Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Canadian Daddy Bear

October 17th, 2015

My dearest puppy and best friend Cockpit had planned and paid for a trip for me to visit him in Canada for the month of October.  I was very excited for the trip ever since he needed to relocate to the North due to my country's utterly disgraceful treatment of a person of his caliber.

This is actually my first venture into a different country altogether, and the vacation was one which was deeply needed.  I met a good handful of fun and interesting people while staying in Casa De Canine, one of whom was my "Canada Daddy".

I've been talking to him for a few years now online, we met on one of many of the fetish websites out there and talked many times of how it would be so wonderful to meet in person (as many conversations between men in foreign countries and on different continents tend to go).  He's a tall, big, daddy bear.  Gentle, sweet, fun, and considerate, many of the best traits I like in my men.

We started our first visit together at a local ramen shop where I introduced him to takoyaki, after lunch we bussed to the bear cave and he poured me a nice and strong vodka cranberry (for all you fans of a strong drink, in Canada you have to take your pregaming seriously as the government regulates the booze like a crabby, strict, ruler-slapping nun).  While daddy bear was in the kitchen, I was in his bedroom stripping to my leather jock and harness.  We got very well acquainted on the couch, making out as we always wanted to do before going straight to the bedroom.  More deep kissing, passionate lovemaking, and full body cuddling in the dim light of the rainy evening.

I told him I wanted him to crush me under his wonderfully sexy bear body and he was only too happy to oblige.  It felt fantastic to have his wight on top of me! A huge, warm bear blanket flattening me into the mattress!  It's the same excitement I get when a strong man wraps his arms around me and crushes me in a bear hug! 

Horny and pent up after weeks of frustration, when it came time to jerk off after lots of deep kissing, moaning, gruffing and growling, he had me shoot my load right into his maw!  Fuck yes! It was incredible!  I fell to the bed completely exhausted, and he took me into his big bear arms, holding me close.  We dozed a little before heading into the shower for my favorite after-sex activity, then headed to dinner afterward. 

Stuffed and quite happy, we walked back to his place where he gave me fare to get back to my pup and we said our goodbye-for-nows. 

He's a lovely man, and a beautiful bear.  I can't wait to see him again, as well as introduce him to Cockpit!

Play Safe Dear Reader.