Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prey For a Muscled Wolf

January 26th, 2014

Last night I went to Pistons with Sir Steve and his friend Syd, once we arrived, Sir Steve headed off to judge the contest and I was left to my own devices, looking for Spike, who said he would be in Los Angeles for a few days and I invited (if not demanded) he join me at Pistons that night.

Suddenly a strong, forceful bite sunk down on my shoulder and I was his prey.  His teeth painfully sunk into my flesh and I was helpless. He growled hello into my ear and I melted further, he picked me up and lifted me into his strong, muscled arms, carrying me forward into the crowd, a huge smile plastered on my face.  I admit I was gloating with my grin as eyes met mine, being carried by the strongest muscled man in the bar.  He set me down and we watched the contest with his bulging muscled arms wrapped around me, and I loved every horny moment of it.

I happily introduced him to Sir Steve, thinking that it was a good idea to mix their unique personalities of intelligent sarcastic banter for future fun.  At one point Spike took me into a darker corner and chomped down on my neck, it hurt intensely but I couldn't help but want him to do it.  I was instantly and completely subservient.  I felt my energy drain, any form of dominance left my body and mind like a rapidly evaporating pool, turning to mist and vanishing.  He kept his jaws on the back of my neck, I was helpless to stop it, weakened, he let go and I was flying high.

We found a seat and I fell into his muscled power.  My head heavy, I could barely lift it. I sat in his embrace for a while before I could gather enough energy to come back to earth.  After he went up to get his boots blacked, we went out to dinner down the street from my apartment, a very amusing and entertaining meal later, I brought him back to my home.  I finally had him in my own bed, we snuggled close and I worshipped his gorgeous body.  Rock hard pecs, a succulent stomach, arms that could lift anything they wanted, I wanted to be anything he desired of me.  He kissed, licked, and nipped me into even deeper submission.  His embrace enveloped me, and we fell asleep together.  The big muscled wolf in my own home at last, like finally having a celebrity in your own home, I admire him so much.

I woke with him the next morning, and was treated to more muscled snuggles.  It was pure bliss!  He talked about the FitExpo in town, and my imagination all but burst.  Tales of crowds of muscled hunks walking about.  I was in heaven at the very idea.  He then told me he wants to become even bigger!  I want to be his little fox boy, right there with the protein shakes, watching as he pumps iron, flips monster truck tires, and bulks bigger, and bigger, and bigger, a throbbing power to worship with a sweet attitude and powerful mind.  He told me he's encountered the douchebag bodybuilders, and wants to be the example of how a muscled man should be.  A real man of men, a gentleman, a caring soul.  He then told me he's somewhat into video games, and I nearly fainted from excitement.
My vision is blurring as I type this, it's so hard to focus on the screen as my blood rushes from my mind and I become more and more...excited at the idea of him returning soon.  I'll be here waiting!  Arf!

Play Safe Dear Reader