Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Creatures of Carnal Desire

September 16th, 2016

This evening James dropped me off in front of the apartment complex of his friend Tim. I was dressed in my leather harness, worn under my t-shirt, leather jacket, Wrangler jeans, western belt, black leather gloves, red fox tail (to ensure I was up to something), and my Dehner dress boots worn on the outside of my jeans.

When he greeted me downstairs, Tim was quite captivated by my gear and quickly showed me up to his apartment. Since James had introduced us online, we quickly found we had many mutual kink interests, including my deeply desired fantasy for mud and quicksand, and we became fast friends.

Once inside, we talked a bit, he showed me his beautiful collection of boots and kink gear. He spent a bit of time loving on my Dehners before we finally kiss and have a beautiful make out session on his bed. He has these great, thick kissing lips that I adore on a man. He then went to his closet and gears up in his black one piece sport biker armor, matching gloves and boots, and I’m given another make out with the Black Biker. Woof!

Afterward he showed me his boot rack and gear collection in more close detail as he gets out of his biker armor and the carnal desire in the room rose with the warmth. He then revealed his incredible manhood to me and it really was an item of desire on this beautiful man! He booted up in a pair of succulent tall white cowboy boots and a redneck ballcap, slid on a condom and I knelt to suck his impressive member. He enjoyed my servicing skills and soon took his manhood back to lube up as well as my eager hole. He entered me gently and slowly like a gentleman, however the moment his first two inches were inside of me, my inner Dark Fox awoke with a start and outright DEMANDED the entirety of his wonderful cock!

I took him by surprise as I backed up as far as my body could take him inside me, much to his delight, with that he thrusted and I bucked until he brought our fun to a hold. He didn’t want to finish just yet, I understood regardless of my hole lusting for more!

We dressed and he treated me to dinner at a delightful Thai restaurant, we then soon returned to his apartment and he asked me what I would like to see next. I grinned and requested to see the police officer he so often spoke of in our conversations online. He smiled, took some clothing from the gear closet and slipped into the next room. When he returned, I looked upon Daddy Sheriff, and was incredibly turned on with admiration. He wasted no time in crawling on top of me, his dominant energy pulsing off of his uniformed body. He kissed me firmly, he kissed me deep. His pants unzipped and his manhood already sported a condom, one matching his uniform colors perfectly, I slid off the bed and onto my knees to serve my sheriff to the best of my ability, taking as much of him down my drooling maw as I possibly could greedily muster.

Soon he ordered me back on the bed, face up, legs up, my fox hole exposed and open for his use and pleasure. His long cock entered me again, his dominating glare imprisoned my gaze, and I confessed my crimes of carnal desire. I told him everything, held nothing back, how I wanted to be his badge boy, his precinct plaything, his locker room toy for not only himself but his hot uniformed brothers. He gripped me hard and let out a deep moan as he released his supreme load!

Both of us panting and satisfied, we cleaned up and went to bed. I cuddled my sexy sheriff close as I fell asleep smiling.

The next morning, he took me to coffee at Brewsters, it had started to rain and I was able to see Seattle properly through the huge windows in a warm cafe, a coffee warming my hands. It filled me with a romantic peacefulness that I crave, especially coming from a life predominantly lived in the neverending sunshine of California.

We returned to his home and after a bit of flirty foreplay, he effortlessly had my pants around my ankles and me bent over his bedside like the eager ethical slut I am, fucking my hole good and deep. It was, however, when he had me roll over onto my back and thrust into me, that he hit my Beast Point, and all passive submission left me like a flock of startled birds shaken from their tree. My fangs grew, my eyes flashed, and I snarled and roared for his cock!


He was shocked by my sudden transformation and nearly had to smother me with a pillow, lest his neighbors hear my passionate roars of ecstasy! He soon busted his load inside of my hole, and collapsed grinning. He said he was exhausted and he hadn’t cum so much in so long. I lay there smiling, even without blowing my own load, I was quite happy with the pounding he gave my tailhole. Soon after we cleaned up, James arrived to pick me up. I kissed Tim goodbye, and left, smiling.

I’m eager to see him again, not only can he fuck me and hit my Beast Point, he’s the first one I found in Washington to want to go get muddy. Finding mud fans is insanely difficult, but I have a feeling I’ll find a good number of them here in Washington, with all the plentiful rains, it must be a good place to look.

Play Safe Dear Reader.