Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pig Daddy by the Beach

May 16th, 2015

This evening I met Dave, an older gentleman, from our chats on Recon, and I wore my bulldog harness as he requested of me.  After picking me up he took me to dessert at a little cafe in Dana Point, it was here that he told me some amazing, if almost unbelievable tales of his life.

Once at his home I was greeted by his husband and their dog, and we made our way to the lower floor to his guest/playroom where he ushered me into his shower and we both prepped together.  Not truly an activity I am used to doing with someone else, so it took some time for me to get used to it, as well as my own issues with it.  Near the end I felt sick to my stomach, as the water was too warm and I was accepting too much at a time, so we dried off, he laid me down on the bed and rubbed my feet.

As I felt better, he turned me on my stomach and hogtied me with leather restraints, and then tested a few buttplugs on my hole, but I wasn't able to take many of them and my ass was quite sore from the time in the shower.  I hadn't done much anal play in a while, so my hole is sensitive and tight.  He then brought out a unique dildo, it was light cream-colored, and looked like a long tongue of some kind of fantasy creature that started thin at the tip and widened considerably as it reached the base.  He told me that it was modeled after an Orca's penis, and I was even more intrigued.  I've seen some fun dildos before on the shelves of such great stores like Mr. S Leather in San Francisco or Rough Trade Gear in Los Angeles, things like traffic pylons, forearms with fingers extended and grouped together, even a prick-less cactus and an "alien" cock; as well as ones modeled after creatures like dragons, werewolves, and even tentacles from stores like Bad Dragon and Primal Hardwere, but this was the first time I had seen one in person...and I wanted to try it.  Like, I really wanted to try it.

(Before going forward, I should mention that I in no way, shape, or form condone, like, enjoy, or encourage the act or fantasy of bestiality.  I condemn it, I loath it.  This is different, as it pertains to the fantasy of anthropomorphism, or in a more simplified definition an animal that is more human-like in nature, talking, walking, civilized, wearing clothes, but is still an animal, and most importantly can give consent.  Here's some examples of what I'm talking about.

I asked if I could give the beast a try, and he was only too happy to let me at it.  I lowered myself down on the tip and it felt absolutely amazing.  The shape and curve were incredible, and I slipped very quickly into my submissive mode.  I wanted all of it inside me, I felt so greedy, my ass was starving for it, and I wanted to take it all up my hole for Daddy!  After I couldn't take any more inside me and I reached my physical limit, he put me in his sling and played with my hole more.  As I lay there in the comfortable leather cradle it felt so natural to me, as if this sling was my rightful place in the sexual world, I felt like I was meant to be there and I wanted to for hours!

Afterward we returned to the bed and he blindfolded me and toyed around with my body a bit before we talked about visiting some resorts in Palm Springs together someday.  Daddy Dave then told me about his good and amusingly eccentric friend Patrick, who dressed like a satyr, complete with custom made hoof-boots that have flames painted on them, as well as horns and such.  I'm looking forward to meeting this guy, just one look at his picture and I was convinced I'd enjoy his company.

Daddy Dave then put himself in the sling and instructed me to fist him, as it was now Daddy's turn for fun.  I followed orders and slicked up a glove then eased my hand into him finger by finger until I was punch-fucking him, making Daddy moan and grunt for more.  I then abandoned the glove, slid on a condom, and fucked him like a beast!  Primal fucking! The kind of fuck I love to have, letting loose, unchaining the animal within, snarling and pounding!  Much to my disappointment my body refused to give me release, damn it all.

We then cleaned up, and Daddy Dave drove me home, making our plans to meet again soon.  He's a piggy one.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A New Bondage Buddy

May 11th, 2015

I had heard about this man, Mike, from my friend Sam who had played with him before, and who only had wonderful things to say about his experience with this man.  So of course I was intrigued and sent him a message to get to know him a bit.

I invited him over this afternoon and was delighted to confirm he was a very sweet and kind man, with a handsome rugged look that is complimented by his gentle face, carrying a bag full of ropes as well as a bamboo pole with him. When we got inside he explained what he wanted to do and I was only too happy to agree.  He had me strip to my jock and boots, then bound me up nice and tight to the bamboo pole like a pig on a spit!  He rubbed and teased me making me flood my jock with precum!

He then untied me and said he had one more tie for me in store.  Mike then hogtied me to the pole and played with my helpless body, my grin beginning to make my cheeks ache.  I closed my eyes and my mind drifted to a fantasy of being stripped naked, tied to the bamboo pole, then in a helpless hogtie two strong men carry out onto a stand.  They then baste my body with brushes dripping with sweet glaze, then licking me clean!

After Mike had his fill of me, he released me and we had a lovely talk together.  He said I was a good boy and to contact him once I was settled into my new home after my move.  I was so damn horny I wanted to fall to my knees and lick his boots immediately!

I'm eagerly looking forward to my next roping!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Unexpected Inquisitor

May 2nd, 2015

Today I spoke with a man I didn't expect to be so curious, of course that was a mistake fully on my part as one should never assume the level of interest of anyone as there can be absolutely anything under the surface of a person.

A neighbor of mine had seen some of the labels on packages I had received from the boys who enjoyed sending me tributes through the mail, addressing them to "Master", and he asked who this "Master" was.  So I told him about how tribute play worked, what cash and gift boys were, and what the title "Master" meant to us.  Later on he started to use more submissive language in his texts to me, calling me "Sir", so I called him on this and discovered that he was curious and interested in bondage and submission.  His personality is one of a classic "good neighbor", friendly, polite, handshake whenever you meet, and of course he's heterosexual, so I never gave it any thought and dismissed it before.  Now I found myself setting up an impromptu visit to his place.

I geared up in my cowboy gear, the pointed boots, jeans, t-shirt, gray hanky in the back left pocket, cowboy hat, and I grabbed my nylon ropes.  I headed over to his door and knocked on it.  He answered in his underwear and led me to the bedroom.  I sat on the bed with him and explained what I like to do for beginners is to tie them up one area at a time and let them savor it before moving on.  All safety addressed, no secrets, no shame.  We began and I tied his wrists together, he couldn't believe he really enjoyed it, so we moved onward.  I tied his ankles together, he wanted to continue, so I lay him down and blindfolded him.

I let him lay still in his bondage, absorbing his very first experience for a little while before I asked if I could caress his body, it took him a moment to think before he agreed.  I gently ran my hands over his hairy body, helping him to relax into his situation.  It made me smile to watch him really enjoying himself, and a good look at the bulge in his underwear made me grin and think maybe we could go a little further.

"May I touch your dick?" I asked softly, already knowing the answer.  He hesitated at first, the answer staying on his lips a moment before he said yes.  I took my time in reaching down and slipping off his underwear, exposing his thick, dripping manhood.  As I slowly and gently gripped his cock I took my time in rubbing, stroking, and pumping it.  Whispered moans and sighs of pleasure came from his smile.  I continued, a little faster, a little more intentional, he was coming closer to the edge, his body bound, his eyes blindfolded there was nothing he could do except say no...but he didn't.

I encouraged him to blow, to let it out, to release it all for me and not hold back.  He let out a moan and his cock shot a load of his creamy spunk all over his stomach.  I smiled and sat with him in his afterglow, rubbing my hand over his chest before gently cleaning him up with a warm washcloth.  I untied him soon after and we lay side by side, talking about his kink and where he could research it and look for people who shared his desires.

When it came time for me to leave, I gathered my toys and bid him goodnight.  I then returned to my apartment, a satisfied smile on my face.  It felt as if I had the pleasure of some kind of closure I wasn't aware that I desired.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Powerful Leather Gentleman

May 1st, 2015

This afternoon began with Sir Daniel arriving in his very own recommissioned patrol car, dressed to the nines in his tall Wesco boots, tight dark jeans, leather vest, gauntlets, and tight black leather gloves.  Walking towards him was like a scene out of one of my many fantasies!  Once seated in the front, Sir Daniel presented me with a surprise gift, a brand new pair of Damascus leather gloves! Good and tight! I thanked him many times, and gratefully wore them all night!

We headed up to Pistons for a drink and met the new bartender Andrew, a sexy, youthful stud of a hottie, who luckily lives in a city nearby to my new area in Orange County!  He's the exact type that I get fidgety around, nervous, cautious, and all that frustrating nonsense.

After we collected our drinks Sir Daniel and I headed to the patio, and even though he flared up a cigar he was very polite and conscious of my asthma and stepped away like a gentleman to smoke it.  When he smoked half of his cigar he put it out, then he grabbed me, yanked me close, and tongue-fucked my mouth! Woof! Now that is a leather gentleman and a top!

We finished our drinks and left, upon approaching his car he opened the rear door and ushers me inside.  I climb in, it's very cramped, and before I knew it the door was slammed behind me...and there I was.  Inside a real police car, in the back! I was finally here, in the back of a cop car, behind the metal mesh and bulletproof glass, metal bars on the windows, in the tight confines of a mobile prison, with a leather man at the wheel!  I'm instantly giddy!  Sir Daniel took his time outside the car to resume his half-finished cigar, walking away out of sight a few times, coming back once in a while to tease me by fondling his beautiful leather bulge at my window!  His tight leather gloves groping his man sack! FUCK!

When he finished his cigar, he got in the driver's seat without a word and we drove away.  Once we were on the freeway I couldn't contain my excitement any more and commented on how amazing this whole experience was.  He turned his head and barked,

"Don't speak unless spoken to!"

Sir, yes, sir.

We arrive at his subtle and discreet location and he leads me inside, sit me down at his private bar and pours me a another drink.  He then takes down a police helmet from the shelf nearby as well as a pair of shades, he puts them both on me and a wide smile appears on his lips.  He ushers me into the bathroom and tells me I look very hot in them.  I looked in the mirror excitedly, and I saw a dominant, powerful cop looking back at me.  I frowned at myself, crossing my arms, as if I disapproved of some lame excuse a punk kid had just given me, and my cock throbbed!  Woah! I was turning myself on!  Sir Daniel then grabbed a bucket-style motorcycle helmet and handed it to me.  We began to hoot and getting riled up, it was even hotter!  Woof!  It was so exciting to get a glimpse of how attractive I was!

We returned to the bar and he asked me if I wanted a little something more.  I said, sure! Why the hell not?!  I always wanted to try it, and see what it was like and how different it was from some edibles I had tried.  He took a nice drag and grabbed my head, he kissed me deeply, forcefully, he blew a cloud of smoke into my mouth.  I inhaled it, and instantly my throat went dry, it was as if a lush green meadow suddenly transformed into a desert of dry, cracked earth.  I couldn't breathe, and I could do nothing but cough.  He handed me some water and it felt like a flood upon that desert.

Once better, he takes me in his leathered arms and we kiss passionately again, his powerful tongue thrusting into my mouth.  I submitted to him willingly, eagerly, he was so wonderful, powerful, polite, dominant.  He's that classic type of leather man I love, a gentleman of power.

Soon things became blurry...he's taking my clothes off, then I'm being wrapped in a blanket...then he's laying next to me, we're making out more, I'm so horny for him, I want him so much...then I become so tired...and I slip into darkness.

I woke up early the next morning, we're laying under a blanket on the couch in his private club, early morning light streaming through the windows near the ceiling.  He's already awake smiling at me.  My first duty of the day is to suck his balls, which I heartily enjoyed!  I loved to please Sir Daniel!  His grunts and smile made me so happy!  I was making him happy! I was pleasing him!  Once he was satisfied, he helped me get dressed.  He then said something very heartfelt and wonderful in my ear, pressing something into my hand.  I smile, there are tears welling up in my eyes.  I'm falling very hard for this wonderful, beautiful gentleman.

He drove me home, me riding in the back of his patrol car (a dream that keeps coming true), once back at my apartment he lets me out and gives me a wonderful, beautiful heartfelt kiss goodbye, we bid our farewells and I watch him drive out of sight.

I then look at the gift he pressed into my hand, and I'm overwhelmed by gratitude again.  He's such an incredible man, full of kindness as he is full of dominant power.  I respect him very highly, and I cannot wait to see him again!

Please, Sir Daniel...arrest me soon!  I want to be your prisoner boy toy!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Dominating My Soldier Slave

April 25th, 2015

My sweet soldier slave Christian came over tonight, we headed out to a very relaxing dinner and reacquainted.  Since he's returned from his tour his life has been incredibly busy, and I completely understand.  Family, friends, home life, career, he's a very hard worker and that's admirable.  Plus he is definitely a slave soldier worth the wait.  I love to look into his beautiful youthful eyes and watch him smile.  It makes me so happy that a strong young man of the army is calling me Master.

We headed back to my place where I ordered him into his uniform and I buckled my collar onto his neck.  Damn it felt so wonderful to own such a beautiful young man!  It felt even better to have him on all fours taking my throbbing cock up his sweet boy hole!  I raged into his ass!  He was MINE!  He belonged to ME! I OWN HIM! He's MY little soldier SLUT! My BITCH! He knew it to be true as well, the moans I milked from him as IS lammed and rammed his ass didn't lie!

As much as I wanted to explode in the warm and tight confines of his soldier boy hole, my cock betrayed me, denying me the pent-up cream bomb building in my balls.  Both of us spent and happy, despite a withheld climax, we cleaned up, cuddled close and made out passionately before falling asleep.  My soldier slave good and close, in my arms where he belonged.  He protected me out on the battlefield, and now I protected him in my small, modest apartment, in my warm bed.

I know not what unspeakable things he or his men and women in uniform saw out there, nor will I ever ask.  They suffer it enough. One of the many reasons I enjoy soldiers in my bed is the calm and peace I want to give them in return for the sacrifices they made for me and many others.

I do have a very close friend, who is invaluable to me, a man with an eternal place in my heart, whom I call my closest and most dearest friend, who suffers PTSD.  He has episodes of sleepwalking, layered nightmares, and I have witnessed this first hand.  I've had to pull him out of nightmares, and even convince his unconscious self back to bed. I do it because I love him, and I can't even fathom what pain he's in, but I want to give him relief.  I'll give him all of my warmth and light and go ice cold and pitch dark for him if it means his pain would cease.

I felt his warmth in my embrace, and I felt safe.  That great feeling of holding onto a man who knows how to fight, wrapping your arms around power, strength, and discipline.  Fuck it's such a turn on.

Sadly the early morning came, and as the sun rose at 5:00 am, so did my beautiful soldier slave. He left with the night sky, and my mind turned to my fantasy.  I dream of a day where we go out to the wilderness, him in full battle uniform and collar, and we have maddening, passionate, howling sex as if they were missions.  To fuck in the desert, the woods, in the back of a M-ATV, on a tank. Orders from top brass say you need to give me your ass, and they expect a full report soldier.  Damn I love my men in uniform, and I'll prove it with every slamming thrust, deep kiss, and whisper of passion in his ears, all accompanied by the sweet sound of his dog tags dangling from his neck.


Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Australian for a Night

April 24th, 2015

My dear Australian boy, Steven, arrived this afternoon and he barely got inside the gate before I had him in my arms and my tongue in his mouth!  I rushed him upstairs and had him on my bed, continuing our deep kissing and lovemaking.  I only had a single day to enjoy him, and I was determined to make every moment count, as our previous plans of him staying a week or so were dashed to pieces by circumstances which were as unfortunate as they were frustrating.

I stripped him down to nothing but a jockstrap, and buckled my collar around his neck, so he looked and felt much more comfortable as my devoted Aussie boy toy! As I was in the midst of moving out of my apartment, he helped out tremendously by packing up boxes alongside me, like the very dependable servant he is.  He was quite happy to serve, and I was thrilled to dominate him once again.

After a good while of hard work, we broke for dinner at a local pub, he picked up the tab as he wished to do so, he is definitely a rare gem of a boy, we returned to my apartment and packed a little while more before getting pleasantly intimate together. I love this boy so much, his attitude, his charisma, his adorable smile, and that accent of his makes me riled up like nobodies business! Aussie boys are such a delicacy.  We headed out to the bars to start our evening properly, we encountered an adorably drunk boy named Orlando who also was visiting, and helped him find his friend who arrived in an Uber ride to collect him.  The very thought of being drunk, and alone in a city unfamiliar to me, miles and miles away from home sends an icy chill down my spine.

From that little adventure we headed across the street to the 7-11 to pick up drunk junk food, and before we could even leave a questionable guy stopped us and told us his sad tale of being sold fake meth crystals, and (while within two feet of the cashier the whole time) offered to sell us the very fake meth he was conned into buying.  I exchanged looks with Steven and then gently told the odd man that I didn't think it was a very good idea, nor a legal one, to try to sell meth, fake or real, to people in front of the cashier in a 7-11.  He seemed to ponder this for a moment while looking at the floor in a vacant stare before looking up again and telling us he was hungry.  I gave the poor soul my donut and wished him a good evening before Steven and I made a swift walk straight back to my apartment.

Two amusing adventures with strange humans later, we were naked and happy in my bed, deeply kissing in passionate lovemaking before I drifted off to sleep with my wonderful Australian boy toy wrapped up safe in my arms.  My imagination filled with images of living in a comfortable home, alongside my loyal and happy slave boys, all collared and tagged with my name.  Sleeping comfortably with me in the middle of the king-sized bed, and of course Steven nestled happily in the man nest.

In the morning, my dear boy started our day with a wonderful and sensuous blow job.  Really one of the best ways to begin any morning, I would happily have a 3:00am wake up time if this was the alarm.  I closed my eyes and relaxed into his oral gift, feeling him take my manhood into his mouth, feeling his tongue slide along my shaft, eventually opening my eyes once more and watching him go down on me was a beautiful sight.  He worked me towards my peak of arousal, and then pushing me over and into a wonderful orgasm I blow my load right into his eager mouth and grateful throat.  After licking off the remaining cum from my dick, he looked up with a beaming smile.  It's impossible for me not to fall in love with this beautiful man!

Following a very pleasurable shower, we ate breakfast together and I watched sadly as he packed up his bag.  I walked him to his bus stop and waited with him, my mind begging the questions: When will I see this wonderful man once more? For how long? What more beautiful things will happen then?  His bus arrived just as it began to rain a gentle drizzle, much like the disappointment I felt for such a short visit, but a visit I was only too grateful for.  The bus drove out of sight, and my heart sank.

I already missed his adorable face and his succulent accent.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello Mr. Candy Dragon

April 24th, 2015

My friend David paid me a visit this evening and brought along a lovely little bag of fun with him.  Since he works at a location which sells various playthings, he's collected a number of enjoyable toys which he likes to share with friends.

He started our fun with a blindfold around my eyes, and stripping me naked.  He laid me on my stomach and restrained my ankles and wrists in rope, then began to play with my body.  I felt a tingling gel being applied to my manhood followed by a vibrating masturbator, such delight!  After a moan-filled while of teasing, he hogtied me and dripped a warm oil over my back, his warm wet tongue licked it off and then kissed me, filling my mouth with a grape-flavored kiss.

In the darkness of my blindfold my mind went deeper. We both share a subcultural identity as furries, my fursona being an anthropomorphic blue fox, his is a black dragon.  The vision came forth of a large and intimidating black dragon looming over me, his claws tenderly dragging over my fur, scratching my flesh.  He leaned down and drooled a sweet syrup over my helpless form, his tongue lapping it back up and kissing me once more.  A moan bubbled upward from my chest, rising up to my lips, "Thank you Candy Dragon!" escaped in a grateful gasped whisper.

I could feel a smile revealing sets of sharp teeth as he slipped away and then returned a moment later. His gentle claws strapped a ball gag into my maw, I sighed happily then my tongue slathered up against the orb, it was tart and sweet! A gigantic jawbreaker! I had always wanted to try a jawbreaker ball gag! How fun! A while later, the Candy Dragon then released me from my hogtie, gently turned me onto my back, and I felt a thick goop being spread upon my chest.  He removed my jawbreaker gag, and I felt his wet tongue lick my chest before he kissed me deeply.  My tongue was greeted with the sweet taste of Nutella, that wonderful chocolaty hazelnut spread!  This whole experience was so incredible!

The flavorful fun continued! This beautiful Candy Dragon rubbed pumpkin oil into my back during a wonderful massage, he took cotton candy flavor lubricant and wrote "PIG" on my chest, he then lit a scented candle and as he waited for the wick to burn for a while he kissed me deeply with a gentle passion, making his fox prey-toy squirm with pleasure!  He then raised the candle high into the air, the time was perfect, the can was tipped and hot wax spilled from the brim landing on my chest in hot splatters! I yelped! It was startling, but very erotic and it felt incredibly relaxing.  I have always loved wax play, it's such a rare treat for me so each time is excitedly looked forward to!

After more wax was poured over his fox prey, the candle was snuffed out and the Candy Dragon tortured him with more sensuous fun from the vibrating masturbator, enjoying the fox's moans of ecstasy.  Once he was satisfied, the Candy Dragon raked his claws over the fox's chest!  "Thank you Candy Dragon!" he blurted out in a moan.  The fox was flipped onto his stomach, and the Candy Dragon flicked his tongue and drilled into the fox's tailhole, teasing his prey and milking out more moans of pleasure and sexual gratitude from his captive.  The fox couldn't take much more, he was so horny at this point he could erupt at any moment!

The Candy Dragon then removed my blindfold, and he lubed up our manhood, he stroked me, we kissed more and more! More moaning, more passion! Two beasts relishing in our primal desires!  I came to my climax first!  Shooting my pent up ecstasy all over my chest!  As I lay panting, my Candy Dragon burst forth his own load all over his fox prey-toy, covering me in his sticky spunk!

We then lay together and kissed softly, deeply, lovingly.  Soon my mind slowly came back to this realm as we cleaned up, the fox and the dragon melted away under the warm spray of water as we bathed together.  Two furries walked into the shower, and two human men walked out of it.

I sincerely look forward to our next beautiful encounter of deliciously sweet release!

Play Safely Dear Reader.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dominating from the bottom

April 20th, 2015

My dear boy James came over this evening, when he arrived at the gate downstairs I greeted him with a long, deep kiss.  The one that just melts the both of you into the warmth of one another.  It has been a while since I have last seen him, and his large frame encompassing me was quite comforting and very relaxing.  He truly is like my big teddy bear who gives me that wonderful physical and mental peace.

Once upstairs I ordered his clothes to come off, and I buckled my slave collar around his neck where it rightfully belonged.  I stripped naked myself and we took our sweet time making out on the bed.  I love the feeling of his soft lips on mine, he's a beautiful young man with an innocently soft smile.  It really does hide his masochistic self, the one who begs Daddy to hurt him, to skull fuck him, to bite, spit, and subdue him.

As I looked into his soft brown eyes, I decided we would do things differently this evening.  I rose from the bed, and turned out the lights.   I then lit a candle nearby and sat down on the bed running my hand down his body.  I told him that I wanted him to take the lead, I wanted him to make love to me this evening.  He smiled and gladly accepted the proposition, he slid on his condom, we lubricated, and I took my place on my stomach upon the bed.  He gently slid his wonderful manhood into my ass, and made gentle love to me.

He's very good, he went slow, earnestly, every thrust he gave me was honest, sincere, a true fuck from a boy who loves his Daddy.  A form of respect and adoration.  I could feel it in every inch of his throbbing dick that penetrated me.  He gave it his all, and when he could no longer continue, I praised him for his lovemaking.  Topping was somewhat unfamiliar for him, but he's very good even if he doesn't know or think he is.

We switched positions, I slid on the condom, and dripped the lube down his hairy crevice as well as generously slicking up my rubbered manhood.  I savored the time I entered his hole, feeling his body give way and accept me, the warmth of his interior, the moan he sighed.  I made sweet, gentle love to my boy, my teddy bear, I knew he knew of my love for him, my attraction to him, how much I enjoyed our time together, but I love to physically remind him...again, and again, and again.

I also love to remind him who is in charge.  Who loves to play rough.  Who his Daddy is, and where he belongs!  My thrusts became harder, more and more intense!  I drove and drilled into my boy's hole.  Deeper! Deeper still! Harder! Faster! You're MY boy! You're MY teddy bear!  Ravaging! Slamming! Pounding! Tearing into his body like a rabid animal!  I was about to cum! I was going to explode! I snarled and exclaimed it as I burst inside of him! He moaned and thanked me as I did so!

Fuck...what a wonderful time we had.  We lay there, sweating, panting, smiling and of course glowing with satisfaction.  We cleansed each other in the shower soon after, dressed and treated ourselves to a dessert late in the night, then returned and came back to bed.  Naked, close, and warm in embrace.  We woke up still hugging, the way I love to start my day, in the arms of another man, especially one whom I respect and cherish very much as my submissive.

I love that boy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Night Too Awful to Forget

A note from the Leather Fox: 

The following story you are about to read is an unusual post for me.  Usually when it comes to my kink and fetish adventures I prefer to only share positive, fun, and exciting experiences with you, my dear readers.  If I have a fairly dull, uneventful, or a bad time altogether I don't even bother writing it down in the diary I draw my posts from.  However this experience was the first of its kind for me.  I wouldn't expect you to get horny from this, but I do hope it entertains nonetheless.

February 24th, 2015

I was scheduled to meet a man I had talked to on Recon (his profile now long deleted since tonight), I changed into my leather gear, pulled on my Dehners, and put on my Muir cap as I headed out to the Mineshaft bar to meet him.

He was a nice enough guy at first, a bit older than I expected from his pictures, but pleasant.  He generously bought me a few drinks, however he was a little pushy in conversation, he interrupted frequently but I let it slide due to his pleasant demeanor and generosity.  He informed me that he had bound up his balls for my amusement and produced a strand of cord from his pants so I could tug on it to torture him.  It was the first time I had been given that opportunity, and I enjoyed the idea, as well as pulling on his cord, secretly getting a bit of payback for his interruptions from before.

We finished our cocktails and he ordered us an Uber back to his hotel, we enter his room and he began to strip down.  It was at this time that I happened to glance into his bathroom and noticed a shower shot portable enema device, still dripping wet.  I found it odd as he insisted in our messages that there wouldn't be any anal play whatsoever.  When I pressed him about it, he claimed he liked to have a clean ass.  Huh.  Whatever.

He then proudly showed me a shopping bag containing laundry cord, 100 clothespins, duct tape, and saran wrap, all of which he was very chatty about during our time at the bar.  He said that I could have it all when we were finished, as he'd simply toss it after we were finished if I didn't.  I found it incredibly wasteful.

When we finally did get down to play he didn't follow any of my orders whatsoever, he seemed to do what he thought I wanted instead of what I told him.  Even after several reprimands he didn't get it, and I'm not one to mince words nor fluff them when it comes to my orders. This guy never once looked me in the eyes, and he would respond with the most scripted-sounding and insincere "Sir, yes Sir!" I've ever had the displeasure of receiving when I corrected him.

It was around this time I noticed a foul odor in the air, I shrugged it off and simply thought the guy just farted.  I then had him lay on the bed, tied up his hands and legs then placed a few handfuls of clothespins around his chest and proceeded to flick them off after they began to pinch in hard.  Call it spiteful, but I did receive some satisfaction from causing pain to this frustrating man, and for the first time I did so completely for my own enjoyment, and didn't even give half a thought towards his comfort or pleasure.  I then untied him when I grew bored of this torture, and excused him to the bathroom when he asked.

I sat down and went into my thoughts as I waited for him to return. I decided I would take my leave soon as this night was not enjoyable for me in the least, but not before one final attempt at salvaging what shreds of pleasure I could.  Turning the events over in my head I realized that this was never a mutual arrangement. From the start it was all about his benefit, the interruptions in conversation, me tying him up, me putting clothespins on his body, me taking home his scraps of toys when we were done like some cheap party favor. He was quite a selfish bottom and now it was my turn to be a selfish Top.

When he returned and knelt at my feet, I detected that terrible stench once more.  It truly smelled like shit in the air.  I wondered if he was just gassy, as he was an older man, and age isn't always graceful or kind to the body. I demanded a foot massage, and he began to obey, taking off my Dehners, my socks, and then proceeded to disappoint me once again by not massaging my feet as I had ordered, but rather tickling the soles of my feet with his tongue.  I barked at him how to do it properly, and then he did so at first, but then returned to his idiotic behavior soon after.  I was seriously bewildered with how stupid this man was.  I was thankful I had the foresight not to order him to suck my dick as he was literally scraping my toes with his teeth!  I glared at this man, wondering if he had even had sex in his life at all.

I was finally at the end of my patience and kindness.  I told him I needed to leave, and he had to make good on his promise of calling me a ride home which we arranged during conversation earlier that evening.  Instead, he jumped up on the bed and begged for more bondage and clothespin torture.  I ignored him and quickly put my boots back on, while doing so I noticed something on the bed sheets.  Odd brown marks that weren't there when we first came in.  It was then the horrid stench in the air suddenly became worse that I realized what had just happened.

This son of a bitch just shit the bed!

I demanded that he call me a ride home, immediately. He finally seemed to obey but at this point I had no faith in him whatsoever. He got down off the bed, crawled over to one of his suitcases on the floor and rummaged through it to retrieve his phone, and in doing so confirmed my suspicions as he showed me his shit-smeared ass cheeks.  He then abruptly changed his mind, replaced his phone in the bag, and went over to the table to retrieve his wallet.  He returned to me on all fours, and presented me with a twenty dollar bill and told me that I could call for a cab from the front desk in the lobby.

Furious, disgusted, and nauseous with this horrible waste of my time and energy, I snatched the twenty from his fingers and left the room as quickly as possible, doing my best to avoid him touching my pants or boots on my way out. I decided to keep the $20.00 for myself as compensation for my miserable visit and walked home.  I pulled out my phone and called up a friend of mine to tell him my story, as I could barely believe it just happened myself.

The people I truly feel sorry for in all of this is the poor hotel maid who had to discover those filthy sheets and put them in the laundry, as well as anyone who has the horrid luck of playing with him in the future.  As for pitying the man, I had no sympathy, he made his bed and now had to sleep in it.

Play Safe Dear Reader...and don't put up with any shit.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Smooth Muscle Loverboy

February 19th, 2015

This afternoon Joseph, that hunky crossfit boy, came over for some fun.  He talked about some of the stress he'd been having in his life, and as he vented it out I had lead him to the shower and began to bathe him.  I admired and washed his beautiful body as I lent my ear to his woes, once he had finished he was able to relax at last, and we kissed in the waters.

I dried us off and led him back to the bed where we cuddled skin to skin, very closely, my fingers running along his gorgeous body until we dozed off for a short light sleep with each other.  I awoke a little while later and resumed my worship of his muscular form.  Kissing, licking, massaging.  I slipped a condom on his excited member and progressed my worship by sucking down his beautiful manhood.  His moans of ecstasy and pleasure kept me going further to please him.

I smiled and said I wanted him inside me, for him to make love to me again.  I lay down on the bed, clutching the pillows as he positioned himself behind me.  He entered me, smoothly, softly, and as lovingly as our previous time together.  Joseph's style couldn't be called fucking, he's too gentle, too smooth and fluid.  He makes love.  He made wondrous love to me.  He told me how much he loves my hole, how horny I make him.  He makes me feel beautiful and sexy.  Joseph is a wonderful lover.  When he cums I feel a warmth inside me, even his cum is gentle and smooth.  I'd love to taste it someday, and have him shoot his load deep inside of me.

I had him stay inside of me so I could savor him longer.  As we talked through the evening, he mentioned he would love to make this a regular weekly visit.  I think my Thursdays are going to become a lot more fun!

Play Safe Dear Reader.