Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yearning to be a Daddy's boy.

January 26th, 2015

Tonight I met the handsome and wonderful Darrin Wilde, following our initial meeting at Pistons a few weeks ago.  We had dinner at Thai Silk and enjoyed a beautiful meal together, he's such a gentleman and he generously treated me.  We had fantastic coversation which led to us having a drink at the Brit just down the street.  Our talk meandered its way to kink and fetishes and I confessed my deep-seeded desire for a Daddy, as much as I do enjoy being dominant, I love being submissive to a gentleman who wants to nurture a boy.

He ushered me into his lap and it felt wonderful.  He whispered he wanted to continue, but without an audience, I said we could head over to my place.  Once I shut the front door behind us he kissed me so gently and kindly.  He whispered things into my ear so softly I could barely hear them.  He knew I needed a Daddy, he knew I needed to relax.  He encouraged me towards my bed where he took control and became Daddy Darrin.

He cuddled, kissed, then he massaged me and went good and slow, relaxing me deeply to my core.  It was such bliss.  He then uttered the words my heart loved and yearned to hear,

"You need a Daddy to take care of you." "Everything is going to be okay."

His beautiful words, and wonderful hands did a great deal of good on my body and mind.  He soon had me stripped down to my harness, leather jock, and boots.  He continued his massage and eventually my body was bare and vulnerable.  He drizzled lube on my manhood then stroked me lovingly slow.  He slid a finger into my boyhole, gently at first, then deeper, slightly more aggressively, all while stroking me.  The combination was incredible!  I didn't want him to stop! I was Daddy's boy toy!  I was writhing in ecstasy with Daddy Darrin playing with me!  He soon joined me in the bed, arm under my back, cradling me close to him.

"Shoot your load for Daddy."

I stroked myself to climax, and shot my big load just for Daddy!  He was very happy with it, and was so kind to wipe me down.  Sadly he could not stay much longer, having an early morning, so he took his leave, but he left me with a feeling of warmth and care.

I'm looking forward to being at Daddy Darrin's boots again very soon! I want to show him how much his love is appreciated!

Play Safe Dear Reader

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