Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cowboy Night

March 29th, 2014

Tonight I had the pleasure of having Max over again.  We planned to spend the night at Pistons for their cowboy event "Rukus" in the appropriate gear.  The boy arrived and definitely looked the part of a saloon bartender, button up shirt, leather vest, denim jeans, and cowboy boots.  He grew out his mustache, and it only just added to his sexy overall look.  I grabbed him the moment he was in the gate, locked the door behind him, pulled him in and gave him a nice, deep, deliberate kiss, along with a firm grope to his balls.  This boy makes the best noises, which turns me on like nothing else and gets my dominant energy flowing faster and harder.  I'm getting excited just writing about him.

I lent him one of my cowboy hats, and went out with my leather jacket, denim jeans, black boots, and firm straw black cowboy hat.  We headed to dinner first, then hit the bar, I gave him the Pistons tour, pool tables, bootblack bike, stage, then pushed him up against the stage and made out with his sweet lips. Getting a few gasps and moans out of him beforehand, I then tied his hands behind his back, pulled him over to a bench, put him down between my boots as I researched possible drink options on my phone.  Once I made up my mind (as I can never remember what drinks I like), I dragged him to the bar still bound and ordered a Tequila-Sprite, made some nice small talk with another patron, then dragged him back to the patio and continued molesting his willing body between sips of my cocktail.

On our way out, on our way to the car I waited until we were next to a big length of blank wall, I swiped the hat off his head, shoved him up against the building, and made out with him as fiercely as I possibly could.  It was one of the things I always wanted to happen to me, so I knew just how hot it was going to be for this sexy boy.  Once back in the car and about 45 painful minutes hunting for parking back in Long Beach, I get him home and strip him to his jockstrap and tie him to my chair, blindfold, and gag him.  I then proceeded to nip, bite, lick, and molest him further.

Once that little fun was over, I released him, then rebound him to my bed, letting the dark fox play with him as much as possible.  I lubed him up and edged him as far as I could, he was so ready to blow, and then I milked it out of him, oh the moans he let out were so beautiful.  In the afterglow I gently wiped him down with a warm wet towel, released him from my restraints, and held his sexy naked body close to mine.  Such a sweet little boy, I can't wait to ravage him again!

Play Safe Dear Reader