Friday, August 21, 2015

The Unexpected Inquisitor

May 2nd, 2015

Today I spoke with a man I didn't expect to be so curious, of course that was a mistake fully on my part as one should never assume the level of interest of anyone as there can be absolutely anything under the surface of a person.

A neighbor of mine had seen some of the labels on packages I had received from the boys who enjoyed sending me tributes through the mail, addressing them to "Master", and he asked who this "Master" was.  So I told him about how tribute play worked, what cash and gift boys were, and what the title "Master" meant to us.  Later on he started to use more submissive language in his texts to me, calling me "Sir", so I called him on this and discovered that he was curious and interested in bondage and submission.  His personality is one of a classic "good neighbor", friendly, polite, handshake whenever you meet, and of course he's heterosexual, so I never gave it any thought and dismissed it before.  Now I found myself setting up an impromptu visit to his place.

I geared up in my cowboy gear, the pointed boots, jeans, t-shirt, gray hanky in the back left pocket, cowboy hat, and I grabbed my nylon ropes.  I headed over to his door and knocked on it.  He answered in his underwear and led me to the bedroom.  I sat on the bed with him and explained what I like to do for beginners is to tie them up one area at a time and let them savor it before moving on.  All safety addressed, no secrets, no shame.  We began and I tied his wrists together, he couldn't believe he really enjoyed it, so we moved onward.  I tied his ankles together, he wanted to continue, so I lay him down and blindfolded him.

I let him lay still in his bondage, absorbing his very first experience for a little while before I asked if I could caress his body, it took him a moment to think before he agreed.  I gently ran my hands over his hairy body, helping him to relax into his situation.  It made me smile to watch him really enjoying himself, and a good look at the bulge in his underwear made me grin and think maybe we could go a little further.

"May I touch your dick?" I asked softly, already knowing the answer.  He hesitated at first, the answer staying on his lips a moment before he said yes.  I took my time in reaching down and slipping off his underwear, exposing his thick, dripping manhood.  As I slowly and gently gripped his cock I took my time in rubbing, stroking, and pumping it.  Whispered moans and sighs of pleasure came from his smile.  I continued, a little faster, a little more intentional, he was coming closer to the edge, his body bound, his eyes blindfolded there was nothing he could do except say no...but he didn't.

I encouraged him to blow, to let it out, to release it all for me and not hold back.  He let out a moan and his cock shot a load of his creamy spunk all over his stomach.  I smiled and sat with him in his afterglow, rubbing my hand over his chest before gently cleaning him up with a warm washcloth.  I untied him soon after and we lay side by side, talking about his kink and where he could research it and look for people who shared his desires.

When it came time for me to leave, I gathered my toys and bid him goodnight.  I then returned to my apartment, a satisfied smile on my face.  It felt as if I had the pleasure of some kind of closure I wasn't aware that I desired.

Play Safe Dear Reader

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