Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rescued by a Wrestling Cowbear

September 11th, 2015

This evening I made plans to get together with Mike, who arrived to pick me up during a family trip to my grandmother's while we attended to business up there.  I needed a change of location, as well as some intimate attention, quite badly and the men in the area although few and very far between were just as flaky as the guys back in Long Beach.  Such a pain in the ass.

We headed out and picked up dinner, as well as some dessert before heading out to his friend's place in Monterey.  On the drive over we spotted some deer, and Mike was kind to go back and give me a better look.  After living in the Urban Jungle of Long Beach, then moving to the Suburban Wasteland of Laguna Niguel, seeing actual wildlife was quite exhilarating as well as romantic.

Once comfortably inside the house, which was quite small and cozy, we put down the groceries and had a much-needed and intense make out session.  He is half a foot taller than I am, as well as solid and wide.  A great, strong, cuddly bear!  He may be submissive but once in a while he grips me and takes control, which is as fun as it is sexy!  He excused himself and I set up dinner and dessert on the table.  He poured us tequila and we had some very good laughs over our meal together.

When the meal was finished I undressed him, taking off his shirt, revealing his black and yellow singlet.  I went to my knees and pulled off his sexy black cowboy boots, taking in the warm scent of their interiors! Fuck yeah!  I loved this position, looking up at him, his solid bear gut almost eclipsing his handsome rugged face making him seem to tower over me!  I then took off his shorts and excitedly mashed my face into his spandex-sealed crotch, gnawing at his thick, solid cock! Fuck yes!

We moved to the bedroom, passionately making out.  I pushed him onto the bed, and then gave him a full body massage.  My head swimming in my booze-induced buzz released any shreds of inhibition, and my heart opened, I wished to give him an amazing physical experience so I put my whole being into his massage.  I visualized myself forcing out his stress and filling him with my loving lustful energy.  I gradually slipped his singlet off and fox-licked him up and down, gnawing, biting, and worshiping his body.  My libido out of control.

I slipped away, and changed into my full body zentai suit, becoming a blue shadow, sliding back into bed, I wrapped myself around his beautiful form, cuddling him closely.  He took the lead now, and gave me a wonderful massage, he squeezed me and crushed me in his bear-strong arms, forcing the wind from my lungs just the way I love it.  It isn't a bear-hug until my breath is stolen!

My memory blurs, and I suspect I dozed off, I awoke to find him asleep next to me.  My mind is too awake at this point, so I snuck into the next room to write a little bit to wind down, before stripping naked and returning to bed, quite grateful for my big wrestler cowbear who rescued me from a place of stressful misery.

My gratitude, dear Mike.  You're such a beautiful man.

Play Safe Dear Reader.