Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doughy Birthday Boy

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Tonight my puppy and I planned to head out to the Los Angeles Eagle bar for a pleasant evening of puppy / Handler time and enjoying a blue collar themed bear night.  Unfortunately due to an errant bag of chips having some MSG in them, my poor pup came down with a nasty headache, and I decided we would stay home and have him rest instead.

After a few hours of cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, my pup asked me if I'd like my birthday present.  He wasn't able to make it for my actual birthday, so we made the whole weekend a celebration.  I eagerly accepted and he instructed me to wait in the bathroom with the door shut so it wouldn't spoil my surprise.  I smiled and did so, fiddling with my phone as I waited.  When all was ready he told me through the door to stand in the tub, naked.  Not thinking too much about it, I did so, and told him I was ready.  For the brief pause I had I did start to think of what he could need me to be naked and in the tub for, but that's the moment when he hurried in with a large bowl and I suddenly was covered in something warm and gloppy!

As I let out a delighted gasp of surprise he smiled and said "Happy Birthday, Handler!" The last thing I saw was his big grin before the slop covered my eyes.  It was smooth, warm, thick, and wonderful!  Such a sensual feeling as it draped over my naked body, I rubbed it all over me, tasting it as it dripped into my mouth, a batter with a light sweetness to it.  I was in a mess of bliss.  My puppy, who isn't even interested in messy play like I am, went through the trouble of mixing up a huge batch of batter and poured pitcherfuls of the gloppy mess all over me, he's so wonderful to me.

After the last of it was poured over my head and I enjoyed it to the last slop I thanked him with a kiss and we started to clean me off.  Unfortunately that's when we found a problem.  My puppy had used pancake mix for the batter, and it had begun to dough up in tiny little balls and stick in my hair.  All over my legs, my arms, chest, beard, hair, and even in the crack of my ass were tiny dough balls stuck everywhere.  My pup was so very apologetic, and we spent the next hour washing, combing, and scrubbing the dough balls off of me as the water turned colder and colder.  Many laughs were had, and my pup was not shy at all to make jokes at my expense, saying that if I farted it would smell like hush puppies, or that the next guy to eat out my ass would be craving IHOP afterwards.  When we got at least 90% of it out, I dried off and my pup said that he had gunged me first as an elaborate introduction to my birthday present.

He went into the hall and picked up a towel-covered box, pulling off the makeshift cover, he revealed a mixer set just like the one he had which I coveted.  It would really help declutter my kitchen and because he knew I love to cook.  I have the best puppy in the world!  We spent the rest of the night laughing about the messy mistake, and plucking dough out of my hair!  I can't wait to see what he does for next year!

I love you, Cockpit.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Trip to the Compound

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

This morning my friend and I headed down Southward to San Diego to attend a private puppy party at a certain fetish wear artist's house. Along the way down my buddy spend half the drive digging in my pants and stroking my manhood, making the trip a very pleasurable one!  

When we finally arrived we headed into the back yard and met up with the other puppy guests.  I dropped my bag off by a table and was told the artist was in his workshop in the very back of the yard.  This place had a huge back yard as it was, and the land just kept going!  In a medium-sized shack I found an open door that lead to a pretty standard looking room.  Metal shelves lined with plaster head molds of many different shapes of animals as well as molds of arms and feet.  It was the second room that really astounded me.  Like a whimsical fantasy, the walls were bright orange and modeled to look like steel girders from the Golden Gate Bridge, walls filled with clocks all ticking away noisily and either chiming, bonging, or dinging the hours all out of sync. The ceiling was molded to look like cave stalactites were jutting downward, giving the whole room a very cartoony feel.  Then the shelves and shelves of incredible rubber hoods in all kinds of creature models.  From dogs, to cats, to mythical beasts and demons!  All of them neatly arranged and ready to wear, and the artist stood proudly giving a tour of his workshop, dressed in rubber Dalmatian paws, rubber shorts with a molded tail, his rubber artist title vest, and matching studded rubber arm bands.

He is an incredibly imaginative man, with a great creative drive for new ideas! Often disappointed when a client asks for their custom hood to be smooth and less featured instead of trying to recreate it as close as possible to the character reference sketch they submit.  I was encouraged to try on a hood, and had my forehead measured to see what size I was.  Turns out I fit a small in his work, and when I asked what size the hoods on the walls were, he replied "All of them are small." My face must have been a clear window to my excitement as one of my friends likened me to a kid in a candy store.  I chose a beautiful fox hood and pulled it on.  It felt wonderful on my head, and I was immediately pulled outside by one of the guests to take pictures in it before I could see it in the mirror.  Now I'm a big camera whore, so of course we took a good amount of photos before heading back into the workshop, but when I saw myself in the hood I was delighted.  I wasn't me for a moment, I was a rubber fox!  I was a brand new persona! A new identity! This was such a thrill, and I wanted to keep it on!  When we returned to the workshop, the artist placed a custom rubber muzzle on the hood, and I donned my sunglasses to add to the overall look.  Laughs were had, and more pictures taken, and eventually the fox hood came off and I was myself again, but it left me with a strong hunger for one of my very own.

A bit of conversation later and we were told that the maze as well as a J-Lube pool was now ready.  In addition to having a grand back yard, as well as a beautiful kinky workshop of wet dreams, our hosts had their very own sex maze, as well as an outdoor shower stall with hot and cold water, and a wall of lockers for guests who came to their play parties.  The rules of the maze were to be quiet and nudity was mandatory.  My clothes couldn't come off fast enough, and I was ducking through the door of rubber strips along with three other guys, headed towards the inflatable pool filled with that wonderful slime.  We wound our way through dark, narrow passages of walls covered in white pen graffiti drawn by past guests over the years as well as the occasional glory hole, lit only by tiny little red bulbs every so often until we came upon our goal.  I could barely contain my excitement, finally a pool of lube to play in! One of my dirty little dreams was about to come true.

As I climbed in and joined the guys already sliding inside, the warm slick slime met my skin, and I shivered.  It was even better than I had imagined.  I covered myself in it, let it slide all over my naked body, giving my skin a wonderful shimmer in the dim red light.  We slid and slipped around in it, the goop slopped and slurped as caressing and fondling hands explored slippery bodies and cocks.  Moans of ecstasy, soft laughter, it was the most sensual slimy experience I have ever had in my whole life.  I closed my eyes and fantasized about one beautiful night where this would happen once again, only it would be a private rendezvous with a lover.  Just the two of us, his huge masculine figure dripping with lube as it towered over me in the dim light, his soft lips meeting mine, our bodies interwoven in passionate lovemaking, more moans and grunts and confessions of love as we slowly reached a climax with each other in the deepest depths of a dungeon.

When the time came to leave the pool of slime, I carefully climbed out and showered in the warm waters of the outdoor shower, which had clear plastic walls for the voyeurs and exhibitionists.  I was soon joined by my slimy playmates.  Once finished, and later joined by my friend who was inside the maze having his own spot of fun with a sexy rubber dog, we spent a few hours out back until everyone else left.  We soon made our way back into the maze again, myself, our host, my friend, and our new rubber pup K.  This pup is incredibly sexy, wearing neoprene shirt, neoprene pants, boots, and a brown leather harness and an awesome oversized matching leather collar, all with a rubber pup hood.  We made our way through passages that contained slings, fuckbenches, more glory holes, dark corners, until we found the rubber bed.

My buddy and pup K. started having fun, and I grew tired and simply watched with our host.  I lay down on the bed and soon dozed off, awakened to find pup K. resting his head on my ass as everyone else was in the midst of passion.  Groans, moans, and harsh grunts filled the air of the narrow maze passages as these three men went at each other.  I smiled and watched the ecstasy play out, being grateful to be so close to it.  

When they finished, we left the maze after some pillow talk, and thanked our host for the wonderful experience.  Pup K, my buddy and myself had a very late dinner at a local Denny's before saying our farewells in the parking lot.  Pup going one way, us going ours, until we ended up naked in my bed, completely exhausted from the incredible day and the long ride home.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sir's Little Plaything

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

In a pleasantly sudden surprise I received an invitation to spend the night with Sir John for an evening of fun and torment.  After a week of cancellations and missed opportunities this lifted my spirits exponentially.  After a train ride up to Union Station, I met him in the parking lot and we were on our way to the start of a very fun evening.

He took the opportunity of a red light to pull out a chain collar and lock it around my neck, the familiar cold metal on my skin reminded me how good it felt to be under his control.  A firm hand on the back of my neck, massaging me firmly pushed me deeper into submissive headspace.  Once we arrived at his home, the dungeon basement door shut behind me, and I was forced down on my knees, my chain collar exchanged for a thick leather one instead. Locked on, my place reaffirmed at his feet.

Deep kissing, my clothes stripped away, my wrists and ankles wrapped in the soft and firm leather embrace of restraint cuffs whose touch I missed so dearly.  More deep kissing and I found myself shoved up against the chain spiderweb for the first time, my restraints clipped in place exposing my naked body for what it was, vulnerable and helpless, the icy metal at my back, a blindfold stealing my sight, more deep kissing, he fondled me, I was his plaything.  His very eager, willing, and submissive plaything.

I was released and marched upstairs, then pushed and tied firmly down to the bed, facedown and spread eagle.  Suddenly a slap of leather on my back, Sir John was flogging me.  I had hungered for this for a long time, I was so grateful for the blows, I moaned my appreciation, urging him for more, begging for it.  When he finished, he prepared my ass with the slick of lube.  I knew what was coming, I could only lay there helpless, waiting for the inevitable.  A gag stuffed into my mouth and tied tight to keep me relatively quiet, and my hole was teased with his manhood, and then he slid inside me.  Having him fill me with himself felt so wonderful, and then he began to pound me, he growled that this was to be the first of many. The pounding continued, I took it, I grunted and screamed into my gag until he was satisfied.

Then Sir John released me, my bindings came off, and I was turned onto my back, a condom was slid onto my raging manhood.  It was my turn now.  He sat on me and rode my dick, I thrust up inside of his sweet warm hole.  I felt the urge to explode approaching but it kept its distance as if it hit a barrier. I couldn't cum like this.  I swapped positions with Sir John, I put him on his knees, I felt my inner beast drooling like a famished wolf glaring down injured prey, I entered his wonderful ass and fucked him as hard as I could.  His grunts of pleasure gave me even more erotic momentum!  It was coming, my big load, it didn't take long until I was there!  Three days of pent up frustration, anger, disappointment, all came flooding out of my cock in a gigantic, beastly howl of an orgasm!  I came so hard that my abdomen began to ache!  I howled long and loud as every gushing pump of my seed filled his ass!

I collapsed on his sweaty back, the two of us panting and laughing weakly, catching our breath, holding him close to me in the exhaustion and afterglow.  Later after a nice shower together, and simply enjoying each other's company, going to dinner, we came home and I was soon stripped once more in the dungeon.  My fists shoved into rubber locking mitts.  I was ordered into the cage, and eagerly complied.  The strong steel door shutting and locking behind me, I immediately felt safe within the metal bars. To my surprise, Sir John climbed on top of the cage directly over me, his looming masculine presence was beautiful to behold at such an angle.  Then a sudden warm stream of piss hit my bare chest, and coated me entirely!  I was caught completely off guard! I had expected this to happen in the convenience of a shower stall or his bathtub, not the leather confines of his animal cage.

I was happy to receive his stream, and he soon granted me the luxury of swimming goggles so I may further enjoy the sight of him urinating on me.  The light urine coat soon began to sting my face, and I started to shiver in the chill of the dungeon air.  He knelt by the cage and whispered to me,

"Be careful what you wish for when you ask for piss play, boy."

"Thank you, Sir." was my response.

He released me, and allowed me to crawl to the shower to wash myself off.  Then we ended our evening together, naked in his bed.  Now I know to be more specific when I ask to be Sir's little piss boy.

Play Safe dear reader.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Promises From a Ranger

July 10th, 2014

Today I met a burly, handsome park ranger! He and I met up at the local coffee house and he showed up in his park ranger uniform for me, as promised!  He was very sweet.  We enjoyed each other, went to lunch, and he was quite the gentleman.  On the way back to my place we talked about us going into the forest, binding him to a tree, and me having my way with him in uniform.  As well as exploring some abandoned places, which is a bit of a fascination of mine as I love old abandoned buildings but never really had the chance to legally explore one. 

We also talked about going camping, going out on the lake in his boat, and other fun adventures together.  To a guy who spends most of his time indoors but loves being outside, this was very exciting to me, as well as all the fun possibilities that came with them. We originally planned to stay at his place, but that didn't turn out so hot, so we decided to stay in for a while.

I held him close and we kissed deeply before I bound his hands and collared him, making him my ranger boy.  Eventually his pants and mine fell to the floor and I rubbed his sweet manhood alongside mine.  I guided him to the doorway and hooked him to the hanging carabiner, then stroked him.  More talk of our forest bondage fantasy, making us hornier, he then found himself on my bed.  We talked in breathy whispers, he was going to show me the river where you can sink deep in the sandy banks.  I was going to ravage his helpless body in the woods. 

Stroking his beautiful naked body, I made him promise.  He promised me he would take me to his forest.  More deep, passionate kissing, more stroking, and we climaxed together, and held each other close as we basked in our afterglow.  A sweet shower later and he gave me his uniform shirt as proof he would return to keep his promise.

We went out again for a late dinner, he's a really good young man, his heart's in the right place.  I can't wait to see him once more. I want to make his kinky dreams come true.  Next time in the woods.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Monday, July 28, 2014

Flagging Yellow at Full Mast

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

I met the sexy boy S and his very handsome boyfriend and Master while I was on vacation with a buddy in Las Vegas. We planned to meet in my hotel's lobby bar. They were very cool guys to pal around with, after a lot of talking, drinks, laughing, and fun in the casino, we agreed to meet the next day and have more fun together.

The next afternoon I started over to their hotel and was instructed by boy S's Master to down a large bottle of water along the way. I bought a cheap 1 liter bottle of water and chugged it along the way while riding the tram over.  I met them in the lobby and had cocktails (even with the huge load of water sloshing in my gut) before heading up to their room.  We made boy S take a shot much to his loathing of it, and made him our piggy, tying him up in the bathtub, hooding him, and making sure he was safe before heading back downstairs with his boyfriend.

We had more cocktails and then headed over to the corner store for some cheap souvenir cups to fill for the gallon jugs of water he had prepared for tonight.  We headed back upstairs and boy S's Master pissed on him first as a little preview of what was to come.  We filled our cups within earshot of the piggy to make sure he knew our party had officially started.  We went back downstairs and it wasn't long before I had to pee.  boy S's Master had inspected my piss earlier while we were in the room to make sure it was clear.  He was very serious about the clarity of my urine, as this affects taste and smell, he then informed me that I was their first trusted playmate, as they always played together and I'd be the first one to piss on his boyfriend while he wasn't present.

"I don't know why, you just have this trustworthy aura about you." he said, which I was quite grateful to receive. I went upstairs alone and used boy S as just a toilet, a piece of porcelain, as instructed.  I put my dick to his lips and he drank my load, mouthful after mouthful until I was dry.  He loved it, and so did I.  As I was washing my hands, I heard him sputter "Sir...Sir?"  I turned, "What is it pig?" I replied, just in case he did need something important.  "I want you to choke me, Sir." he asked. I refused, that wasn't in the promise I made, he begged, and I refused again, dried my hands, and left.  I wasn't about to jeopardize the trust I was only given fifteen minutes earlier.

I went downstairs and told his Master what had transpired, he smiled and said he appreciated my honesty and that his pig had been asking to be choked recently.  He then took his turn to go feed boy S his piss, once he came back he reported that the piggy was full and couldn't drink any more.  He then closed our tab, and we returned to the room together. We spent the evening gulping water and pissing on the pig or in his mouth when he could take more.  Having a piss pig drink from my dick was really hot, and I'm definitely flagging my yellow hanky on the left with confidence.

The more his Master and I talked about piss play, the more I wanted to try it myself.  I was really horny at this point, and my curiosity was growing stronger.  I wanted to take his stream next.  I talked to him more, about the safety of it all, if it really was sterile like everyone said, what would it taste like, and so on, as our discussions went on, so did my desire to drink from the tap.  I wanted to go all the way, I wanted his entire load.

My heart pounded in my chest, I was so ready, but he kept teasing me, saying he wasn't ready yet which only made me want it more.  I started craving it!  When it finally came time, I found myself naked on my knees on a folded towel in the bathroom, in front of the bathtub where the piss pig still sat tied up and wallowing in our urine. boy S's Master turned off the bathroom lights, leaving only a dimly lit mirror.  I opened my mouth and took his dick inside and soon his flow started.  It was like warm water, he filled my mouth, I gulped. He filled my mouth again, and I gulped.  He filled it again, and again I gulped it down.  Each time I gulped down his piss, I fell further into submission, becoming more of his piss pig.  It was so new, I wanted it all, it was so intimate and erotic.  I wanted to be a good piggy, I didn't waste a single droplet, and I drank him dry.

He then allowed me to stand and jerk off over his slave, and as horny as I was I couldn't get release! I was dying to shoot my load over his piss piggy but my dick just refused to listen to my desires.  boy S's Master then said I was forbidden to cum that night, and while I was on my way home to text him that I was full of his piss.  He then walked me downstairs after farewells to his piggy, and walked me to the front door of the hotel.  We talked about him flying me out to their place sometime for more fun in the future.  As we reached the doors, and hugged goodbye, he leaned into my ear and whispered, "Goodbye, pissdrinker."

Haha, oink!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

IML 2014

Friday May 23rd 2014

Cockpit and I arrived at the host hotel, upon approaching the doors Cockpit turned to me and said "I hear a repetitive beat, it must be a gay event!"

Upon entering, I caught up with a few friends as Cockpit checked us into our room and went on ahead.  Once I arrived at our room door he opened it to greet me and said "Ya ready for this?" one of my favorite phrases to hear him utter, as it usually leads to good things, like whenever he gasps and his face lights up with an idea.  Outside, our door was a nondescript portal stuck in a slanted wall in the hotel hallway.  The door opened to reveal a huge room with an incredible view of the city of Chicago.  The room was big enough to consider hosting a small puppy party.

Exhausted and hungry, Cockpit treated us to room service and some great episodes of "Archer".  Once fed and re-energized I geared up with Cockpit and walked him down to Gear Blast where we met up with Keith, Brue, and other K-9 Unit members as well as Don and Niko.  We went out for pictures, and found an awesome Malamute fursuiter who was 6'4" and whose suit had abs, and to top it all off he cuddled like a dream!  His hugs were so wonderful on my bare skin!  We hung out downstairs for a while, then met up with Sir Ian, his boy and Paco, my slave from Recon, whom I had been chatting online with for years!  He was so deliciously handsome! I loved him on the spot!

Cockpit was very tired by this point so I took him back to the room with Paco in tow.  Once I tucked in my pup, my slave boy and I went back downstairs and made out like crazy.  Amongst the large crowds of leather and gear, the pounding music, it was just him and myself, kissing deeply, the whole world faded away and I was alone with my slave.  I forced him up against the walls, he was my fucking plaything!  Groping, biting, every gasp and moan turned me on!  I took him back upstairs to the room, he kissed my boots as he took them off, we stripped, he was even sexier under his leather!  I took my new slave under the sheets, and wrapped my arms around him.  He was mine.  I slept with a horny smile on my lips that night, and a hot man in my arms, my beloved puppy only inches away, sleeping soundly.  This was going to be a wonderful weekend.

Saturday May 24th, 2014

I woke up with my slave Paco in my arms, which led to making out, groping, then a wonderful shower together, enjoying his wet soapy body.  Then having him wash me, more kissing, before letting him rejoin his friends.  Cockpit finally woke up and we started our busy day together.  We went shopping, I had WoW Bao, we then ran errands feeding the troops over at the Mr. S booth (my dog is a saint), before I became extremely hungry and narrowly avoided a nasty meltdown (seriously, though, I saw someone I strongly disliked on the vendor's floor and he was lucky he didn't make eye contact with me). Cockpit then met up with an old friend of his at the room and I left them alone to have fun while I explored the marketplace.

Unfortunately this is where things get complicated, I can't really be comfortable by myself when I'm at any huge event like IML, Folsom, or something related.  I watch all the hot, dreamy muscle daddies walk by with their slaves in straitjackets, collars, leashes, and restraints and start getting "nesty" and my heart grows hungry. Making little kinky romances in my head, yearning for a daddy of my own and all.  It gets really sappy.  I'm a really social guy, I need to be with friends and company when I'm out, I don't get the same thrill as when I'm alone.  Luckily a hot guy working at the Leather Masters booth snapped me out of it, he flirted with me, groped me, hugged me. I gave him my number, prayed he'd call me.

Went back to the room and passed out, awoke a short time later to Cockpit nudging me awake, telling me he had tried to call me and even knocked on the room door, but I hadn't heard him I was so deeply out.  Time passed in the blink of an eye (it's actually really creepy when that happens), I was soon invited down to a facebook friend's room, which was a short-lived visit as he just vented about drama which had no explanation or backstory.  Returning to my room, I took a much needed shower to relax a bit before heading out again to take Cockpit to the Puppy Social party.

The room was just packed! Two floors, surprisingly, and tons of pups squished into the small but roomy space, a few drag queens, a fursuiter or two.  I left Cockpit to romp and socialize for puppy time, and at his encouragement, I went downstairs excited to see what the BLUF party was all about.  If you know me, you know I am totally smitten by a man in full BLUF gear.  The leather jacket, shirt, tie, pants, tall boots, Muir cap, belt, and gloves it's such a heartthrob.  I fantasized of a huge room with plenty of leathermen laughing and drinking with music and socializing, but when I arrived I was met with an entirely different scene.

As I stepped inside the room, I felt the energy stiffen.  Eyes fell on me, belonging to men in the leather I loved so much, but they didn't seem very interested.  I felt an odd chill, I didn't seem very welcome, wanted, or invited here.  They stood in small clusters, talked in low voices, in a room only two small rooms wide.  I was recognized and waved over by Aaron from San Diego, and included in a small cluster along with another older man.  I spoke to the older stranger for a few minutes, but once I looked up, the cluster I was just invited into had dissolved and reformed elsewhere without me even realizing it.  I looked around the room again, I was easily the youngest man there.  Frustrated, I left, knowing where I would feel welcome, I returned at once to the puppy social room.

The hotel room doors opened and smiling faces greeted me, warm and exciting energy was in the air, drinking and smiles, loud conversation and laughter, as well as horny vibes permeated the now overcrowded two-floor room.  A drag queen had drawn on the mirror with her lipstick, and I found Cockpit sitting next to a cutie in a wheelchair.  I was introduced to Forest, a sweetheart of a man and adorable as well.  We left soon after with Brue, Keith, Frank and Forest.  Once back at our room I fell on the bed, the darkness of sleep consumed me just as they left the room once more.

Sunday May 25th 2014

This morning a boy I had my eye on for a long time texted me and said he wanted to see what I meant when I had told him I wanted to rip him apart.  I ordered him to my room that instant where I threw him on the bed, and made out, heating things up quite significantly, we started to chat a bit, I asked him what he had gotten up to last night.  He told me he had gone to Steamworks, a chill went up my spine as I remembered my experience last year, he then confessed he was pounded by two random guys, bareback. I shot him a very concerned look, to which he replied with "It's okay, I'm positive anyway."

After a moment of silence, it was obvious to us both that we were leaving the room shortly for that drink he had promised earlier during conversation.  He was kind to buy me a "Dirty Shirley" for breakfast, and we made little conversation before Cockpit appeared and the boy excused himself.

The rest of the day was dedicated to the setup and teardown of Woof Camp.  I helped Cockpit organize the crowd for puppy portraits, which everyone just falls in love with every year.  Woof Camp was a resounding success of romping, barking, howling pups and tons of bystanders, viewers, and curiosity seekers, including the hotel staff as well as security who try and make it look like that they're "just making the rounds" but you know damn well they're checking it out and having a good time which is very amusing to see.

About 2/3ds of the way through the camp, Brue introduced the Zombie postwomen who shambled in and about the pups, throwing fake citations, zombie teddy bears and squeaky zombie hands and feet into the crowd, which the  pups gleefully tore apart.  One pup crawled under a zombie's legs and took her for a short-lived ride before she fell off.  Shortly after the zombies were introduced, and then pulled from the mass of dogs, Cruella De Ville made her fabulous introduction, surrounded by handlers, who were then instructed to leave, exposing her to the merciless barrage of the pups!  She had to literally be pulled away from the pack of fury before her costume was shredded to bits like last year's postman Keith.

As Woof Camp died down, I learned that two of the zombie postwomen were best friends who actually come to Woof Camp every year, and that the fake citations were actually their own idea, and they had them printed that morning on the drive over! These girls were simply amazing and had such fun, bubbly energy!

Once Woof Camp was clear and over with, I headed downstairs and bought myself a drink, releasing some tension from the day, and enjoying the music.  Not too long afterward, I crossed paths with a Chicago local, Johnathan, whom I had a crush on before he found a boyfriend, and my lust waned as he was "out of bounds". During conversation, he confessed he was single again, and at that moment I pulled him in for a deep make out as my crush was reinstated.  Never let such an opportunity pass you by. He wandered off and I ran into a group of guys I had met at the portraits who kindly accepted me into their group, they took me into a few rooms, and I was offered to make my own cocktail.

Having no real idea of what I was doing I looked at the bottles and tried to figure out the best combination of booze and mixers.  On a hunch and a vague idea of flavor balance, I mixed Vanilla Vodka, Butterscotch Liquor, and 7-Up, it tasted lovely, smelled wonderful, received positive reviews, and so I named my new concoction the "Sweetheart Fox".

Back down in the lobby I followed the boys around again and met an incredibly handsome ebony gentleman named Benjamin, a muscled sexy man who offered me a beer-lemonade.  The drink wasn't too bad, but his company was wonderful.  We talked and I flirted with him until 3:00am when we finally parted ways, and I went back to the room and passed out once my head hit the pillow.

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Sadly, Cockpit had to leave a day early and we would meet at the airport tomorrow, I saw him off and was left to my own devices the rest of the day.  Unfortunately the day's events that transpired were not positive in any sense, left me frustrated, furious, and empty-hearted, and don't need to be recorded here.

Once night fell I texted a friend from last year's IML, puppy Rolph, and asked what he was up to.  He invited me to his room and introduced me to his gorgeous roommates who were headed out to that evening's festivities which sadly required pre-purchased tickets that neither I nor Rolph could afford.  Once they left, and a shot of vodka later, Rolph and I told of our experiences that weekend, and shared our frustrations. Then he placed me in his leather straitjacket, the tight comforts of which I relaxed into immediately.  I lay upon the bed, helpless to his desires, he edged me gently, telling me wonderful stories of how he owned a piggy slave for six years, and the wonderfully horrible things he would do to him.

His roommate came back, and on Rolph's order, kissed me deeply, this was bliss!  After a long while, he released me and let me jerk myself to climax.  The load I shot was monumental!  I was stunned a bit, but I felt such relief, several days worth of horny frustrations in several muscle spasms all over my chest.  After laying there in the afterglow, I cleaned up, and then he escorted me to my floor and we parted ways with a kiss.

Not ready to end the evening just yet, I headed out for a midnight snack at Dunkin' Donuts down the block, in leather jacket, jeans and Muir cap.  Along the way at a crosswalk, a smartass approached me and attempted to be funny with "Hey, are you the real police?" along with a nasally chuckle. Unamused, lightly pissed, and too tired to give a shit, I shot him a look that reeked of my annoyance, solidifying eye contact.  His chuckling smile soon faded, and he apologized, but I didn't break my gaze, I focused in, deepening my glare.

 I'm not letting you get off that easy jackass. I want this to haunt you when your brain keeps you up at night, forcing you to remember all the stupid shit you've ever said and done in your life.

I kept that awkward silence hanging in the air, making it more and more embarrassing for him until you could reach out and touch the humiliation in the space between us.  The light changed, and he scooted his sorry ass across the street as fast as he could without breaking into a run.  I took an unnecessary turn at the corner so I could burst out laughing!  I should do that more often!  The rest of the night was uneventful, a stale donut and small hot chocolate later, and I was in bed.

The next day I was relieved when I was reunited with my puppy Cockpit, he had booked us 1st class seats home, and I enjoyed a wonderful tipsy flight homeward, next to the most amazing puppy and best friend in the world. It's just not an experience without you, pup!

A very special thank you to everyone who made the IML experience possible. Your hard work is appreciated and loved by thousands!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wearing My Dessert

April 25th, 2014

Tonight a fellow fan of messy fun, Doug, and I met up after getting to know each other a while back over drinks.  We talked about gunge and I turned him onto the idea of quicksand and mud.  He came over and brought up two large cans of pudding, a jug of molasses, a jar of marshmallow fluff, a can of condensed milk, and a large bag of cake mix.  All purchased at a bulk store.

We spent some sweet, tender, cuddle time and pillow talk, before stripping down and getting our mess ready.  We mixed a good batch of the cake mix together with warm water, opened the can of chocolate pudding, and grabbed the jar of marshmallow fluff. Once in the bathroom, Doug opened the jar of fluff and slid it on my hard manhood.  I was actually caught be surprise, but once he got it on, fuck did it feel incredible!  A gooey, sticky thickness, sucking in my cock and it all smelled wonderful!  After a few turns and more thrusting with the jar, he removed it and revealed a very white, and very sticky version of my dick.  Then he gave me the pleasure of sucking the marshmallow right off of it.  Damn this man has a mouth full of skill!

After he took his time cleaning my cock off, we opened up the shower and Doug took the bowl of cake batter, held it over my head, and after I closed my eyes, gently tipped the gloppy, chocolaty contents all over me.  I was blinded by the flowing blob of chocolate, and it made me shiver in delight as I bathed in the sweetness. It covered me like a thick, delectable slime.  Then what came next was the most beautiful.  Doug poured the entire can of pudding all over me.  It was like cool, creamy chocolate silk.  As the dessert cascaded down my body, I wondered if real mud, the creamy clay that my quicksand fantasy centered around felt this amazing!

Doug then started to jerk me off, working my manhood, his hands felt so good using the batter and pudding and the marshmallow fluff as lubricant, my stiff, throbbing manhood couldn't resist the climax and I came with a sensual moan!  It felt so good, everything tasted so incredible, and he wasn't done!

He smothered me in chocolate again, and again, scraping it off the shower floor into the bowl for another pour, and another pour!  Hugging close and covering each other in chocolaty sexiness.  Fuck it all felt so tender, so sensual and delicious!  Eventually we started to clean up once the chilly dessert made me shiver from the cold.  Getting dirty was a great time, and getting clean was just as enjoyable! Our warm shower together was filled with smiles and laughs.  Once I could see again, I was shocked at just how messy the stall was!  I let out a laugh once I saw my chocolate body print on the wall.  That stuff was everywhere, and the shower was quite long, and I enjoyed every moment.

Doug is a very gentle man, and he took great care of me that evening.  I enjoyed how he took charge of the situation, a veteran in wet-n-messy play showing a newbie the best parts, and I'm looking forward to the next time I can get good and sloppy with him!

Play Safe Dear Reader.