Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Daddy Has a Surprise for His boy toy

October 12th, 2014

Sir Jon picked me up this afternoon for a good, overnight ravaging!

We caught up in the car on the way over, and once we arrived at his home we enjoyed an intimate kiss in his dark basement dungeon before he stripped me to my jockstrap.  Led upstairs, he then tied me to the bed where I belonged and dry humped my helpless body before sliding on a condom, and lubing up my hole.

He slid his meaty cock inside of me and took his rightful place as my Daddy.  He pounded me mercilessly, firm and strong, but holding back before he would cum, he was saving that for later.  He mentioned a bag that might be a bit of fun for me, and always the curious type I said yes.  I was led downstairs and he stood me up against the cold bars of his standing cage while he busied himself with the preparation.  Blindfolded and tied up against the icy bars, I could only wonder what he had in store for me, the rustling of sheets and plastic, then a whiff of rubber in the air, my curiosity was going wild.

I was finally untied and led into the downstairs bathroom and bent over a fuckbench, he then inserted a small tube inside of my hole and I was greeted to the feeling of cool water flowing up my ass.  It felt good, relaxing even, I was pleasantly surprised at the feeling of it trickling deep inside of my gut.  I felt cool, refreshed, clean.  He told me to keep it inside of me, and he filled me once more, it all felt so great being filled up by Daddy.

We then finished up that play, and he took me upstairs to cuddle once I was clean.  I enjoy holding onto him, he makes me feel amazing, safe, loved, even in the throes of being ravaged and ripped apart, I feel safe and cared for.  My wrists were once more restrained, and my body was spread eagle, helpless and happy.  He took pleasure in tearing me apart then and there, I thankfully took his powerful thrusts and poundings until my hole couldn't receive any more of his generous abuse, and I regretfully begged for his mercy. He pulled out, but continued humping me, he kissed me deeply as he climaxed! Blowing his hot load all over me, just how I love it!  Thank you Daddy Jon!

We then cleaned up, and returned to the bedroom.  We had talked about superhero costumes and such before, and he let me try on a Green Lantern suit.  It fit very well and made me feel amazing! I loved how I looked, he commented that I could pass as an evil twin of Hal Jordan.  We went out for dinner, then returned and suited up as Green Lantern together, and cuddled on the bed, kissing deeply.  I could definitely get into superhero kink play!  I know that I loved it when he dressed as Spiderman!

We then stripped nude, put the costumes away and I fell asleep in his embrace.  In the morning I was treated to a damn good fucking, then led downstairs for Daddy to put me in leather mitts, a collar, ankle restraints, and then chained up inside his cage, my favorite place next to being in Daddy's bed!

He then let me nap a bit while he busied himself with his own things.  I fell asleep comfortably within the safe confines of the metal bars and soft bedding, the leather encasing me, and the collar around my neck, the heavy chain keeping me right where Daddy Jon wanted me.  A while later he returned, gently woke me, led me upstairs and we had some quality time before I had to pack up and take my leave.

I love you Daddy Jon. Thank you for yet another wonderful time.  I love being your boy toy.

Play Safe Dear Reader.