Monday, April 18, 2016

A Date with a Canadian Gentleman

November 5th, 2015

True to his word, as I stated in the previous post, the sexy Shayne met me for date night this evening.  We met up at a local Starbucks and he treated me to coffee.  We headed over to a local market to pick up some snacks for the evening and he surprised me with a candy called a "Kinder Egg" (also known as a "Kinder Surprise", which is a small chocolate egg shell around a plastic container holding some dinky little plastic toy.  It's no wonder it's such a hit abroad and why it can't be sold in the USA, because American parents are just too stupid to be trusted to give their kids something they can choke on (and don't argue with me, we live in a country where shirts are made with labels that read "DO NOT IRON WHILE WEARING").

So from the market with some juices, and bags of Ketchup and Maple Bacon-flavored chips (trust me, the ketchup flavor is awesome) we headed up to his apartment where we snuggled up on his bed to watch TV.  Making out commenced quite soon after and he is quite the gentleman.  He was soft, smooth, sensual, he made me feel loved and wanted, it was beautifully romantic.  After the beautiful interlude, we turned off the lights and settled in to a movie, cuddling close.

After the film, we wasted no time in returning to more lovemaking.  He made ever-so-sweet love to me, he went down on my throbbing member in an amazing display of sensual, sweet, unforgettably meaningful passion.  When I blew my load, it was one that I will not forget.  As I recall the experience, I can feel tears of joy want to well up in my eyes.  It wasn't just a hookup, it was lovemaking.  We basked in our afterglow together, he made me feel loved, he made me feel wanted, and I wanted him, and I loved him.  That magnetic pull between two men, we may barely know each other, but you simply desire them and don't bother to question it.

We cleaned ourselves up and made plans for a late dinner, we got dressed and he loaned me one of his many animal hats, which he collects for fun and even wears at work.  I was only too happy to don one!  It was quite late, and I discovered that Vancouver tends to act like Orange County in the respect that everything closes at 8pm.  Luckily we found a Korean BBQ restaurant that was still open for another hour, and we quickly ducked inside and had a seat.  We enjoyed a fantastic dinner, then snagged a dessert from a local convenience store before heading back to his apartment and falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning he made sweet love to me, making me feel desired, cherished, and appreciated.  Afterwards, he walked me all the way home to Cockpit's apartment building like the real gentleman he is and we bid our farewells.  I looked longingly after him as he departed, thinking about how this gorgeous man was such a tulip among the daisies, and how fortunate I was to meet him and even more so be gifted an evening with the man.  Of course such a beautiful romantic would live in a foreign country.

I hope to see him the next time I head up North...I should text him tonight.

Play Safe Dear Reader.