Sunday, March 17, 2019

Fun with a Socksniffer

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Tonight I had a bit of spontaneous fun with a handsome man from an app I've had the pleasure of corresponding with for a while.  He's occasionally in my area so when he was finally local and our schedules aligned for a meet, we took the chance.

After my shift this evening I headed over to the supermarket to grab a thing or two and messaged him I was finally available, as luck would have it so was he and coincidentally enough he was in the next parking lot across the street! What amusing luck!

After getting a tad lost behind a building, assuming the driveway wrapped around the complex, I parked and exchanged glances with the gentleman in the van parked a space away from my car, instinctively I knew it was him, but had no real idea why.  I texted to make sure, and to avoid any awkward social mistakes, and sure enough that was him.  I hopped inside and said hello, he's quite handsome, suggested we drive around the back to play, he did so and it was fortunate he had rented a large multiple row van, ad it made this type of thing much easier to plan out, I took the back row and removed my shoes, and told him to lay on the floor.

I rested my tired socked feet onto his eager face and he melted, I felt his hot breath on the soles of my feet through the fibers, he was relaxed and I was pleased.  I love my foot fetishists, they take such delight in being a doormat and I fucking love my feet being the center of their attention.  For a good half hour he licked, sniffed, and worshipped my feet on his face.  I loved it, haven't felt so precisely dominant in a good while and his tongue on my soles was very enjoyable.  Even when he gently touched or rubbed my feet with his hands it felt divine. 

We were interrupted twice, once by a truck that had gone the wrong way and the next by a security guard who came up to check with us.  The guy was nice enough, I told him we were hanging out and talking, which we technically were, and he was cool about it.  However an adrenaline rush tends to ruin the moment, so we decided to call it quits for the night and he dropped me off at my car where we exchanged pleasant farewells and I told him I was looking forward to his next visit to the area, as he'd be down in my basement for sure.

Handsome guy, sexy accent (I'm a huge sucker for southern drawls), so I'm going to enjoy crushing him his next visit.  Fuck, I love my foot boys! I need more spontaneous fun.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Assertive Submissive

Monday, February 18th, 2019

This afternoon I met Ken after a lot of correspondence online and fitting of schedules. He picked me up in his truck and we went for a drive-and-talk to get better acquainted with him and his submissive side, he generously bought me coffee and we headed to a local park to sit in the cabin and chat about ourselves.  He came from a hetero relationship, and while in it discovered he enjoyed the cuckold kink (a husband whose wife has sex with other men), as well as other submissive elements.  He was interested in having more male-oriented experiences and I was only too happy to help.  Had my roommate not been home that afternoon, Ken would have been exploring his curiosities in my basement right then and there!  He dropped me off but not before I got a nice long kiss in with my goodbye, very nice lips on this handsome boy. 

That same evening we were texting and he was quite horny and eager to serve me, he mentioned he was on his knees, I asked if that was an invite, and he assured me it was.  I donned my leather and drove to his place, he texted “the door’s open, I’m on my knees in the bedroom” which was one of my little filthy fantasies come true.  I let myself in and found him right where he claimed, I gently pushed my crotch into his face and ordered him to serve.  He obediently unzipped my pants and went right to work.  He is an incredible cocksucker, and clothing was shed about the room as he continued.  He then took initiative and pushed me against the bed and keeps serving my cock, I relish in his oral pleasing skills before ordering him to strip naked.

He’s a tad shy at this point, so I strip first as a courtesy and he follows, revealing he is a very sexy big bear! As I praise him and kiss him deeply to reassure him, he kisses me back mid-sentence, lifts me up off the ground to my delighted surprise, (I have a huge hard on for guys who can lift me up whenever they want) and he throws me on the bed during a passionate kiss. He’s pushing some real fun buttons with me now! An assertive bottom, what a great combination!  More kissing and cocksucking ensues before he asks if he could try something, while giving me some very puppy eyes. How could I refuse this boy anything? I tell him absolutely, and he brings out a massage wand, I give him an impressed nod and he then proceeds to overwhelm my dick with his mouth and the wand at the same time. I’m in ecstasy!

After he gave my manhood a real workout we cool down with a make out and a cuddle, and this boy is insanely cuddly! I’m his little spoon and I’m loving him wrapping himself all around me. After a nice little rest the boy tells me he’s hungry for my cum, and I’m only too happy to give him the load that’s been filling up this whole time.  I jerk myself as he begs and pleads for my seed, as I reach the last few moments I grab his head and jam him down on my cock just as I explode in my climax! FUCK! What a load! Then he keeps sucking! What a great boy!

I’m absolutely spent, and we resume our cuddle in a wonderful afterglow.  When it comes time to leave we rise from the bed and recover our clothing from around the room.  As I’m buckling my belt I tell the boy how much I genuinely enjoyed his aggressive submissive nature, which he explains that since he is so used to being in a traditional heterosexual relationship it usually fell to him to be the one in charge.  I ordered him not to change a thing, as it’s very hot! 

(In all honesty I’ve grown very tired of boys and slaves simply responding to every single question with “whatever you want Sir”, so having a submissive being assertive in his service an exciting shift.) 

I wished him a good night and made my way home, quite satisfied in my new boy’s performance.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Visit to Rain City Jacks

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

This morning some friends of mine picked me up and we headed up to Seattle to attend an all-male masturbation group called “Rain City Jacks”, they had told me about it a while ago and I had been interested in the idea. There’s little in the ways of kink stuff in my immediate area so this was definitely on my list.  I’d always been curious if circle jerks were really a thing other than a locker room rumor or a dismissive forum metaphor, and I was about to find out that they certainly are.

We arrived at a nondescript art gallery with heavy curtains drawn. Inside was a reception desk and a few other guys seated and filling out new member forms.  My buddy gifted me a membership, I filled out a newbie form, and we were taken downstairs for newcomer orientation led by a very woofy muscle bear named Michael who I learned formed the group based off of the club in Chicago. There’s only seven clubs like this in the whole USA, all independent of each other.  We were taught the rules and many of them are incredibly simple:

-Ask before acting.
-Jerking off only, yourself or someone else with consent.
-Announce when you’re going to cum with words instead of grunts.
-No lips below the hips.
-Don’t out anyone, even if you guys recognize each other, if you see someone you know keep your mouth shut. They may want discreet privacy.
(Yes I'm blogging my experience however under no circumstances am I using anyone's name or specific description, Michael being the exception as he has already consented to his identity during orientation.)

For a complete and detailed list of their rules as well as club information, visit their website at

I was nervous as well as excited. It’s been ages since I was in this kind of scene and I’m not my 20-year-old self anymore, so I was a tad self-conscious.  After orientation we headed over to their lockers area, stripped (clothing isn’t forbidden but nudity is encouraged), and I headed upstairs. The main room was large and open, canvas-covered furniture like chairs, loungers, flat tables was distributed around the space, along with bowls of cups of lube, wet wipes, and paper towels.  The bathroom offered mouthwash as well, there was a large screen projecting all male jerk-off porn videos as well as live DJ dungeon music to really set the mood.

There was a decently-sized group of naked men around, I seemed to be the youngest of the group, aside from this athletic 20-something walking around whom I’d love to get my paws on.  I sat on a chair against the wall to try and relax and get a feel for the room. My buddies immediately approached, doing their utmost to make me feel welcome, which I appreciated. After a bit I walked around, figuring I’d take the passive approach and let men come to me, maybe catch the gaze of a guy I’d like all over my manhood.

Eventually someone did come up, nice guy, asked politely and I said sure. He was good, he certainly got into stroking me, and he felt nice as well, I liked his energy.  I felt like I was getting close so I excused myself, I didn’t want to blow my load so early on, I only had one so I had to make it count.  He nodded, understanding, and I went elsewhere. Hope to run into him again.

I watched for a while, someone came out and was quite popular. He had a small group forming around him, all jerking off, he was being touched, groped, and jerked by many different hands.  When he started to cum he drew in about 60% of the attendees like a magnet, several cumming alongside him.

I was sitting on a table watching the porn when a handsome older gentleman sat next to me and very politely asked if he could touch me.  He had this nice warmth to his energy so I was more than happy to say yes. He was very gentle in handling me and I really enjoyed it.  Then I asked if I could touch him in return, he smiled and happily agreed, that’s when I noticed just how...gifted this man was! I was in awe, I had only seen them that huge in porn and thought it was just editing, but they do exist! I took his manhood in my hands and was just as soft and gentle to him as he was me. I let myself just melt into the moment and enjoy it all, sharing this intimacy with a kind and very handsome stranger.  He was consistently on the verge of orgasm, so when I got close I laid on my back and told him I’d love him to finish me off.  He did so and did a lovely job of it, when I finally let loose my load with gasps and sensual moans he was quite impressed at my mess, I was thrilled he did!

With his help I cleaned off, we chatted about kinks for a while, he really enjoyed my fantasies involving mud and quicksand sinking.  I confessed to him I was feeling self-conscious and he said that I had no reason to, that I was very attractive. He made me feel absolutely wonderful. I offered to help him shoot his own load, he smiled and agreed, I worked his long, meaty shaft enthusiastically until he climaxed and blew a very good load, he was quite satisfied!  I helped wipe him down and then offered to swap contact info, I’d be a damn fool not to!  He was such a gentleman!  We cleaned up further in the bathroom, got dressed downstairs, then traded numbers.  We said our goodbyes and I met up with my friends who had good times of their own.

I had a great first experience with Rain City Jacks, and am looking forward to my next visit. They’re very clean, health conscious, heavy on consent, and this is a club for all males of all sexualities, you’re going to enjoy the company of other men and the fantastic energy of jerking off together.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Puppy Christmas 2018

Friday, December 7th, 2018 - Sunday December 9th, 2018

Friday - This morning I boarded a train heading north to Seattle, then swapped to a bus to head into Canada. The train was a bore and the bus was worse, the border guard I approached was unpleasant to deal with.  At the end of my journey Cockpit met me outside the station where he greeted me with a Santa hat of my own while he wore a red leather one with black trim. Once in the car I attacked him with a deep and aggressive kiss hello, he even tried to playfully push me off.  What did he expect, I missed him!

We drove to his apartment to drop my bags, and within ten minutes of being with my puppy my depression which had been plaguing me for weeks instantly evaporated. Once my bag was dropped off we stopped for a lovely ramen dinner on Davie St., then retrieving my bag we headed down to my hotel where puppy had put us up for the weekend. Once in the lobby, Cockpit told me to wait there for a few minutes then come up to the room.  I agreed and watched him leave up the elevator, wondering what he was up to.  Five minutes were up and I followed his path upstairs, pausing at the room door to prepare for whatever, or whoever, could be on the other side. I unlocked the door and revealed his surprise.

I walked into a beautiful hotel room decorated for Christmas, a pile of sweets and junk food on the kitchen counter, various fox dolls and decorations arranged around the room, a tall thin artificial tree with lights and a small bushel of presents piled neatly on the tree skirt, as well as the room TV playing a video of a crackling fire, and his laptop playing holiday music. All of this with Cockpit sat on all fours in front of the couch in his puppy gear, wagging his tail. I couldn’t help but be brought to tears of joy at the intimate scene before me. Of course he wasted no time in teasing me over being emotional.  He took my recent negative attitude towards the holiday due to the overexposure I suffered at work, and instantly revived my affection for it all.  The music barely even irritated me.  After settling in, I opened my presents, read my cards, and we shared half a loaf of Advent Stollen before snuggling up and going to bed. Very warm, and very happy.

Saturday - This morning I started things off with attacking Cockpit and stuffing his big, meaty dick in my mouth where I aggressively sucked much to his pleasure. It really fucking turns me on to milk moans and grunts out men I play with, especially the ones of the men I adore and love. I let him stroke until he was close, then I stole his cock back and worked him over until he burst his load in my mouth. I refused to stop sucking his wonderful manhood until I was plenty satisfied, leaving him in a panting heap. 

A hot shower later and we were downstairs for breakfast, prepared for the day out and left. We had a wonderful day out and about downtown, the mall, the convention center Christmas window displays, the Christmas Market, then a very nice little cafe called Mink Chocolate. Cockpit ordered two sipping chocolates, at first taste it was as if someone melted an entire chocolate bar into a mug! It was so thick and decadent, it seemed redundant that they served it with a small piece of bar chocolate! I was so full I didn’t need to eat for the rest of the day.

That evening we went to Pump Jacks for a Vancouver Men in Leather gift exchange and social.  Since I was a guest of Cockpit’s I stayed to the wings and politely socialized. At the end of their gift exchange event an announcement was made “We have a visitor from out of town!” and all eyes went to me, I was invited to sit on naughty Santa’s lap where they gifted me a traditional Christmas stocking that was absolutely stuffed to the brim, a card, as well as a bottle of wine.  I expressed my absolute gratitude in their warm welcome and generosity.  It felt so wonderful!  Cockpit even opened a tab for me and encouraged me to drink my fill, my pup takes such amazing care of me. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I flirted with a few men that evening, including the bartender, Dana, who was a gentleman and an absolute WOOF. I then ran back to the hotel to drop off my presents, then change into my green leather Polizei motorcycle uniform and returned to the bar to continue flirting and enjoying drinks as Cockpit enjoyed his leash time on the floor. After an enjoyable time, Cockpit was ready to go biped again so we headed back to the hotel, on the walk back Cockpit told me I had every eye in the bar on me.  However I didn’t notice it at all, I’m constantly oblivious to that kind of attention, but I’m nonetheless very grateful that men look at me that way.  We ended the night with a shower, a pair of Christmas movies, then snuggled up and turned out the light.

Sunday - Starting with an indulgent breakfast at Canada’s staple, Tim Horton’s, followed by an errand concerning a pillow accompanied by a lesson in Canadian customer service (or severe lack thereof), we returned to the hotel and stayed in as the weather was so disagreeable.  I took this time to pack and watch “Labyrinth” as everyone seemed to laud it as a wonderful piece of nostalgic film. I was quite disappointed in it.  We loaded up the car and headed downtown for one last meal together at a memorable place for Cockpit, Han’s House of Noodles.  We drove over to the airport, kissed our goodbyes, and said farewell until my next visit.

The moment I stepped into the airport and those sliding doors shut behind me, my mood dropped. I missed my pup terribly already despite seeing him mere moments prior. Once on my very tightly packed, uncomfortable, and turbulent flight home I thought of all the wonderful times we had together when he lived but three streets from me, and his company was simply a phone call and a short walk away.

I will have more with him, because I want it, and it will happen.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Walking My Rubber Puppy

Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Pup Keef arrived this morning, I brought him inside with his bag, kissed my hello and wasted no time in locking my chain collar on his neck before we headed out to grab a simple lunch nearby then some ingredients for dinner.  We went on a nice walk through the park close to my place, halfway through I had him kneel down and suck my dick, and good lord is he a wonderful cocksucker.  It felt amazing to get blown in the middle of nature, the quiet of the woods and the warm wet slurps of an eager pup boy.  We continued onward with sporadic stops to share a deep kiss.

Back at the house and made what we nicknamed “puppy treats”, a mixture of the tincture he brought, vegetable oil, and peanut butter, poured into a silicone tray of bone molds and frozen.  We just took the day to relax and enjoy one another.  Later that evening we pulled out and donned our rubber gear.  I was very glad to see I still fit in it, as I’m a different frame than when I received it in my 20’s.  Pup Keef of course looked amazing in his, no arguments there.  We got hot and horny and went into my room, I was hungry for that dick of his, memories from his last visit made my dick throb and my hole relax.  I lubed up my ass, slid on his condom, and prepared for his big meaty bone!

I was not disappointed, it felt even better than the last time he thrust his throbbing manhood deep inside of me.  I was greedy for his dick, wanted every pulsing inch of it inside of my foxhole.  Even with the friction started to burn, I didn’t want it to end, and then he came to his climax and fuck was it wonderful to feel him finish deep within me! Fuck yeah!

I wasn’t ready to have my turn at him just yet, so we cleaned up but kept the rubber on all the rest of the day under our clothes. I prepped and made dinner as the rest of the house and my guest watched TV.  After our meal I was quite ready to claim some tight puppy butt!  I pulled him downstairs, threw him on my bed, slicked up that sexy hole, slid on my condom and took my sweet time taking his sweet, tight ass!  He was even tighter than I remembered and it was just bliss.  I did my very best to go slow and easy, making love to him, filling him full of my dripping manhood.  Relishing his moans, his grunts, he whimpered like a good pup should, feeling his pulse on my dick, admiring my collar locked on his neck swaying with every thrust.  I went faster, harder, deeper!  Passion fueled me, lust strengthened me until I could hold back no more and let loose my built up shot for his hole! FUCK YEAH!

I held his sweaty body encased in a warm layer of rubber, us both panting, I slid out from inside him slowly, cleaned up, and lay down behind him, pulling my pup into my arms, praising him.  Such a good boy! Such a sexy hot boy! After our afterglow faded, I took a shower and peeled off my rubber.  It was time for bed, so I snuggled up close to my rubber pup and fell asleep with a satisfied smile on my lips.

The next morning we went out for a thrifty breakfast and followed it with another walk in the woods, this time my leash was clipped to my collar locked on him.  I would frequently tug it to pull him close for a deep heartfelt kiss.  Only once did I have to take the leash off as a random person was approaching, some innocent old woman walking her dog, she was very friendly but every moment she spent chatting us up with useless small talk was time I wasn’t spending loving on my own pup guest.  Finally when she went on her way and was significantly out of view I reengaged the leash and held Pup Keef’s hand, as it should be.

Once back at the house it was time for my handsome guest to depart, after he had packed up his things, I indulged in one last deep kiss before unlocking my collar from his neck and waving him safe travels as he drove away.

He’s such a good puppy.  I’m looking forward to his next visit.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Weekend with a Rubber Slave

Friday, November 2nd - Sunday, November 4th 2018

Friday: I was invited to stay the weekend with my new rubber slave at his home out in Montesano, this morning I picked up some wine and a box of donuts for the both of us before hitting the road.  A pleasantly straightforward trip later, I arrived at what I’ll simply refer to as “the estate”, as the place was simply too big and luxurious to be summed up as “the house”.

The boy was in the driveway washing down an SUV when I pulled into the large driveway, I parked and kissed him hello, he brought my suitcase in and then gave me a tour.  The place was quite large, containing a gym, an indoor saltwater pool, a private movie theater, sauna room, and other very comfortable amenities. I was simply blown away by it all, the boy was living the life I had fantasized about for years.

The boy had also kept his promise of taking care of my rubber gear he had borrowed during his initial visit of my house, it was cleaned, shined, and looked good as new! Well done, boy! I was quite pleased with him.

My slave made us dinner of grilled chicken and steamed vegetables, after dinner we went downstairs and enjoyed a very intimate naked swim in the dark, followed by a sweat in the sauna, after which he showed me what he referred to as “the disco shower”.  Two water spouts, an overhead water tile with colored LED light panels as well as a steam vent.  It briefly reminded me of a certain shower I had enjoyed years ago back in San Francisco where one could easily bathe with five large men and still have room.  I took the opportunity and pushed the boy up against the wall, lubed up his hole, and slid inside of him to make it a proper disco shower. His moans echoing off the dark brown stone tile as the warm colors cycled overhead, combined with the steamy cascading waters enveloping us both made it quite the experience to remember.

I cut off my primal bombardment of his sweet hole before coming too close to my peak, I had us dry off and gear up.  The slave donned his rubber, threw some porn on the TV in his bedroom as we got ready for fun.  Traded the poppers back and forth, buckled my leather collar on his neck, clipped my leash to him, then led him out to the living room where I pulled the gas mask I borrowed from my roommate over the boy’s head and put him on his knees.

Unfortunately I feel things escalated a bit too fast as the boy called for a full stop to the scene, which I complied with immediately. He explained his reasons and I confirmed they were quite valid. I released him from bondage and took him right to bed where I held him and we talked about many things both kink and not. Not too long afterward we got back into the mood and fooled around, I lubed up and gently entered his sweet slave hole, making love to my rubber slave, gently, lovingly, sensually inside of him, relishing his warmth .  Listening to him moan and beg for it until I couldn’t hold back, I thrust harder and harder, pounding him, shoving my manhood deep inside him! I finally erupted and unloaded inside my rubber gimp plaything! Signing my name in cum at the end of a wonderful letter of sensual sexual expression!

I held him close, arms wrapped around his slender frame in heartfelt aftercare and our afterglow.  His heart was pounding, he felt so perfect in my grasp.

Saturday: We woke up fairly late, but then I have a daily routine of waking up at 6:00am, much to the disbelief and confusion of many of my friends. We amused ourselves with silly videos on social media before getting ready for the day.  I helped him with an errand, we grabbed breakfast after, once home the boy was very tired and the day was deemed a lazy day.  He went back to bed and I went for a swim.  I burned notes into my kink diary and explored the estate as he slept.  Later on we enjoyed a movie together in the theater and soon called it a night.

Sunday: The boy took me out for a driving tour of the city, showed me some interesting spots including the Satsop nuclear power plant, now defunct, but has tremendous potential for kink photoshoots with its eerie industrial aesthetic! I will definitely be coming back here with friends in the future!

Once back at the estate as I packed up to leave, he told me of an annual bondage party he attends and would put me in contact with the host.  I gratefully accepted as I’m trying to find more sources of kink in Washington that doesn’t solely rely on driving all the way up to Seattle for every little thing.  I’m also hoping this leads to more fun adventures I can happily discuss here!

Play Safe Dear Reader

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Second Chance for a Rubber Slave

Saturday, October 27th 2018

Tonight I gave a flake a second chance, which is quite rare. A young man sent my roommate a video of himself getting on his knees and apologizing to me for flaking and wasting my valuable time.  I didn’t expect to actually receive it, and upon viewing it I saw he was sincere, forgave him, and invited him over for the weekend.

Upon the boy’s arrival I met him outside and had him lick my boots to greet me, he meant it as I could feel his warm eager tongue through my boot leather, one of my favorite sensations as a dom.  My roommate joined in, the boy obediently moved to his boots as well, and once we were satisfied we pulled him inside and downstairs into my Fox Den.  I ordered him to change into his rubber bodysuit and that we were headed out to pick up energy drinks and booze.  He’d never gone out wearing his gear hidden under his regular clothes before and was nervous.  I was happy to put the boy through a new experience he would most likely not forget.  I also took this opportunity to lock my chain collar on his neck and have him feel the weight of servitude during his stay, it felt great to snap that padlock shut.

I pulled on my leather jacket and harness boots, but left my muir cap at the house (don’t need to spook the normies), and one enjoyable trip with my new rubber slave later, we came back and got comfortable.  A bit of drinking later and we were downstairs in my lair, the boy in rubber, hooded, cuffed, on his knees sucking cock.  My roommate and I tag-teamed dominating the slave.  He hooded him in a gasmask of his and poppered him up good and stupid, and this twink can really take it!  I can’t even get near the stuff he was using.  We swapped masks from the black Russian style gas mask with taped eye screens, for a funnel gas mask, and I released my stream down the boy’s tubes and throat.  I was his first piss top and I intend to fill him up regularly, he drank it all down like a very good boy!

Finally I had to have his ass, it had been on my mind the entire time, I took off his funnel mask, unzipped his rear zipper, bent him over the side of the couch and generously lubed up his boyhole and my manhood.  I slowly slid inside his sweet ass and I felt right at home.  Warm, tight, and his slave moans just brought me back to my merciless headspace.  I rammed that boy good and hard!  I was taking that ass for myself!  Dark Fox was in charge now you moaning little bitch! I ramped it up! Harder! Faster! No mercy! FUCK yeah! I howled as I shot my hot load into his slave hole! Fuck! I slapped his ass and kept banging him!

“I OWN YOU NOW!” I barked! He replied with a breathless “yes Sir!”  I was finished and gave the slave over to my roommate, who took the boy and had his way with his mouth, blowing his own load down their throat, successfully filling him in both ends.

After all of those pleasurable endeavors I was quite spent, however the boy was still full of energy and raring to go, not a bad thing at all.  However if it weren’t for all the cider in my system and the boy being poppered, I would have gladly gone out at 2:00am and grabbed a late bite.  Instead I retired to my bed and smiled as the slave eagerly went through the kink gear in my closet like an excited puppy.  I must say this boy looks fantastic in leather and if he grows a tad bit dominant will wear a muir cap extremely well.

I finally grabbed the boy and pulled him under the covers with me, ensnaring his wonderfully slender body in my arms and smiling as I drifted off to sleep. The next morning I sent him upstairs to serve my roommate’s dick, and he did so quite obediently.  Afterwards it was time for the new boy toy to pack up and make his way out, he even promised to clean my old rubber gear which I hadn’t worn in ages, so I’m quite impressed with this one.

I’m sincerely looking forward to plowing his boyhole again very soon!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The New boy in Town

Saturday, October 27th, 2018

This afternoon I met an adorable boy named C. from an online app. He’s a young man of submissive nature, new in town, and who slid into the Daddy/boy mentality fairly quick!  I was out replacing something for my car when I thought “Why not?” and invited him to coffee.  Luckily he was free and agreed, and he is so much cuter in person!  He’s sweet, warm to be around, and has a cuddly personality.  Both of us were quite horned up, so after our little coffee date I ordered him to follow me home.

A gamer geek, good kisser, nice personality, sexy body, yeah, he’s a winning shot.  Once home I took him on a local nature trail where we had a pleasant private walk where our roles of Daddy and boy intensified, I kissed him deeply, fondling his bulge.  His moans were like silk, so eager, hungry, his pleading voice calling me “Daddy!”, his confession that no one had touched him in months, his curiosity of kink.  I had to have him.

I pulled him home with me and downstairs into my Fox Den.  Stripping him to his underwear I collared and leashed him, pushed him down to his knees and held him close, looking down at him as he smiled up at me, the sight warmed my heart.  He wanted to be a good boy. MY good boy. I was pleased.  I lay on the couch and had him service my dick.

Oh. My. God. His oral skills...were absolutely incredible!  I came so close to blowing my load so quickly I had to force myself to stop him! I couldn’t bust yet! After cuddling him I moved our party to my bedroom and we slipped into a make out so sensual.  After a lot of lovely kink talk, the boy worshipping my body, and more kissing, I had him sit up against me and wrapped one arm around him with the other hand stroking his throbbing cock, and what an impressive manhood it is!

Eager moans from a horny boy so hungry to please his new Leather Daddy, gasps of gratitude, and finally a beautiful climax of warm cum all over his sexy stomach and chest! Fuck, what a load! Spooning him in the afterglow I wore a grin of satisfaction, and a few minutes later he told me he could go again.  I challenged him to prove it and true to his word that lovely cock of this sweet boy erupted not just once more, but three times total during his time spent in my lair!  I’m astounded! I’d only heard of men boast of this ability and thought it was simply masculine hubris!  I thought out loud of finding a milking device and collecting his loads to use as lubricant when I fuck his tight boyhole!  He smiled and confessed he loved the idea as much as I did!

Hungry from all this fun, we continued our little date with a lunch he quite generously paid for, and a long conversation.  When it came time for him to leave we couldn’t stop kissing at the door.  He’s such a good boy, and I have quite a number of kinky plans for his future!

He’s going to look so hot in a harness and little else!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Mess in the Woods

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

I met E. this afternoon after talking a while online on a gunge/WAM fan site, we're both into making fun messes with other guys and he's into pies specifically. He made a special trip down from Seattle to meet me.  He mentioned he should be able to pie me for making the journey, I replied that it'd be an admission fee I would have no problem paying.

He's a very burly guy, muscular, hairy, and very, very handsome. A soft-spoken gentleman with a sweet and pleasant demeanor.  We met at a local Japanese garden downtown and talked a bit, getting familiar, breaking the ice.  We headed over to a favorite park of mine and he fetched the frozen pies which he picked up on his way to meet me from his car and left them out on a sunny rock in our hopes they'd thaw enough to play with.  We sat together and talked more as we waited for our play food to warm up, he showed me some very hot pictures of him in various uniform costumes such as UPS, security guard, and a baseball outfit which he all filled incredibly well and of which I sincerely hope to see him fill once more in person!

He also revealed some incredibly hot photos of him absolutely covered in mud! (Yes, my jeans were quite damp at this point.)

When we couldn't wait any longer, we headed deep into the woods and as part of a little bet of Evens or Odds, which I lost to no dismay of mine, he was permitted to pie me.  I took off my shirt and he gently mashed the half-frozen coconut cream pie in my face.  The whipped cream layer was thawed, but it was a shame the filling was still solid, nonetheless he got me good and covered! I was immediately reminded of all my previous messy encounters, and of how wonderful it felt to be made a mess of! To be creamed by this handsome stud of a woof was a distinct pleasure!

The look of joy and satisfaction on E.'s face made this venture even more worth it. Cleanup was a tad awkward, but thankfully he was prepared with towels and trash bags.  I sincerely hope that things will fall together for us to meet more often, and hopefully make a special trip for a muddy experience which I've been craving for literal decades now, and E. is definitely a man I'd like to make a hot mess of!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Enslaved Introductions

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

I met the incredibly adorable "T" online after receiving permission and blessing to meet him from his Master at a coffee shop this morning. I immediately fell in love with how cute he was on first sight, he’s very tidy and well kept, as well as timid and soft spoken. It pulled my dominant energy out quite easily.

We grabbed drinks, headed over to a local department store as I offered to help him on his shopping errand, it’s much more fun than sitting in the same place trying to come up with useless small talk to get to know someone as the environment is changing there’s plenty to talk about.  The errand finished, I had him drive us over to one of my favorite parks for a more private walk and talk.  Discovered that he’s quite the fresh new boy in the gay world with little experience with physical love from another man.  At this point I had to put another mental seal on Dark Fox’s cage as he started to rattle his bars, drooling hungrily. I couldn’t risk scaring the poor boy off, he needed to be initiated gently, and I didn’t want this one to get the wrong idea and turn into yet another “cum, go, and vanish” situation like so many of the men before him.  I instructed him that when he was ready to be more personal with me, to place his hand on my leg to give me the signal.

Words can get caught in the throat, this was much clearer.

After our journey through the woods, we grabbed a meal and once finished we got back into his car and that’s where the boy gave me the signal.  He looked at me with those beautiful nervous eyes and gently put his hesitant hand on my leg.  It was go time.

I reached back and rubbed the back of his head and watched him slowly melt as his brain turned off and he sank into submission under my touch, this was going to be fun.  I ordered him to drive us to another park and once there to follow me into the woods.  I pushed him up against a tree, my knee just under his balls, and kissed him forcefully, he nearly passed out in my grasp. I pushed my knee further between his legs to keep the boy standing, he WANTED this.  He called me “Sir” repeatedly, told me he trusted me, and I dragged him back to the car and took him home.

Once inside, I had him remove my boots, and then pulled him upstairs where I lay on my bed and ordered him to strip to his underwear for me, he revealed a beautiful body just ripe for the ravaging, as well as a bulge and a fresh precum stain soaked into the fabric.  I beckoned him into my arms where I held his shaking body.  I cuddled the boy, kissed him, I pinned him down to lick, nip, and bite him, all milking moans and gasps from his chest.  It was as if no one had ever played with, let alone touched the poor boy ever before in his life! 

He breathily confessed he wanted to be controlled, used, enslaved, fucked raw and have his boy hole filled with another man’s seed!  I had to throw myself on the Dark Fox’s cage to keep my beast from tearing open the cell door and ripping this poor boy to cum-soaked pieces! My beast roared from inside his prison, the door slippery with drool where he had been chewing the bars!

I cooled us down, held the boy close and we rested for a time, talking more, and he kept begging for my dick.  I slid backward on my word that he would have to earn it for next time, as Dark Fox had worn down my stamina, and allowed him to suck my dick.  The boy is still inexperienced, but his heart is in the right place, with practice he will be quite the man pleaser.  He tried so very hard to make me erupt, so eager for my cum, but I denied him and told him he will earn it in time and I wished not to fall any further back on my word. This would also ensure us a repeat visit, as I desired him to return many times in the future.

Watching him get dressed again was like watching a puppy who was just refused his bone, absolutely heartbreaking, he desired it so genuinely and deeply, however this is the coldness of discipline.  He is without a doubt worth the wait.

The next time he arrives at my door I’ll be full leather. Muahaha!

Play Safe Dear Reader.