Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Night Too Awful to Forget

A note from the Leather Fox: 

The following story you are about to read is an unusual post for me.  Usually when it comes to my kink and fetish adventures I prefer to only share positive, fun, and exciting experiences with you, my dear readers.  If I have a fairly dull, uneventful, or a bad time altogether I don't even bother writing it down in the diary I draw my posts from.  However this experience was the first of its kind for me.  I wouldn't expect you to get horny from this, but I do hope it entertains nonetheless.

February 24th, 2015

I was scheduled to meet a man I had talked to on Recon (his profile now long deleted since tonight), I changed into my leather gear, pulled on my Dehners, and put on my Muir cap as I headed out to the Mineshaft bar to meet him.

He was a nice enough guy at first, a bit older than I expected from his pictures, but pleasant.  He generously bought me a few drinks, however he was a little pushy in conversation, he interrupted frequently but I let it slide due to his pleasant demeanor and generosity.  He informed me that he had bound up his balls for my amusement and produced a strand of cord from his pants so I could tug on it to torture him.  It was the first time I had been given that opportunity, and I enjoyed the idea, as well as pulling on his cord, secretly getting a bit of payback for his interruptions from before.

We finished our cocktails and he ordered us an Uber back to his hotel, we enter his room and he began to strip down.  It was at this time that I happened to glance into his bathroom and noticed a shower shot portable enema device, still dripping wet.  I found it odd as he insisted in our messages that there wouldn't be any anal play whatsoever.  When I pressed him about it, he claimed he liked to have a clean ass.  Huh.  Whatever.

He then proudly showed me a shopping bag containing laundry cord, 100 clothespins, duct tape, and saran wrap, all of which he was very chatty about during our time at the bar.  He said that I could have it all when we were finished, as he'd simply toss it after we were finished if I didn't.  I found it incredibly wasteful.

When we finally did get down to play he didn't follow any of my orders whatsoever, he seemed to do what he thought I wanted instead of what I told him.  Even after several reprimands he didn't get it, and I'm not one to mince words nor fluff them when it comes to my orders. This guy never once looked me in the eyes, and he would respond with the most scripted-sounding and insincere "Sir, yes Sir!" I've ever had the displeasure of receiving when I corrected him.

It was around this time I noticed a foul odor in the air, I shrugged it off and simply thought the guy just farted.  I then had him lay on the bed, tied up his hands and legs then placed a few handfuls of clothespins around his chest and proceeded to flick them off after they began to pinch in hard.  Call it spiteful, but I did receive some satisfaction from causing pain to this frustrating man, and for the first time I did so completely for my own enjoyment, and didn't even give half a thought towards his comfort or pleasure.  I then untied him when I grew bored of this torture, and excused him to the bathroom when he asked.

I sat down and went into my thoughts as I waited for him to return. I decided I would take my leave soon as this night was not enjoyable for me in the least, but not before one final attempt at salvaging what shreds of pleasure I could.  Turning the events over in my head I realized that this was never a mutual arrangement. From the start it was all about his benefit, the interruptions in conversation, me tying him up, me putting clothespins on his body, me taking home his scraps of toys when we were done like some cheap party favor. He was quite a selfish bottom and now it was my turn to be a selfish Top.

When he returned and knelt at my feet, I detected that terrible stench once more.  It truly smelled like shit in the air.  I wondered if he was just gassy, as he was an older man, and age isn't always graceful or kind to the body. I demanded a foot massage, and he began to obey, taking off my Dehners, my socks, and then proceeded to disappoint me once again by not massaging my feet as I had ordered, but rather tickling the soles of my feet with his tongue.  I barked at him how to do it properly, and then he did so at first, but then returned to his idiotic behavior soon after.  I was seriously bewildered with how stupid this man was.  I was thankful I had the foresight not to order him to suck my dick as he was literally scraping my toes with his teeth!  I glared at this man, wondering if he had even had sex in his life at all.

I was finally at the end of my patience and kindness.  I told him I needed to leave, and he had to make good on his promise of calling me a ride home which we arranged during conversation earlier that evening.  Instead, he jumped up on the bed and begged for more bondage and clothespin torture.  I ignored him and quickly put my boots back on, while doing so I noticed something on the bed sheets.  Odd brown marks that weren't there when we first came in.  It was then the horrid stench in the air suddenly became worse that I realized what had just happened.

This son of a bitch just shit the bed!

I demanded that he call me a ride home, immediately. He finally seemed to obey but at this point I had no faith in him whatsoever. He got down off the bed, crawled over to one of his suitcases on the floor and rummaged through it to retrieve his phone, and in doing so confirmed my suspicions as he showed me his shit-smeared ass cheeks.  He then abruptly changed his mind, replaced his phone in the bag, and went over to the table to retrieve his wallet.  He returned to me on all fours, and presented me with a twenty dollar bill and told me that I could call for a cab from the front desk in the lobby.

Furious, disgusted, and nauseous with this horrible waste of my time and energy, I snatched the twenty from his fingers and left the room as quickly as possible, doing my best to avoid him touching my pants or boots on my way out. I decided to keep the $20.00 for myself as compensation for my miserable visit and walked home.  I pulled out my phone and called up a friend of mine to tell him my story, as I could barely believe it just happened myself.

The people I truly feel sorry for in all of this is the poor hotel maid who had to discover those filthy sheets and put them in the laundry, as well as anyone who has the horrid luck of playing with him in the future.  As for pitying the man, I had no sympathy, he made his bed and now had to sleep in it.

Play Safe Dear Reader...and don't put up with any shit.

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