Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Personal Army Grunt

January 21st, 2015

My army slave boy arrived this afternoon to assist me in moving some furniture from my puppy's apartment to mine.  He's an adorable young man who needs a good hard fucking into submission.  I put him in my collar, stripped him nude, and he and I cuddled up close for a quick nap at my place after moving the heavy stuff.

We shared a lovely day together , going out on a few errands, one of which brought us to ConRev on Broadway picking up some essentials for the evening.  When I got his sweet little ass back to my apartment, I got him into the shower, down on his knees and skullfucked him.  I really felt the dominant energy start to flow like the hot water drenching us.  Listening to a boy gag helplessly on my cock, especially this one, is such a turn on! I asked him if he was okay, as he kept having to turn away, he told me that it was because my dick was so big.

I told him that it was a fine excuse, and continued to fuck his sweet mouth until I was satisfied, going with his pace, and grinning twice as big.

We dried off, and headed to my bedroom where I threw him on his stomach on the bed, lubed his hole up, slid on my rubber, and ravaged my hot little army boy slave!  Fuck it felt so damn good, I couldn't help but blow my load soon after!  I plan on drawing it all out a lot more next time I have him in my possession.  We got dressed and enjoyed a warm cuddle afterward, then headed to an enjoyable dinner before he dropped me off at home and we said goodnight.

The boy is a busy young man, but so deliciously worth the waiting periods between our encounters.  I plan on him bringing his full uniform next, so I can really support my trooper.  You know I love my men in uniform.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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