Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dipping His Pen in My Ink

November 19th, 2014

After work this afternoon I started talking with a work buddy and learned that he was simply waiting around for the bus which wouldn't be by for a good while.  I invited him back to my place for a few rounds of video games while he waited for his ride.  It was, in all honesty, a simple invite to hang out together, as it is very difficult to find anyone near me who enjoys videogames on a level that I do.  I had no real intent on fooling around in mind, even though he was very cute.

During a round of Hyrule Warriors, we got on the topic of kink (which truly is inevitable with me regardless who starts the topic), he then mentioned what he and his boyfriend had agreed upon what was acceptable with outside play, which I was happy he was honest with.  The pants came off, and we began to make out, caressing and kissing deeply.  He moved lower and began to blow me (fuck I just shivered remembering how good it felt), he then had me on my stomach and started to rim me like a starving pro. Fuck that felt great!  Eventually my hand found his bulge and I was amazed at the thickness and size, this cock was huge!  He pleasured himself by burying his face in my ass and sucking my cock, I love a hungry ass eater, I'm literally paralyzed with pleasure, trying to keep from thrashing.  Then it came my turn...

I pulled down his underwear and revealed his enormous member, he could barely get the condom over it!  Once it was covered, I sucked his beautiful dick like it was the last cock I'd ever get down my throat!  I was starving to swallow every inch of it!  I wanted it so bad, I gagged on it several times, stabbing the back of my throat!  He then lubed up my hole and I relaxed as much as possible, given my excitement.  I wanted his manhood inside of me.

When he finally slid it in my ass it was mind blowing.  All of it, every inch of this throbbing member went in me.  I was a greedy little fox, my ass starving and damn could this boy fuck!  He pounded me several different ways and I still wanted more!  I wanted it harder! Faster! Deeper! All of it, his dick was ridiculous and I yearned to be dominated, if not destroyed, by his cock!

Then he pulled out, yanked off the condom, and blew his wad in a spray that covered not only me, but my pillows as well as my bed frame!  What a load, Goddamn!

We enjoyed the afterglow for a few minutes before showering and bathing each other, talking about hopefully including his boyfriend the next time we got together for fun.  As well as more videogames of course.  I'm looking forward to seeing what this friendship holds in the future!

Play Safe Dear Reader.

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