Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Night in My Cub's Cave

June 1st, 2015

My loyal, wonderful bear boy toy, James arrived this afternoon to pick me up for our evening together.  We drove off to his little apartment on his college campus, my hand resting comfortably on his thigh.  Once there, I put my things down and made out with my beautiful boy, falling in love again with his handsome, scruffy face, his gentle smile, those beautiful brown eyes, thick dark hair that my hands loved to flow through, that sweet soft voice, and of course his cuddly bearish body!

I donned my bulldog harness and leather jock, and ordered him into his leather jock as well.  We got dressed in our street clothes over our leather and went to dine at the Diamond of Jamboree plaza, snagged a dessert at 85c Bakery, then picked up some Jagermeister and Red Bull at the market before getting back to his place for more fun.

We shot a few Jagerbombs and got pleasantly tipsy together before tearing off our public clothes and having deep, passionate, and amazing lovemaking.  I get so much joy out of making love to my men whilst drunk, no inhibitions, no questions, no hesitations, just full-on unrelenting passion and ecstasy!  I thrust inside of his wonderful boyhole, felt the temperature rise, and hit my climax full force, filling him with my incredible orgasm!  Panting, I fell onto my back and told him to milk his manhood over me. I watched him as he moaned and shuddered, shooting his load on my chest and painting it white.

Our afterglow brought us together in an embrace, panting and sweaty, lips together.  Fading out from the bedroom and into the bathroom, I had him wrapped in my arms, the warm waters washing away our weariness and cleansing us as we kissed deeply.  I took the time as I caressed him to really take him all in, as well as all the reasons I had for loving him as my boy cub.  From shower to bed, I held him closely, drifting off to sleep with a satisfied smile on my lips.

In the morning I awoke in a very pleasant mood, smiling as we continued to cuddle close before heading back to the shower.  Getting mischievous I reached over and stroked his cock, lubed with soap, he gasped and moaned in response, smiling.

"Oh, Daddy...I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." he moaned to me, my wicked grin growing.

"Shoot it! Why do you think I'm stroking you, my lovely boy?"

He can't resist it, nor can he resist me, and he shot forth a beautiful load into my hands.  I'm quite pleased with him.

A while later, as we are dressing for the day ahead, there is talk of my staying with him for a few days at a time in the near future.  I cannot wait to have a Master's Vacation with my beautiful bear cub!  I'm sure this will be quite an interesting weekend to write about.  We're going to need more booze!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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