Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Australian for a Night

April 24th, 2015

My dear Australian boy, Steven, arrived this afternoon and he barely got inside the gate before I had him in my arms and my tongue in his mouth!  I rushed him upstairs and had him on my bed, continuing our deep kissing and lovemaking.  I only had a single day to enjoy him, and I was determined to make every moment count, as our previous plans of him staying a week or so were dashed to pieces by circumstances which were as unfortunate as they were frustrating.

I stripped him down to nothing but a jockstrap, and buckled my collar around his neck, so he looked and felt much more comfortable as my devoted Aussie boy toy! As I was in the midst of moving out of my apartment, he helped out tremendously by packing up boxes alongside me, like the very dependable servant he is.  He was quite happy to serve, and I was thrilled to dominate him once again.

After a good while of hard work, we broke for dinner at a local pub, he picked up the tab as he wished to do so, he is definitely a rare gem of a boy, we returned to my apartment and packed a little while more before getting pleasantly intimate together. I love this boy so much, his attitude, his charisma, his adorable smile, and that accent of his makes me riled up like nobodies business! Aussie boys are such a delicacy.  We headed out to the bars to start our evening properly, we encountered an adorably drunk boy named Orlando who also was visiting, and helped him find his friend who arrived in an Uber ride to collect him.  The very thought of being drunk, and alone in a city unfamiliar to me, miles and miles away from home sends an icy chill down my spine.

From that little adventure we headed across the street to the 7-11 to pick up drunk junk food, and before we could even leave a questionable guy stopped us and told us his sad tale of being sold fake meth crystals, and (while within two feet of the cashier the whole time) offered to sell us the very fake meth he was conned into buying.  I exchanged looks with Steven and then gently told the odd man that I didn't think it was a very good idea, nor a legal one, to try to sell meth, fake or real, to people in front of the cashier in a 7-11.  He seemed to ponder this for a moment while looking at the floor in a vacant stare before looking up again and telling us he was hungry.  I gave the poor soul my donut and wished him a good evening before Steven and I made a swift walk straight back to my apartment.

Two amusing adventures with strange humans later, we were naked and happy in my bed, deeply kissing in passionate lovemaking before I drifted off to sleep with my wonderful Australian boy toy wrapped up safe in my arms.  My imagination filled with images of living in a comfortable home, alongside my loyal and happy slave boys, all collared and tagged with my name.  Sleeping comfortably with me in the middle of the king-sized bed, and of course Steven nestled happily in the man nest.

In the morning, my dear boy started our day with a wonderful and sensuous blow job.  Really one of the best ways to begin any morning, I would happily have a 3:00am wake up time if this was the alarm.  I closed my eyes and relaxed into his oral gift, feeling him take my manhood into his mouth, feeling his tongue slide along my shaft, eventually opening my eyes once more and watching him go down on me was a beautiful sight.  He worked me towards my peak of arousal, and then pushing me over and into a wonderful orgasm I blow my load right into his eager mouth and grateful throat.  After licking off the remaining cum from my dick, he looked up with a beaming smile.  It's impossible for me not to fall in love with this beautiful man!

Following a very pleasurable shower, we ate breakfast together and I watched sadly as he packed up his bag.  I walked him to his bus stop and waited with him, my mind begging the questions: When will I see this wonderful man once more? For how long? What more beautiful things will happen then?  His bus arrived just as it began to rain a gentle drizzle, much like the disappointment I felt for such a short visit, but a visit I was only too grateful for.  The bus drove out of sight, and my heart sank.

I already missed his adorable face and his succulent accent.

Play Safe Dear Reader.