Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blue Biker, Red Flag

March 30th, 2014

I met the handsome Clyde at the coffee shop today, the moment this sturdy man sat down next to me in full blue riding armor I felt very comfortable with him.  It reminds me of all the times people have told me that I inspired trust in them but they couldn't explain it, I think I know what they feel now.

We talked a little bit and then walked down to my apartment so he could drop off his bag.  We ate at one of my favorite Thai places so we could get better acquainted, he has a Master back in Europe, and is in an open-collar relationship, and he is incredibly kinky.  Back at my place we kissed up a storm and got to talking about play possibilities.  Fisting came up in conversation, he enjoys being a top and I always wanted to give it a shot.  Before long the towel was thrown on the bed, I stripped, he donned a rubber glove and lubed it up.  It felt wonderful to have him finger me, even through the sting of the lubricant (for the best experience, I hear "Boy Butter" brand personal lubricant with numbing agent is ideal for fisting, see what works best for you), the more he had his hand inside me the more I really wanted to explode. 

He told me he was able to get a total of four fingers inside of my hole before I couldn't take any more, I was surprised by myself.  I am excited for the next time I get to flag red on the right, it feels incredible, and is something to definitely try at least once, even if you're scared of it.  Once I was cleaned up it was his turn. 

I stripped down this handsome biker and then wound around him with pallet wrap, sealing his body under layers of plastic, immobilizing him and making him more and more helpless.  I then gently helped him over to my bed and laid him down.  I took my time, cuddled him close, kissed him deeply, then by chance found out his was quite ticklish.  I also found out that regardless of my tight wrapping of his body, if I tickled him enough he could move very well!  I then cut a small portion of his plastic prison and released only his manhood, stroking him.  I wanted him to shoot his hot load, immobilized and unable to fight it. He loved every moment and proved it by climaxing so hard he shot the pillow next to his head! 

Calming down and enjoying the afterglow, I cut him out of his wrappings, and we shared an enjoyable rinse in the shower before he geared back up in his sexy riding armor and took his leave.

I'm looking forward to our next encounter!

Play Safe dear reader!