Friday, April 7, 2017

Persistence and Perseverance

July 27th, 2016

This morning Daddy Jon came over for a visit.  We sat on the couch and talked for a short while before making out and getting good and riled up!  We moved to my bedroom where I changed into my leather jock and more making out with this tall, handsome man followed soon after.

He fetched his ropes out of my bag, much to my excited delight, and begins to tie me up and render me happy and helpless to his desire.  I missed his bondage so very much.  Midway through roping me, he stops to shove his tongue down my throat in more passionate kissing before resuming restraining me.  Once he's finished, he gags me and blindfolds me with bandannas.  In my darkness I feel the cool, generous slather of lube on my ass.  I was brimming with eager anticipation and my patience was rewarded by the thick presence of his beautiful cock in my boyhole!

He started slow, each of us savoring the other's body, he broke pace and then let me have it fast and hard! Pounding me ruthlessly as we both enjoyed so much, so many times before!  He halts suddenly in order to prevent the experience from ending too early, he changes my position, ungagging me before resuming his assault on my ass, slamming my hole while I grunt gratefully for his dick.  He slows down again before his climax, and we have a small intermission, panting and catching our breath.  My ass has that familiar feeling as if it were glowing red with soreness.

Daddy Jon is ready once more and changes up my ropes before absolutely going ballistic on my ass, I'm gritting my teeth in pain and pleasure!  Another break, and he changes out his condom for some fresh traction.  Phase 4 is online, slamming, fucking, thrusting!  When he stops, I'm almost grateful for the break, as my poor foxhole is throbbing sore from the intense power of his slender manhood!  He releases me from my ropes and follows up with more of my favorite passion of deep kissing before we both collapse in cold sweats.

We rest and happily share some pillow talk, cuddle up close, and of course keep kissing because damn I love those lips of his and the feeling of his tongue in my mouth!  Soon he slides a condom on my own excited dick, lubes up my member, and maneuvers to sit on me.  I savor the feeling of my cock sliding slowly up his manhole.  He rides me, gyrating his hips as I thrust upward into him, eager to get every inch of myself inside, all while looking deeply into his eyes.  I love this man so much, and couldn't be happier with him as a Daddy of mine.

I swap positions and I take my favorite form, mounting from the rear in my favorite fuckstyle: Humping Fox!  I proceed to fuck his sweet, deep ass as hard and as furiously as possible.  However, no matter how much passion I put forth in each thrust, or as close as I can feel my body reaching the peak of ecstasy, I am damned to not cum!  It's like a curse and it's beyond the realm of frustration! I MUST FINISH! I make another attempt, but I simply fruitlessly exhaust myself, and slump over his back which is also covered in cold sweat.  He collapses under me and we lay panting on my bed.  I roll over and he praises my persistence, then inquires on the condition of my ass.  I reply with a tired smile, and willingly admit that I could happily suffer another good pounding.

No sooner does my sentence finish, that Daddy Jon is already rubbered, lubed, and ready to wreck me.  I'm on my stomach again, pillow firmly stuffed in my mouth, I'm screaming my moans into its feathery core as he slams, thrusts, drills, and pounds my poor foxhole that I'm convinced this is the day he fucks me until I bleed!  Sadly he cannot climax at all either, well I'll be damned if I'm going to let him go without shooting his load proper.  I rid him of the condom, lube up his dick, and work his manhood as much as possible!  I wanted that cum!

With a great series of moans, he shot his hot load all over me, just how I love it!  A fresh, warm load from Daddy Jon's cock splattering all over my sweaty chest!  Yes, Daddy! Thank you, Daddy!

Thoroughly spent, we rest once more in our exhausted afterglow before moving to the shower for a most lovely cleansing, then after getting dressed we bid each other a loving farewell.

As I watched him drive off, I felt the glow of my sore ass, the feeling of his lips on mine, and thought of how much I really wanted to suck down a load of his hot seed one enchanted evening, and really have him deep inside me.

Play Safe, Dear Reader