Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Into the Bear's Cave

October 16th, 2014

This evening my friend Peter took me out for dinner, it had been a long while since we last saw each other and it was wonderful to catch up over supper.  The meal he treated me to was one of intimacy and it felt more like a romantic date the longer we spent time at the table.  I had experienced my very first real hangover that morning, so in my weakened state his gentle nature and romantic care was a very welcome gift.

We decided over dinner that I would be going home with him, and we headed back to my apartment to grab an overnight bag.  Once we arrived at his beautiful home, he kissed me gently and deeply before he stripped me down to my jock, leaving only my baseball cap.  He took off his clothes and revealed the big, burly bear under his professional suit.  He took me in his broad embrace and guided me deeper into his man cave, to a glorious, gigantic bed.

I found myself blindfolded and molested, my body his eager plaything.  He collared me, and passionately sucked my manhood which pushed me ever further into ecstasy until I peaked and could hold it in no longer.  I burst, and shot down his throat, several loads that had been in waiting for a long time, it was so overwhelming and I loved every moment of it!  I was completely exhausted, my entire being was helpless and vulnerable, I could barely move let alone stay conscious.  He took gentle care of me, and we fell asleep together.

In the morning the gentlebear continued his sweet care of me.  He happily brewed us a morning cup of coffee before we shared a wonderfully intimate, dimly lit shower together.  He then drove me home after a light breakfast together.

I really enjoy the romantic side of this piggish bear.  He's a real catch and a gentleman with a great kink streak!

Play Safe Dear Reader

The Coach from New York

October 15th, 2014

Tonight I had the distinct pleasure of greeting a very handsome man named Justin.  When my slave scheduled for the evening respectfully informed me in person that he wouldn't be able to serve that evening, wearing the clothes I had instructed him to be in no less, I dismissed the slave to rest and found Justin online the same hour in an incredible stroke of luck.

He was visiting from New York and seemed like a very nice guy.  We went to a nearby Thai restaurant for dinner and I got to know the 6'1", handsome, clean cut, soft voiced gentleman.  I couldn't take my eyes off of his beautiful face, he was incredibly coach-like in a gentle fatherly way.  While we were eating he asked me if I was 6'2" and when I answered that I was not, he told me that I carried myself if I was.  It was one of the most beautiful compliments I had ever received.

Once we stopped at my place to drop off the leftovers before heading to the bar, he took the chance to pull me in and aggressively kiss me, I fell for him even more deeply!  I invited him in to the bedroom to try on some leather and immediately felt weaker for him when he donned my leather jacket.  He became even sexier, and even more amazing.

We cuddled on the bed, clothes came off, I gave him a massage, and then he ordered me to grab a condom.  I happily fetched one and gave him the most intimate and wonderful oral service I could.  I wanted him, I wanted to please this man so much.  By the way he smiled, I believe I did.

Eventually we made it to the bar and shared a cocktail and more stimulating conversation before he had to head back for the night.  Unfortunately his hotel was in the direct opposite direction as my home, and he surprised me with just how incredibly gentlemanly he could be by paying for my cab ride back.

He told me he would return in November, and I couldn't be more excited to see and serve him again.

Play Safe Dear Reader