawing it and sharing the toy between the four of them.

Later when Cockpit finished his water bottle, he played with it on the floor, until he became bored with it, dismissed it in the traditional way of waving it off with an “arf”, and wandering over to the pool tables.  I love this pup.  He met up with two other pups and invented a game of “Pass the Bone”, balancing a squeak bone on their hood noses and passing it back and forth with limited use of their paws and trying not to drop it.  Needless to say it kept me in stitches, watching him make up games with the other pups and having a good time, he’s a brilliant pup.  Sadly due to my extremely early rise that day, I found myself dozing off in my seat, observant as always, Cockpit took me home and I went to bed.

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

I woke up with Cockpit and the boys, Xavier headed out early to attend to his contest judge duties, leaving Jeremy, Cockpit and myself to enjoy the morning together.

At one point I managed to get Cockpit to myself again, pants ripped off, underwear tossed to the floor, I went after that pup’s cock like a famished beast!  I sucked his beautiful, thick, throbbing manhood, deepthroating it as far as I could and grinning when I heard his moans, knowing full well his eyes were rolling back in pleasure.

I made him gasp, grunt, stroking and sucking him, devouring him, feeling him throb in my mouth, fuck it makes me salivate just remembering it. He started stroking and beating himself off, I waited patiently like a predator in the bushes for my time to strike.  Soon he was close, closer, he was just about to blow when I grabbed his cock back and sucked more!  He finally released that beautiful load I was waiting so long for! It filled my greedy maw with every pulse, warm and thick!  I swallowed it, finally achieving my goal, and with a victorious grin I went back to sucking his dick.  The overstimulation making him whimper and beg, thrashing his arms, slapping the bed!  I had to give him a little hell for making me wait so long!

The rest of the day I was happy knowing my pup’s essence was finally inside me.  This was something I had wanted to do with him for years, and the bond I have with him only feels stronger now.  I don’t just swallow anyone’s load, this is a kink of mine that comes with love and significance.

I love him so very, very much.

Sunday, September 17th, 2017

This afternoon we headed to the victory brunch for the contest where I met Pup Marvel, one of the puppy contestants.  He’s a very handsome and sexy young man with a succulent accent and a sex drive that puts mine to shame!  I was told he had wanted to meet and get to know me the other night but didn’t really get the chance.  He invited me to join him in the bathroom, at which I felt an unmistakable thrill run up my spine and set my heart beating faster, the feeling I missed so much and rarely felt since my earlier kink years!  Something new and exciting!

We ducked into a stall, locked the door, and he went down on his knees.  He unzipped my jeans, and gave me my first public bathroom blowjob! Fuck! It felt incredible!  The thrill of the situation in addition to his beautiful oral skills sent my brain reeling! He kisses like a dream with those wondrous lips of his!  He stood up and then showed me his own dick, which was enormous!  We had to wait a little in order to escape, and the thrill of the event kept the excitement high!

Marvel told me he really wants to play sometime, and would even make the trip down to me to do it.  I’m more than thrilled to have this naughty dog in my bed for a weekend! Woof!

After the brunch party, I had some time alone with Cockpit and we had some very meaningful conversation.  We talked about life, events, my personal life path direction and he’s still so full of helpful wisdom like the day I met him.  He drove me to the subway station and went as far as he could to show me the way to the airport, I looked at him for as long as I could as I rode the escalator down, not knowing when I’d see that beautiful man again, silently praying that it could be soon, and malevolently damning the ones who forced him out of my reach.

Play Safe out there Dear Reader.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Fox in a Den of Rubbermen

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Paul arrived on his motorcycle to pick me up, upon removing his helmet he revealed this super adorable face that I immediately fell in deep lust with.  It took me a bit to get comfortable, as it had been a while since I had ridden bitch on a bike, plus the issue of backpack positioning and trying to wear earbuds in a full-face helmet, but once settled we set off and I was quickly reminded of how much fun this was.  Watching the world go by, feeling the wind roar around you, holding on to a studly man from behind good and tight with the both of you in full riding armor, it all sent adrenaline through my veins and reawakened the Red Fox of Rebellion in my heart to hoot and holler as we rocketed through Washington.

At a rest stop I shared one of my many biker fantasies with Paul of turning off on some secluded old road and getting primal with the gear on and using the bike as a fuckbench, to my great pleasure he said we could try that the next time we rode together. I hope he knows I write all this down. Woof!

We soon arrived at Sir Jeff’s house as others arrived as well. I met some other men from Recon that I knew including some new faces, the party was already in progress, I grab a drink, mingle with the handsome guests, help out with dinner, make another drink, more flirting, kissing, and finally I get my hands on Paul who kisses like an absolute dream!  Eventually I end up sucking a pup’s beautiful manhood with each hand on a different cock, and I’m loving every second! Damn it's been a while!

I’m pulled downstairs by my harness, blindfolded, gagged, earmuffed, rubbermitted, then restrained to a table in a 2nd playroom of which I had no idea existed the first visit I had to Sir Jeff’s.  I have no idea who is doing what, I’m excited, anxious, hitting some mental walls but I'm enjoying myself immensely.  I’m taken up and out of the playroom in complete subspace, and I remember being told I’m a very good boy.  I lay around the couch upstairs with others before going back downstairs to curl up on an empty bed.  Soon the pup from before joins me, and I wrap myself around his slender, warm body before falling asleep.  A nice beginning to a horny weekend.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

I woke up with the pup in my arms, I go upstairs and join the boys for coffee, and breakfast soon afterward.  The pup is bound to a chair with rope and straps in his rubber puppy gear and tortured with a massage wand.  His whimpers and moans are like chamber music that ring throughout the house.  Paul got out of the wetsuit he was wearing and tells me he wants me inside of it as soon as it’s finished drying and airing out, and we go shower together.

As the water is warming up, I asked if he was into watersports at all, I knelt and bowed my head in front of him in the shower and I felt his piss stream onto my back, it’s relaxing, it felt so good to be marked by such a sweet, sexy man like him.  I rise, smiling, and we trade positions, I cover him with my own urine, which he even tastes, and it is such a horny sight.  He rises and we share a deep, passionate kiss just as an orgasmic scream roars through the house. It belonged to the pup still bound to the chair, he had finally achieved climax and what an eruption it was!  We kiss more under the warm waters before cleaning each other and drying off, Paul then reminded me he had plans for me in his wetsuit, and I’m lusting so hard for this guy it almost gives me a dickache.

Paul went off to play with someone and I headed downstairs to find everyone else in the 2nd playroom, it looked like a beautiful torture chamber.  Hoods, straps, chains, a medical chair on the left and a medical table on the right able to ride and fall with a foot pump, the floor is covered in a rubber tarp.  One guest is being strapped into the chair by Paul, while the pup is already strapped down to the table with his dick being sucked inside a milking machine manned by Sir Jeff.  I watch, fascinated and content until the pup, amazingly enough, lets out yet another orgasmic moan and shoots a second healthy load, I had heard of men blowing multiple loads, but it always surprises me to see just how much is unleashed. Yes, I'm envious. Very...very envious.

I then went upstairs and took the liberty of preparing preemptively for any fun that could happen to my foxhole before returning downstairs and cuddling with one of the other guests.  He and I talked about sport gear, and he put me in one of his football helmets, we groped each other in gear before he took the liberty of sucking my dick, and he did so quite wonderfully! I fucking love being gay.

After a cuddle, Paul came in to tell me he had some pot pills he had made himself using vitamin capsules and cannabis oil and offered me one.  I took him up on the offer, happy that there was a unique way of using the oil directly and thinking I could handle the level of intensity he warned me of beforehand.  From there we went upstairs for lunch and I was able to meet a handsome bear by the nickname of “German Mike” (as there were several Mikes at the party already).  When he arrived, my jaw hit the table, a big burly bear of 6’ something, military haircut, brown beard and mustache, German accent, super sweetheart, and a tad shy.  He hit all the right buttons for me and I was suddenly feeling shy, which meant I was REALLY into him.

I headed down to Andrew’s hut down the backyard hill with Paul, we made out, he was feeling the pot pill hit him already as he took it earlier than me, he knelt down and sucked my cock, and I phased into wonderful bliss just absorbing my surroundings and sensations.  More kissing, more touching, admiring him in his leather overalls like some kinky redneck fuck.  We headed back to the house and Paul released me, he went around the house to look for things.  At this time the weed pill finally kicked in for me, and unfortunately it was much stronger than I anticipated and...well, it's not a horny or proud part of the story. Trust me.

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

I woke up next to Paul on the mattress downstairs, grateful the effects of the pill were finally behind me, we kissed our good mornings and cuddled a bit before I went up to shower and prepare my body for him.  Returning to bed we resumed cuddling and he put me in a red rubber bodysuit, black leather hood, then put me in the sling nearby and helped me work through some mental blocks, but unfortunately I had to remove the hood.  Once my face was exposed to the cool air I felt tremendously better!  He proceeded to finger my hole, then slid his manhood inside of my hungry foxhole and fucked me.  I was in such a romantic, submissive stupor for him, I wanted to serve him the best I could with everything I had.  He felt so wonderful inside my body, his cock was wonderfully shaped and a fantastic length, I couldn’t get enough of him, I was insatiable even to the point of soreness.

Once our experience had concluded, he helped me out of the sling and I went upstairs, happily reeling from his passions, to eat breakfast with the boys.  At one point I admitted I had no idea that this party was one in a long line of annual rubber gatherings at this house, to which Paul brought me downstairs and showed me some photo albums.  Men in rubber over years and decades graced the pages, moments of times long since passed, kinky, sexy, free to love as it should have been ages ago.  I was told of albums lost due to them falling into the hands of a bigoted family member, and it filled me with such seething rage.

Soon after, I was hooded once more in a matching red rubber hood to the bodysuit I wore, brought into the 2nd playroom and strapped to the metal frame that encased the rising table.  I lay on the table, and was lifted, strapped up to the frame, the table was lowered, and I hung so comfortably in the air.  Flying in suspension at long last! I had always wanted to experience this!  It felt wonderful, floating there in bondage.  Every part of my body was supported evenly by strong leather straps and belts.

I was then treated to my dick being jerked off and the massage wand used to pleasure me, much to my enjoyment and delight at the hands of Sir Jeff, Paul, the pup, and another handsome guest of the party, until I finally erupted my 3-day long load!  What a wonderful relief it was! I was amazed I didn't hit the ceiling when I came.

Unfortunately, my torture began the moment I climaxed.  They kept stroking, they kept vibrating, they kept on trying to milk out another load that I begged and insisted wasn’t there!  Finally they showed mercy when I called out a stop at Sir Jeff’s suggestion.  I was released, my exhausted body was taken to cuddle with Paul on the mattress.  After a wonderful snuggle and affirmation that I was a good boy, I went up to shower and take off the rubber suit, cleaned it, changed into regular clothes and relaxed the remainder of the party. 

I was generously taken home by Mike and his partner Pup Hawk.

The whole experience, including the frustrating and negative moments, was absolutely glorious, they were such a lovely group of handsome men and I am very fortunate to have had the privilege of being included in their annual party!  Thank you so much, gentlemen!

(Oh and Paul? You still owe me that ride, hot stuff.)

Play Safe Dear Reader

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quick Stroll of Relief in the Woods

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

This evening I met "SD" off of a gay hookup app in a nearby park, we walked and talked but only had a mere hour together before he had to be on his way, his is a busy life and all.  I found out he was into watersports, jockstraps, as well as a good kisser, but very nervous.  I brought him to a bigger park to have more cover and distance between people so we could talk much more freely, as well as have a little fun with random groping.  He’s 6’3” and a gentle giant, one of my favorite types of men.

Horned up good and proper, I pulled him off the trail and into the woods where we found a good spot out of sight and started to make out.  Soon he knelt and made his way into my pants where he soon began sucking my manhood like an artist! Woof!  Even using his beard to gently tease me!  More kissing and then it was my turn!  I invaded his pants and was very impressed, as it smelled quite pleasant!  One of my biggest turn offs is a foul smelling cock, so one that smells nice is one that’s greedily devoured!

I sucked him off gently, deepthroating him a tad before asking him if he needed to piss.  He did and I positioned myself comfortably on the ground in front of him, opened wide, and waited patiently for my drink to make its way out of his eager dick.  The slight bitterness was overshadowed by my throbbing libido, and I was happily reminded of how much I loved watersports!

He enjoyed me and I think this one is very handsome, when he takes his glasses off, he goes from cute to stud.  As we walked back to his truck he explained his random and sparse availability was due to elements outside of his control, totally valid reasons and not the usual tissue-paper-grade transparencies I've been given in the past. I made a mental note to be patient and flexible with this sweetheart.

He politely dropped me off in front of my apartment, we kissed our goodbyes, and waved a farewell for now.  He’s definitely on the “to play with” list!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A Birthday in Canada

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

I traveled by train up to Canada, thinking that once I arrived I would be greeted by a mutual friend of Cockpit and mine, but as I casually walked out of the customs office, and looked up to see my best friend in the world standing and waving at me, it took everything I had not to slam him up against a wall and ravage him in the terminal!  Once seated in his car, we let loose and kissed to heaven and back!  It nearly ripped his pants open and swallowed his dick right there in the parking lot!

We drove back to the apartments where our AirBnB was located, which I deemed the “pupartments” and ripped our clothes off immediately.  I clawed my way to his dick and sucked it with great fervor like a starving animal.  I was so goddamn horny I wanted his load more than anything!  I wanted to gulp and slurp his cum so bad!  In the heat of the moment he even sat on the head of my dick!  I was shocked, I loved the feeling of his sweet, tight pup hole on my cock!  He didn’t last for more than a few moments, for it hurt him to do it, but those sweet fleeting seconds can still be felt even now as I type this.

We collapsed and cuddled before throwing on our clothes and picking up our friend Brue from the airport, once back at the pupartments, we both gave Cockpit presents which we had been saving for this trip, then had snuggles on the bed together.  I grabbed a shower, and left Cockpit and Brue to sleep on the main bed and I took the couch.  Brue had a hard flight so I thought I’d let him have our puppy for this weekend, he seemed to need him more than I did.

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Woke up and was summoned into the bedroom by Brue, I was placed between the two of them and sucked Cockpit eagerly who then returned the favor quite beautifully.  Brue then licked and pleased me before rolling a condom on my dick and riding me, I then mounted him and gave him a damn fine ass humping, he had a total of three full-body orgasms before I even busted my load in his furry ass!  It was quite encouraging to watch a man spasm, shake, and moan with little effort on my part!  I had never seen a man even have a full-body orgasm before, and I immediately craved one of my own!

Soon after, Wolf and Andy arrived, I showered, then joined the boys for breakfast, a trip to Tim Horton’s, we returned to the pupartments and geared up a little for a trip to the supermarket to pick up BBQ supplies.  Needless to say we turned a few heads being a group wearing pup hoods and me with my bold blue fox tail.  We headed back to Andy’s apartment on the roof and enjoyed a cookout, then I followed Cockpit back to his apartment and hung out for a little before rejoining the pack at the street fair for Vancouver Pride weekend.

I had a great time, enjoying the music, watching the pup pack revel in the celebration, there was even a drumming line that entranced the crowd.  Later on we walked back to the pupartments together, and ended the night.

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

This morning I was awoken by Cockpit hurling a pillow next to my head which was followed by puppy cuddles.  I love wrapping my arms around him and pulling him close to me as tight as possible.  We then got up and everyone got ready for the local charity pancake breakfast held in a nearby square. A pleasant meal later and Cockpit mentioned he needed to grab a case of bottled water and he needed my help with it, so I happily agreed and we walked downtown.  Out of the blue, he approached a European style bakery and we went inside. To my delight he surprised me with my birthday cake!  I love how he plans all of these little curveballs for me, he’s such a wonderful man.

Later that day I meet up with the pack at Cockpit’s apartment and I enjoyed a lovely birthday supper and cake surrounded by the pack and my puppy, along with a movie and the Canadian fireworks competition held out in the nearby bay.  I invited one of the cute pups there, named Mitch, into my lap for the performance.  After the show I invited him back to the pupartments with me to get tied up for the night and he happily accepted.  I was met with Cockpit’s narrow glare, later he claimed to have had dibs on the pup, to which I promised I would shove the boy in his paws once I was finished with them.  Cockpit was only slightly kidding, I was not.

I walked back to the pupartments, pup in my grasp, I led him to my bed and learned that I would be his very first bondage top.  I do so love introducing new boys to bondage!  I bound his ankles with my nylon ropes, then his wrists, there was so much kissing.  I savored and appreciated his thin, succulent body with my lips and tongue as I kissed, nipped, and gnawed on him, my Dark Fox spirit escaping through the cracks, holding him down firmly.  The Dark Fox and I watched with pleasure at every gasp, moan, and murmur, his face reflecting the sensual pleasure.  We whispered dark fantasies into his ear, summoning his imagination to the forefront.  Stroking his beautiful cock, I eventually wore out both arms in my eager attempts to draw out his orgasm, but ultimately failed in my endeavors.  He just couldn’t get enough of his sensual torture and loved every moment of it!

Eventually his ropes were slipped off and we went to bed smiling.  I wrapped myself around his beautiful slender form, like a fox snare and we fell asleep.  Before drifting off, he whispered “Happy Birthday”, and my smile turned to a grin.

Sunday, August 6th, 2017

I woke up with Mitch in my arms, much to my happy relief, and as we rose to greet the day I gave him a stern order to be a very good boy and spend the day with Cockpit.  I would tolerate no failure whatsoever.  He complied obediently, claiming he enjoyed my puppy very much, and that only added to my approval.  The two went to Tim Horton’s together, and I joined the pack upstairs as we all prepped for the Vancouver Pride parade.  We headed to the rendezvous and I was greeted to a pack of pups and handlers all milling about in the crowd, eventually Cockpit and Mitch joined us and the parade took off soon after.  The length of the march was by far the longest I had ever experienced, and given it has been quite some time since my last parade, I did feel more reserved and less active as I usually am.  Time and events in my life have somehow changed me into a more introverted soul, which tends to frustrated me greatly.

At the end of our colorful march, I ended up breaking off with Wolf and Brue and heading back to Cockpit’s apartment, we took turns washing up, and I joined Cockpit and Jeremy and wandered about the festival grounds to see if Cockpit could find his husband volunteering.  With no luck, and the festival about the same as every other Pride festival I’ve seen in the USA, we headed back to the apartment, followed up by an entertaining dinner at a lovely sushi bar which was slammed with chattering and drunken crowds both inside and outside.  What made the meal entertaining was when the fire alarm went off in one business next door, which subsequently made every fire alarm in the line of businesses all sharing the same building block go off as well in some sort of safety feature.  This sounds irritating, but I assure you, having the hunky Vancouver Fire Department come in to check was well worth the noise.

I ended the evening with a shower, a head start on packing up my bag for my departure the next day, and a short rendezvous with the pack on the roof of the pupartments before heading to bed.

Monday, August 7th, 2017

I awoke to my alarm and finished the packing I had started the evening prior.  I went upstairs and said my farewells to the pack, Cockpit offered to have breakfast with me and I eagerly accepted.  During our walk to town, he suddenly told me “Behave”, I looked up and smiled to see we were passing by the local fire station, which sparked a bit of banter,

Me: “Sir! There are scratches on the front door. A wild animal? A dog perhaps?”
Cockpit: “Dogs don’t carve their phone numbers lieutenant.”

We arrived at Tim Horton’s and then with coffee and treats in hand, we sat down outside to enjoy the great weather and passerby.  We spotted a handsome man walking by, and Cockpit joked at the pack of toiletpaper under his arm, “We know what he’s doing today.” as the man passed by, I noticed the back of his shirt and nearly spat my coffee out, laughing and pointing Cockpit finally turns and sees what I do, “D. BROWN” emblazened on the back of the jersey, and we both busted up laughing!

After the amusing meal, Cockpit dropped me off at the bus terminal, we hugged and kissed our goodbyes and I board my bus which was idling outside already.

I always enjoy every single visit I am allowed with my dear puppy, every day, every minute I get to spend with Cockpit is time treasured.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Friday, March 30, 2018

A Weekend of New Kink

Friday, July 28th, 2017

I met Jeff outside of a diner up in Shelton after a fairly good bus ride North.  He drove up in a pickup, a shorter man of 5’8”, barrel chested, blue sports jersey, crew cut with a body that just screamed “football coach”, all he was missing was the old worn out ball cap and the whistle at his neck.  I immediately liked him on first meeting, warm and friendly personality. 

He drove us home where I met his handsome husband, Andrew, who was taking a bath in an outdoor tub on their patio.  We all had a beer and a chat before I was ordered downstairs into the playroom and put in a heavy leather straitjacket, hooded, gagged, and put on the bed where Sir Jeff edged and tortured me relentlessly but with a warmth that could be called kind.  I finally came to the frustrating realization that straitjackets are just not for me.  The combination of not only restriction across my chest or front triggers my claustrophobia and the addition of visual deprivation and an oral gag makes my other anxiety come up, so the nap after my torture was not only uncomfortable, but impossible for me to sleep through, regardless of any breathing or relaxation exercise I tried.

This is simply something I have to accept, I’m just not going to enjoy that kind of bondage, and Sir Jeff was very understanding and accommodating.

Afterwards, we cleaned up, had a lovely dinner, watched TV, and then I got to learn and see what a puffy suit was.  Andrew is into puffy suits and down gear, we went into their bedroom and I was allowed to see Andrew get into what I can only describe as a cross between a body suit and a sleeping bag.  It’s very soft, plush, and filled with down feathers, so it heats up instantaneously.  We all went to bed together, me in the center cuddling Andrew who felt heavenly in my arms.  It felt like a sleeping bag man was cuddling me back.  Sir Jeff spooned me from the other side, and I fell asleep warm, and very happy.

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

This morning we woke up and Sir Jeff put me in a red singlet, we had breakfast on his front porch where we were able to enjoy the spectacular view of the water and surrounding forest.  Sir Jeff had a few tasks to do at his neighbor’s farm, so Andrew and I hung out a bit before he returned.  Once back, I asked them if I could try on Andrew’s puffy suit, they agreed and once I was stripped down I was handed the suit.  It was very large, very bulky, and somewhat difficult to navigate myself into, however once inside and zipped up to my neck it felt incredible!

My body was caressed by heavenly soft sleeping bag cocoon, which was getting very warm at a rapid rate.  If I kept still, the warmth wouldn’t increase and it’d stay at a comfortable and tolerable temperature inside.  Andrew snuggled up next to me, and I melted into the moment just loving every part of it.  I’m not sure how long I lasted, but it was an incredibly warm and relaxing experience.  Once out of the puffy suit, Sir Jeff put me inside a rubber singlet, took me downstairs to the playroom, and had me kneel on a cocksucking bench.  He slid on a condom, and gently skullfucked me, training me to deepthroat.  I sank into submission and did my very best to please his cock, it felt so good to suck his dick, sinking further into subspace, I yearned to be a good little cocksuker for his use and pleasure!

He put me into a rubber pod suit and oral rubber hood, he laid me on the bed and edged my cock mercilessly.  Fantasies of him as my coach flooded my consciousness, I wanted to make the team, extra credit for my grade, and overall please him, make that handsome face give me a wicked smile when he looked at me, knowing what we were doing.  Deeper in my fantasy, he had other players locked up and imprisoned in his house for various reasons, they moaned in their bondage, struggled in their restraints, it made me so horny to think of such a wonderful scenario. I moaned in my own predicament, struggled in my own bondage, but he denied me sweet climactic release.

He left me temporarily to fetch Andrew and place him into his own restraints next to me, Andrew was put into hypnosis training before I was released and taken upstairs, horny and submissive as hell.  We enjoyed drinks and snacks on his porch, and eventually went downstairs to release Andrew from the playroom a little while later.  Dinner was followed by an amusing film in their projection room, and then we called it a night.  I was granted the privilege of sleeping with Sir Jeff downstairs in the playroom, and I fell asleep smiling.

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I woke up and was subjected to torturous edging.  Sir Jeff placed electro units on my dick and turned up the intensity, it felt like electric thorns wrapping themselves and pulsing on my cock!  He kept stroking and stroking my throbbing manhood, until finally at long last I erupted a 5-day load of pure bliss from my member!  I could have passed out right there!  I was allowed some rest before heading upstairs and showering.  We had a pleasant breakfast and a game of cards before Sir Jeff drove me to the bus stop and we bid our farewells.

Truly a wonderful couple!  I love the two of them together and separate, and so excited to have been given the privilege of playing with such a sexy pair of men!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Blast in the Park

July 23rd, 2017

I met Jordan in the park after weeks of horny talk on Scruff.  I led him into the woods on the trail and we started talking.  I gently placed my hands on him and asked if it was okay to touch him.  He was already very receptive and told me I could touch him anywhere.  I took advantage of that and caressed his wonderful ass, he immediately sank into subspace.  I kissed his neck and ears from behind, he sank ever further!  He felt as if he was going to melt and pass out right there.  I had forgotten how sweet the energy of empowerment felt!

I kissed him and he loved every moment our lips were together, we traded status information and upon the responses I asked if he’d like to suck my dick.  He couldn’t have wanted it more.  Thrilled and feeling devilish, I revealed my manhood to him after making sure the area was completely empty and keeping a sharp ear out.  He was a tad apprehensive to do it outside, even under the cover of nature and out of direct sight, but his fear faded as his overwhelming submissive spirit took over and he worshipped my dick with such genuine heartfelt desire!

He was amazing! I felt my legs go weak! My eyes rolled back in bliss! I was building a huge load and actually nearing climax!  I told him I was so close to bursting, it was so rare for me to be so stimulated by blowjob alone.  He replied he wanted it down his throat, and I happily granted his request, shooting my hot load into the back of his mouth.  I splattered the back of his eager, greedy maw with my cum and he swallowed every drop of it, sucking my manhood clean!

I pulled him up and into a deep make out, held him tightly and told him he was an incredibly good boy!  Zipped up and wiped off, we headed out to grab a bite together and get to know each other better, kink and otherwise, I wanted to bond with this boy very much.

After a delightful and short meal together, he drove me home and I gave him a very long kiss goodnight before seeing him off.

He’s delightfully submissive, and I’m quite eager to turn him into a proper leather and uniform slave toy!  He certainly deserves it!

Play Safe Dear Reader