Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Corrupting the Youth

March 3rd, 2016

This afternoon I had the lovely Aaron over for a play session.  Once I had him inside, I had him gear up in his gimp gear: a bold red leather hood with black straps, his gimp hood gag, my collar, and a jockstrap.  I had him get to work serving me by having him suck my cock.  Damn, the boy is a natural! 

I did have to punish him as he confessed to jerking off and blowing a load to porn last night, so I plugged his boyhole and made him do an entire sinkfull of dishes.  I distracted him a little bit by coming up from behind and growling dirty things in his ear as I groped his ass, but then I went to my room and leathered up myself.

Once he finished his chore I pulled him into my room by his leash, tied him up nice and tight with my favorite nylon fiber ropes, and rendered him deliciously helpless on my bed.  I toyed with his cock, kissed him deeply, wound him up more and more until I flipped him on his stomach to lube up his boyhole.

I fingered his eager ass and slicked it generously, as I love an ass with plenty of lube in it.  I slid on my condom and took my time gingerly screwing him.  His hole was divine, tight and hungry, never been fucked, and starving for its first cock.  It was an honor and a pleasure to break the boy in, I savored this fuck and drank in ever moan I thrusted out of him.  The boy couldn't take much, but he took enough, and I showed mercy before I could cum.  I cleaned him up and we enjoyed a cuddle before getting dressed and heading out for dinner.

We had a lovely meal and grabbed dessert on the way back to my place.  Once inside I wasted no time collaring him before diving into our sweets.  Once done, I tied up and gagged my handsome boy toy before blindfolding him and laying him comfortably on the couch.  I poured myself a drink, and then enjoyed his lovely bound company while I worked upon my laptop in the chair beside him.  I'd glance up every so often and watch him squirm happily in place, smile, and go back to work.

We retired to bed soon afterward, and I enjoyed him wrapped up warm and safe in my arms.

I love innocent virgin boy toys, they have that slight social awkwardness that just fans the fire of my predatory dominance.

Play Safe Dear Reader.