Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dominating from the bottom

April 20th, 2015

My dear boy James came over this evening, when he arrived at the gate downstairs I greeted him with a long, deep kiss.  The one that just melts the both of you into the warmth of one another.  It has been a while since I have last seen him, and his large frame encompassing me was quite comforting and very relaxing.  He truly is like my big teddy bear who gives me that wonderful physical and mental peace.

Once upstairs I ordered his clothes to come off, and I buckled my slave collar around his neck where it rightfully belonged.  I stripped naked myself and we took our sweet time making out on the bed.  I love the feeling of his soft lips on mine, he's a beautiful young man with an innocently soft smile.  It really does hide his masochistic self, the one who begs Daddy to hurt him, to skull fuck him, to bite, spit, and subdue him.

As I looked into his soft brown eyes, I decided we would do things differently this evening.  I rose from the bed, and turned out the lights.   I then lit a candle nearby and sat down on the bed running my hand down his body.  I told him that I wanted him to take the lead, I wanted him to make love to me this evening.  He smiled and gladly accepted the proposition, he slid on his condom, we lubricated, and I took my place on my stomach upon the bed.  He gently slid his wonderful manhood into my ass, and made gentle love to me.

He's very good, he went slow, earnestly, every thrust he gave me was honest, sincere, a true fuck from a boy who loves his Daddy.  A form of respect and adoration.  I could feel it in every inch of his throbbing dick that penetrated me.  He gave it his all, and when he could no longer continue, I praised him for his lovemaking.  Topping was somewhat unfamiliar for him, but he's very good even if he doesn't know or think he is.

We switched positions, I slid on the condom, and dripped the lube down his hairy crevice as well as generously slicking up my rubbered manhood.  I savored the time I entered his hole, feeling his body give way and accept me, the warmth of his interior, the moan he sighed.  I made sweet, gentle love to my boy, my teddy bear, I knew he knew of my love for him, my attraction to him, how much I enjoyed our time together, but I love to physically remind him...again, and again, and again.

I also love to remind him who is in charge.  Who loves to play rough.  Who his Daddy is, and where he belongs!  My thrusts became harder, more and more intense!  I drove and drilled into my boy's hole.  Deeper! Deeper still! Harder! Faster! You're MY boy! You're MY teddy bear!  Ravaging! Slamming! Pounding! Tearing into his body like a rabid animal!  I was about to cum! I was going to explode! I snarled and exclaimed it as I burst inside of him! He moaned and thanked me as I did so!

Fuck...what a wonderful time we had.  We lay there, sweating, panting, smiling and of course glowing with satisfaction.  We cleansed each other in the shower soon after, dressed and treated ourselves to a dessert late in the night, then returned and came back to bed.  Naked, close, and warm in embrace.  We woke up still hugging, the way I love to start my day, in the arms of another man, especially one whom I respect and cherish very much as my submissive.

I love that boy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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