Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Contained for the First Time

October 25th, 2014

Tonight Marc Bellenger picked me up for the evening.  He instructed me to gear up in my football gear, as well as to pack some leather.  We headed over to his place and once inside he let me know he had a surprise for me.  I was instructed to close my eyes and drop my pants, I followed his orders and I felt him sliding something on my manhood.  I figured it was a cockring because guys in the past have asked me if I wore one and when I admitted I didn't (mainly because my groin is sensitive hence why I'm not a fan of CBT) they would all urge me to get one.

He then placed something else on my dick, some arranging, painful pulling, then he was finished.  He told me to look at my cock and when I opened my eyes I was stunned.  My dick was locked inside a metal chastity cage!  I was a bit afraid and otherwise unable to really react.  I was his now, my dick belonged to the keyholder.  I never felt so helpless before.  Most times I always had an out, a way to say "No, I'm not doing that." This time I had no choice.  It scared me a bit.  I didn't like the idea of being out of control in this way too much, but it was with someone I knew and trusted.

He then had me polish his boots, then his leather.  We had some fun conversation while I served his leather, at one point touching on the topic of Old Guard, then how it didn't exist and the mythos were created by the survivors of the AIDS crisis, and who were also the excluded or abstainers from the leather realm.  I started to empathize with Marc on how hard living in that time must have been and started to break into tears, apologizing if I was ever disrespectful.  He smiled and reassured me I was okay.  After a long polish session we headed out to the 11th Annual Leather Halloween Party at this gorgeous manor of a house.

I felt a bit unique being in full football uniform at a leather party, and as we schmoozed and mingled I received so many compliments on the gear as well as playful pounding on my shoulder pads.  Midway into the party Marc summoned me to him in the back yard and ordered me on my knees.  He asked if I was thirsty and I was a bit surprised.  Here?  Now?  Well, yeah we were at a leather kink party, so why not?  I took his dick tip into my mouth and he began his flow.  He filled my mouth with the most bitter piss I have ever had,  I could only take three mouthfuls before I couldn't take the taste anymore.  He had coffee that day and the taste was obvious, I thanked him for the experience and immediately grabbed a soda to rinse the awful taste out of my mouth.

After I finished it, Marc led me to a darkened corner of the yard behind some camouflage netting where a sling awaited.  I took my place in the leather hammock, raised my legs onto the chains and Marc chomped down firmly on his cigar as he grabbed the chains near my feet and slammed his hips against my vulnerable ass, growling like a monster!  I lay in that sling, in the darkness as this fully clad leatherman, glaring me down behind his sunglasses opened his fly and dry humped my padded ass.  Such forceful slams, masculine grunts and snarls, and my moans of pleasure joining them in a melody of sexual energy rising until Marc released his load on me, leaving a welcome cumstain on my new gear.

He took a moment to regain himself before taking me out of the sling, and we rejoined the party, mingling the remainder of the night away.  At one point I took a seat next to the firepit and gazed out at the guests.  The sight of leather Daddies with their collared boys, as well as leathermen boyfriends kissing in the night made my heart turn a sad shade of green.  It was thankfully interrupted by my friend Dennis and his buddy Todd sitting next to me.  I hit it off very well with Todd and we were soon cuddling nice and close.  I dozed off, quite comfortable with Todd in my arms, but once I woke up I found Todd long gone, like a cruel ending to a pleasant dream.

Marc and I soon took our leave, saying our goodbyes before he drove me all the way home.  We arrived at my place, but I was still locked in his metal chastity cage.  He said he might release me soon.  I became nervous, I had a boy of my own coming to see me in the morning after my work shift, and I had promised him lovemaking.  It felt so odd and very uncomfortable having the rights to my cock stolen from me by a man.  He drove off after teasing me that he may or may not release me after a while.

I had to sleep very carefully that night, as my balls had become quite sensitive.

I really need to question my doms more...

Play Safe Dear Reader.