Monday, July 3, 2017

Gearing Up With a Dragon

September 1st, 2016

This evening I met Joe after talking to him a bit at the encouragement of one of my close friends. Joe surprised me by being a tad early in his arrival, so I quickly grabbed some fetish gear and stuffed it in a bag before heading to his truck. He’s a very nice guy, and we had some pleasant conversation as we headed to his place.

Along the way we stopped by two potential gear shops, but sadly they were closed, however I did note them down for future exploration.  Once over at his place, we talked more, he showed me his impressive collection of all things dragons and some of them were incredible, like wood carvings, and hand-painted figures. We geared up, and took some fun pictures in order to tease our friend with, and then we just cuddled in full gear. Me in my full leather, him in full football pads, my head on his stomach, and we watched funny vine videos on my phone just enjoying each other in gear. It was very relaxing and sexy.

We headed out to Denny’s, with me still in full leather because why the fuck not? After an enjoyable meal, we came back and went to bed but since I had several cups of coffee, sleep wasn’t in my deck of cards. Eventually I couldn’t hold my lust for Joe back any longer, and went crazy over him! Kissing, groping, stroking, and riling him up so bad, I made the dragon blow his load! Fuck that was so worth it!

After cleaning up, we went back to bed and he fell asleep. Still awake, I spent the night writing this and that until his alarm woke him up.  I snuggled him close until I dozed off, and awakened later to an empty house, the dragon had flown off somewhere, leaving the leather fox in his nest. When he came back, he took us back to my friend’s place and we kissed our goodbyes.

I’m looking forward to more gear time with this handsome dragon, he’s a fun one!

Play Safe Dear Reader.