Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Quick Stroll of Relief in the Woods

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

This evening I met "SD" off of a gay hookup app in a nearby park, we walked and talked but only had a mere hour together before he had to be on his way, his is a busy life and all.  I found out he was into watersports, jockstraps, as well as a good kisser, but very nervous.  I brought him to a bigger park to have more cover and distance between people so we could talk much more freely, as well as have a little fun with random groping.  He’s 6’3” and a gentle giant, one of my favorite types of men.

Horned up good and proper, I pulled him off the trail and into the woods where we found a good spot out of sight and started to make out.  Soon he knelt and made his way into my pants where he soon began sucking my manhood like an artist! Woof!  Even using his beard to gently tease me!  More kissing and then it was my turn!  I invaded his pants and was very impressed, as it smelled quite pleasant!  One of my biggest turn offs is a foul smelling cock, so one that smells nice is one that’s greedily devoured!

I sucked him off gently, deepthroating him a tad before asking him if he needed to piss.  He did and I positioned myself comfortably on the ground in front of him, opened wide, and waited patiently for my drink to make its way out of his eager dick.  The slight bitterness was overshadowed by my throbbing libido, and I was happily reminded of how much I loved watersports!

He enjoyed me and I think this one is very handsome, when he takes his glasses off, he goes from cute to stud.  As we walked back to his truck he explained his random and sparse availability was due to elements outside of his control, totally valid reasons and not the usual tissue-paper-grade transparencies I've been given in the past. I made a mental note to be patient and flexible with this sweetheart.

He politely dropped me off in front of my apartment, we kissed our goodbyes, and waved a farewell for now.  He’s definitely on the “to play with” list!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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