Friday, May 27, 2016

The Texan Cowbear and the Californian Fox

May 24th, 2016

On a little trip down to Texas I finally had the chance to meet a very wonderful man whom I have been talking to on Recon for quite some time by the name of Robert.  He is such a gentleman and he proved just how amazing he could be right off the bat.

My hotel was located in Austin, and Robert happened to be in Houston.  He took it upon himself to drive all the way, a full two hours, to meet me in front of my hotel.  When he did arrive and I eagerly hopped into the front seat, our eyes met and we immediately had a strong connection.  When I saw him in his black cowboy hat, button down shirt, blue jeans, and boots...that giddy, shy, blushing, horny feeling of when you are so pleasantly surprised that the person you've been talking to is actually real, along with my raging hard on from more than a week of no jerking off mixed into quite a viscous thrill.

We turned into the back of the parking lot, had a few greeting words between us, and immediately made out.  He's a very gentle and soft kisser, delicate and careful, a kiss to cherish and have no fear of.  We talked a bit and he had mentioned he wanted me to be in Wrangler jeans if I was to properly visit Texas, and so we headed over to a store by the name of Cavender's Boot Shop to have me try on a pair.

When we walked inside, I was blown away by how huge the store was, and it was ALL cowboy gear.  Jeans, boots, belts, hats, jackets, shirts, dusters, and with one of my top fetishes being for cowboys I nearly blew one in the foyer, especially when the scent of it all hit me.  I couldn't even look any of the store clerk boys in the eye for too long, lest I pass out right then and there.  Robert brought me over to the jeans first and I had a bit of an embarrassing time finding my size and accepting I had a bit of work to do before my leather pants would fit me again.  When I walked out in the right pair, both he and the cute cowboy clerk Marcus agreed that it was perfect.  Robert then said,

"Those look great on you, boy! They're yours if you want 'em!"

I first picked my jaw up off the ground and then answered as any boy should answer a cowboy gentleman "Yes, Sir!"

From there he happily indulged my request to try on boots, smiled at me as I did my utmost not to lick the merchandise, and urged me into one pair after another.  Once satiated and a bit dizzy from the imbalance of blood pumping between my crotch and my brain, he suggested "We can't have you leaving in those jeans without a proper belt, boy!"

I swear if I don't tape my jaw shut, I'm going to end up losing it hanging around this amazing man.  We headed to the belts and once he saw I found a good one he grasped my shoulder and said "It's yours."  Blown away.  Seriously.  I was over the moon.  What an incredible first date, and it was just starting.  He told me there was a condition that came with the gifts, and I nodded obediently as he moved in closely.  He said that if I wanted them, I had to wear them out and the entire time I spent with him.  Imagine my smile.

We walked out soon after and I tossed the clothes I started with that day into the backseat as we headed to downtown to find a bar next.  He showed me Oil Can Harry's on 4th st, and although it shared the name of the bar in Los Angeles, CA, they aren't affiliated.  But this bar is VERY spacious, and my event-throwing instincts kicked in almost immediately, seeing where I could host what and how.  We headed to the bar, and it felt like home already.  Sweet, slender bartender with fun and sass with a sexy bod to match his skills, and the pours were like those of a Californian gay bar, long and generous.

Robert and I drank through three double Cape Cods as we laughed, talked, and shared kink talk.  He made me whimper and drool with such topics of keeping me in ropes, potential of additional pairs of wranglers, making me his personal leather CHP hostage, and (my absolute favorite) how much he loved and wanted to sink me in real, creamy, and deep quicksand!  I was completely over the moon with him! I couldn't believe what I was hearing!  Was he real?!  Was he serious?!  He mentioned many times how much he wanted to kidnap me back to Houston.  I nearly said yes, if I hadn't come with family of course.  Damn it all.

After a good number of passionate make outs, and me making damn sure he could drive safely (drink responsibly, kids) we headed to the car and got ready to head back.  Once inside, he grabbed a roll of gorilla tape and bound my legs together above my knees, then my wrists were wrapped up next, then a bandanna gag tied in my mouth and tied my hunter green "boy looking for a Daddy" bandanna into a mask over my gag.  Fuck was I happy as hell!  I struggled and moaned on the way back to my hotel, making sure I did a bit extra just for Daddy! The only reason it hurt me was because my cock was so hard it started to cramp!  Not to mention my damn boxers were literally just soaked in precum.

When we pulled into the back lot, he released me from my bindings, and we had an intimate talk about how he genuinely wanted to not only see me again, but keep me, to take care of me.  I made sure that he was well aware that I am a poly type of lover, that monogamy wasn't in my heart's design, so there wouldn't be any unwanted surprises later on.  I wanted to be his too, to be kept and taken care of has only been one of my biggest fantasies for ages, younger only to my quicksand dreams.  I said that we should definitely take things one hot, steamy, sensual and horny visit at a time, that the future is unpredictable and I would absolutely despise myself if I made a promise I couldn't keep and ended up hurting him, but that he is definitely a Daddy who could tie me up, collar and leash me any day of the week!

Our lips met, more passion given and received for what felt like beautiful hours, when we parted he handed me the light blue bandanna he used to gag me as a final gift of that day, and we bid our farewells.  As I watched him drive off the lot I sighed and smiled to myself.  A man like Robert is quite rare, and is a person to be deeply cherished.  I'm definitely going to enjoy seeing what he does when we meet again...and I'm bound, gagged, and helpless on my way to Houston.

That reminds me...I need to figure out where I put my mud gear since I moved out of Long Beach.

Play Safe, Dear Reader.