Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Return to Muscle Worship

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Tonight, Joseph picked me up for dinner, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together with a bit of deeper conversation along the way.  We then returned to my apartment, planning to head out to Pistons afterward for their uniform night but once he took off his shirt, my mind went immediately elsewhere.

His pants fell to the floor and so did all memory of whatever I was planning that night, as all urges pushed me into admiring his beautiful physique.  I had him lay on my bed, and I happily rubbed and massaged his feet, working out his knots and some very beautiful groans and grunts of relief from his lips.   I lotioned his tired feet to finish up his massage, and then grabbed a flavored condom from the other room to continue his relaxation session.

I wanted to make him extremely comfortable, I slid the rubber on his beautiful, throbbing manhood as he lay, eyes closed, soft breath, his vulnerable muscled body calling my name like an insatiable craving.  I sucked down his dick gently and most intent on making him happy.  He moaned, and let me know how it felt.  I went down on him for a very nice, long time, giving him my best love that I could.  After a while of making sweet love to his cock, he whispered he was so incredibly horny.  I was already there!

I slid off his condom, and replaced it with a new one, he gently lubed us both up and he turned me on my back, he wanted to look into my eyes when he made love to my hole.  He is so easy to fall in love with!  He is so beautiful and sweet, and he felt incredible inside of me, thrusting his manhood deeply and passionately.

Soon he was ready, being so horny for so long, I told him I wanted him to blow his load inside of me and I wanted him to look me in the eye when he filled his condom.  He moaned, louder, gasped, and he shot his load in me!  I pulled him deeper!  Yes! Fill me with your masculinity!  It felt so damn good!

I held him close, and kissed him as we melted into our afterglow.  We ended the night in each others arms, and I was gifted with the privilage of falling asleep with my muscle man.  Thankfully he isn't a dream!

Play Safe Dear Reader!