Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Pig Daddy by the Beach

May 16th, 2015

This evening I met Dave, an older gentleman, from our chats on Recon, and I wore my bulldog harness as he requested of me.  After picking me up he took me to dessert at a little cafe in Dana Point, it was here that he told me some amazing, if almost unbelievable tales of his life.

Once at his home I was greeted by his husband and their dog, and we made our way to the lower floor to his guest/playroom where he ushered me into his shower and we both prepped together.  Not truly an activity I am used to doing with someone else, so it took some time for me to get used to it, as well as my own issues with it.  Near the end I felt sick to my stomach, as the water was too warm and I was accepting too much at a time, so we dried off, he laid me down on the bed and rubbed my feet.

As I felt better, he turned me on my stomach and hogtied me with leather restraints, and then tested a few buttplugs on my hole, but I wasn't able to take many of them and my ass was quite sore from the time in the shower.  I hadn't done much anal play in a while, so my hole is sensitive and tight.  He then brought out a unique dildo, it was light cream-colored, and looked like a long tongue of some kind of fantasy creature that started thin at the tip and widened considerably as it reached the base.  He told me that it was modeled after an Orca's penis, and I was even more intrigued.  I've seen some fun dildos before on the shelves of such great stores like Mr. S Leather in San Francisco or Rough Trade Gear in Los Angeles, things like traffic pylons, forearms with fingers extended and grouped together, even a prick-less cactus and an "alien" cock; as well as ones modeled after creatures like dragons, werewolves, and even tentacles from stores like Bad Dragon and Primal Hardwere, but this was the first time I had seen one in person...and I wanted to try it.  Like, I really wanted to try it.

(Before going forward, I should mention that I in no way, shape, or form condone, like, enjoy, or encourage the act or fantasy of bestiality.  I condemn it, I loath it.  This is different, as it pertains to the fantasy of anthropomorphism, or in a more simplified definition an animal that is more human-like in nature, talking, walking, civilized, wearing clothes, but is still an animal, and most importantly can give consent.  Here's some examples of what I'm talking about.

I asked if I could give the beast a try, and he was only too happy to let me at it.  I lowered myself down on the tip and it felt absolutely amazing.  The shape and curve were incredible, and I slipped very quickly into my submissive mode.  I wanted all of it inside me, I felt so greedy, my ass was starving for it, and I wanted to take it all up my hole for Daddy!  After I couldn't take any more inside me and I reached my physical limit, he put me in his sling and played with my hole more.  As I lay there in the comfortable leather cradle it felt so natural to me, as if this sling was my rightful place in the sexual world, I felt like I was meant to be there and I wanted to for hours!

Afterward we returned to the bed and he blindfolded me and toyed around with my body a bit before we talked about visiting some resorts in Palm Springs together someday.  Daddy Dave then told me about his good and amusingly eccentric friend Patrick, who dressed like a satyr, complete with custom made hoof-boots that have flames painted on them, as well as horns and such.  I'm looking forward to meeting this guy, just one look at his picture and I was convinced I'd enjoy his company.

Daddy Dave then put himself in the sling and instructed me to fist him, as it was now Daddy's turn for fun.  I followed orders and slicked up a glove then eased my hand into him finger by finger until I was punch-fucking him, making Daddy moan and grunt for more.  I then abandoned the glove, slid on a condom, and fucked him like a beast!  Primal fucking! The kind of fuck I love to have, letting loose, unchaining the animal within, snarling and pounding!  Much to my disappointment my body refused to give me release, damn it all.

We then cleaned up, and Daddy Dave drove me home, making our plans to meet again soon.  He's a piggy one.

Play Safe Dear Reader.