Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Fox in a Den of Rubbermen

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Paul arrived on his motorcycle to pick me up, upon removing his helmet he revealed this super adorable face that I immediately fell in deep lust with.  It took me a bit to get comfortable, as it had been a while since I had ridden bitch on a bike, plus the issue of backpack positioning and trying to wear earbuds in a full-face helmet, but once settled we set off and I was quickly reminded of how much fun this was.  Watching the world go by, feeling the wind roar around you, holding on to a studly man from behind good and tight with the both of you in full riding armor, it all sent adrenaline through my veins and reawakened the Red Fox of Rebellion in my heart to hoot and holler as we rocketed through Washington.

At a rest stop I shared one of my many biker fantasies with Paul of turning off on some secluded old road and getting primal with the gear on and using the bike as a fuckbench, to my great pleasure he said we could try that the next time we rode together. I hope he knows I write all this down. Woof!

We soon arrived at Sir Jeff’s house as others arrived as well. I met some other men from Recon that I knew including some new faces, the party was already in progress, I grab a drink, mingle with the handsome guests, help out with dinner, make another drink, more flirting, kissing, and finally I get my hands on Paul who kisses like an absolute dream!  Eventually I end up sucking a pup’s beautiful manhood with each hand on a different cock, and I’m loving every second! Damn it's been a while!

I’m pulled downstairs by my harness, blindfolded, gagged, earmuffed, rubbermitted, then restrained to a table in a 2nd playroom of which I had no idea existed the first visit I had to Sir Jeff’s.  I have no idea who is doing what, I’m excited, anxious, hitting some mental walls but I'm enjoying myself immensely.  I’m taken up and out of the playroom in complete subspace, and I remember being told I’m a very good boy.  I lay around the couch upstairs with others before going back downstairs to curl up on an empty bed.  Soon the pup from before joins me, and I wrap myself around his slender, warm body before falling asleep.  A nice beginning to a horny weekend.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

I woke up with the pup in my arms, I go upstairs and join the boys for coffee, and breakfast soon afterward.  The pup is bound to a chair with rope and straps in his rubber puppy gear and tortured with a massage wand.  His whimpers and moans are like chamber music that ring throughout the house.  Paul got out of the wetsuit he was wearing and tells me he wants me inside of it as soon as it’s finished drying and airing out, and we go shower together.

As the water is warming up, I asked if he was into watersports at all, I knelt and bowed my head in front of him in the shower and I felt his piss stream onto my back, it’s relaxing, it felt so good to be marked by such a sweet, sexy man like him.  I rise, smiling, and we trade positions, I cover him with my own urine, which he even tastes, and it is such a horny sight.  He rises and we share a deep, passionate kiss just as an orgasmic scream roars through the house. It belonged to the pup still bound to the chair, he had finally achieved climax and what an eruption it was!  We kiss more under the warm waters before cleaning each other and drying off, Paul then reminded me he had plans for me in his wetsuit, and I’m lusting so hard for this guy it almost gives me a dickache.

Paul went off to play with someone and I headed downstairs to find everyone else in the 2nd playroom, it looked like a beautiful torture chamber.  Hoods, straps, chains, a medical chair on the left and a medical table on the right able to ride and fall with a foot pump, the floor is covered in a rubber tarp.  One guest is being strapped into the chair by Paul, while the pup is already strapped down to the table with his dick being sucked inside a milking machine manned by Sir Jeff.  I watch, fascinated and content until the pup, amazingly enough, lets out yet another orgasmic moan and shoots a second healthy load, I had heard of men blowing multiple loads, but it always surprises me to see just how much is unleashed. Yes, I'm envious. Very...very envious.

I then went upstairs and took the liberty of preparing preemptively for any fun that could happen to my foxhole before returning downstairs and cuddling with one of the other guests.  He and I talked about sport gear, and he put me in one of his football helmets, we groped each other in gear before he took the liberty of sucking my dick, and he did so quite wonderfully! I fucking love being gay.

After a cuddle, Paul came in to tell me he had some pot pills he had made himself using vitamin capsules and cannabis oil and offered me one.  I took him up on the offer, happy that there was a unique way of using the oil directly and thinking I could handle the level of intensity he warned me of beforehand.  From there we went upstairs for lunch and I was able to meet a handsome bear by the nickname of “German Mike” (as there were several Mikes at the party already).  When he arrived, my jaw hit the table, a big burly bear of 6’ something, military haircut, brown beard and mustache, German accent, super sweetheart, and a tad shy.  He hit all the right buttons for me and I was suddenly feeling shy, which meant I was REALLY into him.

I headed down to Andrew’s hut down the backyard hill with Paul, we made out, he was feeling the pot pill hit him already as he took it earlier than me, he knelt down and sucked my cock, and I phased into wonderful bliss just absorbing my surroundings and sensations.  More kissing, more touching, admiring him in his leather overalls like some kinky redneck fuck.  We headed back to the house and Paul released me, he went around the house to look for things.  At this time the weed pill finally kicked in for me, and unfortunately it was much stronger than I anticipated and...well, it's not a horny or proud part of the story. Trust me.

Sunday, August 27th, 2017

I woke up next to Paul on the mattress downstairs, grateful the effects of the pill were finally behind me, we kissed our good mornings and cuddled a bit before I went up to shower and prepare my body for him.  Returning to bed we resumed cuddling and he put me in a red rubber bodysuit, black leather hood, then put me in the sling nearby and helped me work through some mental blocks, but unfortunately I had to remove the hood.  Once my face was exposed to the cool air I felt tremendously better!  He proceeded to finger my hole, then slid his manhood inside of my hungry foxhole and fucked me.  I was in such a romantic, submissive stupor for him, I wanted to serve him the best I could with everything I had.  He felt so wonderful inside my body, his cock was wonderfully shaped and a fantastic length, I couldn’t get enough of him, I was insatiable even to the point of soreness.

Once our experience had concluded, he helped me out of the sling and I went upstairs, happily reeling from his passions, to eat breakfast with the boys.  At one point I admitted I had no idea that this party was one in a long line of annual rubber gatherings at this house, to which Paul brought me downstairs and showed me some photo albums.  Men in rubber over years and decades graced the pages, moments of times long since passed, kinky, sexy, free to love as it should have been ages ago.  I was told of albums lost due to them falling into the hands of a bigoted family member, and it filled me with such seething rage.

Soon after, I was hooded once more in a matching red rubber hood to the bodysuit I wore, brought into the 2nd playroom and strapped to the metal frame that encased the rising table.  I lay on the table, and was lifted, strapped up to the frame, the table was lowered, and I hung so comfortably in the air.  Flying in suspension at long last! I had always wanted to experience this!  It felt wonderful, floating there in bondage.  Every part of my body was supported evenly by strong leather straps and belts.

I was then treated to my dick being jerked off and the massage wand used to pleasure me, much to my enjoyment and delight at the hands of Sir Jeff, Paul, the pup, and another handsome guest of the party, until I finally erupted my 3-day long load!  What a wonderful relief it was! I was amazed I didn't hit the ceiling when I came.

Unfortunately, my torture began the moment I climaxed.  They kept stroking, they kept vibrating, they kept on trying to milk out another load that I begged and insisted wasn’t there!  Finally they showed mercy when I called out a stop at Sir Jeff’s suggestion.  I was released, my exhausted body was taken to cuddle with Paul on the mattress.  After a wonderful snuggle and affirmation that I was a good boy, I went up to shower and take off the rubber suit, cleaned it, changed into regular clothes and relaxed the remainder of the party. 

I was generously taken home by Mike and his partner Pup Hawk.

The whole experience, including the frustrating and negative moments, was absolutely glorious, they were such a lovely group of handsome men and I am very fortunate to have had the privilege of being included in their annual party!  Thank you so much, gentlemen!

(Oh and Paul? You still owe me that ride, hot stuff.)

Play Safe Dear Reader