Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Enslaved Introductions

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

I met the incredibly adorable "T" online after receiving permission and blessing to meet him from his Master at a coffee shop this morning. I immediately fell in love with how cute he was on first sight, he’s very tidy and well kept, as well as timid and soft spoken. It pulled my dominant energy out quite easily.

We grabbed drinks, headed over to a local department store as I offered to help him on his shopping errand, it’s much more fun than sitting in the same place trying to come up with useless small talk to get to know someone as the environment is changing there’s plenty to talk about.  The errand finished, I had him drive us over to one of my favorite parks for a more private walk and talk.  Discovered that he’s quite the fresh new boy in the gay world with little experience with physical love from another man.  At this point I had to put another mental seal on Dark Fox’s cage as he started to rattle his bars, drooling hungrily. I couldn’t risk scaring the poor boy off, he needed to be initiated gently, and I didn’t want this one to get the wrong idea and turn into yet another “cum, go, and vanish” situation like so many of the men before him.  I instructed him that when he was ready to be more personal with me, to place his hand on my leg to give me the signal.

Words can get caught in the throat, this was much clearer.

After our journey through the woods, we grabbed a meal and once finished we got back into his car and that’s where the boy gave me the signal.  He looked at me with those beautiful nervous eyes and gently put his hesitant hand on my leg.  It was go time.

I reached back and rubbed the back of his head and watched him slowly melt as his brain turned off and he sank into submission under my touch, this was going to be fun.  I ordered him to drive us to another park and once there to follow me into the woods.  I pushed him up against a tree, my knee just under his balls, and kissed him forcefully, he nearly passed out in my grasp. I pushed my knee further between his legs to keep the boy standing, he WANTED this.  He called me “Sir” repeatedly, told me he trusted me, and I dragged him back to the car and took him home.

Once inside, I had him remove my boots, and then pulled him upstairs where I lay on my bed and ordered him to strip to his underwear for me, he revealed a beautiful body just ripe for the ravaging, as well as a bulge and a fresh precum stain soaked into the fabric.  I beckoned him into my arms where I held his shaking body.  I cuddled the boy, kissed him, I pinned him down to lick, nip, and bite him, all milking moans and gasps from his chest.  It was as if no one had ever played with, let alone touched the poor boy ever before in his life! 

He breathily confessed he wanted to be controlled, used, enslaved, fucked raw and have his boy hole filled with another man’s seed!  I had to throw myself on the Dark Fox’s cage to keep my beast from tearing open the cell door and ripping this poor boy to cum-soaked pieces! My beast roared from inside his prison, the door slippery with drool where he had been chewing the bars!

I cooled us down, held the boy close and we rested for a time, talking more, and he kept begging for my dick.  I slid backward on my word that he would have to earn it for next time, as Dark Fox had worn down my stamina, and allowed him to suck my dick.  The boy is still inexperienced, but his heart is in the right place, with practice he will be quite the man pleaser.  He tried so very hard to make me erupt, so eager for my cum, but I denied him and told him he will earn it in time and I wished not to fall any further back on my word. This would also ensure us a repeat visit, as I desired him to return many times in the future.

Watching him get dressed again was like watching a puppy who was just refused his bone, absolutely heartbreaking, he desired it so genuinely and deeply, however this is the coldness of discipline.  He is without a doubt worth the wait.

The next time he arrives at my door I’ll be full leather. Muahaha!

Play Safe Dear Reader.