Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Powerful Leather Gentleman

May 1st, 2015

This afternoon began with Sir Daniel arriving in his very own recommissioned patrol car, dressed to the nines in his tall Wesco boots, tight dark jeans, leather vest, gauntlets, and tight black leather gloves.  Walking towards him was like a scene out of one of my many fantasies!  Once seated in the front, Sir Daniel presented me with a surprise gift, a brand new pair of Damascus leather gloves! Good and tight! I thanked him many times, and gratefully wore them all night!

We headed up to Pistons for a drink and met the new bartender Andrew, a sexy, youthful stud of a hottie, who luckily lives in a city nearby to my new area in Orange County!  He's the exact type that I get fidgety around, nervous, cautious, and all that frustrating nonsense.

After we collected our drinks Sir Daniel and I headed to the patio, and even though he flared up a cigar he was very polite and conscious of my asthma and stepped away like a gentleman to smoke it.  When he smoked half of his cigar he put it out, then he grabbed me, yanked me close, and tongue-fucked my mouth! Woof! Now that is a leather gentleman and a top!

We finished our drinks and left, upon approaching his car he opened the rear door and ushers me inside.  I climb in, it's very cramped, and before I knew it the door was slammed behind me...and there I was.  Inside a real police car, in the back! I was finally here, in the back of a cop car, behind the metal mesh and bulletproof glass, metal bars on the windows, in the tight confines of a mobile prison, with a leather man at the wheel!  I'm instantly giddy!  Sir Daniel took his time outside the car to resume his half-finished cigar, walking away out of sight a few times, coming back once in a while to tease me by fondling his beautiful leather bulge at my window!  His tight leather gloves groping his man sack! FUCK!

When he finished his cigar, he got in the driver's seat without a word and we drove away.  Once we were on the freeway I couldn't contain my excitement any more and commented on how amazing this whole experience was.  He turned his head and barked,

"Don't speak unless spoken to!"

Sir, yes, sir.

We arrive at his subtle and discreet location and he leads me inside, sit me down at his private bar and pours me a another drink.  He then takes down a police helmet from the shelf nearby as well as a pair of shades, he puts them both on me and a wide smile appears on his lips.  He ushers me into the bathroom and tells me I look very hot in them.  I looked in the mirror excitedly, and I saw a dominant, powerful cop looking back at me.  I frowned at myself, crossing my arms, as if I disapproved of some lame excuse a punk kid had just given me, and my cock throbbed!  Woah! I was turning myself on!  Sir Daniel then grabbed a bucket-style motorcycle helmet and handed it to me.  We began to hoot and getting riled up, it was even hotter!  Woof!  It was so exciting to get a glimpse of how attractive I was!

We returned to the bar and he asked me if I wanted a little something more.  I said, sure! Why the hell not?!  I always wanted to try it, and see what it was like and how different it was from some edibles I had tried.  He took a nice drag and grabbed my head, he kissed me deeply, forcefully, he blew a cloud of smoke into my mouth.  I inhaled it, and instantly my throat went dry, it was as if a lush green meadow suddenly transformed into a desert of dry, cracked earth.  I couldn't breathe, and I could do nothing but cough.  He handed me some water and it felt like a flood upon that desert.

Once better, he takes me in his leathered arms and we kiss passionately again, his powerful tongue thrusting into my mouth.  I submitted to him willingly, eagerly, he was so wonderful, powerful, polite, dominant.  He's that classic type of leather man I love, a gentleman of power.

Soon things became blurry...he's taking my clothes off, then I'm being wrapped in a blanket...then he's laying next to me, we're making out more, I'm so horny for him, I want him so much...then I become so tired...and I slip into darkness.

I woke up early the next morning, we're laying under a blanket on the couch in his private club, early morning light streaming through the windows near the ceiling.  He's already awake smiling at me.  My first duty of the day is to suck his balls, which I heartily enjoyed!  I loved to please Sir Daniel!  His grunts and smile made me so happy!  I was making him happy! I was pleasing him!  Once he was satisfied, he helped me get dressed.  He then said something very heartfelt and wonderful in my ear, pressing something into my hand.  I smile, there are tears welling up in my eyes.  I'm falling very hard for this wonderful, beautiful gentleman.

He drove me home, me riding in the back of his patrol car (a dream that keeps coming true), once back at my apartment he lets me out and gives me a wonderful, beautiful heartfelt kiss goodbye, we bid our farewells and I watch him drive out of sight.

I then look at the gift he pressed into my hand, and I'm overwhelmed by gratitude again.  He's such an incredible man, full of kindness as he is full of dominant power.  I respect him very highly, and I cannot wait to see him again!

Please, Sir Daniel...arrest me soon!  I want to be your prisoner boy toy!

Play Safe Dear Reader.