Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Mess Masseur

May 28th, 2016

This evening I met the delightful Dwight off of Mr. X, he was so kind as to offer to make plans to meet after I had confessed that the group of people I was traveling with to Texas was quite unpleasant to be around.  With the wonderful exception of Daddy Robert a few days prior, the entire trip had been miserable so far.  Dwight had offered a night of massage and messy play, and I hastily locked him into my schedule!

He picked me up from my hotel and took me over to a nearby Days Inn where he had booked us a cheap room for the night, and this was simply the start of his generosity!  Once inside our room I set down my stuff and he poured us both drinks to help me loosen up and relax.  He then placed a plastic sheet over the bed and had me strip down so he could oil me up for my rubdown. 

 His hands did absolutely wonderful things to me before slid his touch down to my manhood, and focused on making me moan and grunt.  Then when I was finally able to blow my load, a massive amount of 10 whole days of stress, and other built up pressure, including the lust for some of the local hot Texan man meat, erupted from my cock and drenched me in my own cum.  I have no idea how much I shot, but I do know it was enough to render me unconscious.

When I came to again, I hopped in the shower and we headed out for a nice dinner together at a local Chili's, I donned my jeans, boots, leather vest, and Muir Cap for the evening as a service to my host, as he said he enjoyed me in my gear.

Once we returned he brought out some lovely icing sugar that he had made using Crisco, and he used it to rub down my front as well as my cock, which he did a wonderful job of worshipping and sucking, after he had rendered me a sweet, sticky mes!

After our sugary fun was had, we headed into the shower and I enjoyed lathering up, and washing down with this very generous, and very friendly older gentleman.  We dried off, tore the plastic sheet off the bed, and snuggled up under the covers in each others arms, warm and comfy in spite of the cold rains outside. 

In the morning we cuddled awake, and despite my humongous load the previous evening, Dwight was able to get me off once more for good measure, before we showered off and he drove me back to my hotel with plenty of time left to pack up and be ready for my flight home to California.

Dwight was such a lovely and polite gentleman, and I really hope to run into him again when my travels take me back to Texas.  The man is a master of confectionary, and I bet he could do some fun things with fondant as well!

Play Safe Dear Reader.