Monday, September 22, 2014

Tired Mind, Submissive Dream

"Tired Mind, Submissive Dream"

By Zageden

The muir cap gets heavy, and my submissive heart beats for the shadows. That darkness that hides those beautiful, black-clad men, their eyes hidden by their brims.

I'm a natural sub, and told that I'm a talented Dom, the boys kneel before me, call me Sir, and Daddy, and some salivate and call me Master. I enjoy it, I relish in it, but after a while I need to kneel myself, standing becomes so tiresome.

Take my jacket please, and help me out of my boots. These gloves are quite hot, and I need to escape these pants. The cool air of the night brushes by my bare skin, as only my old red jockstrap remains. I close my eyes and listen, pause and breathe, feel the rhythm of my beating heart. The blood courses steadily in my veins, a little faster now. I can feel him behind me, he doesn't say a word, he doesn't need to, his energy rises off of him like heat waves off pavement in the relentless sunlight.

I hear the creak of his leather, I can't help but smile. It's coming. A cool leather glove rests upon my shoulder, applies a little pressure, and like the pebble tossed into the water, I sink to my desired position, my knees meet the cold floor. His gentle hand slides across my skin like a leather snake slithering down my shoulder, past my chest, over my stomach, my breath becomes shallower, he slips down inside and claims me without a word. I turn my head and sniff the arm of the black leather jacket, it smells of the evening city air, a waft of cigarettes and cigars, the scent of the masculine shadows.

His breath is now upon my neck, a wet warmth as his tongue slips onto my skin, tasting me. I feel my mind melt, my body relaxes, I breathe in through my nose and let out a soft short moan of ecstasy. Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. I hope you enjoy my flavor, Sir. The fingertips of his glove curl under my chin and lift my gaze to the ceiling and hold it there. Both legs stand firm behind me, he slides those gloved hands along my neck, and slowly they enclose around it. I am held strong, my breath uninterrupted, but his power is undulating from his palms, it keeps me weak, it keeps me still, I wish to obey these strong, serious hands which can close in at any moment, they hold my life between them.

I open my eyes and can only see the silhouette of his head underneath the dim lights above, the dim red lights over the cold gray concrete floor, the lights that dangle and sway, casting sinister shadows against the sleazy crimson. His eyes hidden behind mirrors, further hidden under the brim of the black cover. A proud silver eagle stretches his dignified wingspan above his brow, talons open and ready to rend any target apart. Swoop down upon me, Sir. Take me up into the sky in your grasp. I am your prey tonight.

My vision stolen, a blindfold seals away the swaying red light. A soft cloth is then wrapped around my mouth, stealing away my words. I feel it all slip away, given up without a fight, without a struggle to resist. His gentle leather grasp is at my neck again, then coldness, heavy weight, a thick solid ring of metal closes around and is locked. The loud rattle of heavy links of chain behind me grows close, my head is reeling, then more weight upon my neck as it is pulled forward, a click and the chain is in front of me. I am on his leash now. He wants to lead me, and I desire to follow.

I am pulled gently to my feet, and I feel a second presence behind me, but my mind is much slower now, and before I can fully realize it, my hands are guided behind my back, and wrapped with soft bindings of rope. I can feel them both now, he is in front, and his assistant is behind me. The creak of leather and sound of heavy boot steps tell me who is in charge. The broad chest in leather presses up against my bare skin, large black leather wings encircle my shivering body, hands clad in leather gloves grasp me and pull me closer, my bare feet brush up next to shined black leather boots.

He stands here with me in his clutches. Silent. Tall. Strong. The scent of the darkness and shadows on his cold jacket fill my nose once more, intoxicating me. The chain on my collar is then wrapped around his mighty fist and he slowly pulls me forward through the darkness, on the cold hard floor my footsteps echo quietly behind his heavy boots. I hear footsteps behind me of the second man, a man in charge of a strong spirit, but it pales in comparison to the strength who gently holds my heavy leash. I am in the center, like a prisoner escorted through the blind shadows, my bound, helpless, and vulnerable body, weak as my strength and might has ebbed away like the tide before the moon.

We wind through darkness and corridors, to the left, then to the right, I lose my direction memory and can only walk where the chain pulls me, led through a maze of halls, long and unforgiving, deep within the breast of the earth. Eventually I am halted, a large and heavy metal door is opened, quietly old, set in stone walls, I am led inside by the man in leather and my hands are slowly unbound. My arms raised, my wrists are clasped by soft leather cuffs and held firm, more chain rattles, older, heavier, thicker, more dooming, they led from my wrists to the cold stone walls behind me. My captor takes the heavy leash from my collar, I hear it handed off and put away. His gloves slide down around my face, gently and with care. His lips close in on my ear.

"No way out. No escape." his voice deep, dark, firm, strong. "You're mine now." I am blind but I can hear the smile begin to curl on his lips. The gloves slide down my neck, over my metal collar, down my chest, slip past my hips, and away into the darkness. His boot steps walk away, followed by his silent accomplice. The heavy door is shut, then locked with jingling keys. The footsteps fade further and further away, they ascend wooden steps, and another door is shut far above me.

I am alone in this darkness, in this cell...

...I am lost deep within the winding passageways of a subterranean maze... one can find me but my captors...

...and I couldn't be happier, or feel more safe, he values me to keep me hidden in such a way.

A hot tear of joy slides down my cheek as my mind falls deeper into the shadows.

Goodnight, Sir...and thank you so much.