Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daddy Has a Surprise for His boy toy

October 12th, 2014

Sir Jon picked me up this afternoon for a good, overnight ravaging!

We caught up in the car on the way over, and once we arrived at his home we enjoyed an intimate kiss in his dark basement dungeon before he stripped me to my jockstrap.  Led upstairs, he then tied me to the bed where I belonged and dry humped my helpless body before sliding on a condom, and lubing up my hole.

He slid his meaty cock inside of me and took his rightful place as my Daddy.  He pounded me mercilessly, firm and strong, but holding back before he would cum, he was saving that for later.  He mentioned a bag that might be a bit of fun for me, and always the curious type I said yes.  I was led downstairs and he stood me up against the cold bars of his standing cage while he busied himself with the preparation.  Blindfolded and tied up against the icy bars, I could only wonder what he had in store for me, the rustling of sheets and plastic, then a whiff of rubber in the air, my curiosity was going wild.

I was finally untied and led into the downstairs bathroom and bent over a fuckbench, he then inserted a small tube inside of my hole and I was greeted to the feeling of cool water flowing up my ass.  It felt good, relaxing even, I was pleasantly surprised at the feeling of it trickling deep inside of my gut.  I felt cool, refreshed, clean.  He told me to keep it inside of me, and he filled me once more, it all felt so great being filled up by Daddy.

We then finished up that play, and he took me upstairs to cuddle once I was clean.  I enjoy holding onto him, he makes me feel amazing, safe, loved, even in the throes of being ravaged and ripped apart, I feel safe and cared for.  My wrists were once more restrained, and my body was spread eagle, helpless and happy.  He took pleasure in tearing me apart then and there, I thankfully took his powerful thrusts and poundings until my hole couldn't receive any more of his generous abuse, and I regretfully begged for his mercy. He pulled out, but continued humping me, he kissed me deeply as he climaxed! Blowing his hot load all over me, just how I love it!  Thank you Daddy Jon!

We then cleaned up, and returned to the bedroom.  We had talked about superhero costumes and such before, and he let me try on a Green Lantern suit.  It fit very well and made me feel amazing! I loved how I looked, he commented that I could pass as an evil twin of Hal Jordan.  We went out for dinner, then returned and suited up as Green Lantern together, and cuddled on the bed, kissing deeply.  I could definitely get into superhero kink play!  I know that I loved it when he dressed as Spiderman!

We then stripped nude, put the costumes away and I fell asleep in his embrace.  In the morning I was treated to a damn good fucking, then led downstairs for Daddy to put me in leather mitts, a collar, ankle restraints, and then chained up inside his cage, my favorite place next to being in Daddy's bed!

He then let me nap a bit while he busied himself with his own things.  I fell asleep comfortably within the safe confines of the metal bars and soft bedding, the leather encasing me, and the collar around my neck, the heavy chain keeping me right where Daddy Jon wanted me.  A while later he returned, gently woke me, led me upstairs and we had some quality time before I had to pack up and take my leave.

I love you Daddy Jon. Thank you for yet another wonderful time.  I love being your boy toy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Return to Muscle Worship

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Tonight, Joseph picked me up for dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together with a bit of deeper conversation along the way.  We then returned to my apartment, planning to head out to Pistons afterward for their uniform night but once he took off his shirt, my mind went immediately elsewhere.

His pants fell to the floor and so did all memory of whatever I was planning that night, as all urges pushed me into admiring his beautiful physique.  I had him lay on my bed, and I happily rubbed and massaged his feet, working out his knots and some very beautiful groans and grunts of relief from his lips.   I lotioned his tired feet to finish up his massage, and then grabbed a flavored condom from the other room to continue his relaxation session.

I wanted to make him extremely comfortable, I slid the rubber on his beautiful, throbbing manhood as he lay, eyes closed, soft breath, his vulnerable muscled body calling my name like an insatiable craving.  I sucked down his dick gently and most intent on making him happy.  He moaned, and let me know how it felt.  I went down on him for a very nice, long time, giving him my best love that I could.  After a while of making sweet love to his cock, he whispered he was so incredibly horny.  I was already there!

I slid off his condom, and replaced it with a new one, he gently lubed us both up and he turned me on my back, he wanted to look into my eyes when he made love to my hole.  He is so easy to fall in love with!  He is so beautiful and sweet, and he felt incredible inside of me, thrusting his manhood deeply and passionately.

Soon he was ready, being so horny for so long, I told him I wanted him to blow his load inside of me and I wanted him to look me in the eye when he filled his condom.  He moaned, louder, gasped, and he shot his load in me!  I pulled him deeper!  Yes! Fill me with your masculinity!  It felt so damn good!

I held him close, and kissed him as we melted into our afterglow.  We ended the night in each others arms, and I was gifted with the privilage of falling asleep with my muscle man.  Thankfully he isn't a dream!

Play Safe Dear Reader!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another Intro to Bondage

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

This morning Jeff and I met at Hotjava, grabbed drinks and took a walk to get to know each other.  A young man at a young age, adventurous and a naughty boy, telling me his stories of wild times with his friends I was a bit envious of.  We returned to my place and we relaxed a bit before he made it obvious he wanted to cuddle up.

I started talking kink as I held him, and he ended up in my bulldog harness, and my slave collar.  I then tied his hands and legs and enjoyed my helpless prisoner on my bed as we watched a DVD together.  Of course I wasn't paying too much attention to what I put on the TV as I was admiring and enjoying the captured boy in my arms, stroking, and making the submissive boy submit further.  At one point he became so relaxed he fell asleep right in my arms, his head on my chest, his light snores made me smile at the entire situation.

A newcomer to kink, an adorable young boy was in my care, snuggled up in my arms, completely helpless and vulnerable.  He trusted me fully and entirely to rope him up like this.  He rested peacefully, and I simply laid back and relished in the feeling of him in my embrace.

Eventually he woke up, and I untied him but only long enough to blindfold him, guide him to the living room, tie him once more, and then put him under my desk.  I then applied clothespins to his chest as well as his balls.  He acted as a fine footrest for me as I wrote up a blog post and got a few tasks finished at the computer before the pins became too intense for him.  I knelt down and took them off, one excruciating clothespin after the other, before he was completely released.  The noises Jeff made were quite delicious to the sadist settled deep inside of me, he did a fantastic job for his very first time, and earned his reward for trying something new.

I led him back to my bed, laid him down, and lubed up his manhood with Boy Butter, and slowly worked his cock over.  I listened intently to his moans, his strains, his grunts of pleasure, I couldn't help myself and pumped his cock faster!  I was impatient and pushed him to climax!  He deserved it!  He moaned louder, here it comes!  He climaxed and sprayed his beautiful body with his cum in a great splatter of white cream all over his chest.  We then relaxed, and he basked in his afterglow for a while before I wiped him down and led him to the shower.  I sensually bathed him as I usually do with all my boys who cover themselves with fresh warm spunk, holding him closely under the waters.

Once done and dried off, dressed again, I walked Jeff back to his car and said our goodbyes.  I'm sure I'll have him tied again soon.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Date in Leather

October 1st, 2014

Tonight I met the beautifully handsome Joseph, and we went to Pistons for our first night together.  I arrived off the bus in full leather for the occasion, and he came in with a smile and I immediately liked him.  He's sweet, polite, a fun light energy about him, and a muscled hottie to boot.

We enjoyed some light conversation before grabbing seats for the movie playing that night.  We watched "The Addam's Family" together, holding hands, and stealing kisses.  I was very amused at the situation as a whole.  He just came to Pistons bar for the first time, to meet a leather man for a movie date to watch "Addam's Family".  If that's not one of the more unique and alternative date setups, right?

Following the movie, we headed back to my place and immediately made out, I showed him my leather, and couldn't wait to slip him into a harness, as my bulldog framed his gorgeous body just beautifully.  My leather jacket was next, and I started mentally making him a shopping list for his inevitable future in kink.

Afterward, I stripped us both and kissed him deeply on the bed, I lay him down and told him to relax.  I then took the liberty of worshipping his amazing smooth body of muscular power.  I confessed my muscle worship fantasy of being the shower boy and gym mate of a sexy bodybuilder.  Joining him at the gym for his workouts, and scrubbing him down in the showers without him having to move much for anything, and allowing me the pleasure of indulging in his physique.

My worship of his body on my bed continued, running my tongue everywhere I could, even biting into his thick calves, making him so horny and relaxed.  More kissing until he whispered he wanted to be inside of me.  I felt my face burn red, I wanted it so badly and hearing my wish on his lips made my body shiver in excitement.

I obtained the necessities, he slid on the condom, and lubed us both up generously.  He gently entered me like a gentleman, his manhood filled me in a beautiful way.  He made gentle love to me, it felt incredible.  I moaned and it only seemed to turn him on more, which I wanted more than anything at that moment.  He gasped and thrusted deeper, he felt incredible.  I wanted to have him fill me even more, it all was so wonderful and intimate.  I turned onto my back and he continued to make gentle love to my eager body.  He asked me where I wanted him to blow his load, and I expressed my desire for it all over my chest.

I watched as he stroked and pumped his manhood until he climaxed in a great moan and his cum splashed all over me in great spurts, it felt amazing on my naked body.  I then wiped down and we moved to the shower, continuing our intimacy.  I took my time as I cleansed his beautiful body, washing him down in slippery body wash, massaging his scalp in shampoo, and of course holding him closely and kissing him as much as possible, our wet bodies under the warm waters.

I then happily took him to bed once we finished our shower, we slept naked, wrapped in each other's arms much to my delight, cuddled up nice and close.  It was one of those nights I wished for morning to take its time.

Play Safe Dear Reader

Thursday, November 13, 2014

An Evening at His Boots

September 30th, 2014

Tonight Marc Bellenger invited me over to his home for the evening, after the incredible night a few evenings prior, I lept at the chance.  He arrived in full formal leathers, his Langlitz leather jacket which I just cannot get enough of, leather pants, hi-shine engineer boots, and his leather gauntlet gloves.  He's such a traditional leather gentleman, he even bought my drink for me, and I fell into step behind him of my own accord.  I felt naturally at ease and at peace in my submission.

As much as I may tease and poke fun at traditionalists and men who subscribe to the idea of "old guard" leather, I only do it when they get obnoxious or zealous about it.  In truth, I do find a mild form of what's considered a "traditional" form of  leather protocol comfortable with the right man.  When I am forced into something, or when something is declared socially mandatory is when I resist, question, and become stubborn and mischievous.

Once we arrived at his place, I stripped out of my shirt and shorts into my harness and jockstrap as well as my boots.  I helped Marc with a few tasks around the house before I took my place at his boots, they rested around my neck and on my chest as I sat between his legs in front of the couch.  I didn't watch much TV as my vision was obscured by leather gloves gripping my mouth and face, boots suffocating and choking me, as well as being stepped upon, and crushed between his legs.

  At one point he pulled me up, and wrapped those gloved hands around my neck from behind, forcing me up against the mirror so I could still see the dark gleam in his gaze.  I fell deep into submission, I was Daddy's little leather boy toy, his boot rest.  I belonged under his boots, it's where I wished to be.  I can't stand spankings or breath play, but when Marc did it all I wished was that it pleased him to play with me.  At one point he put his favorite motorcycle jacket on me, and shockingly enough it fit me like a glove!  It felt so smooth and wonderful, like a liquor on my skin.

He dominated me even more, and I wanted nothing but his pleasure, and to earn the two words I yearn to hear every day of my life..."Good Boy."

He said I was a good boy, that I was a very good leather boy!  I was so happy to hear such praise from this dominant and powerful leather man.  As I sat at his boots and wrapped myself around his leg, and lost myself in thought.  This is where I truly wanted to be: in a submissive role.

I found myself in Marc's favorite biker jacket, wearing gloves as I stroked him off, listening to him grunt, and snort, making some very aggressive growls and snarls before he let out a deep scream of ecstasy as he shot out his load.  I was only too happy to make him feel so amazing!

I short while later we set out to return me home, I rested my hand on his leg, sealed in leather, my arm out the window as we drove down the empty streets with the top down, cruising into the night.  It felt like a time shared by many leathermen before us.

I'm excited to see where he takes me next, how deep, how far.  He talks of suspending me in the air from the tree in the yard, he spoke of whipping my back.  I want to please him, I want to make him smile a wicked grin, to ignite that awesome spark when we both snarl and tumble in a roll of fire, feeding off the other's energy in grand passion to fall to the ground breathless and laughing in gasps.

I can't wait.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Roping him at the Bar

Saturday, September 27th  2014

Tonight I geared up in my leather jacket, leather pants, black cowboy boots and matching hat.  I arrived via the bus to meet my boy for the evening at Pistons bar for their cowboy night "Rukus".

Tonight the bar was very empty, and I was the only guy there in anything close to Western gear.  I put my play bag down on one of the patio benches and waited for him to show up.  When he finally did arrive he was wearing the cowboy boots I had told him which were mandatory to wear tonight along with some simple jeans, and a button down shirt.  I beckoned him over with a finger, he started to apologize for being late, and I shut him up by pulling him into a deep kiss.  I wasn't interested in his excuses.  He melted into my embrace, he was mine now, mine to toy with, to manipulate.

I took my time, slowly making out with this lean and muscular boy with beautiful dark eyes and sweet skin to match.  I no longer cared that we were the only cowboys in the bar.  After our lips parted, I reached over and opened up my red bag.  I drew out two chained lengths of my nylon rope, as well as a red bandanna.  I blindfolded him, then tied his hands above his head to one of the posts nearby, the second length of rope bound his legs to the same post around his shins.  He was now helpless, and deliciously vulnerable.  I made out with my cowboy prisoner a bit before unbuttoning his shirt and revealing a sexy chest covered in thick, black fur!

I continued to molest him until the song "Where have all the cowboys gone?" came over the bar radio.  I smiled and used the music to kiss, thrust, and squeeze all kinds of sweet, sexy noises out of my helpless prey.  Once he was thoroughly tenderized and his head reeling, I released him and we made our way back home.  Back at my apartment I stripped him nude and collared him.  I have the boy a bit of Kahlua and some orders to follow, which he performed quite nicely, earning him the privilege of sliding a flavored condom on my dick and showing me just how good a cocksucker he is.  I was so relaxed by his skill that I actually dozed off several times while he serviced me.

I made damn sure he was rewarded for his hard work, clutching him close to me I jerked his sweet, thick, throbbing cock, which had been drooling precum the entire night.  I worked his meat until he shot a fine load onto his chest along with a submissive moan that put a grin on my lips.  After cleaning the boy off, we bedded down, but the boy just couldn't sleep so he took his leave.  He will return though, those moans said more than just "Thank you, Sir."

Play Safe Dear Reader

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bottoming for a Boozeslinger

Friday, September 26th, 2014

I just got back from hanging out with a bartender I know.  A while back he had mentioned that he always wanted to fool around with me, and we had tried to connect but issues always got in the way.  Then while later we finally were able to set a time and place to meet, get to know each other more, and headed back to his place to get more friendly, making out and cuddling in the buff.

Today we met again at my favorite coffee shop, and then headed over to his place. After a little conversation over bad but amusing gay films we headed into the bedroom and he ordered my clothes off.  As I stripped he revealed his beautiful tattooed body, and we converged on the bed.  Soft kisses, touching, holding, and he began to dry hump my bare ass as well as slap it with his long, beautiful manhood.

He flipped me over and I looked at his handsome face, and admired his masculine features.  His strong arms held my shoulders, and then he slapped my face with his member.  I couldn't wait to have it inside of me.  I opened up an oral condom and slid the green latex over the erect cock of the hot boozeslinger straddling my chest.  I then went to work on him, sucking, and slurping up the mint flavor off his rubbered dick.  I wanted to please my host, I went as far down that shift as possible, I was hungry to suck and I wanted to go balls deep and feel him inside my throat!

He grunted a bit in pleasure and I thoroughly serviced his manhood.  He then pulled out of my mouth and lubed up his rubbered cock.  It was finally showtime.  He liberally lubricated my hole and he slid in quite easily, the slender shape of his long cock hurt a bit at first but soon became very pleasurable as his full length sheathed itself inside my boyhole.  He pumped himself inside of me, taking every inch of him, he stabbed my insides, fucking me very well.  I wanted his cock so much, I wanted it even deeper, harder, I was starving to get rammed!

He flipped me on his stomach, I pushed my ass to his hips, go deep! Go deeper, baby!  Ride me, cowboy! Please!  I was flipped again and fucked! Thrusted into! Soon he pulled out, ripped the condom off, and blew his hot load on top of me.  Thank you baby!  He politely asked if I desired to blow my own load, but I declined.  All I wanted was to serve him with my body, I didn't even give a thought to myself.  A little afterglow cuddle, and post play cleanup, and we looked at a bit of vintage smut he had stashed away.  Leathermen with those sexy handlebar mustaches, young men nude and pounding each other, dirty magazines he used to jerk to, all very hot.

Our visit soon came to an end after that, he kindly drove me home, and I left with a smile on my face, and an eagerness to see him soon once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.