Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Roped and Ridden

February 16th, 2015

This afternoon, Sir John picked me up and took me over to his husband, Sir M.'s home in Irvine.  After a small lunch, I was taken upstairs by Sir M. who dressed me in a wonderful neoprene one piece.  It felt so lovely, the material hugging so tightly against my naked body.

From there, Sir M. began to bind me in his beloved Shibari rope, my hands tied behind me, the lengths of rope were wound, slipped about, and tightened all over my chest and back.  It felt so intimate and relaxing, like a full body embrace, the release of control, the feeling of helplessness.  He then bound my legs, guided me to the bed, and gently set me on top of it, hogtying my legs upward.  He then gagged and blindfolded me.  I was truly helpless now, and it felt great.  I missed this feeling so much.  I had never had Shibari on me before, and I loved the feeling of the thick ropes wound tightly around me, as well as being a canvas for rope art.

Sir M. then tortured me, paddling my balls with a padded paddle, running a vibrator over my crotch, making me moan, whimper, and squirm for his pleasure.  I was so horny, I tried to hump the vibrator every time I was granted a brief sweet encounter.

He eventually released me from his beautiful and carefully bound ropework and transferred his willing prisoner into a leather straitjacket.  He then guided me into the guest bedroom to put me to bed next to Sir John and headed downstairs to start dinner.  I blissfully slipped into a short nap next to Sir John and loving the leather embrace of the straitjacket.  Once I woke up, Sir John released me from my leather prison, as my mind had began to approach a panic point.  I truly detest my odd claustrophobic anxiety, I'll be fine in the straitjacket for a while, but then out of nowhere the panic starts to creep up on my mind and I need release.  It's ruined many a potentially fun scene for me.

Sir John slid a rubber on my dick and I felt him grease me up, soon I was entering his hole and Daddy was riding me!  Fuck it was awesome!  I love to fuck Sir John so much!  He rode me for ages, I could feel myself closing in on an orgasm, but it was constantly out of reach! No matter how much I desperately bucked and thrust into him from underneath I came no closer to exploding, and I simply exhausted myself in the process.

My blindfold was removed and he dismounted me so I could fuck him properly.  He bent over the bed and I wasted no time sliding inside of his sweet ass.  I fucked him as hard as I could!  I wanted to blow!  I wanted to slam, thrust, pound, and ravage Daddy John's hole!  I was so close for so long!  I was so tired, but I refused to give up!  Soon, it was finally time!  Here it came!  I blew my frustrating load as I loudly exclaimed my love for Daddy John!  I love fucking you Sir!  Your boy loves it all!

I collapsed completely exhausted, panting heavily, I couldn't even move, I swear even my vision blurred.  Sir John smiled as he praised me before he headed to the bathroom to clean up.  It took me a few minutes of catching my breath before I could move again and join him.  He encouraged me to take a nap before dinner, which I gladly did, passing out in the neoprene suit in the guest bed.

A while later I regained consciousness and joined Sir M. in the kitchen, and when Sir John rejoined us from running an errand at the market we sat down to dinner.  Sir M. had made "Cock-a-leekie pie", which Sir M. had perverted to "Leaky Cock Pie", and had a cutout of a dripping dick on the top of the crust.

I love my kinky friends.

After dinner we retired to bed, and so ended a wonderful and enjoyable visit.

Play Safe Dear Reader