Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another Intro to Bondage

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

This morning Jeff and I met at Hotjava, grabbed drinks and took a walk to get to know each other.  A young man at a young age, adventurous and a naughty boy, telling me his stories of wild times with his friends I was a bit envious of.  We returned to my place and we relaxed a bit before he made it obvious he wanted to cuddle up.

I started talking kink as I held him, and he ended up in my bulldog harness, and my slave collar.  I then tied his hands and legs and enjoyed my helpless prisoner on my bed as we watched a DVD together.  Of course I wasn't paying too much attention to what I put on the TV as I was admiring and enjoying the captured boy in my arms, stroking, and making the submissive boy submit further.  At one point he became so relaxed he fell asleep right in my arms, his head on my chest, his light snores made me smile at the entire situation.

A newcomer to kink, an adorable young boy was in my care, snuggled up in my arms, completely helpless and vulnerable.  He trusted me fully and entirely to rope him up like this.  He rested peacefully, and I simply laid back and relished in the feeling of him in my embrace.

Eventually he woke up, and I untied him but only long enough to blindfold him, guide him to the living room, tie him once more, and then put him under my desk.  I then applied clothespins to his chest as well as his balls.  He acted as a fine footrest for me as I wrote up a blog post and got a few tasks finished at the computer before the pins became too intense for him.  I knelt down and took them off, one excruciating clothespin after the other, before he was completely released.  The noises Jeff made were quite delicious to the sadist settled deep inside of me, he did a fantastic job for his very first time, and earned his reward for trying something new.

I led him back to my bed, laid him down, and lubed up his manhood with Boy Butter, and slowly worked his cock over.  I listened intently to his moans, his strains, his grunts of pleasure, I couldn't help myself and pumped his cock faster!  I was impatient and pushed him to climax!  He deserved it!  He moaned louder, here it comes!  He climaxed and sprayed his beautiful body with his cum in a great splatter of white cream all over his chest.  We then relaxed, and he basked in his afterglow for a while before I wiped him down and led him to the shower.  I sensually bathed him as I usually do with all my boys who cover themselves with fresh warm spunk, holding him closely under the waters.

Once done and dried off, dressed again, I walked Jeff back to his car and said our goodbyes.  I'm sure I'll have him tied again soon.

Play Safe Dear Reader