Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Trip to the Compound

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

This morning my friend and I headed down Southward to San Diego to attend a private puppy party at a certain fetish wear artist's house. Along the way down my buddy spend half the drive digging in my pants and stroking my manhood, making the trip a very pleasurable one!  

When we finally arrived we headed into the back yard and met up with the other puppy guests.  I dropped my bag off by a table and was told the artist was in his workshop in the very back of the yard.  This place had a huge back yard as it was, and the land just kept going!  In a medium-sized shack I found an open door that lead to a pretty standard looking room.  Metal shelves lined with plaster head molds of many different shapes of animals as well as molds of arms and feet.  It was the second room that really astounded me.  Like a whimsical fantasy, the walls were bright orange and modeled to look like steel girders from the Golden Gate Bridge, walls filled with clocks all ticking away noisily and either chiming, bonging, or dinging the hours all out of sync. The ceiling was molded to look like cave stalactites were jutting downward, giving the whole room a very cartoony feel.  Then the shelves and shelves of incredible rubber hoods in all kinds of creature models.  From dogs, to cats, to mythical beasts and demons!  All of them neatly arranged and ready to wear, and the artist stood proudly giving a tour of his workshop, dressed in rubber Dalmatian paws, rubber shorts with a molded tail, his rubber artist title vest, and matching studded rubber arm bands.

He is an incredibly imaginative man, with a great creative drive for new ideas! Often disappointed when a client asks for their custom hood to be smooth and less featured instead of trying to recreate it as close as possible to the character reference sketch they submit.  I was encouraged to try on a hood, and had my forehead measured to see what size I was.  Turns out I fit a small in his work, and when I asked what size the hoods on the walls were, he replied "All of them are small." My face must have been a clear window to my excitement as one of my friends likened me to a kid in a candy store.  I chose a beautiful fox hood and pulled it on.  It felt wonderful on my head, and I was immediately pulled outside by one of the guests to take pictures in it before I could see it in the mirror.  Now I'm a big camera whore, so of course we took a good amount of photos before heading back into the workshop, but when I saw myself in the hood I was delighted.  I wasn't me for a moment, I was a rubber fox!  I was a brand new persona! A new identity! This was such a thrill, and I wanted to keep it on!  When we returned to the workshop, the artist placed a custom rubber muzzle on the hood, and I donned my sunglasses to add to the overall look.  Laughs were had, and more pictures taken, and eventually the fox hood came off and I was myself again, but it left me with a strong hunger for one of my very own.

A bit of conversation later and we were told that the maze as well as a J-Lube pool was now ready.  In addition to having a grand back yard, as well as a beautiful kinky workshop of wet dreams, our hosts had their very own sex maze, as well as an outdoor shower stall with hot and cold water, and a wall of lockers for guests who came to their play parties.  The rules of the maze were to be quiet and nudity was mandatory.  My clothes couldn't come off fast enough, and I was ducking through the door of rubber strips along with three other guys, headed towards the inflatable pool filled with that wonderful slime.  We wound our way through dark, narrow passages of walls covered in white pen graffiti drawn by past guests over the years as well as the occasional glory hole, lit only by tiny little red bulbs every so often until we came upon our goal.  I could barely contain my excitement, finally a pool of lube to play in! One of my dirty little dreams was about to come true.

As I climbed in and joined the guys already sliding inside, the warm slick slime met my skin, and I shivered.  It was even better than I had imagined.  I covered myself in it, let it slide all over my naked body, giving my skin a wonderful shimmer in the dim red light.  We slid and slipped around in it, the goop slopped and slurped as caressing and fondling hands explored slippery bodies and cocks.  Moans of ecstasy, soft laughter, it was the most sensual slimy experience I have ever had in my whole life.  I closed my eyes and fantasized about one beautiful night where this would happen once again, only it would be a private rendezvous with a lover.  Just the two of us, his huge masculine figure dripping with lube as it towered over me in the dim light, his soft lips meeting mine, our bodies interwoven in passionate lovemaking, more moans and grunts and confessions of love as we slowly reached a climax with each other in the deepest depths of a dungeon.

When the time came to leave the pool of slime, I carefully climbed out and showered in the warm waters of the outdoor shower, which had clear plastic walls for the voyeurs and exhibitionists.  I was soon joined by my slimy playmates.  Once finished, and later joined by my friend who was inside the maze having his own spot of fun with a sexy rubber dog, we spent a few hours out back until everyone else left.  We soon made our way back into the maze again, myself, our host, my friend, and our new rubber pup K.  This pup is incredibly sexy, wearing neoprene shirt, neoprene pants, boots, and a brown leather harness and an awesome oversized matching leather collar, all with a rubber pup hood.  We made our way through passages that contained slings, fuckbenches, more glory holes, dark corners, until we found the rubber bed.

My buddy and pup K. started having fun, and I grew tired and simply watched with our host.  I lay down on the bed and soon dozed off, awakened to find pup K. resting his head on my ass as everyone else was in the midst of passion.  Groans, moans, and harsh grunts filled the air of the narrow maze passages as these three men went at each other.  I smiled and watched the ecstasy play out, being grateful to be so close to it.  

When they finished, we left the maze after some pillow talk, and thanked our host for the wonderful experience.  Pup K, my buddy and myself had a very late dinner at a local Denny's before saying our farewells in the parking lot.  Pup going one way, us going ours, until we ended up naked in my bed, completely exhausted from the incredible day and the long ride home.

Play Safe Dear Reader