Saturday, July 11, 2015

Taking Two for the Team

January 9th, 2015

Tonight Sir Donny picked me up and we headed back to his place to gear up for the night.  I was already set in my leather vest, pants, Dehners, and Muir Cap, as well as sporting my red fox tail from my belt.  We were simply waiting on his husband and an additional guest to join us for the evening.

Once his husband arrived we headed upstairs for them to gear up, and we talked a little while before we all began to feel frisky, the topic of me staying over to bone came up, then Sir Donny asked his husband if he wanted to spit roast me.  The materials came out, my pants were yanked down, and Sir Donny thrusted his monster manhood into my mouth as his husband slides easily into my hole.  I'd been waiting for this wonderful situation to come about for a good long time, being the boy toy for these two incredibly sexy men!

As his husband slammed and pounded my eager hole, Sir Donny shoved his massive manhood as far down my throat as it would go, and I loved every moment of it!  Soon his husband gave a final thrust so deep into my boy hole that I could feel him throbbing as he climaxed with a great moan.  Fuck yes!  Panting, his husband slid out of me, and Sir Donny took his position behind me.  He lubed up his cock, lubed up my hole, and FILLED me with his giant member! Fuck, I felt my ass stretch to take every inch of his cock, and it hurt so good!

Every thrust reminded me I was his center!  I was his locker room bitch, his prize for winning the game!  I dream of us living out that fantasy, in a real locker room, in our football gear, he ties me to the bench and uses my ass for his victory fuck!  He wrapped his big arms around me and thrust!  I wanted it all!  He finally reached his climax and growled in my ear like the beast he is!  Fuck yes, SIR!

He left me blissfully on the bed, panting, worn out, and deeply grateful to be the boy toy that night for two amazing gentlemen.  I didn't even desire to cum myself, I was so happy already!  I wiped down and got back into my leather, just as our guest arrived for our night out at the Eagle.