Friday, September 18, 2015

The Boy in the Bag

May 30th, 2015

My buddy Sam took me to meet his new Sir, Kent, this afternoon up in Anaheim.  When we arrived, I was able to meet their new Boxer, Bullet, as well as find Sir Kent and his guest, Ed, in the side yard finishing up something that appeared to be an interesting kink session of some kind.

Sir Kent is a tall, burly, and very handsome man of few words, with sandy blonde hair and a deep masculine voice.  A very seductive combination of qualities in my books.

After the initial meet and greet, as well as a lunch delivery, we went for a swim in his backyard pool.  Sir Kent came up behind me as I was applying sunscreen, he aggressively yanked down my pants, wrapped a strong arm around me, and growled in my ear "I want you naked, boy."

"Y-yes S-Sir!!" I replied, feeling the blood rush from one brain to the other.  After our very enjoyable time in the pool, Sam fell asleep in the couch while Sir Kent and Ed went into the garage to do something.  A short while later, he summoned me to the garage.  I obediently followed him, excited and a bit nervous of what was in store for me.

When I entered, I found them throwing a rope over one of the crossbeams in the middle of the ceiling, as well as setting up a huge canvas mailbag on top of a large box platform underneath it.  The first thought that struck me was that noose play was close at hand, but that was swiftly dispelled when the two men with wicked grins ordered me to get in the bag.  The mailbag was huge, and I fit inside of it quite easily.  I sat down as the bag was pulled upward around me then threaded with the rope, sealing me inside of it.  I was then lifted upward into the air, the box was removed, and I hung there suspended from the beam.

It felt very comforting, regardless of the slight dizziness I suffered from the bag's gentle spinning, of course the boys teased me and spun me back and forth a little more.  I warned them that, as much as I love to be at the mercy of sexy gentlemen such as them, I didn't think that they'd enjoy a bag of vomit.

At one point Sir Kent said he had a gift for me, and tossed something inside of the bag's opening high above where I sat.  Something soft landed on my face, I took it off and inspected it.  A shirt...a sweaty shirt...HIS sweaty shirt!  I shoved my face into it and sniffed as hard as I could! FUCK! His scent is AWESOME!  I felt even more relaxed, sniffing my present and shifting position in the bag every so often, Sir Kent gently poking, prodding me, spanking me too, all very welcome attention from this hunk!  Feeling his strong hands and arms on me, even for a quick moment, made me feel very safe.  This tall, burly, stern-looking, deep-voiced, and warm-hearted man, everything was a turn on!

After they let me down (which was an amusing struggle to say the least) Sir Kent had me follow him to his bedroom where we joined Sam on Sir Kent's bed.  We had a very warm and beautiful group cuddle...that is until Sir Kent began to play with my dick.  Before too long my cock was shoved deep inside the tube of a soft, lubricated masturbation toy, and my face was thrust into Sir Kent's hairy, sweaty armpit.

Now I'm really not a fan of armpits, in fact any kind of strong smell is an instant soft-on. It fucks up my headspace and ruins the mood for me when guys assume I'm into it.  I resisted at first, but I forced myself to serve and obey, and I took my first lick of a man's armpit.  His grunts of approval and bestial snarls of "good boy" made me sink ever deeper into submission and gave rise to a powerful eagerness to serve and please this burly brute! 

He then released his cock from his pants, and I was greeted to a beautiful sight of a gargantuan manhood and huge balls!  I wanted to suck his cock so bad, my lips almost parted as he slapped his massive member against my face, as if I was already his personal bitch!  I silently screamed curses in my head for not bringing a condom as that throbbing cock was pressed hard against my face, and gratefully served his balls as dutifully and gently as I could, hoping he would be satisfied with this temporary substitution.

Eventually he blew his manly load and I was grateful for my face to be painted with his warm, sticky cream!  Thank you Sir!  I was allowed to climax myself, my raging hard on pumping my load out onto my chest, mixing my cum with his!  I was left paralyzed in my afterglow, laying next to this beautiful man!

After cleaning up and getting dressed, Sam and I took our leave, smiling all the way back down to Laguna.  Fuck! Sam is one lucky boy to have a Sir like Kent!

Ooh...I wonder what Sir Kent can do with rope.

Play Safe Dear Reader.