Monday, March 31, 2014

A Hard Pound Before Dinner

January 27th, 2014

This afternoon I spent with Sir John, finally! After many weeks I got to see him again.  He arrived with a small gear bag and I greeted him in my bulldog harness and a red jockstrap under my clothes, as I know he loves boys in jocks.  We entered my apartment and kissed our hellos, good and deep. He placed his collar around my neck and started things off with tying my hands behind me and securing the rope around my chest.  More gentle kissing, and I was blindfolded, led to the bed, pushed on top of it, and molested to my delight.

He kissed me, teased my hole with his manhood, and made me thankful to be his boy toy.  He lubed up my hole with boy butter and slid a condom on his long, sexy member.  He slid inside of me and it felt incredible, I missed the ease of which he would enter me, and his length.  He fucked me gently at first, warming up my hole and then he gagged me with a knotted hanky.  That's when he turned up his heat, he ravaged me, went deep inside of me, pounding it with no hesitation, making it burn, I screamed into the gag, loving it, hating it, begging for it all at the same time.  He eventually ceased his punishing slams to give my hole much needed mercy.

He flipped me on my back after releasing my hands, taking away the gag, and giving my sight back.  He slid a condom on my own cock and lubed me up, as well as his own hole.  It was my turn now!  He sat on me easily, and it felt so great to be fucking him.  I love to be inside him, I had him lay on his back so I could see his face as I fucked him, it's much more enjoyable that way.  Especially when I lean down and kiss the man who ravages my hole so well as I pound his with my own manhood.  I lay on top of him, holding him tightly as I thrust inside, listening to our grunts, I exploded in ecstasy as I climaxed.

After the afterglow, we cleaned up, put the bedroom back in order, and went out for a wonderful supper together.  I miss the feeling of his collar already.  It feels natural to me.

Thank you Sir, love you!

Play Safe Dear Reader.