Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Blast in the Park

July 23rd, 2017

I met Jordan in the park after weeks of horny talk on Scruff.  I led him into the woods on the trail and we started talking.  I gently placed my hands on him and asked if it was okay to touch him.  He was already very receptive and told me I could touch him anywhere.  I took advantage of that and caressed his wonderful ass, he immediately sank into subspace.  I kissed his neck and ears from behind, he sank ever further!  He felt as if he was going to melt and pass out right there.  I had forgotten how sweet the energy of empowerment felt!

I kissed him and he loved every moment our lips were together, we traded status information and upon the responses I asked if he’d like to suck my dick.  He couldn’t have wanted it more.  Thrilled and feeling devilish, I revealed my manhood to him after making sure the area was completely empty and keeping a sharp ear out.  He was a tad apprehensive to do it outside, even under the cover of nature and out of direct sight, but his fear faded as his overwhelming submissive spirit took over and he worshipped my dick with such genuine heartfelt desire!

He was amazing! I felt my legs go weak! My eyes rolled back in bliss! I was building a huge load and actually nearing climax!  I told him I was so close to bursting, it was so rare for me to be so stimulated by blowjob alone.  He replied he wanted it down his throat, and I happily granted his request, shooting my hot load into the back of his mouth.  I splattered the back of his eager, greedy maw with my cum and he swallowed every drop of it, sucking my manhood clean!

I pulled him up and into a deep make out, held him tightly and told him he was an incredibly good boy!  Zipped up and wiped off, we headed out to grab a bite together and get to know each other better, kink and otherwise, I wanted to bond with this boy very much.

After a delightful and short meal together, he drove me home and I gave him a very long kiss goodnight before seeing him off.

He’s delightfully submissive, and I’m quite eager to turn him into a proper leather and uniform slave toy!  He certainly deserves it!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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