Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tantric Tantalization

August 29th, 2016

This afternoon I met the handsome Patrick off of one of my apps while up on my visit to Washington to cat-sit for my friends while they were off on a cruise.

Patrick picked me up and we headed off to a sports bar to get better acquainted, he treated me to lunch and drinks as he told me about his business, as well as teaching me some very interesting details about what Tantric sex was for gay lovers.

He decided to keep me overnight, and after we went back to pick up my overnight bag, we headed off to his place in Yelm.  He lives in quite an interesting spot, out in the midst of the farmland, with a handful of farm animals on his property.  The perfect rural getaway, somewhere you can have all the loud sex you wanted.

We headed into his room...and didn't leave for the rest of the day! He snuggled with me and showed me some incredible Tantric sex techniques which sent me into a beautiful, blissful world of ecstasy.  He proved his skills further by sucking my dick and making me internally beg for release, but I never wanted it to end!  The whole night was a blur of love and emotion, and when it came to an end we were cuddled up, I fell asleep in his strong arms, grinning from ear to ear!

In the morning I woke up and Patrick came into the room soon after.  He took charge and slid a condom on me, then proceeded to ride me like a cowboy! He grunted along with me, moaned deeply in that masculine way that I love, and then shot his warm load all over my chest!  Fuck yes!  After he politely wiped me down he proceeded to teach me the basics of Tantric: Structure, Surface, Shape.

Structure is muscle massage where you rub and massage.

Surface is is feeling out the skin, every bump and inconsistency.

Shape is where you barely touch the very hairs of the skin's surface.

(Keep in mind this is a very, very rough and quick explanation so do yourself a real favor and go research it deeper at this website here which he provided for me.)

Fuck, he's incredible! Afterwards we had a lovely shower together, a breakfast of pancakes with homemade pear jelly and coffee.  I love a man who can cook, and cook well!  Woof!  He then showed me around his farm, introduced me to his animals, and showed me his orchard, then we did some fun farm chores like harvesting, processing, and making stock for salsa.  We took a break, back in his bedroom he tied me up and tortured me with some more beautiful Tantric techniques!  Fuck I wanted to cum so badly, but my damned body refused me the pleasure!

Back to work, we went through the entire process of making applesauce from scratch! From the bushel of apples to pouring it into the sterilized jars!  He even gifted me my own, and damn did it taste amazing!

After a long and wonderful afternoon, he drove me all the way back to my buddy's place where we kissed our goodbyes.

Patrick, I hope you're reading this because you're an incredible guy, and I can't wait to see you again, hot stuff.  Especially if you need any extra paws for the harvest!

Play Safe Dear Reader.


  1. Hey! Saw you deleted your account. Glad to see you're OK. Take care, and hope to see you soon!

    - bootfreak

    1. Hey there,

      No, I didn't delete my account, but Recon won't show the difference between "Deleted" and "Hidden", they just say "it could be either one" and everyone seems to assume the former.

      I needed some hiatus time, and I'll be back in May.

      Great to hear from you, and thanks for the check in! I appreciate it!