Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bottoming for a Boozeslinger

Friday, September 26th, 2014

I just got back from hanging out with a bartender I know.  A while back he had mentioned that he always wanted to fool around with me, and we had tried to connect but issues always got in the way.  Then while later we finally were able to set a time and place to meet, get to know each other more, and headed back to his place to get more friendly, making out and cuddling in the buff.

Today we met again at my favorite coffee shop, and then headed over to his place. After a little conversation over bad but amusing gay films we headed into the bedroom and he ordered my clothes off.  As I stripped he revealed his beautiful tattooed body, and we converged on the bed.  Soft kisses, touching, holding, and he began to dry hump my bare ass as well as slap it with his long, beautiful manhood.

He flipped me over and I looked at his handsome face, and admired his masculine features.  His strong arms held my shoulders, and then he slapped my face with his member.  I couldn't wait to have it inside of me.  I opened up an oral condom and slid the green latex over the erect cock of the hot boozeslinger straddling my chest.  I then went to work on him, sucking, and slurping up the mint flavor off his rubbered dick.  I wanted to please my host, I went as far down that shift as possible, I was hungry to suck and I wanted to go balls deep and feel him inside my throat!

He grunted a bit in pleasure and I thoroughly serviced his manhood.  He then pulled out of my mouth and lubed up his rubbered cock.  It was finally showtime.  He liberally lubricated my hole and he slid in quite easily, the slender shape of his long cock hurt a bit at first but soon became very pleasurable as his full length sheathed itself inside my boyhole.  He pumped himself inside of me, taking every inch of him, he stabbed my insides, fucking me very well.  I wanted his cock so much, I wanted it even deeper, harder, I was starving to get rammed!

He flipped me on his stomach, I pushed my ass to his hips, go deep! Go deeper, baby!  Ride me, cowboy! Please!  I was flipped again and fucked! Thrusted into! Soon he pulled out, ripped the condom off, and blew his hot load on top of me.  Thank you baby!  He politely asked if I desired to blow my own load, but I declined.  All I wanted was to serve him with my body, I didn't even give a thought to myself.  A little afterglow cuddle, and post play cleanup, and we looked at a bit of vintage smut he had stashed away.  Leathermen with those sexy handlebar mustaches, young men nude and pounding each other, dirty magazines he used to jerk to, all very hot.

Our visit soon came to an end after that, he kindly drove me home, and I left with a smile on my face, and an eagerness to see him soon once more.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reminded of My Nature

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Tonight Marc and his friend Michael took me out to Pistons for their movie night.  Earlier in the week I had found some of Marc's leather smoking vids on my youtube channel subscriptions, and they really turned me on.  I can't stand the smoke of cigarettes and cigars, as I'm a bit sensitive to it as well as I'm not a fan of the smell of them at all, but watching him strut around in full leather, taking drags and blowing smoke out his nostrils like a dragon is really sexy.

I wanted to be at his boots so badly, my submissive roots tingled as I was reminded of how much I loved to submit.  As much as I highly enjoy being dominant, controlling another man or a group of men, giving direction, being in charge, holding power, it's always enjoyable to just let go and fall to my knees under the power of a strong masculine leatherman.  

At the bar once we arrived in the back yard he pointed to his boots after taking a spot on the side bench and I took my place in front of him, on my knees.  He used me as his bootrest, the hi-shine dehner boots that adorned his feet now lay upon my shoulders! It was an honor to be told to lick his boots, as the previous tongue to worship them belonged to a well-known kinkster and leatherman.  The more I licked his boots, the more I sunk into servitude.  I yearned for that praise of "good boy".  He dominated me with a fierceness I never saw within him before, he is a nasty top and he was holding back, I could feel it. 

Nipple torture, spanking, clutching my neck tightly with both hands, sometimes even denying me air, driving his tongue deep into my ears as he filled them with growls and snarls of filthy talk and what horrible things he was going to do to me!  It terrified and excited me!  It made me wish I could be a real pig!  If there was no threat of HIV or any diseases from sexual conduct, I'd most likely be a huge pig slut boy toy with reckless abandon.  Especially for Marc!  

He worked me over for a long time, and when I was exhausted and worn down, he held me close and tenderly, deepening our forming bond.  I thought of all the nasty play he spoke of, being suspended in his back yard from a tree, whipped with his singletail, made to cry, broken down, have my face mashed into the mud, I want to be his GOOD boy!  I want to be controlled by him!  

I feel like it takes a lot of man to control me, a strong and firm man with a gentle heart but also a nasty streak. I've been unleashed for a very long time, and this fox aches for a keeper!

Once he calmed me down, brought me back to earth, he took me home and I thanked him profusely, eager for the next submissive heart burns for more!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Getting Him Started

Tuesday, September 16th 2014

This afternoon a young man came over and met me at Hot Java.  He's an eager little subby boy who really wants to serve.  He's adorable, pale, and deliciously thin.  After our initial introductions and getting comfortable, we moved our conversation to the park so we could talk more openly about important and intimate details.

We got onto the topic of kissing, and the boy let slip that if I were to kiss him at that moment that he would have found it very hot.  I wasn't about to let a wish like that go ungranted, so I gently grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in for a nice deep one.  He obviously really enjoyed it, as the next moment we were up and headed to my apartment, with a smile of satisfaction on my face.

Once we were inside, I began his training. His kisses were wonderful, and he looked better without his clothes, he wore an old dingy jockstrap which fit his look rather well.  I gave him his first order, to rub and massage my feet.  He'd never done this before, but he shows promise.  Next was body worship, his lips felt incredible on my naked skin.  I savored this task for a while, making him go up and down my body a few times before praising him on a job well done.

When I ordered him to come and go around the apartment, he did so on all fours, without previous instruction which was very appreciated.  He performed his first domestic chore promptly and correctly.  He calls me "Sir" and "Daddy" and it sounds very sweet coming from his lips.  He does tend to interrupt me when I am giving him orders, eagerly answering with a "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Daddy", so I may have to administer a spanking punishment so as to correct and refine his performance.  He looks just fantastic in a slave collar, and even more so on my chain leash.

I felt that he had done quite a wonderful job today in his service to me, I decided to reward him with my cock.  I slid on a flavored condom for him, and he eagerly rushed to suck it before I stopped him and told him I hadn't ordered him to yet.  Watching him look at my rock hard manhood like a hungry dog was just so much fun.  I gave him the order and he devoured my dick like he was starving.  He's quite an eager-to-please cock gobbler! WOOF!

After a fantastic sucking, I wanted to give this eager up-and-coming boy a sign of my gratitude for his submission.  I pulled him close to me on the bed, sat him in my lap, and reached around his beautiful naked body and began to work his excited cock.  I slicked up his manhood, dripping with excitement already, and stroked him nice and slow.  I worked him over, listening to him grunt in ecstasy before speeding it up, gripping him, stroking his slippery cock.  He finally let out a loud moan and his aching load blew beautifully over his stomach.  I felt a bit sadistic and kept going, I enjoyed overstimulating his dick, making him squirm in my arms a bit as I continued to stroke his dick, he begged me to stop, and I felt merciful and did so.

I took him to the shower and gently washed him off, cleaned up my new boy toy.  Sensually kissing, caressing, and loving on his slippery, soapy, wet body.  This gorgeous boy is definitely a wonderful slave in training, and he did mention he wanted to get to that point.  One wonderful submission session at a time, of course.  The fun is in the journey.

I'm looking forward to training him and making him an upstanding boy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cuddling the Teddy Bear boy

September 11th, 2014

This afternoon J. came over to stay the night.  He's such a sweet, soft-spoken, handsome young man.  6'3", beautiful brown eyes, dark skin, scruffy beard, and a succulently deep soft voice.  He's new in town and new to kink, so I'm all the more happy to show him as much as possible.

His second visit to my apartment started off with us making out immediately after the front door closed behind us.  His kisses are soft as are his wonderful lips, I felt his arms surround me, holding me closer as our make out deepened further, becoming more passionate, romantic, sensual.  I was very tired from the day so I pulled him into the bedroom, stripping off our clothes and getting closer, his body a gorgeous light carpet of black hair, soft and cuddly like a teddy bear.  His submissive nature and eagerness to be mine to keep was like a fantasy unfurling into a reality.  The dream man in my bed wanted to be mine?  A living wet dream.

We dozed a little, cuddled close and smiling.  A snooze later and we decided to go to dinner but not before reaching the topic of leather.  I told the teddy bear boy to try on my first leather jacket to see how he looked.  It didn't fit him very well size-wise, but he is definitely destined to own one given how amazing he wore it!

After a burger I showed him the vintage stores on 4th street, great places for old jackets and boots for the next time we met we could go jacket hunting.  Once back at my apartment more kissing and intimacy, then I collared him with my large, leather slave collar.  He loved it and he looked right with one on his neck, he definitely needs to wear one.  I then introduced him to a little domestic service, tasking him with my laundry, which he thankfully enjoyed as part of his servitude. The first time he went down with the basket he dressed regularly with the addition of my collar.  The second time he was to go down, he was to be shirtless, woof! He definitely looks better without a shirt on.

Once chores were finished he and I shared a drink, then went to bed, where we spent the majority of the night kissing, cuddling, and melting into a naked embrace.  I was thrilled!  Not much sleep was had at all that night, not that I'm complaining mind you.

In the morning more romantic cuddling, gazing into his dark brown eyes, a smile never left my lips.  Soon I prepared to make love to him, lubing up his hole, and sliding a condom on, I discovered he was very tight like a virgin ass.  I went nice and slow, I wanted to really savor the moment.  I pushed gently, easing into his squeezing hole.  His moans and gasps were so sweet and so erotic.  I told him how beautiful he was, he was intoxicating to the heart, how easy it would be to fall in love with him.  I then pumped more energy into him, thrust a little harder, the beast within was harder to resist.  I pounded him harder, thrust faster, his moans spurring me on like a war horse!  He was mine! I was fucking my teddy bear boy!  I exploded inside of his sweet ass with a growl!  His ass was so tight it felt like the cum had nowhere to go inside my rubber!

I cleaned off a bit and we basked in our afterglow together.  He was so happy, and I was glad to see he had enjoyed it as much as I did.  Soon to our disappointment he had to take his leave.

He will return soon though, I must show him everything I can in the kink world.  He's so open minded and eager to learn.  He must belong to me, he will be my teddy bear boy, in my collar, bound by my restraints, led into bars on a chain leash and tied up in rope.

I'm going to take damn fine care of this one.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Tired Mind, Submissive Dream

"Tired Mind, Submissive Dream"

By Zageden

The muir cap gets heavy, and my submissive heart beats for the shadows. That darkness that hides those beautiful, black-clad men, their eyes hidden by their brims.

I'm a natural sub, and told that I'm a talented Dom, the boys kneel before me, call me Sir, and Daddy, and some salivate and call me Master. I enjoy it, I relish in it, but after a while I need to kneel myself, standing becomes so tiresome.

Take my jacket please, and help me out of my boots. These gloves are quite hot, and I need to escape these pants. The cool air of the night brushes by my bare skin, as only my old red jockstrap remains. I close my eyes and listen, pause and breathe, feel the rhythm of my beating heart. The blood courses steadily in my veins, a little faster now. I can feel him behind me, he doesn't say a word, he doesn't need to, his energy rises off of him like heat waves off pavement in the relentless sunlight.

I hear the creak of his leather, I can't help but smile. It's coming. A cool leather glove rests upon my shoulder, applies a little pressure, and like the pebble tossed into the water, I sink to my desired position, my knees meet the cold floor. His gentle hand slides across my skin like a leather snake slithering down my shoulder, past my chest, over my stomach, my breath becomes shallower, he slips down inside and claims me without a word. I turn my head and sniff the arm of the black leather jacket, it smells of the evening city air, a waft of cigarettes and cigars, the scent of the masculine shadows.

His breath is now upon my neck, a wet warmth as his tongue slips onto my skin, tasting me. I feel my mind melt, my body relaxes, I breathe in through my nose and let out a soft short moan of ecstasy. Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. I hope you enjoy my flavor, Sir. The fingertips of his glove curl under my chin and lift my gaze to the ceiling and hold it there. Both legs stand firm behind me, he slides those gloved hands along my neck, and slowly they enclose around it. I am held strong, my breath uninterrupted, but his power is undulating from his palms, it keeps me weak, it keeps me still, I wish to obey these strong, serious hands which can close in at any moment, they hold my life between them.

I open my eyes and can only see the silhouette of his head underneath the dim lights above, the dim red lights over the cold gray concrete floor, the lights that dangle and sway, casting sinister shadows against the sleazy crimson. His eyes hidden behind mirrors, further hidden under the brim of the black cover. A proud silver eagle stretches his dignified wingspan above his brow, talons open and ready to rend any target apart. Swoop down upon me, Sir. Take me up into the sky in your grasp. I am your prey tonight.

My vision stolen, a blindfold seals away the swaying red light. A soft cloth is then wrapped around my mouth, stealing away my words. I feel it all slip away, given up without a fight, without a struggle to resist. His gentle leather grasp is at my neck again, then coldness, heavy weight, a thick solid ring of metal closes around and is locked. The loud rattle of heavy links of chain behind me grows close, my head is reeling, then more weight upon my neck as it is pulled forward, a click and the chain is in front of me. I am on his leash now. He wants to lead me, and I desire to follow.

I am pulled gently to my feet, and I feel a second presence behind me, but my mind is much slower now, and before I can fully realize it, my hands are guided behind my back, and wrapped with soft bindings of rope. I can feel them both now, he is in front, and his assistant is behind me. The creak of leather and sound of heavy boot steps tell me who is in charge. The broad chest in leather presses up against my bare skin, large black leather wings encircle my shivering body, hands clad in leather gloves grasp me and pull me closer, my bare feet brush up next to shined black leather boots.

He stands here with me in his clutches. Silent. Tall. Strong. The scent of the darkness and shadows on his cold jacket fill my nose once more, intoxicating me. The chain on my collar is then wrapped around his mighty fist and he slowly pulls me forward through the darkness, on the cold hard floor my footsteps echo quietly behind his heavy boots. I hear footsteps behind me of the second man, a man in charge of a strong spirit, but it pales in comparison to the strength who gently holds my heavy leash. I am in the center, like a prisoner escorted through the blind shadows, my bound, helpless, and vulnerable body, weak as my strength and might has ebbed away like the tide before the moon.

We wind through darkness and corridors, to the left, then to the right, I lose my direction memory and can only walk where the chain pulls me, led through a maze of halls, long and unforgiving, deep within the breast of the earth. Eventually I am halted, a large and heavy metal door is opened, quietly old, set in stone walls, I am led inside by the man in leather and my hands are slowly unbound. My arms raised, my wrists are clasped by soft leather cuffs and held firm, more chain rattles, older, heavier, thicker, more dooming, they led from my wrists to the cold stone walls behind me. My captor takes the heavy leash from my collar, I hear it handed off and put away. His gloves slide down around my face, gently and with care. His lips close in on my ear.

"No way out. No escape." his voice deep, dark, firm, strong. "You're mine now." I am blind but I can hear the smile begin to curl on his lips. The gloves slide down my neck, over my metal collar, down my chest, slip past my hips, and away into the darkness. His boot steps walk away, followed by his silent accomplice. The heavy door is shut, then locked with jingling keys. The footsteps fade further and further away, they ascend wooden steps, and another door is shut far above me.

I am alone in this darkness, in this cell...

...I am lost deep within the winding passageways of a subterranean maze... one can find me but my captors...

...and I couldn't be happier, or feel more safe, he values me to keep me hidden in such a way.

A hot tear of joy slides down my cheek as my mind falls deeper into the shadows.

Goodnight, Sir...and thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doughy Birthday Boy

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Tonight my puppy and I planned to head out to the Los Angeles Eagle bar for a pleasant evening of puppy / Handler time and enjoying a blue collar themed bear night.  Unfortunately due to an errant bag of chips having some MSG in them, my poor pup came down with a nasty headache, and I decided we would stay home and have him rest instead.

After a few hours of cuddling on the couch and watching a movie, my pup asked me if I'd like my birthday present.  He wasn't able to make it for my actual birthday, so we made the whole weekend a celebration.  I eagerly accepted and he instructed me to wait in the bathroom with the door shut so it wouldn't spoil my surprise.  I smiled and did so, fiddling with my phone as I waited.  When all was ready he told me through the door to stand in the tub, naked.  Not thinking too much about it, I did so, and told him I was ready.  For the brief pause I had I did start to think of what he could need me to be naked and in the tub for, but that's the moment when he hurried in with a large bowl and I suddenly was covered in something warm and gloppy!

As I let out a delighted gasp of surprise he smiled and said "Happy Birthday, Handler!" The last thing I saw was his big grin before the slop covered my eyes.  It was smooth, warm, thick, and wonderful!  Such a sensual feeling as it draped over my naked body, I rubbed it all over me, tasting it as it dripped into my mouth, a batter with a light sweetness to it.  I was in a mess of bliss.  My puppy, who isn't even interested in messy play like I am, went through the trouble of mixing up a huge batch of batter and poured pitcherfuls of the gloppy mess all over me, he's so wonderful to me.

After the last of it was poured over my head and I enjoyed it to the last slop I thanked him with a kiss and we started to clean me off.  Unfortunately that's when we found a problem.  My puppy had used pancake mix for the batter, and it had begun to dough up in tiny little balls and stick in my hair.  All over my legs, my arms, chest, beard, hair, and even in the crack of my ass were tiny dough balls stuck everywhere.  My pup was so very apologetic, and we spent the next hour washing, combing, and scrubbing the dough balls off of me as the water turned colder and colder.  Many laughs were had, and my pup was not shy at all to make jokes at my expense, saying that if I farted it would smell like hush puppies, or that the next guy to eat out my ass would be craving IHOP afterwards.  When we got at least 90% of it out, I dried off and my pup said that he had gunged me first as an elaborate introduction to my birthday present.

He went into the hall and picked up a towel-covered box, pulling off the makeshift cover, he revealed a mixer set just like the one he had which I coveted.  It would really help declutter my kitchen and because he knew I love to cook.  I have the best puppy in the world!  We spent the rest of the night laughing about the messy mistake, and plucking dough out of my hair!  I can't wait to see what he does for next year!

I love you, Cockpit.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Trip to the Compound

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

This morning my friend and I headed down Southward to San Diego to attend a private puppy party at a certain fetish wear artist's house. Along the way down my buddy spend half the drive digging in my pants and stroking my manhood, making the trip a very pleasurable one!  

When we finally arrived we headed into the back yard and met up with the other puppy guests.  I dropped my bag off by a table and was told the artist was in his workshop in the very back of the yard.  This place had a huge back yard as it was, and the land just kept going!  In a medium-sized shack I found an open door that lead to a pretty standard looking room.  Metal shelves lined with plaster head molds of many different shapes of animals as well as molds of arms and feet.  It was the second room that really astounded me.  Like a whimsical fantasy, the walls were bright orange and modeled to look like steel girders from the Golden Gate Bridge, walls filled with clocks all ticking away noisily and either chiming, bonging, or dinging the hours all out of sync. The ceiling was molded to look like cave stalactites were jutting downward, giving the whole room a very cartoony feel.  Then the shelves and shelves of incredible rubber hoods in all kinds of creature models.  From dogs, to cats, to mythical beasts and demons!  All of them neatly arranged and ready to wear, and the artist stood proudly giving a tour of his workshop, dressed in rubber Dalmatian paws, rubber shorts with a molded tail, his rubber artist title vest, and matching studded rubber arm bands.

He is an incredibly imaginative man, with a great creative drive for new ideas! Often disappointed when a client asks for their custom hood to be smooth and less featured instead of trying to recreate it as close as possible to the character reference sketch they submit.  I was encouraged to try on a hood, and had my forehead measured to see what size I was.  Turns out I fit a small in his work, and when I asked what size the hoods on the walls were, he replied "All of them are small." My face must have been a clear window to my excitement as one of my friends likened me to a kid in a candy store.  I chose a beautiful fox hood and pulled it on.  It felt wonderful on my head, and I was immediately pulled outside by one of the guests to take pictures in it before I could see it in the mirror.  Now I'm a big camera whore, so of course we took a good amount of photos before heading back into the workshop, but when I saw myself in the hood I was delighted.  I wasn't me for a moment, I was a rubber fox!  I was a brand new persona! A new identity! This was such a thrill, and I wanted to keep it on!  When we returned to the workshop, the artist placed a custom rubber muzzle on the hood, and I donned my sunglasses to add to the overall look.  Laughs were had, and more pictures taken, and eventually the fox hood came off and I was myself again, but it left me with a strong hunger for one of my very own.

A bit of conversation later and we were told that the maze as well as a J-Lube pool was now ready.  In addition to having a grand back yard, as well as a beautiful kinky workshop of wet dreams, our hosts had their very own sex maze, as well as an outdoor shower stall with hot and cold water, and a wall of lockers for guests who came to their play parties.  The rules of the maze were to be quiet and nudity was mandatory.  My clothes couldn't come off fast enough, and I was ducking through the door of rubber strips along with three other guys, headed towards the inflatable pool filled with that wonderful slime.  We wound our way through dark, narrow passages of walls covered in white pen graffiti drawn by past guests over the years as well as the occasional glory hole, lit only by tiny little red bulbs every so often until we came upon our goal.  I could barely contain my excitement, finally a pool of lube to play in! One of my dirty little dreams was about to come true.

As I climbed in and joined the guys already sliding inside, the warm slick slime met my skin, and I shivered.  It was even better than I had imagined.  I covered myself in it, let it slide all over my naked body, giving my skin a wonderful shimmer in the dim red light.  We slid and slipped around in it, the goop slopped and slurped as caressing and fondling hands explored slippery bodies and cocks.  Moans of ecstasy, soft laughter, it was the most sensual slimy experience I have ever had in my whole life.  I closed my eyes and fantasized about one beautiful night where this would happen once again, only it would be a private rendezvous with a lover.  Just the two of us, his huge masculine figure dripping with lube as it towered over me in the dim light, his soft lips meeting mine, our bodies interwoven in passionate lovemaking, more moans and grunts and confessions of love as we slowly reached a climax with each other in the deepest depths of a dungeon.

When the time came to leave the pool of slime, I carefully climbed out and showered in the warm waters of the outdoor shower, which had clear plastic walls for the voyeurs and exhibitionists.  I was soon joined by my slimy playmates.  Once finished, and later joined by my friend who was inside the maze having his own spot of fun with a sexy rubber dog, we spent a few hours out back until everyone else left.  We soon made our way back into the maze again, myself, our host, my friend, and our new rubber pup K.  This pup is incredibly sexy, wearing neoprene shirt, neoprene pants, boots, and a brown leather harness and an awesome oversized matching leather collar, all with a rubber pup hood.  We made our way through passages that contained slings, fuckbenches, more glory holes, dark corners, until we found the rubber bed.

My buddy and pup K. started having fun, and I grew tired and simply watched with our host.  I lay down on the bed and soon dozed off, awakened to find pup K. resting his head on my ass as everyone else was in the midst of passion.  Groans, moans, and harsh grunts filled the air of the narrow maze passages as these three men went at each other.  I smiled and watched the ecstasy play out, being grateful to be so close to it.  

When they finished, we left the maze after some pillow talk, and thanked our host for the wonderful experience.  Pup K, my buddy and myself had a very late dinner at a local Denny's before saying our farewells in the parking lot.  Pup going one way, us going ours, until we ended up naked in my bed, completely exhausted from the incredible day and the long ride home.

Play Safe Dear Reader