Tuesday, September 29, 2015

An Evening with My Pig Slave

July 10th, 2015

This evening my new piggy slave, Bart, picked me up after a week's worth of delightful texts from him, all messages of him groveling and worshiping me.  We were both very excited to hang out once again.  I directed my eager little piggy to drive us to BJ's for dinner and once there we had another evening of great and enjoyable conversation, many topics covered how I'd love to dominate him.  Like leashing him in a bar, tying him up in the wilderness, and ways he could best serve me.

After our dessert and cocktails, which he eagerly paid for and I happily accepted we headed back to his place where I was able to meet his very sexy roommate who we shared a glass of wine and some laughs with.  He knew about Bart, and was amused at the fun we were having.  My slave pig and I headed upstairs and once the door was shut, he got right to work, taking my boots off he then worshiped and massaged my feet, licking and kissing like a good boy.

When I was satisfied, I took off my clothes and had him massage my body, I almost always doze off during a particularly good rubbing, and the fact that I had a few drinks in me simply amplified the effect, as Bart is a wonderful masseuse for an amateur. A fantastic cocksucker as well! This pig has a tongue that can make some of the best moves on my dick!

Since we were both fading fast I decided to call it a night and grabbed the ropes in my bag.  I fulfilled his little slave fantasy of becoming my little trussed up pig prisoner, I bound his hands and ankles and turned off the light.  Holding him close to my naked body, I whispered in his ear,

"I own you now.  You are MY slave forever.  There is no escape.  You will serve ME always."

I felt a shiver in my arms and I smiled when he replied, "Yes, Master!"

In the morning I released my pig, who promptly gave me an amazing morning blowjob which I had forgotten that I had instructed him to do so, and he does fantastic work.  From there we showered and Bart bathed me in true slave fashion, lathering up my body, shampooing and rinsing my hair for me, then toweling me dry.  He was so happy to do so.  Downstairs we shared a cup of coffee and more laughs with his handsome roommate before heading back to my place.

As I got out of the car, I took a moment to kiss my happy piggy slave goodbye, and reminded him that his Master loves him.

He's one of the best slaves I've had the pleasure of owning.  I can't wait to torture him as a reward for his services.

Play Safe Dear Reader.